Diner DASH Adventures – Cook Fast & Beat the Clock

Author: Glu

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Diner DASH Adventures – Cook Fast & Beat the Clock – Help Flo save DinerTown in this brand new cooking & time management game!

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File size: 119M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 1.26.3
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Glu
Price: Free
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Customer review

Asifa Qureshi


Josh Branch

Fast & awsome

Pamela Lynn Bonnette O`Brien (Pam)

Love the game.

Sebastian luis Silungan hernandez

i miss the old diner dash because the new one is boring

Jess Brouss

4 stars because its extremely hard to do well without spending money otherwise an awesome game. I used to play the original as a kid and miss the old version but I do like what they did with it. The writers for dialogue are awesome and make me laugh

Dionne B

Cool game but sercert menu should unlock if we exceed the collection Of the first row and the venu

Alyssa Antoniak

This game SUCKS. I remember when the original version came out and I'd play it on an actual desktop computer! Unfortunately this game is NOTHING like how it used to be. You can't go to any new level without using up all the stars/boxes/coins they push on you when you finish a level. Extremely glitchy. I tried playing a couple levels and ended up uninstalling it out of disappointment and frustration. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL DINER DASH!! This "new" version is an embarrassment.

Victoria Williams

A big waste of my time and data,it won't open even if my data is overflowing, I regret downloading this useless game

Crystal Lynette

Wont load an my connection status is great


this game and it's not a fun game it sucks because it takes Gems to do EVERYTHING. And the cost for gems to upgrade your food and such cost way to much in gems. Why can't you guys make it wear you only have to use coins to upgrade? You only earn maybe one or two gems here and there. They have offers you can compete to earn a whole bunch of gems but im not about to download a bunch of apps just for that nor am I going to spend any money neither.

ariel s

Was really into this game. The story was interesting and it was fun to see new things. I played it for a few years and spent money. I focused on one particular level so I could farm gold easier (not easily, but easier) when I'd get unlimited time boosts. Newest update came out and ofc *that* level just won't work anymore. I contacted support and they confirmed the bug, but implied they might not fix it. Gave me gems worth $2 lol. I spent WAY more than that. I don't feel like playing anymore...

Aunt Lorna

Hey guys I vould really use a few more gems hey I could use a little help here with gems

Alexandrine Morehead

Addicted. Yet, like most games you have to spend money on diamonds for upgrades unless you watch videos. Overall entertaining asf 😉

Kwadwo Asiedu

Great app but limited time to play and too much in app purchases.

Jennifer McCombs

Refuses refund despite contacting them 2 minutes after accidental purchase. My phone screen was on and my palm must have somehow clicked the option for like 520 coins ($62 CAD), which is an insane amount of money for me. I immediately contacted their help team who essentially said, "too bad." It's FAKE GEMS on an online app and they're treating it like a custom item made for a specific niche. I'm pretty appalled. $62 is about a days pay for me.

Melynda DeLoatch

Glitches sometimes in middle of game which causes u to lose sometimes. And what's you make in app purchase however I don't.

Heather Echard

Won't load 100%!

Kimberly Marie Magno

The game keeps freezing

Kimberly Shaw

Game is not like it use to be to hard you need dimonds to upgrade everything I been on the same level for years why you just can't use the money you win I'm uninstalled it one more time and I will not download it no more bring back the old it was much better

John Reel

J by bye

Caleb Hannon

It's addictive but fun

Alona Anderson

This game is really fun to. Play it has so many ways to keep you playing

Glen Gomez

A once classic game... turned into another pay-to-win gimmick. I spent about an hour playing and it was just annoying. Over the top animation, ridiculous music, useless power-ups, overall dissatisfying story and the ADS. Imagine having ads crammed down your throat and you STILL have to spend money to advance. You'd think they'd be at list a little generous. Not worth the headache and dollars wasted.

Beverley La Grange

Love this game😁

Alaica R

I love this game. But recently when I started purchasing gems, I also noticed that my gems are being used despite me not using them to buy upgrades. I now feel disappointed with it.

Aris Castro-jovenir

Still the best game for me since I was a teenager, no too much ads ❤️❤️❤️


It's fun like the old diner dash games were, however, blocking upgrades behind a pay wall by forcing you to buy diamonds is just poor game design. You should be able to earn the diamonds in game without buying them or downloading a totally different game to get them. Remove that function or just have a watch ads for additional diamond option.

Keisha Cross

Crashes & Ads Galore! I spend more time clearing out the ads when opening up the game than actually playing a level. Also good luck getting through an actual level... crash, crash, crash!

Dawn Leigh Bennett

Why is it making me start all over??

Jackie Fossett

Awesome Fun Game

Colleen Chancellor

Nice game

Jewell Stanley

Great way to spend time. Each level gets a little harder.


It was fine till it wont download the update, cant update it means it also wont let you play it. Booo hoooo

Brianna Tarver

Customer attention to this game is fair.

Jennifer LaRoche

I'd give it 5 stars if it didn't freeze occassionally.

Elisha Cox

Stop overlapping special events....it's so annoying. Can't select one because another is the way. You won't let us opt out or bypass so we're stuck on 1 friggin page and can't move further.

Gilberto Alejo-Dorado

It's a good way to entertain and you don't have to spend money to get power up in games. You can play and still unlock everything.

Lindsey Martin

Fun game

Soha Jawaid

It's not downloading on my phone, please fix

Gary Linville


Jonna Mullins

Gr8 game...luv luv luv the different new restaurants

Jenn Delaney

Great game


Some levels are impassable. Gems are very hard to earn

Keisha Elliott


Amber D

ADDICTIVE! I loved cooking dash and now this is my fave. I'm a fan of Glu games.

Meredith Pruuh

I love this game. Learning ways to advance is key. Especially limited budget. It does take time and patience. But it's made a lot progress in the 2.5 years it's been out. I do miss the monthly storyline though.

India U.

I used to have glitches with the game but they have since been fixed. My main issue with this game is purchasing upgrades. It's waaaaaayyyy to expensive. I've saved my coins and gems but now it's too expensive to upgrade and play. I used to play several times daily but now I may play one time every two weeks or so.

Erika McGee-Shaw

Fun as always

lyn michaels

This game is freaking great. This is the first game I play Everyday. I used to be able to play this game on my tablet as well as my phone. Now I can no longer play on my tablet , when I play on my phone this game sucks now.

Vivette Isaccs

I loved it

Theresa Peeks

Love this game , exciting and adventurous


This game has become to glitchy. I can't pass a board because it gets stuck and the running tray doesn't move

Jaziimarie Gibbs

Too hard without spending something. I love this game but wish I could just buy it straight. It now is harder then it was and im sure it's because of the things you can buy. So they have to make it harder for them too? Idk but bummer. Also, when winning/purchasing prizes it will glitch and the prize disappears... Update - when asking the company it just gave me a long list of "solutions" for fixing MY device/wifi/software but nothing wrong with their game.

Elay Panambang

Lets upgrade the next level. I got stuck

Roselie Burr

It's a great game. Love playing it

Linda Krencik

Every time I try to playing Quinns victory store the game takes my coins and then glitches part way through this game. This has been going on for about 3 days

michael gibson

It's fun only complaint I have every time I try to get the jetpack it does not give it to me and now every time I play game it freezes up on me

Rida Rahman

I used to love this game. The creators itself make it difficult for the players to like the game. The 50 supplies provided to us makes it harder to collect diamonds. Some levels are really hard to complete and can't be completed even after trying so many times. The difficulty of the game is very high. Initially it was very addictive but slowly due to the pattern of this game I lost all the interest. Also the ads don't provide rewards all the time. Don't spend your money buying the rewards.

Mikki Houglin

The game play is great but a lot of times I watch the ads and don't receive the reward. And it absolutely will not let me advance unless I spend money for gems. It's a shame because I really like the game but it's really aggravating that no matter how perfect I do it holds me back.

Shakelia Nix

Game has a glitch on 601. It gets stuck in the middle of the game

Aiyanna Crawford

My game keeps freezing at Quinn Victoria's place when she enters dash time. And everyone just stands there and you can click on things until it stops letting you service the clients. Flo just stands in one spot with pink flames under here until I can't quit the game anymore.

Kim Mason

Every time I try to play level 2201 it says there's no connection and restarts while I'm connected to my wifi AND using my data

Revelee Henry


Jaimee Sackley

This game is buuuuggy. Doesn't recognize touch very well, at all. I've been a diner dash fan for a long time but this game is trying too hard to do too many things at once.

Tawana Brinson

it use to be a fun game but now it has so many glitches you can't even finish a game.

Gretchen W blue

My current level she is stuck to the right when she goes upstairs. Sucks love this game

Jennifer Giron

Game is currently freezing on the current level I am on. Can't play anymore unfortunately.

Masa Manny

It is like original DD, but on steroids......

Della Franklin

This the best game I played

Hanna Jazury97

Hello. My game is lag. Idk whyy.

T Nicole

Game keeps getting stuck with Flo in one spot. Please fix it

Becky Kelley

UPDATED REVIEW: This game is very glitchy, almost with every new update. Plus, they don't even put in any effort to keep a storyline going. Just new special events costing a lot of diamonds to keep up. Original review: This game is great. You can earn diamonds fairly easily. I haven't had to spend any money on the game in order to pass a level. You can get diamonds 3x a day via the store for free.

Jordan Hodges

Queen Victoria level is corrupt.

Sovina Ekananda Putri

What the hell happened? It keep crushing in the middle of the game. Couldnt finish a single level all day cause it keep crushing in the middle of the game

Rheanna Thompson

The latest update added a new randomized level game play. It is glitches so all I can do is play previous locations. Very frustrating.

Sri Meilyana

I like this game so much

Shannon Parris

The game sticks !

Porscher Morgan

I love playing this game but ever since yesterday, I cannot play the levels without the game breaking. Just as I have been given 3 days free life and I now cannot use it. Would love this to be fixed as I really enjoy playing but I will be avoiding until this is sorted.

Ellen Miah

Constant crashes

Gretch Gostoer

glitch! uninstall and reinstall did not fix the glitching. pls fix.

Marie Folmar

Latest update constantly glitches on Android

Jessica Ewald

Best game ever... Until it stopped updating. Been waiting for new levels FOREVER.

Kellie Drake

Problem with Quinn Victoria game. Seems to lock up.

Amber Harrell

I use to enjoy the game. You could go back to older levels and replay to get better scores and diamonds but the newer phases don't have levels. I just throws you into random levels with no rhyme or reason. Also on level 845 Quinn's Victoria, it keeps glitching and I have to close out the whole game and try again with no luck so far.

Amanda Cooper

I have been playing diner dash, well since it came out sooooo many years ago. I remember playing on my computer before a cell phone was even a thought in my head. It's a timeless classic and I'll forever like diner dash. Thanks for making flo a thing 😊

Mari Hodges

It's freezing on Quinn's Victoria level.

Aubrey Muellich

Love this game. However this one level keeps glitching and I cannot pass it. I've looked for updates and not due for one

Sabrina Thomas

The game is glitching

Celetta Hunter

Too repetitive no chance to clear

Alexis Arnold

Always liked the Diner Dash games. This one is glitchy, which I can usually deal with. Today I got 3 days of free play and I can't play Quinn Victoria's because it glitches every time I start a level. I've restarted 10 times, checked to make sure there wasn't an update. Please fix.

BNE nn

A pay-to-win single player game. The point of the game is not to have fun, but to spend all your money on the many in-game currencies. Trash.

Abbie Jones

great game

Marquita Turner

II was promised a thousand coins after following on Facebook and it did not deliver



Bella Paige Proctor


Jodie Harley

This game doesn't work.!! You spend more time restarting your phone. When it does open its constantly downloading and won't respond properly. I'm already uninstalling!!

Christine Marlow

Make sure you follow all steps in this game . Actual plays on game is too slow get 5 plays at a time.


Not as good as original. Used to just be able to buy the game. Now it continually tries to suck money out of you.

Michele Washburn

Loose game graphics after 10 minutes of play 😡

Stephanie Weaver

Game has not loaded in days. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice, now I can't even get past the main play screen, it will not allow me to hit the PLAY button