Disc Champs – Ultimate disc game!

Detailed info

File size: 232M
Update time: November 20, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Pandora Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kishore K S


Helen Jones


Parsina Mokhtari

بازی فرفره های انفجاری

Domi Mac

Pretty fun

Aonnto Khan

Good #gameplayananto

Pierre Bernardi

Way too many ads since the update and why did the game change? Can't run with the disc anymore.



Malcolm Dunn

This is ads plus an occasional game, instead of the other way round.

Jeremy Perrault

Woow, i didn't even get to play the game. Only ads. Why are there people like that in the world??? Dishonest and greedy. Doesn't matter the amount of stars here, these people are polluting humanity and breaking the purpose of phone games for their own interest. Deepdown they know it. Human garbage.

Karthik K

Game is op just turn of internet to skip ads

Hazreen Nawfal Bin Mohd Hazani Mohd Hazani


Nick Berkley

More Adverts than actual Game

Abdul Nafik.m.a

After each round you should have to watch 3-5 ads each lengths 1 mins and it's so irritating

Angga Fatchulloh Ariefudin

too much ads

Randy Kennedy


Hammali Aziz


Anton west

To many f*^"*+ ADVERTS!!

fray munro

Absolutely no need for all the adverts after every level don't bother with thus game

Jonathan Bacciani

Saw 2 ads during the instructional part and 2 more while playing the first round. Roughly 30 seconds of game play, 4 one minute ads. Not worth it at all

fardad saljooghi

مامان بابا ماهان

Manaka Mahagwe

Best game ever

Jimmy Chavez

10000000 ads in a1

Andre Toulon

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!! I got to play maybe two levels, and then it was nothing but ads. As soon as you were able to close one ad, another one started. If you're gonna offer a game free, and also have an option to pay to play with no ads, maybe don't put soo many ads that the player can't try out the game long enough to decide if they want to buy the ad free version. That many ads just makes a person want to uninstall the game.

CD-Sage Dax Skyler

Damn ads got in the way

Elie Nammour


wayne pengilly

4 ads in the first two minutes of the game. Way too many. Uninstalled.

Ayomide Owoyokun

When u reach level 4u have no money left

Shubham.v. Ganachari

Time West game

Hossein Moghadam


Hager Amer


Amir Samadi

🤑🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩خوب عالی

shiv pratap singh Chauhan

Too much ads while you are open the game.

Bruce W Beaudoin

Not impressed by this game.

Mehrnoosh Modaresi

i don t keom how to say SO WANY ADD. This is noy disc chaps game this is like ad game don t instal it

Brian Ward

I'll just play it on airplane mode so they don't get any ad revenue from me.

Ajay Patel

Too muçh ads man not worth it three but still given

yanshan zhang

Very boring.

preetham brian pereira

Boring game

Roelof Schoeman

One big advert with little play time in between.

swapnil chandrika

So much add addicted wrost app