DNA Run 3D

Author: Vira Games

5,000+ install


DNA Run 3D – Make the right choice on the run!

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: June 1, 2021
Current version: 0.81
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Vira Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Liza Momy

Chandan kumar sahoo

heng Hjk

😍😍😍😍😍😍DNA Run3D

Waheeda Samdally

Hate hate hate

risha avah

Noice Good

we are venom

Its nice team fight for bad the bd server was Bangladesh and aou back v te asi ami to jani lage na ki jani ekta kotha koite hoibo eda kono kotha koite hoibo bal ami ekla lage na dari ase amar e ki hoiche amn ki tui chaile nen gold line and aou back and aou back up er moto kotha koite to ami ki jani ase amar e nai amar loge HDD and get so hard the bd server while view when gfdl Bangladesh has Alam was set up jao taile r ki bollam bollam baby girl and get so amar id te add just a add the bd server

Juan Tamad

I can't download it! I have enough space for it! But I don't it anymore🖕

Danica Rivas

Thanks for you help and you guys can hi Games Thanks for you time and you can come over and you can come over and you can

Giridhari Naik

Wow this game is awesome

M Athani

Nice since the new update has come it is not boring and you not include ads.

Jyoti Marda

It is very good game Is was very best game is is so preety game

daff master



Glitchy and can get lame

Labune Akter

Good app

sai mithra


frost freddy

Great game it let's me walk good

Rashmi Verma

Fall in love with this game

A.N. K

So boring 👎👎👎

Sarbjeet Kaur

Open game

Vinita Parashar

Wow what game you made the graphics are soo bad and the bad thing this is not nice game i dont love it >:(

Ks Singh


Keiffer vhyn De Guzman

I can't walk fix the game!

Baby Rajo

Dna run

Jewel Pontanares

I like it

jumpula Ramcharan


Md. mintu

bad game.

kalai kumar




Vijayalaxmi Avin


faizal jay

Saya. Suka. Main. Game. Ni. Tau

Ajay 12 a

Fantastic game forever

Aisha Shaikh

It's not that good and it has a lot of adds

Abdul Kadir Ali

i rate it 3 stars

K shashank


Jemima Ngoma

The game freezes alot and the adds are just too much it's a very bad game

Alpana Sadar


Junnu The free fire gamer

Worst game in the world

Pardeep Sood



This is so boring game I play only 6 Levals I am so 😑😑😑😑


Noob game

Moideen Kutty

Soo shame