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Dino Pack is an interesting and relaxing 3D puzzle game. All models are based on dinosaur skeletons in the real world. After assembling the parts into a complete model, players can revive the prehistoric animals and take them to your own park.

– Solve jigsaw puzzles to bring these prehistoric creatures back to life
– A new 3D puzzle game that trains your brain and unleashes your imagination.
– Collect and own the dinosaurs.
– Change the image of the skeleton model by collecting skins after each level and in the store.
– Upgrade your park by building new constructions.
– Customize the look of your park with a wide selection of decorative items.

Dino Pack is FREE to download and FREE to play.

Detailed info

File size: 146M
Update time: April 21, 2021
Current version: 1.13
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Vicenter Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Keagan Forster

Love it, it's an absolute masterpiece! Keep up the great work guys! And also please make another game called AnimalLand and please make it also with the bone stuff

Anne Dintino

Someone hacking me whoever did this 😭🤬

Carlos Leocadio

I love dinosaur s

Vince carlo Manzano

Its so fun to play

Henzel Senpai


Gloria Morelos

I like the game but I wish there were more dinosaurs and I also like the Microceratus.

Tracey Moore

It is the best game I have ever seen in my life and I love dinosaurs.

Misha Uy


gabrielle murtagh

I love this game because it is soooooo fun!

Tania Velazquez Laureani


Dawn Tan


B Batchimeg


Subhayan Bagchi

Good excellent amazing fantastic game


Not bad game it's good to jigsaw

aji mulyadi

Wow this game is pherostoic not just dinosaurs

Flor Gombio

i vote i love the game dont vote for worse game

Neil Santiago

Coolest game

the lorax


Gabriella Marin

This game is good

Tatiana Thompson

Hey man...


How about you guys can add Brachiosaurus or Amargasaurus or even Apatosaurus

Nathan Aguilar


Romaysa -

I like it

Arnu Corona


Reo Levi

I don't want to be mean but this game makes no sense

Christian Wilkinson

I love this game can you pls make a second one

Pam Pate

It wouldn't let me play the game

Jan Hopkins

I love this game lots of levels to build a dinosaur skeleton and then poof it's alive but why are there no cages

William Vue

Game ia great also add more dinosaurs.

vinny rezalia

I want to play it

Adyan Talib

Amaan t

Brickosaurus 227

A very fun and underated game! I like it! Would recommend.

g moula


Liza Lalata

I dont now if its good


nothing to do but manage then more and more more dinos real boring

Trevour White

I love dino parks

red fox

I only have one request make the dinosaurs move 🦖🦕

grimlock king

Its good dosen't feel like a cash grab bit ad at bottem of screen is stoping me from upgrading my volcano

shahram hemmatzadeh


Janay Geddes

Slapstick and the other two

Viet Vu

I love it this game but it had ad and I don't like ad

Little Wolfy Kun

This game Is The Worst Game Ever, it Keeps CRASHING when I play it!!!

cg boy

Its not good . is the most wrote app.this appis hang out of my phone. Its very llallo application

Tapas Barman

Dinosaur good game


best game in my life but needs fuse fuse will make tthe game better then ever

C.J. Rajesh


malikorex red

Terrible. I came all the way to the end just too see the game glitch! There's a countless amount of bugs and glitches! I hate this game and I will never download again!😠

Carlos Ninalga

This game is very fun keep up the good work!

the arrahmi

I love it :D

jonathan Sproles


Muni Gurung

Suck my nut

Matteo Alessandro Sabidong

Good game but i dont really ads & the lag

Meredith Smith

Awful ads. Not safe for kids.

Clent Bell


Cock with a glock 69

Great app, ads are obnoxious, and game sometimes wont load

Retno Astuti


Charlie Rogalla


Thomas Butler

Fun games

Aika Voo

This is a great game but there are few things that needs to be fixed. 1. Link to Google Play account to save progress 2. An option to turn and on vibration 3. Create hybrid animals for fun and imagination 4. There is a problem where it is stuck at the loading screen 5. Even after you finish building the skeleton, it does not appear in the park. I will rate this as 5 stars if those problems get fixed. Thank you.


The games really fun and the ads arent super obnoxious like other games but the thing that really throws me off is the vibrating usually I don't mind it since you can turn it off but for this game you cant turn off vibrations I dont know if it's just my device but if it's like that for other devices please make a way where we can turn it off it gets really annoying. Overall the games really fun!

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