Dino Clash: Tribal War

Author: NEOWIZ

100K+ install


Chaaarge! Meet the most dangerous animals and the primitive warriors!
One of the large-scaled strategy war games is here!
Enjoy adventure time on your phone and build a legion of primitive warriors and dinosaurs!
Use your art of war and become the strongest in primitive times!

■ The rule is simple, but the scale of war is big.
– It is so easy that anyone can play, but this is nothing like the other strategy games!
– You want a war? Create your dino squad with primitive heroes and dinosaurs.
– Merge your heroes and become stronger! It is a war game that attack formation and placement mean a lot!
– Think more about your own art of war and become a warfare tactics expert.

■ Do you like animals? Then check out the most dangerous animals in the game!
– Dinosaur fans, gather up! Meet a total of 17 dinosaurs from the Jurassic period and 34 special primitive warriors.
– Don’t look down on these little friends. They may look cute, but their ability powers are incredible!
– Collect and upgrade your dino squad! Ooga Booga!

■ Looking for a new merge strategy game?
– Merge heroes in more powerful ones! Use your finger to drag and merge!
– Collect various primitive heroes such as a giant warrior, a red magician, a restoration shaman, and many more.
– Who’s going to be the last one standing in this battle royale?

■ Enjoy the thrilling skills of various dinosaurs!
– The King of animals! Dinosaurs are here! Meet charming dinosaurs such as T-rex, pteranodon, and others.
– Wipe out the enemy’s army with dinosaurs’ special skills! Experience an action-packed battle game!

■ A ton of content to play through!
– Explore over 500 stages and continue your adventure time.
– Unlock rewards and upgrade raging dinosaurs!
– Construct your best formation to defeat the enemy’s army!
– Battle players in 1:1 PvP Arena!

Play a Jurassic merge strategy game now!

PLEASE NOTE! A network connection is required to play.

It’s free to download and play, but some in-game items will require payment.

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-Terms of Use (EULA)

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 20, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: NEOWIZ
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nick Dowling

Broken with bugs

Andreas Poggio Avendano

Honestly I never knew a great game like this ever exsisted! I was so amazed by the ad so I downloaded it and Im already good at it and I love it !

Nancy Cato

Grate enough graphics love how you can have a dinosaur on your team and I love how they can do different attacks I hope they add more dinosaurs and cavemen awesome especially when I'm a dinosaur nerd

Kyley Faulkner

It wouldent let me in the game delete

Triggered Spirit

This app is great but it says on here that i will get like a free dinosaur but when I downloaded it, It ain't showing up that I have a free dinosaur

Igat Sudum

Is a nice game

alekmotor workshop

good game


The game is honestly fun I enjoyed it however I don't know if it's for my device but every time I launch it it either crashes or there's no enemy units or my units. The game is enjoyable I don't know if this is happening anyone else but it's only happening to me which is why I'm giving you three stars but honestly give it a chance it might not happen to you.

norimah nasib

Wow this game so amazing than i though

Robert Cournyer

Its not a BAD game. Was fun for a bit, but kinda began to lose its excitement. Just fizzled out. Not enough of a challenge or strategy to keep it interesting.

Subhajit Mukherjee

The game sometime open smoothly sometimes not... Fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise the game is good....

Elsa Lopez

Good love the game

Terence Reyes

Very good game!!!

Bruce conley-reifer

Error as soon as I downloaded it

Juan Rosado

this is a really fun game I'm love it

Donovan Garmendez

God gaim

Hanul Vig

Good looking but Poor game. No fun in playing after few levels. No strategy involved, just plain grinding. Click and watch type of game

Patrick Charles

Edit: Still unstable. Not going to beg any developers to play their game or take my money. Uninstalled. I enjoyed playing it when it worked however it is very unstable. Using a Google Pixel 5a with the latest version of Android and I cannot load the game. Getting a unity engine error, a blank black screen or just stuck on the loading screen. Sad because I liked this game but I have no time to play an unstable game when I have better options.

Tom Parrilla

I look good fun like it good but I'm not play game anymore too far I try but I can't so thank you for this game fun rate 3 well it ok

King Devin JOSEPH

I respect this game I'm having so much fun and a very entertaining and I love the special effects.

Joe Blaziken

It barely worked. After waiting for an hour for everything to startand when it finally did the gameplay was lacking and the textures for the units didn't load.

melwin viegas


Geraldgiselle 15

Nice which name should I pick I can't get in

Elyn Ratner

Doesn't load

Johann Budaño

WHY ITS NOOOT WOORKIING 😠😠😠😠😠😠 this is a bad game you know l don't like to day😠😠💰😠😠😠😠😠


Am play this I can't open so after some time by Playing so I give 3star can fiesked the problem

Annanda Ramadhani

unable to unitize engine what is dat

Rob Simpson

so far so good i like it. But then you took the automatic upgrade button away for troops WHY!!! That feature was briiliant being able to just click auto upgrade and it be done, but now i miss troops that need upgrading its annoying. Apart from that everything else is pretty good to be fair


My account is unable to connect to the server for a day now, without specify what reason, unable to contact customer support, sent an email and didn't get a reply yet. Really bad customer support and user experience. This game is repetitive and get bored quickly anyway.

Trevor Raley

good game

Mariati Mohd Khatib

Super best game

Diptishree Mohapatra

This is game has a way more potential , it can be the next coc. I like alll the things about it and you don't give the adds but we can see the adds for more golds and gems. The characters, theme and the modes are awesome but I want to skins for dinosaurs. As I need new style of things so, I will advise to add skins for the dinosaurs then this game will be in the top three favourite game in my list. And please give regular update don't stop updates in any condition. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

Angelina Casa

Online angry 💢💢

Francisco Cisneros

great game

Ms Kagooh






Susaf NA

Fun game

John Thomas Caballero

everytime you open the game there is an random error.

Jaleel Brown

24 summxsaz

Brendan Pena

Dropped review from 4 stars to 2. The more I play the more unbalanced this game becomes. They are very generous with gems which is nice but it has become and idle game of grinding the same level repeatedly until you can recruit troops very slowly.

David Davis

very good

Iman Ahmadi

Nice game 👍👍👍

Jessica Clack

Hi, I am apparently not allowed to enter the game. I tried it with and without wifi, and no result. The only thing that would pop up is a black box saying something about unity not working. I have tried re-installing too, but nothing worked. I haven't seen any posts about this, so maybe its my device or the app. Please fix it!

Luke James Aguillon

I like it but there is a lot of bugs

Nadon Booncharern

Amazing game i love the dinosaurs

carl ramos

The game look's Good and so clear I'm on the level 436 now

john matthew trangia

this is a good game

Richie Chieng Hok Liang

the troops and egg get long time to redeem. And un reasonable price to pay it for open.

Michael McCall

..... N.....

Arif Khan

Can you give a offline mode

mael lundang

I like it Picasso

Joscel Simeon

The game is good but i just can't stand the mission where even i have legends i can't even defeat a normal level 4 enemies. Fixed this.

Daily Dose

Pagal game ha ya

Maria Sahiba Boo Baker

It won't let me drag them to where Its needed to drag them

Trevon Rhodes

best game ever I like it it's so cool

Aden Pascual

I really love the gameplay and everything but there is just one problem all of my units are purple with no animations at all


killing time


Coolest game


this is the best game

Angelo Charles Lava


Jessie Najera


Jared Paden

This is one of the best fighting games I've played. The game just never gets boring to me. I had a previous game that was like this but it was just too boring. I would recommend this game if you like fighting games.


It's still bugged I can't see the characters there still purple I like it but I can't play it right now because of That

Jahan Gohel

I like the game

Aidan Crowley

Can play with freinds haven't tested this because I don't have any but beautiful game easy to learn and very addictive a good time waster

Mohammad Abdul Hye

UwU "hf7

Devansh Mishra

Game mechanics and game characters are great and I have fun playing it. However in game purchases feel like overpriced and the user interface seems a bit confusing.

Marcus Segui

Well I like this game it's fun and it's easy to upgrade or win the battle, but in my opinion if you add sandbox it's more fun.

Christian Mundo

Great game but add more units

Matthew Kendrick

Great game, but I can't seem to open. I'm pretty sure it's a glitch on my end and not the game, but just putting that out there.


So many bugs Totally fail

Atoll Entertainment

I'm enjoying this game so far, it's relatively easy, I enjoy collecting different troops and dinos. I'm excited to see how this game progresses through with new updates.


It's not that great, just another game wanting you to poor money I to it. Everything you do wants you to watch an ad. You collect summons but can only use one every 8 hours at best just play it while your at the doctors office or in the bathroom. In short too much noise and clutter for what it is

iffat jabeen

This is the greatest game add giganotosaurus as well


There's a lot of players playing this game by the way Please Please add chatting😐😐😐

Slenda mon

It would be exciting if your home collection could be upgraded

Greg Perez

Games does not work on my pixel 4

Trinidad Trinity

The gameplay is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Invincible Wolfgang

The idea of this game is not new but is the best version of this type if game that i can find. If you are questioning getting this game, get it. it better than you might think.

Lena Cardell

EULA for how personal information will be used is only available in Korean.


Hi domique

waren singh

Doing death march, finished it, and the game lost connection, used my attemt yet i didnt get the reward

Joshua Gifford

Why did you guys remove the combine all button?

Harshit Jadu

Amazing game

Simon Lau

The game was fun while it lasted. Since it does not load anymore. Therefore, I cannot play it anymore. In addition, an email was sent already. Game was uninstalled and reinstall. Lastly, phone was restarted. The game works since of yesterday. However, I could not complete my daily since I could not play. In addition, my account was linked to a Gmail.

Peace Thapa

I can't stop laughing playing the tutorial game.😆🤣 Are you a kid or someone who is poor in English? Or did you have hyped/active personality? (My real review about this game at the bottom👇👇). My friend, I love you my friend. Me not know this game will be funny. Thank you, friend. (REAL REVIEW about this game). 1️⃣Graphic can be improve,please turn the game into smooth 3D. 2️⃣Please add multiplayers teams too. 3️⃣This game is really great though it may look simple, but there is a huge world ℹ

Undead gaming

It's a good game but thiers a problem that you can't play the game thiers always black screen even if you wait for an hour you still can't open the app so what I did is delete the game and not gonna play the game anymore

John Tan

At first it was good, now it's not. Suddenly, can't kill anyone even people at lower rank. My dinosaur dies even if the life is still half and most of the time half of my army is stuck not doing anything. Prices for hiring a new is not proportionate to what you earn per round takes 6-7 levels just to hire a bottom level soldier.

Maricel Basanes

l not this game not bobo


Game is good, Graphic ok, But P2W System🙄

Arshdeep Singh

A very good game with good graphics. I realy like it!😄😄😄

Shae Monroe

You really can't fail with dinosaurs but they figured out how. Most specific units don't matter in army mode, it's just a body game. No strategy, no depth, just luck of duplicates.

Renaldy Pranata

Good game at start. Later on be an idle game where you have to wait for free coins. Good to waste time lik 15mins a day. Edit : Stuck at loading screen for no reason. Internet is on.

Tracey Bolton

Don't work

Kenneth Sault

Fix crash issues then i may reinstall.

Ahn Alex

This game has providing casual mood and deep strategy for players with simple&cute graphic. Exactly dinosaur is cute. No time spend, no need hard controll.


It's a fun game

Jason T

It's, kind of ok. I'm on level 321 currently. Playing with an ad blocker. So far it's basically just been press start, wait to win battle, repeat. The game looks good. Smooth animations, decent graphics and basic mechanics of all the hundreds of other games like it. There's just no real substance to it. Nothing really seems to change. I start with around 140 troops, the enemy has 200+ and it's still an easy win. I assume like most other games this is just a cash grab and am glad I have no ads.

Harold Jnex

I played this game before and got an account but i deleted it because of something then bow i cant connect tk the google and my acc is gone