Dino Hunting Squad

Author: Tenha Musou

1M+ install


Dino Hunting Squad – A war between man and dragon is about to begin.
Ancient large animals, raging dinosaurs are trampling on our soil.
In order to survive, people took up their weapons and set up their own armies to fight against them.
Powerful ancient creatures are invading our territory again and again, killing our people.
Defend the tribe, attack the Tyrannosaurus Rex that invades our territory, warrior!

Game features:
1.You can choose many branches of arms.
2. Multiple arms attack at the same time.
3. You can use diagrams to record the identity of animals.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Tenha Musou
Price: Free
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Customer review


too much adds and I hate adds f!!! adds and adds are really annoying🙄

Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo Châu


singh jodha


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Lani Suda

Robogkehe Cmdkdkdfff F

Zac Kreimar Garcia

i love this game alot bro 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Lorayne Franks

And I'm pretty good and I love it:-*😎😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔵🔵🔵🔵🟦🟦🟦💙💙💙💙

noelle heinrich

Too many ads

Jaden Arellano

I beat me the game already so it's boring only 50 dinos and 18 solders

Suhas Jadhav

This game is Indian or Japanese or Chinese

Cody Dobson

This game is fun at first I see alot of people complaining about ads when you should just turn off your wifi but besides that the game has nothing going for it in the long run and the english is so broken I think I lost brain cells playing it I don't recommend unless you wanna play a new game for a few minutes then forget about it

Debamitra Roy

This game really is a really super game.Play this and you feel like your relaxing.I mostly like this game because i like dinosaurs.But i also like to go hunting.I all the time dreamed of a game like this and saw an ad of this game,i liked it so much that i installed it.This is why i give it as a 5 star game.

Dylan Green

It is a fun game to play if u are bord

Connie Siver

Sems fun with no WiFi


Very good game.


I like this game

Paqui To

Ders so many adds I think 0 stars

Araif Khan


Kaliya Perumal

Ads ads and ads

scullus hail


Clent derick Virtudazo

Can you get rid of the ads please I am a nice person

Rajendrasinh Vala


Nickolas Kitzrow

You can't skip the ads. There are too many ads. So I want that changed where you can skip ads.

Arnold Licos

Super cool looking i want to download it this look super duper handsome so can i download it just for fun

George jr Sanico

That's what game 🎮 is not real 😍 Yes 🤣 a boat y me know when you love B GG do you love me too much 😜 A A ANDROID ME o b I HAVE you have to me about a week ago and I CAN GET a boat 🚢 a good day today love you have a code to do understand I HAVE O a little bit of a good day for a walk with you and your family I CAN 🥫 THE A I THINK a good day to be out of town this weekend I think 💬 A I THINK a boat y a boat y me knowing that works for you 🤣 a good day to do it 😘 I CAN 🥫 THE Treasure

Elmer Parcon

its. fantasktik

Wolf Error *

Really fun to play

Ma Kimi

JACOB<^> ™®© OMG

Des raj Bajwa

This game is so fun

Duane Gian Macuro

Its fun but too many ads i gave u a 5 star bc i can turn off wifi

Alltomatoe 22


Suresh Singh

Game ko download kar do please game ko download kar do please

amit ranjan

I played mech arena much but I play this game as soon it was relized I like 👍 this game 🎮

Aileen Tamaño

Plz let me download

Anthony Walsh

Too many ads. Beat the first level? AD. Upgrade something? AD. Exist? AD.

1A2 Bảo Nam


Mark Liam


Shilpa Sharma

Goodis Done same

Daniel Temin

For being a bitchy ad

Mihailo Vucetic

This s#&% is all ads no game ZERO FROM ME

Teodorico Martin Garcia

Putqn na mo mas malala pa to sa apps na ginagamit ko ano ka gold 2 ads per game tangina mo quit ka na lng

Traven Willford

Really laggy and gave me an ad within the first 10 seconds

Anton Logothetis

Perfect ad simulator.

Jessica Howard


jaat deep

Good game

Matt Jeisem


Tina Quinn

If could add a pic of the rock giving you the stare i would

The God of all E

Theres a bunch of other games.. bad asf

Pythonic Dragon

More ads than any kind of game play.

Caiden Fehse

Terrible game ads every time you beat a level

Jm Nabua

Best game I love ! lt


Cash grab. Not even good with wifi off.


Cash grab

Zindane Leykauf


Julie Ayers

More games

Rhafael Hamo-ay

If you want no ads then off ur internet 👍👍👍

catherine vital


dragonslayer bob


Ryan Napa


Danny Cook

Ads don't close leaving me without rewards.

Mike Payne

I don't know what I did more: play the game, or watch ads.

pixel dino boi

This is my first time seeing a 5 star app its very good i see why it's 5 stars

Prateexa Rahi

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Fe Sarian

I saw the ad that it's So much fun I can't wait!!!

Nedrick Zeki Azores

This is so amazing

Samsung Tap

I hate this game so much

Gilbert Cumpa

Good game 👍

Mohammed Alyousef

This game is amazing and it definitely doesn't crashes like I was thinking about this game that someone had to make this

Lex Xed