Diner DASH Adventures – Cook Fast & Beat the Clock

Author: Glu

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Diner DASH Adventures – Cook Fast & Beat the Clock – Help Flo save DinerTown in this brand new cooking & time management game!

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File size: 119M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 1.26.3
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Glu
Price: Free
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Customer review

Juanita Whitfield

Great game

Tamica Smith

The exsperience of playing this game was fun,entertaining.i would have giving it 5 stars but it crashed into my 5th chaper how dissapointing., update on 05/23/2022,same results,not ready for download.

Myria Antoniou

I've been playing this game gir a very long time it was great but lately it doesn't psy great rewards from any advertisements which makes it very difficult yo proceed to further levels

Lady Rosdon

Es un juego muy entretenido. Por el momento lo que no me gusta es que las gemas que ofrecen por ver los anuncios no están siendo entregadas, me desmotiva un poco porque con esas gemas adicionales uno puedo avanzar el juego y si no son entregadas es como un engaño.

Angela Rowe

The food truck events glitch definitely needs fixed asap. Not even worth it to play rn. Have loved this game for years! Fix that & I vote 5 for sure!

Dustin&Tamra Littell

This game was great until it started freezing during my food truck levels and also the ads freeze now and no rewards are given. This game has definitely gone downhill. If the issue isn't resolved I will definitely find a better restaurant game that actually has big fixes and updates.


I have had this game for years now and it is now not fun anymore! The tasks are impossible now without purchasing or watching ads!! Big thumbs down!

Kourtnie Adey

Cash grab, can't get past chapter 2 without buying gems.

Jelena Black

Game started fun, but commercials even tho I watched dozens of them doesnt give anymore gems.

McKenzie Friedrichs

This game is great! I havnt been playing for more than a few days but i love it!

Roxanna Rosas

I keep losing the gems. One moment I have 4 and then zero. It's been going on for two days.


I don't know why it even gives you the option to watch videos to "earn coins and jewels", you sit through the whole video and it never gives you the reward! If it happened once or twice, ok maybe it's a bug. HOWEVER, it happens every single time which really deters you from wanting to play. Seems like they only want you to purchase the rewards instead of being able to earn them.

Alyx Morgan

Took all the fun out of Dinner Dash! Here, you can't upgrade your restaurant without gems, & you don't earn those very easily, so you essentially have to purchase them in order to upgrade. They say you can earn gems by watching ads, but I've never seen one gem from any of the ads I've watched.

Aprhyl Hood

One of my favorite games, but recently I have not been able to receive my rewards. If that can be fixed I give it 5 stars!

Lakshmi Bae

Very Enjoyable

Melly Near

Was great until I started watching ads and not getting the bonus gems or coins. Not the same as the old one but it was decent. Now that you have to pay for all upgrades with actual cash it's not fun.

Jess Brouss

As someone else mentioned, the ads have stopped granting rewards. I have watched so many ads and I keep getting a message saying it will appear In my mailbox but its been a month since this started and still nothing. I like the game but this is is an annoying glitch

Aditi S Patil

Game Glitches...I lose all my gems when it happens ... saving them was hard...

fatma muhammed

Extremely boring game

Katy Mansfield

If you are an advertiser considering paying for "airtime," DON'T. Half of the time ads don't even load so no one will see your ad. If you are a player, ONLY PLAY FOR FREE. I check in every day and play at least one level in every event, they reset my streak and insist I missed a three day event. I kindly requested they do right by me as a monthly secret menu player, they just sent the same reply. Customer service/tech support WILL NOT help you. Fine to play for free if you are nostalgic.

Mellissa Bomford

I absolutely love this game but I have for the last three days been trying to get your diamonds from the ads I have watched every single ad to obtain them and not one have worked even though it has said I will receive them in my inbox later please I need the diamonds to level through

Linda Mccallister

Not receiving gems for watching ads. This has been happening for a few days now, other than that the game would receive 5stars

Ashley McKenzie

This game can be really fun but why is my booster automatically selected before each level? That keep wasting my boost for then when I want them I don't have them. Why take away from our choice. Not every game I'm remembering "oh uncheck boosters". That needs to be corrected. If it's a way to make money that's just madness.

anum zaidi

I enjoy playing this game. The only thing is that I haven't been receiving my rewards after watching videos and my daily rewards. Please update the game

Cassie Buchanan

The game is great. started watching the ads for the diamonds and coins which never pay out

Ooburri Sukai


Jenny Davis

Play it everyday

S Patillo

No longer receiving rewards for watching promo videos Game was going well but not fair that I'm watching ad without getting rewards.

Ivy rose Dacanay

im always excited to play this games .. and every level was so challenging .. and easy to earn diamonds ..

Erica Earle-Dozier

It was fun at first. NO MORE GEMS when you watch these videos, NO LONGER INTERESTING!!! Time wasted

Barbie Townzen

I'm not getting my reward's for watching videos. This really sucks because you can't get enough dimonds to do much of anything. Later on in same evening, still not getting my reward's.....WHY, when I watch the advertisement do I not get the reward? 6/19/22. WHY are you guy's not granting the reward's for dimonds????? I watch the video, but still no reward!!!!

Mary Joyce Martir

No rewards after watching the ads

Jackie Cook

I love the Diner Dash Games but this one is too too confusing. Forced to spend $$$ on items you don't want just to play. Too many things going on. Sorry but I gave a delete this game 'for the 3rd time'. Love the old Diner Dash

Jemila Gulston

I love this game . I had no issues thus far

odetta cummins

Very good game love this game awesome game

Rona de la Vega

You don't get the coins or gems if you watch the ads

Cara Buck

I love playing the game but I've watched ads after ads to get gems at first I was getting them after watching countless ads I still haven't received anything from them. It says it'll be in my mailbox but it never does please fix it.

tiffany kyles


Kirin Salleh

Watch ad to get gems, i think i should have at least 12 gems by now but got nothing when it says that it will be in my inbox. It has been days! Please resolve this issue!


I watch video and I don't receive my reward I'm still not getting my rewards...what is wrong

Lindsey Gallinari

I invited 3 people and didn't get anything. Other than that..I love this game

Monica Dozier

I would like to rate the game a five star but it doesn't give me any of my gems or extra lives when i watches clips

Colleen Brewer

I've been watching ads for gems and coins and not getting my rewards. Super frustrating. Where are my gems! I've watched soany adds with nothing in return!

Mz Plat

This game is fun, I'm just disappointed that since 6/15 everytime I watch a video for groceries and diamonds I don't recieve them 🤬 otherwise 5 stars.

Louise Martins

Good game but you watch adds to gain gems that you don't receive


Game is good but it's way too hard to get gems!! And for the last 3 days I've been watching ads and not getting any of my rewards and it's upsetting because I need it to upgrade in order to continue continue level up

Cara Fredrick

Fun game. Too hard to make progress without gems. Can't earn them. Try watching ads for rewards and don't get them.

Joanna Rachelle Matadling

I kept on watching videos for gems but it does not give the reward!!!! Please fix! I need those gems! Cant buy upgrades!


So far it runs great and you can earn free gems

Jin DS

Not recommended. I always play ads to gain rewards like diamonds and coins but I didn't receive any rewards from it. If you upgrade the foods and equipment you need coins and also diamonds. I don't understand why I also need diamonds every time I upgrade. You can have diamonds if you purchase it using real money and I think it's a waste of money. The coins should be enough for upgrades!! You can't move forward if you don't have enough diamonds to upgrade your food or equipment.

Chetarria Evans



I kept watching the ads but none of the promised coins or gems are given. It's been like that for days now. It's unfair. Please fix this bug.

Nikole ross

Was playing for awhile, deleted to restart, but now when I watch the videos for the 150 coins. It always says it will be in my mailbox and it never shows up. I'm owed like 1000 coins by now and a fee diamonds.

Mira Nirah

After watching so many ads just to get freebies, it never came. If you can't afford to buy gems, dream on to complete the level and such. Uninstalled.

Charmaine Gutierrez

I like the game but when you watch the video for gems it doesn't show in your mailbox

Drandreb Obeja

Many many times they offer a diamond reward by watching adds but they will not give the reward even after I finish watching the adds.. this is unfair

nf f

I watch ads to gain diamond, but only scam.just waste my data and time.no diamond given after complete it


I've been playing this game at first it is wonderful and giving you your awards but lately for the last couple of games that I played is not honoring the rewards that you're supposed to get I'm missing diamonds and free plays they need to do something about this so I'm on installing it because it's not fun anymore

Reggie Briscoe

Fun game...just not receiving my gems when watching ads

Teresa D Jones

Payed for the full original version of not only Diner Dash but Hotel Dash, Wedding Dash and Cooking Dash (back when Glu had them all) Then they scrapped them and made these games instead and the purchases weren't transferable. So they basically stole my money I wouldn't recommend paying any money for Glu games because if they decide to reinvent the game your money is just gone.

Abby DeBoer

Game is fairly good, I'd say they need to give more gems. Main complaint is that you don't get your reward for watching ads. They say they will "show up in your mailbox" but that doesn't happen. Lying scam.

Jill Lankford

This is a fun game, but it no longer gives me the gem for watching the ad. Now it is impossible to play without spending money.

Tekeshia Sims

I am not getting any of my rewards

Aprill Poole

Like the game but haven't been getting my gems and coins from videos. Says it will process shortly but never does. I'm owed a lot of gems and coins at this point. Please give me what I am owed and the rating will change

Kay Riley

Will not advance to Queen of Hearts after months of playing with the dog"Skillet"!

Mariana Rodriguez



After we saw the commercials and back to games, but the game stucks and have to repeat the games!

Nica Shree

Haven't received any gems after watching ads. Even purchased gems, got over charged and still didn't receive the gems. Smh

Christian Idol Batuang

Uninstalling... When I watch ads for diamond and freecontinue to food truck, it always say "ERROR DID NOT RECEIVE AD REWARDS". I think glu, banned me from getting rewards to make a purchase. I will not make any purchase in this game because it was a trash.

Roxanne Hertzler

Was great at first. I really enjoyed playing. But then all of a sudden, I stopped getting the ad promotion gems, coins, and extra play times during special events. I have watched so many ads with no rewards. I'm about to stop playing and move on to the next. Bummer.

Maho Seixin

DJ Kingston rocks 💙


Slow. Constant pop ups. I'm barely into the game and hit a paywall. Everything costs gems. I have an extreme over abundance of coins but gems are mostly pay only. I remember diner dash being so fun but this version sucks

Kristen Marler

The game was ok when I first started playing. But the past 2 months the game is now really slow and lagging all of the time. The rewards of diamonds and coins for watching the videos don't come through. Also it is now impossible to progress through the game without spending a fortune of your own money on diamonds and coins to upgrade appliances or items.

Angela D

Game doesn't give you all the gems and stars it's supposed to. Says you can watch ads for gems then doesn't give you the gems. Win 3 stars only gave me 2.

Jennifer Cooper

Alot of fun update 06/15/22: haven't been able to play it at all since the updates came out

Reinette Le roux

Struggling to get stars just take our data don't want to stop playing but stars and damionts to hard gonna quite this game

Latricia Washington

I have watched several videos since last night and still have not received my diamonds for them, also my daily prize was 15 minute free play did not receive that as well. I have uninstalled the reinstalled it and still no luck. Never had this issue really disappointed 😞

Sally Jones

I enjoy the game, however it's now been a week of watching the ads and not getting the rewards. And yes, I've checked the mailbox. I've contacted support with zero response, and as I'm unwilling to spend money on the game and so rely on rewards from ads (which I'm assuming they still get money for) I'm considering uninstalling.

Janet Farnworth

The game was nice but i only served about 4 customers and it said I needed to upgrade which costs real money. Wouldn't let me move past that page. There are plenty of ad free, cash free games, I don't need this.

ryan joseph faustino

Rewards not showing....

Jasmin Valdoria

I love this new version and the old version too 😍😍😍

LaToya W.

For the last few days I have not gotten the rewards from watching videos. It either will say it will be sent to my mailbox or nothing at all. Is there a fix for this? Got diamonds? Well I don't because 95% of what you upgrade in the game cost diamonds. Sure you get 1 diamond for watching videos but if each upgrade cost at least 4 diamonds then what? Videos to get diamonds haven't been playing sometimes after clicking yes to watch one. I think it's intentional to get people to spend money.

O-rin I-shii

Lately the game will crash and restart when trying to watch ads for rewards and the rewards is never given. Fix please!

Shannon Parris

The game sticks and when you watch ads to collect prizes, you don't get the prize.

Monica Pegues

The game is fun. But, you don't win a lot or enough money on level's, the game is slow, even if you upgrade to the max. It's impossible to win hard level's unless you're upgraded to the max & have power ups. I don't mind buying thing's but I'd also love to make more money to use my earnings on item's.

Dan Gravelle

Dinner DASH Adventures Rate this app Dinner DASH Adventures and you can used 500.

Love Joy Alberto

The game is good but the upgrade for equipments are very costly why do you need to upgrade with diamonds when the game rarely gave diamonds away, you need to pay for diamonds for you to be able to upgrade.

A Google user

I keep losing starfish from Shiver me Timbers. I had over 1500, now just over 500. This has happened a couple of times now.

Laney Bob

Great game initially. As you progress you need to use boosts and purchase upgrades to be able to get 1 star on a level. But eventually these purchases needs diamonds which you can get a couple a day for free but some items require 12 diamonds so be prepared to wait a couple of days to complete a level.

Tabatha Hilliard

Love it

Myeshia Clay

Good game

GlamRockGirl 420

This app glitches CONSTANTLY! Im tired of using supplies to play a level only to have the game freeze. I close it and reopen game only to find it still used my supplies even though I didn't get to play the level. Same with gems, stars and keys. It freezes and then when u go back they're gone. Im about to uninstall. WHEN ARE YOU, THE DEVELOPERS, GOING TO FIX THESE PROBLEMS????????????

Fay Gibbons

I'm just not going to watch anymore ad's. This game used to be fun but now when the trucks show up expect the ad you watch to not only not give you your reward you won't get credit for the life you used and if you used a power up that is lost too.

Jen Milem


Danielle White

Amazing game! Totally hooked x

Mariya Repol

Lags at the middle of the game! Please fix. Power ups should be returned whenever it lags. Tsss

Jamie Pettis

This game used to be good. Now it's just too complicated. It's really hard to play casually when they just want to charge you money to upgrade stuff.

Soe moe aung


Emily Partida

Was fun until you can't build anymore, and you only can do side quest.

Lisa Murphy

Doesnt track clicks accurately