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This is Disney Mirrorverse, a visually stunning new action RPG game for mobile, set in an all-new divergent Disney universe where players assemble teams of amplified, action-ready, 3D Disney and Pixar characters to battle against a dark force.

Long ago, two stars collided to create an altered universe full of light and dark forces. In the Mirrorverse, Stellar Magic has evolved familiar worlds, now threatened by hordes of unrelenting Fractured enemies. Players unite teams of powerful Guardians to battle together through an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to defeat the Fractured forces seeking to shatter the Mirrorverse. Choose from the vengeful draconic mage Maleficient, an armored-up Sulley, the ultimate personal-battle companion Baymax, and many more Mirrorverse Guardians. Each Guardian possesses powerful, special attacks that are unique and authentic to existing Disney and Pixar characters. They are designed to complement each other through different team roles to maximize battle potential and chemistry, enabling players to advance through multiple levels and progress to the highest rank.

Discover an ever-evolving story as you play through Story Quest mode with loot-filled chapters, limited-time Event Quests, and Dangerous Dungeons to explore. Experience the thrill and excitement of real-time action combat as you control the Mirrorverse Guardians’ individual actions, combat arsenal, team strategy, and special attacks. Build alliances with friends and compete to gain powerful rewards. Customize and strengthen your Guardian’s abilities through a deep character progression system, finding the best team combinations and strategies for the ultimate win.

Experience a new storyline that authentically reflects iconic Disney and Pixar characters in ways you have never seen before. Enter a divergent universe featuring Disney and Pixar characters that have been amplified and empowered to defend against a dark, unrelenting threat – the Fractured.

In this Action RPG, enter richly detailed new worlds filled with 3D-rendered Disney and Pixar characters that have been powerfully evolved to match this high-stakes universe. Uncover the intriguing backstories of these Mirrorverse Guardians and unlock surprising and authentic special abilities that equip them for epic battle and adventure.

Experience the thrill and excitement of team-based action combat. Assemble teams of three and take control of every second of gameplay including the Mirrorverse Guardians’ individual actions, team strategy, and special attacks.

Unlock unique narratives and battle the Fractured enemies to obtain rewards and restore the worlds and characters of the Mirrorverse that have been corrupted by dark magic.
– STORY QUESTS: Experience an immersive new Disney storyline of tasks and quests to complete, all based on the history of the Disney Mirrorverse and the Ages of Isolation, Discovery, and the Fractured.
– EVENT QUESTS: Complete limited-time quests that tie into real-world Disney and Pixar content and events, and offer players unique characters, awards and progression items during a specific timeframe.

Delve into the Mirrorverse’s darkest dungeons and complete for top place on our global leaderboard. Explore dungeons, rack up points, and collect valuable artifacts in this high stakes venture.

MONTHLY CONTENT RELEASES: Experience new Mirrorverse story chapters and event quests through ever-evolving and expanding storylines, with regular releases of new Disney and Pixar characters.

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Update time: Jun 17, 2022
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Customer review

Bo W

Too much slow grinding.....I went back to marvel strike force since I had enough time in on it to have good characters

Christina Williams

This game is the worst👎😡

ItsTitan LoL

This is done cheap... and I love Disney but they don't have there own voices or sound to them. no thank you.

Dalylah Ledbetter


Spamton g. Spamton Fan number 18


Dinahlee Van Wyk

Fun game big fan please put more lots more new guardians please

Jay T

Super laggy, but fun.

Blue Circle Productions

This RPG game is great. Why? Because there is many guardians you can play as, and help protect the Stellar Mirror from the goons, also the main story is completely great as well. Another reason why I like this is because with the guardians, first you added EVE into the game with them, and now, WALL-E!! They're my 2 favorites characters from Pixar. This games rocks so hard. Keep it up, Disney & Kabam, and maybe you'll get back to #1 again someday. But don't worry, I still say you're #1 to ME. :3


cool game.i like it

Angel Lopez

I love it 😘🥰😍

Adam Peshraw

Well done ✅

Crystal Howe

I seen this game and showed it to my husband who decided to start playing to see if our son wanted to play it with us. So now we're both play and are enjoying it!

IronAtHeart Gaming

OK so far


really refreshing to have something in the playstore with so much content and original game play

kevlex alapar

gameplay is okay-ish, not much variety of gameplay. you can finish daily mission in about 15-30min then after that you just open the game for free stuffs at the store. oh and the connection is really really bad you'll always have that poor to no connection icon at the bottom right side. Would rate the game higher if theres more to do in game. EDIT: game is so bad, and is a literal cash grab. I've been playing the game for a long time now and I haven't had a single 5star character. Uninstalling

cory white

this game has been awesome

Melissa Hodge

love it so far

Bharat Samant


Mathew Tyers

Awesome game

Miss Joanna Marie Burgess

I love this game its easy to understand and play with ur fave diseny charicters x

Craig Thelander

This game is a AMAZING! game to play on for me there are NO! problems at all! This is DEFANITALLY! my second FAVOURITE! game to play on

E Derrick

Grindy P2W.. the battles are fun for the most part but gets a bit samey. F2P is hard to level multiple characters due to limited resources. RNG and a fairly broke. tier list makes the only option to sink money to progress. Graphics are nice.

Lipeandra Rosa

A lot of pay to play adds, but still fun to play

Stephanie Anderson

Last update has made the game much more enjoyable. Thanks for listening to feedback and fixing it:)

ZombieXCore Death

Meh. Crashed on me the 1st time I started the game so took it off my phone. I beat the boss & right off the bat crashed so yeah poor quality for an app.

Dave Yosef Ganzon

Well it is a great game, but it sometimes GLITCHES and turn everything pink and sometimes it also just quits the game. And when its time to power-up when I click on it its just frozen, but anyways it is still a great game. And also keep improving.

Dj Junito

great game I love Disney

Gregorith Boothinator

every other level the game asks if you wanna buy this or that. it doesn't seem right.



Jeff Wright

Great game!

Crystal Champion

Wednesday. Want to thank the fantastic tech team & customer service for fixing a very complex issue with the main store & orb store. It took a long time to fix, but the tech team pursued the issue until it was resolved. Thank you very much & Mirrorverse is a beautiful & fun game with great social media chat. Very innovative & fun. Thanks Again :)

Mark Ringle

This game is greedy with memory update says 300 and some MB but wants you to get rid of 2.some GB nope not worth my time and space on my phone

Anna Holguin

it was amazing

Lucas Walgrave

This might as well have been called RAID: DISNEY LEGENDS, but a tad less predatory. Gameplay loop is fine.

Seth Gendron

great game play love playing as my favorite toon

Charles Marshall

9it I'd a fun enjoyable sit back game. I love watching it fight instead of me.

Achref Khemaissia

good 👍

DenozZz Gaming


Scott Ilkenhons

Fun at first, love the characters. But then you hit the grind wall, and realize that all the time you spent grinding your favorite characters up are not the elite money makers for Disney (frozen) that you need to obtain and grind up instead to be competitive...ugh.

Dank Blank

it's alright

Xi Ro

Battle stage fight gameplay, hoped for exploration, at least linear style levels (Kingdom Hearts). Constant pop-ups to spend money. Repetitive. Glitches & lags. Items needed for leveling are scarce or expensive. Too much time & resources to get strong enough to continue. Could easily give at least 100 characters for the game, not that you could get the good, strong ones. Disney is gender bias, they don't add more male characters (Dory...really?). Story seemed interesting, but still uninstalling.

Oliver Southworth


Stefano de Gemmis

Nice game, difficult to grind. I reached level 30 and if you connect Min 3 times per day, you may level up, but grinding heroes is another thing. Once they are level 50 (max 100), you can level up at the moment one of them per day. So I will need MUCH MORE THAN 150 days to get 3 heroes to the max level (consider that now I take one day for one level up, imagine what happens when they get higher level!!) Also, the system of heroes abilities and they levelling up more difficult than hero leveling


Awesome game!!!

music to my ears

I love it and thank you for adding violet parr


Too many glitches. Every update comes with a glitch or two. So from 5* I deduct 2*

Winton Leite

Nice job

Casey Redman

really really great game they did amazingly with this

Allen Pierre-Louis

love it so far

Ahmad Jichi

the is just so good

Jorge Costa

There was a bug that kept crashing the fame constantly, but that was fixed and I really enjoy the game now :) nice and interactive game with lots of tasks to do and characters with different abilities you need to use properly to be able to progress further in the game

Steven Mallory

it's really good u can get Ur fav disney people and it's a big adventure

kumar walia

This game is fun and all but it is so hard to collect more guardians because all the good guardians need real life money to be unlocked or really hard work which keeps us distracted for other important stuff overall the game is a 3 star!

Zyllwyn P. Seva

This is so good i love it!!

Tiffany Hathorn

I'm not really sure what everyone else is complaining about. I've been playing during my downtime for 9 days and have attained 31 out of 45 characters. I haven't spent a single cent of actual money. I haven't gotten any 4 or 5 star character, but I have several 2 and 3 stars. It Is annoying that the enemy characters seem stronger than your characters even if it shows you having more power. And I hate how the enemy team can randomly spawn new enemies right when you're about to win.

Brian Sayer

Great game. Fun to play.


awesome game along with the graphics so far

Anthony Iacobelli

absolutely Loooooove this game

Ashton Pedinotti


Elijah Ortega

Pretty fun and interactive.


It's ok but I have a some issues with it so 4 stars

jayden almirol

I like it but I think it every update it's a little decent for me

Hector Becerra

ok so far

Jorge Grullón

Es un juego bastante entretenido pero sobre todo es adictivo, y por eso le doy las 5 estrellas ya que tiene muy buenas gráficas, y se basó en la mayoría de los personajes de Disney donde muchas personas que ya tenemos vida en personajes y los vemos ahora, es bastante alegre 🫶👍👍

Walter Picka

Was 5 star until this new update. It refuses to download the full way.

S T A R KaraokeKPH

I love anything disney, this game needs more room for improvement. I expirienced crashes in between encounters, lag too much even if my phone is on boost mode. But still i love anything disney.

Caleb Gordon

It's a typical gacha. Slow grind, hard to get characters, and the combat isn't very engaging or interesting (but the game did just launch). The style and redesigns are very cool and interesting, and game is very accessible and easy to get around.

Amber Jones

fun experience and you get to chat with real people and form alliances no ads!

Sami Parker

Really fun

Josh Imaginus

It's not a bad game, but it is the amazing adventures featuring Disney's favorite heroes and villains!

Jordan Cortes

Not that fun

Shane Lemke

I love this game, I started playing early in July 2022 and told my friends about the game, now we all play it together and formed a mighty alliance. The game has alot of activities to do and I love collecting my favorite disney heroes!

Immortal Conquest

These types of developers need to be investigated, any game on the Google play store has those ridiculous bombardment pack offers while you are trying to play the damn game that it's become a trend, the mobile gaming industry needs to start doing something about this.

3 thousand


Lizzy Jo

Really fun to play but I have noticed glitches and crashes


Changed it to 4 stars because of a minor issue. Getting 5 star guardians is extremely low and you either have to be extremely lucky or buy a package. It's a bit ridiculous in my opinion. But I guess games aren't supposed to be easy.

Faith Burditt

Not good>:(


a very nice twist to the Disney characters, will be more interesting as a PlayStation 4 or 5 game though

Nate Legler

This is a fun gacha. Expect many artificial blocks to your progress. The combat is exciting and tactically nuanced. I enjoy this game.

Djennati Ilyes

Geat game really ! Fun 😁

Daniyal Hafidz

When is arena update ???

Shaun Perez

Great game and very fun to play. 5 stars when PVP is added to the game


I love Disney

Cape Morning

Has a cool concept of alternative characters meeting each other from the Multiverse. Having lots of fun with a game, the game mechanics is what makes it fun. Making use of the Disney characters and putting them in classes is very smart. I'm looking forward what the developers have in store for the players and myself.

Chris Fox

simple but fun game play loop. so far so good

Aaron Nelson

I love disney

Wilhelmenia Fortson

Great game, except it takes too long to get more energy for dungeon battles. I will not pay cash to get extra.

Joshua Pineiro

The game is great but in my personal opinion is missing pvp. If you guys add that to this game. Yall gon be doing a lot better

Stephen Zavorski

Awesome. Love playing this game with my son

Bethany Trucios

Although this game is super fun it has SOOOOOOO many bugs. It constantly crashes, I win fights and when I log back in it says I never won them. It crashes mid-fights and my Champions lose health and I ultimately lose the fight. I have contacted Support about this and they made no accomodations for the bugs, I wish they would fix these bugs and at least give me a little energy or SOMETHING for the glitches.

Laura Wick

Fantastic, fun, easy, and action packed with the characters of the Disney universe.

Jacob Summerlin

Great game have no real complaints yet. Fun to fight which is rare in these types of games. Controlling your characters in combat is actually challenging. It's great art is another bonus.ok so there is a grind after a while but for the most part it's manageable.

Marvic Eustaquio

Good game but i hate that theres no graphics option🤭

Simon Mckim

It's fun but marching in a another man's war takes a toll on the human condition and has left me mentally bruised and battered.

Nick Verkoyen

Every 2 minutes you get a payment pop-up... And the game basically runs on lootboxes. Addictive as fak though

Jamar Hunter

Play style A+ Graphics is also good, but other than that it's bad, game doesn't want energy to be the main course of game play so it stops at 100 every 10 hrs. If that's the case why not make it every 20 hrs, and And make resources claimable through other means. There are many different farmable resources that you can only get by energy but it's not supposed to be the main source of game play... well if it's not energy it's money, not sure what exactly they were trying to expect from the game.

Shimon biton

UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a good game I love it definitely a 5 stars rating but PLEASE MAKE IT STOP CRASHING ALL THE TIME no matter where I play its always crashing (camp, dungeons, towers, literally everywhere) so please, FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Cruz

This is a excellent game, but the chapters get harder every new level (Meaning in Chapter). But Snow White is really bad. Every Level has Snow White to die. I would give this 5 Stars still during it's characterful and more. But thank you for this game. But, why would you need things to level up the Characters??? But thank you for making this game (At least I already said it) I will be changing my review every new week to keep you updated of the game. (Special Message to Owner of this Game)

Chris James

it's okay

faze obama

raid shadow legends but better