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What child doesn’t like fast and furious vehicles?

In Dinosaur Coding 3, there’s 3 different options for great learning fun — kids can drive cars themselves to rush across the finish line at the fastest speed, they can use code to figure out and plan driving routes, and they can complete professional driving career tasks. They’ll have a blast!

Double Game Modes Balance Learning and Play

In the Coding Mode, patiently plan the route and drag the command blocks to help the little dinosaur reach the finish line. In the Racing Mode, focus on the opportunity to change lanes, accelerate, and overtake the opponent to win the championship!

Child-Oriented Instruction Blocks Simplify Programming Learning

Drag the blocks with arrow icons to easily control the car to move up, down, left, and right. Arrange and assemble the blocks to plan the route for the car. Learn to use the loop module instead of multiple same blocks so that coding becomes easier with fewer steps!

Tour in a Race Car and View the Fabulous Scenery Worldwide

There’s so much to see, explore, and experience! On the racetrack, hear the roar of the engines. In the desert, feel the blowing sand hitting your vehicle. In the ice field, crunch through the heavy snow. In the meadow, breathe in the smell of the fresh grass. At the beach, listen to the waves as they hit the shore. By the volcano, feel the heat of the floating sparks.

Versatile Vehicles Deliver a Fun Driving Experience

36 different vehicles, including racing cars, engineering cars, monster trucks, sports cars, classic cars and more, make for a fun and exciting time. Hop in your favorite vehicle and race with other little dinosaurs. Collect gold coins on the track, dodge roadblocks that may appear at any time, collect nitrogen to turn on super acceleration, and leap high on springs to fly over the heads of your opponents!

Engage in 6 Different Career Activities with the Little Dinosaur

Dinosaur Coding 3 is more than a racing game. Your child can drive 6 different professional vehicles and complete a task that matches that career.

• Drive the racing car, become a Pro Racer and sprint to the finish line.
• Drive the ambulance, become a paramedic to help the patient.
• Drive the police car, chase the bad guy, and bring him to justice.
• Drive the garbage truck, recycle the waste, and maintain the environment.
• Drive the cab, take passengers to the hotel.
• Drive the fire truck, rush to put out the fire!

Which activity will be your child’s favorite?

• Block commands without words: specially designed for kids aged 3-8 to learn programming
• Two game modes: choose between coding and racing as you like
• 36 cool vehicles: drive the police car, fire truck, ambulance, monster trucks, race cars, and more
• 6 themed scenes: visit the racetrack, desert, ice field, meadow, beach, and volcano
• 120 whimsical levels: learn sequence, loop, condition, and other programming skills
• 24 racing maps: overtake your opponents to win the championship
• Play without the Internet
• No third-party advertising

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