Dirty Revolver – Western environment-rich action game

Detailed info

File size: 191M
Update time: May 20, 2021
Current version: 4.0.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Dreambox Visual Communications
Price: Free
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Customer review

Far Han

Wow 100/100 👍👍

Onkar Kumar

Reset level problem Android 11 version

Tulela Andreas

Nice 🙂👍👍

Tanu Tanu

Best game

Darshan mahara

game is a nice

Viscosity Pencil

This game is very interesting you will get a lot of coins to equipped your tools and weapons, but the most annoying thing is there is no quit option to leave, when you go back the game restart again which is very bad. So please try to fix that. Thank you.

adnan khan

It is so poor game

PubgNoob Gaming001


Methuja Ayod


Davinder Singh

This is so stupid ..i played two times and complete around 30 level each time from start ..after i quit playing and start again Game start from beginning every time....

Muhammad Awais

Muhammad awais 😍

Rijwana Shaikh

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Dhamu Patel

The best

Rowdy Boy

Neci geme

Simran Sandhu

This game is so fun

Sehansa Dilsandi

Super game super grapics thanks for this game critat

Ian Rodriguez

Does no one know that this is just a rip off of red ead remption 2? I mean the character you play as is a bad version of Arthur Morgan? The graphics suck they are trash and its pretty boring do not waste your time playing this trash ripoff.

Jovelyn Angay

Hello guys offline game the cowboys

Asuero Siblings

This game is nice is should be free roam so you can ride horse's steal horse's and even kill npc and add ragdoll to please


The game is fun it gave 50-60fps on my 3gb RAM phone but if the game is an open world action game it would be amazing but the game is good as it is.. the shooting mechanics, the graphics and etc... I'm just glad you made this game... Maybe add some cutscenes At the start of the level and at the end

Nazmul Nazmul


Jonny Lotha

Why the progress always lost everytime I login 🤦


Add first person view

Soban Raza

This game is nice

Eren Yeager

Best so far still not better then rdr2 obviously

The Titan Gamerz

Good game like rdr2


God gifted game broooo😍😍

Yuva Yuvaraj


Daniel khadka

This game is great but you should make it open world and little bit like rdr2

Kuldeep singh

Good level tricks

Boogie Boogie

Good game and easy to use

Sapna Singh

Madarchod 🎮 chitiye

Harsh Ojha

Game is nice, but developers should make it an open world game with different type of guns, horses, hunting, and a big map where we can roam freely and can perform simple missions to earn some free coins, so that We could feel like real cowboy and I am damn sure people will like that too much. There are some bugs with graphics settings as the graphics settings resets automatically to medium every time I restart The Game. Nice game but some more improvement is required. Well Done Developers👍

Adam Bosila

The game doesn't work

Tristin Hodges

Tristin Hodges boy friend I love you too baby Kaila Hodges girl friend

Sandhya Shetty

The game is op

Naman Malhotra

Bekkar mere phone se hat rahi thi this is very loser game




Good game but there are some bugs and glich like texture not popping up/ texture disappearing etc. Also please make this game open world it could be very cool!

cool playz

You can't move around on your own

Sarthak Lingayat

I like this game but no multiplayer mode please add multiplayer mod and best mission please please🥺..........

Rishabh Rajput

Nice game

Arshaman Umang

Best game😀

Mahin's cartoon world

We cannot save the game i completed too many missions but this will be reseted.

Bhavishay Yadav

Nice game. Badass graphics. Try out now.


This si a good gaime

Geeta Gaikwad


Chamendra Rathnayake

Graphics are amazing.I love the game because of the levels and graphics I hadnt any problem with this game.I dont know why is this game is not now and get experience with shooting.I repeat download this game and leave a review.thanks for this. Why this game has not open world mode add that and give us better experience. No more problem I love this game and I want to complete all levels

Randa Rhodes

this game is really good but you can't save can you fix this please try to? !!!!!!!

Biplav Das

They bast game

Md awais Khan


Rudra Chhoda

This game is so nice

Chaya Kharat

Bakar game

Manisha Rohilla


Gurwinder Singh

Nice game but save progrees

Chander pal


Shawn Taylor

This is kinda a rip of of rdr2 but it's awesome

Fawad Ali


Pooja Kumari

Hitesh 🙏🙏🙏

Anecito Montebon

Please add open world

Manisha Gund

Nice games

Rausan Sinha

As a graphic enthusiast in game development, I liked the visual so much! The environment lighting setup is awesome, seems liked baked.

Atik Mistri

Op GAME play

Shobha Mathur

Very nice game with high graphic I suggest you to download this game shoting game for low hand divice i love this game

Rafiqul Islam


Aritra Sarkar


Geetanjali Naik

Nice game and super graphics but please make a movement of character in game 😭


Great grafix

6H 13 Amaan

We can't even move so bad and and it's super bugy




Okay okay 😊

Amena Begum

Nice gam

Sadhan Pandey

Mast game hai

Harsh Bhullar

I cannot give one star to this game but without star i cantoot answear . this game is very bad. Game so do not waste your internet

Gunjan Gupta

Nice game

mohammad alom

nice good 🇧🇩👍


Good app

Rakhes Barma


Deepanshu sharma

Katai zehar

harvey togonon

the game is good but it can't save my progress

Deepesh Singh rawat


hacker gaming

Controls not good

Taha Sheykh


Sunil Jaiswal

Nothing to say 🤔🤔🤔🤔🙊

Dev kumar Marmat

Plese remove horse riding level


Not nice

Azeem Ahmed


Umang Bhardwaj

indian heroine

Umar Ansari


Shivansh chauhan Shivansh

Very good game khala lo bhai


Normal game

Aaryaman sinha

High graphics love it alot

Smriti Srivastava

Very very bad game 😠😠😠

Taj Denzel

Op gaming experience

Editing Creators

Graphics and very good action game

Ким Александр

The game is good! Graphics are not bad,enemies are challenging, shooter system is...normal. Game has bugs,glitches. I wanted to give it 5 stars but,you know.

Utso De

Bro i don't believe...... That.... It was a wonderful game......

Pawan Dubey


Travis scort gaming Hammonds

Reminds me of rdr2

Vinit Rathi

Very good game