Set the DNA and get custom dinosaur ! Will you get the best and will you win fight ?

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Update time: Aug 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Yso Corp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kristin M Garcia

Bad First of all the baryonyx should not be taller than a spinosaurus Second of all the ankylosaurus is bigger than the t rex Third and lastly it will not let you win, all the other dinos are way stronger than yours

Noah Caudill

As a person who knows alot about Dinosaurs, the first character is not a dilophosaurus, but a carnotaurus. And it shold be smaller than the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) that you make. And the game is unacceptably laggy.

Amruta Nikam


Anjana Subba

It's very much cooollll game I have ever seen in my life it is also not sure that there are ads and I also think that DNA in this game ever

Marco Montesinos

Very nice ad simulator. Oh, it's supposed to be a game

Didar Singh

This game is very bad because there are to much ads

Oziel Antu-Guti

Horrible game whenever I try to open my egg an add pops up, when the ad is over it makes me do it all over again. Just a very stupid scam.

Shilpa Jha

Worst game in the world

Bhawna kaji


Xavier Ramdeen

This game is brilliant!😃😃😃i give it 5 stars i loved it though i did that kind of times...

Alisha S

I hate it 😒

ermalie mapa

This game is sucks!! 0/10 so many ads stupid game!!!!!!!!!

Rosie Motley

Fun at first but eventually becomes very boring

Theo Sebedia

I love

jb bartles


TreTreTreyy Seven

I love you!

SRz Spitbummer

This game is trash. literally played this game for 5 mins and spend 4 mins watching ads 1 min playing the game. When you play the game you will make you own dini with dna after you creat it you will litteraly watch an ad. And then you'll fight a dino but before you fight you'll have to watch anothr ad. Yes basically you'll watch more ads than play the game im not even joking. I know that they're trying to make money but they're ads are to much that i instantly quit after beating 1 dino.

Prince Marco Iglesia


Gabriel Collier

It is useless I waited an hour literally an whole hour for it to load and it does not load,also it won't even load at all.

Mimi Nool

Make size rainbow and more to make dna your dino forever time to destroy dino ememy

Sidra Sayed

The ads are all over the place I wish I could rate this game -100000 stars it's so bad it's also very easy do not download this game like me too many ads and gameplay sucks

samar yadav


azeem queshi

This game is very great

A Google user

I will rate -1000 soon

Donielle Chancey


Jessie Heng


Leo Tomlin

Terrible game watched an as for new gene whatever to apply more mods to the egg and it crashed not just the one I wanted but EVERY SINGLE ONE an absolute waste of time was good until then but if I watch an ad I should be rewarded for it not just scamed so thay basically gain money for doing nothing and doing enything so I couldn't add more geans to my egg and progress so I'm uninstalling till this is fixed

noriza hashim

it was fun

ahmad baytie

Alot of adds

Kiky Dragon

Niceeee (I'm a girl thats likes dinosaurs)

yoree santos

soo many ads in this game its so laggy in samsung en im playing on samsung please make this game not laggy in samsung en make it offline and ill rate it a 5 star if you dont do it 1 star for your garbage game

Shajib Azad

Best dinos ever and thanks

Greg Manipon

It's good

Stephanie Hanna

Bad I did not get to even play it did not work like the game says it will so it's a bad game for me

ismart dhanshi

Need more updates but very good game

Santosh Pathariya

bda game

Matteo Gatmaitan

Piss off

Albert and Co

game let's you make an egg with an interesting screen (you can even color the connections) and they give you a variety of titles if characters. There are also more eggs than just dinosaur eggs, which would insinuate progression. But that doesn't matter because the game crashes immediately upon watching the add to hatch your egg. Best case scenario, it's a start-up big. Worst case is that this is designed to just prey on unassuming users to work as an ad cow.

Midnight Shay

I wanna make the indoraptor hybrid between a raptor and another hybrid called i-rex their both strong and the indoraptor is VERY strong but not as strong as the I-rex i think

Ita Rozita

Bodoh!!! -&:(($*%/:(%49*&3+8:$$

Zachary Leyson

The same reason as Cameron Calvert

Rylan Cogbill

It brok my phone😡

Calvin Garcia


Maysoon Hassan

this game be like: play? ad fight? ad won? ad dum game

CeCe Wooda

Doesnt let you win

Leon Beeston

Soo good

Panda sword 20


calico boy

There are a lot of ads in the game it is annoying and it is not running smooth it is mostly laggy and after every move an 30 second ad pops up and you can't close it

Bobbi Sexton

Its good but why do we gota have wi-fi if no people are fighting with us its just robots But pretty good game

bousteXx YT

Terrible ads after and before fights

Oliver Mason

Too many ADS

Zachely Amber Radigos

You guys got the dilophosaurus and the carnotaurus mixed up

Zachary n

It's a good game and all but it keeps freezing up and the graphics aren't that good

Madhav Unnni krishnan

This is very good game 🎮 👏 I love ❤️ 😍 💖 it This is good game please play it 🙏

Fakruddin Ahmed

Ok 👍

Chhani Chhakchhuak


sumesh nagpure


Hdfe Gjuj

The app is good but there is one problem. Why make a dinosaur game if you don't know your dinosaurs? For example, you called the vicious "carnotaurus", a dilophosaurus.

Scott Rawlings


mershmellow boi

I can tell it's a good game but for some reason I can't pass the tutorial

Reigan Paul Formacion

I love it

Andrew Firth


Septa Pratiwi

Good 🎮

Farah AlJamaan

Lol wow

Brendan Hernandez

It's really good but all the hater should leave the rating to people who cares about how long it took

Reese Davieau

i had to watch 10 ads and it didint even work and the 2 times it did work i won then it all got reset right after 1 second

Chara Dreemurr


Toby Channell

it is fun but what if you make full size VERY STRONG


B for bad

Amitola Bower

This game is ok but l don't really like

tammy ponder

Well it's decent but a carno is not a dilo and nor corno or dilo is bigger then a spino

Joanne Keim

this game terrible they callin a carnotourus dilophosuarus if your reading this dont play the game it sucks and a t-rex does like 2 damage? who made this stop making games you suck

Brayden Keeler


Donita Miller

I haven't even played it and I love it😊🤯😊🤯😊🤯😊🤯😊🤯😊🤯😊🤯😉🥳😉🥳😉🥳😉🥳😉🥳😉

Kessa Ward

Very cool game with a good concept, but it needs some work. Sometimes it sets the dinosaur's names to Dilophosaurus, when its cleary not. The stats are also sometimes inaccurate. And maybe the graphics as well.

Amanda Harp

this game didn't let me play it

Lori Fritzges

Cute Dino💓

Jason Pence

The stats are not accurate and the names of the dinosaurs are messed up this game suck whoever is reading this dont play it

morgan fleming

Suck my female pp

Jesus Segura

Show me how to play the game I was so mad so now I'm going to delete this game I do not recommend this game for nobody

betta-fish- unite

It's a good game but I don't understand why the game freezes after a little while. Devs if you are reading this, please fix the freeze thing

Cameron Calvert

I love this game! This take on mixing DNA is phenomenal! I love the different DNA strand structures and all the stats ports, there is infinite combinations! I played until midnight last night, that's how addicting it is! Thanks!

Greyson Beers

This game is so fun you need to try

April Mchoskey

I did not like it it was so horrible oh my god it wasn't good enough it was so bad .

Epic gamer blue

I hate this game it is keep kicking me out it is the worst game ever I give it 1 star

Colton Wortley


Paola Macias

I can't Play it all this game is so trash

katherine pipenger


Rickey S. Collins

1 star won't let me play this is stupid

Jason Crawford

You guys need to learn your dinosaurs.

Baler Jefferies

To many adds but not bad

Ares Martinez


Hensley Vanderford

You are stupid your game kicks me off every time I try to play

Gianni Childs

We made blue it's this game is so fun like you get to create your own dinos and all of that stuff and I'm kind of like 16

Sarah Protat

I love this game because it's all about dinosaurs fighting



Brandon Ross

I love dinos and dna

Owen Uphoff

I can't play