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Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of Lady Luck?

In this new fast-paced deckbuilding roguelike from Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV), Chipzel, and Marlowe Dobbe, you’ll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as you work together to take down the Goddess of Fortune, Lady Luck herself. Balance your carefully planned strategies against the unknown of a dice roll.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Price: $$4.99
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Customer review

Robert Mitchell

Amazing game, bug free, nothing preditory, amazing UX for mobile, this is the gold standard for mobile games.

Stephen LR

I remember struggling to play this game on steam remote play and thinking that it would be a perfect mobile game if it was ever released to Android. Color me surprised - this is a practically perfect mobile port. This game is similar to card fighting games with interesting twists to change up your playstyle as you advance through the story (or choose to skip if you feel like it). I highly recommend it!

Heriberto Sanchez

Best talking dice game ever. 6 out of 6 sides.

Nathan Rivera-Melo

So good. Tons of replayability. Only complaint is some moves are not super clear regarding how they function in the game. But it's still getting 5 stars.

Jesse Stingl

Touchscreen controls are perfect for this game!


Just bought and tried to run it, getting like 3-5 fps. Music, action, everything. Never seen that happen before.


A cleverly designed and fantastically well realised game. I'm so pleased it's come to Android, well worth playing.

Alex Cardenas

I guess could have been good but keeps saying won't install on my SD card even after I got rid of larger games on it. 32gig SD with 8gig RAM. No excuse for this BS. Uninstalling since it won't refund me now...

Mr P

It's the goodness of the pc version on the phone and it feels right at home. A great rogue-lite that is great on the phone.

Xavier Creeper

Very fun

Lawrence Thorogood

It was like this game was made for mobile, it's absolutely incredible and the art was is on point. It would be great if achievements were added though.

Melvin Chua

This is my first time I thought I had to leave a review. Very good strategy game! Game has really well thought out mechanics that keeps it interesting even for replayability. Invokes the thinking part of you and keeps you engaged. Do not be fooled that how interesting can a dice game be. This game really is the opposite! Hope for a sequel ! Good job dev!

Elliot Buckingham

Chipzel did an astounding job with the soundtrack for this game, and the art looks adorable and charming. I can't wait to get into this, so glad I found it on the app store!


This game is fantastic. I played it on PC a year or two ago and the mobile implementation is flawless.


This game is hard but addicting

Denis Kralj

Very fun rogue like, art and sound are amazing, no microtransactions, buy and play.

Alex Simpson

Great game, perfectly suited to mobile.

Stephen Porter

Incredibly fun and deep. If Slay The Spire and Yahtzee had a baby, it would be Dicey Dungeons. Hours and hours of fun and absolutely perfect for short bursts as a mobile game


dice go brrrr

Jaedyn Pope

This game is amazing it's the only thing I've had open on my phone for like 3 weeks straight I've beat the game and all extra episodes and I'm really hoping for more content.

Liberty Toad

A great game that is a lot of fun but it is marred by a number of bugs. As a developer, I am annoyed with released software with obvious bugs. I see this happening more and more, sadly. The game also incorrectly uses the word "dice" (pural) when it should use "die" (singular). Still, the price is reasonable and I would expect the bugs to be fixed over time, but the question is, why was it released with a fair number of bugs?

James Woolley

All the dicey fun on the go. What's not to love. Perfect kind of game when you need to kill some time.


Everytime I beat the Jester I can't move forward. The Jester is stuck on the "I could have sworn it was time for you to die" dialogue and the explanation of "Weaken" shows up with it. I can't get to the exit because of the bug with the jester. I have to start over and have to click through the entire intro each time. UPDATE: I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Now it's working 👍

Jay V


Arn Liac

Excellent super fun game and very well polished, lots of extra content, perfect mix of challenge and luck


Gameplay is good but the progression system is convoluted and lacks clarity. I doubt I'm the first or the last to have to look to Reddit to see how to unlock episodes for the characters other than the Warrior or how to unlock episode 2+ for the Warrior. This complaint has already been raised by many there and while the game is fun, this annoyance has completely turned me off.

Steven Burt

Very well done. It's challenging without it being too frustrating that you want to throw the phone against the wall. I enjoy that you have to use different strategies based on equipment you gather along the way. By far the best purchase I've made in a long time on a game. Thanks for all the hard work!

Freezing alex

Finally, an actually good app store game

Tom Sinisi

literally the best game ever made

Will Collier

Been playing for a couple days, beaten the first chapter on each of the first 5 classes. Really digging it. Reminds me a lot of slay the spire or other roguelike deck building games. A lot of depth to combat as well as planning out your route. Perfect on mobile too!

Cooper Armstrong

So glad this came to mobile, very fun. Controls work great and the music is top notch.

Henry Kane

Simply a classic.

Matthew Sisinni

Great port of the PC version. Very fast with barely any loading time.

Vic Petuship

Great game for the price, the extra episodes are fun

PJ Enns

Great game with a great port. A must you have any passing interest in strategy roguelikes.

Jake MF

I've loved this game on other platforms, namely Steam and Switch. I decided to get it on my chromebook in order to play a bit during freetime at school. There's a glitch involving the special ability, such as Fury for Warrior. After clicking the Fury button, the pop up shows requesting further confirmation, but upon moving the cursor at all, the pop up closes, preventing activated your ability. If this is fixed or adressed, i see no reason not to change my rating to 5 stars

Nick Thielmeier

I just love this game, the steam version too.

Donovan Mullings

Fantastic game to come to mobile.

Patrick Dallaire

I'm always skeptical of dice games but this one blows me away. Some of the combos you can make with the wide varieties of rulesets are so satisfying. The witty dialogue in is 100% worthy of reading, there's a story unfolding with every character, with some light character development. Lady Luck has been a great villainess so far and I can't wait to see what she has in store for me once I'm on the edge emancipation from her grip. Well done.



matt hunter

What a fun game! Like a less complicated and happier Slay the Spire in some ways. The touch interface is also spot on. I feel it is well worth the asking price. For once I like this android phone version better than the Switch version. Having this type of game in my pocket is awesome!

Jonathan Harden

I'm having a lot of fun! The game mechanics expand at a nice rate; they don't all come at you at once, and they don't seem to trickle too slowly either. Rather than just learning the game once, you're always learning how better to learn strategies.

Heyo Jayo

OMG I can't believe it's out for mobile!!! This game is one of the greatest indies I have ever played! It's got charm! It's got panache! It's got the balls....ahem....pair of dice! It's a fun romp with character classes like the Knight, Thief, Wizard etc etc but you are turned into Dice! And the gameplay involves rolling dice to unlock your moves between #1-6....simple right?!? It sounds simple but it's a lot of FUN! And the movesets are varied and fun! Try it out you will not be disappointed!

Martin Strazynski

Fight your way through a dungeon but your ability is dependent on dice rolls and the 'cards/gear/abilities' you find/purchase along the way. No micro transactions. All with cheeky attitude and the ability to drop and pick up without losing progress. Also, not a battery or process hog. Other notes: Playful color palate and gracefully scaling gameplay mechanics as you get deeper into the game. Play styles differ between characters and more things happen as you progress. (no spoilers) 5 stars!

Gil Olaes

This is a great port of an even greater game. All the controls work as expected, and the turn based roguelike gameplay is casual enough to entice new players yet gets challenging enough to test even seasoned veterans. This game is a steal at this price.

Cameron Butler

Imagine turn based combat but it's actually fun


Wonderful game, beautiful port to mobile. Worth every penny. Any bugs I've found have been patched very quickly. Each player character has a different play style, and the different challenges keep the game fresh and fun. I also enjoy relaxed mode.

Joseph Fraley

I never write app reviews. Im on a pixel 6 pro, the game crashed constantly. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still crashed constantly. I mean sometimes in every match. It seemed tied to specific moves. If i used poison at all: crash. If i went over the robot jackpot? Crash. I couldnt play it. Seemed cute and fun what i could play.

Adric Quackenbush

I remember playing a demo of this way back in the day. The final product is hugely impressive and definitely worth being a paid app.

John Lucas

Keeps crashing every time i play. I would like a refund


This is a brilliant game. It's good fun and sometimes tricky. There's some interesting dice mechanics. And, no iaps!

scout with a medigun

Veri gud

Ben Hasting

Roguelike Royalty


Hey they fixed the stuck-touches bug that was in the very first versions. All good now. Fun game letsgo

John Aston Martin De Guzman

it was great on steam, but it is still as great playing on mobile anywhere

Keanen Collins

Just as good as it was is on other platforms! Now that I have it on mobile this will likely be my main way to play! Simple to understand, hard to master. Perfect for touch controls, and very fun to play for long stretches of time, or just for 5 minutes and continue later. I initially received the game in the Yogscast Jinglejam bundle, and since then I have purchased both the Switch version and now this Android version because I love the game so much!

Taylor Darcy

Gameplay is amazing but kinda wish there was a story mode 🤷‍♂️


Bought this on a whim and I've had a great time with it so far! Each character brings something new to switch up the gameplay. Game starts out very easy (I beat the first two episodes on the first go) but it gets more difficult as you progress. I love the music. Its throwback and yet modernized at the same time... nice variations from one sequence to the next. Great game, we need more like it on mobile and not this micro transaction garbage that's being pushed. No data collected or shared!


I've run into a few bugs here and there, stuff like the inventory getting locked up or other buttons getting permanently pressed. But all of them are "fixed" just by closing the app and reopening it. Otherwise it's just like the game on PC but I can play it whenever I want


Very much scratches that deck builder itch. A LOT more content than you originally think there is. Tons of challenge runs and each class is very unique to play.

Dale Forrest

Really fun game, retro-fun graphics; hard to put it down at times. 👍😍

Adam P W

Played the game originally on PC and am loving the phone version even more. Being able to play it whenever I want for short bursts of time is ideal. A few things that might improve the experience in my opinion: - allow the game to auto save after every turn during a battle. It often happens that I need to switch to other apps or turn on standby and lose progress because the game only saved the dungeon progression - increased button sizes could help, especially on phones

James Favretti

Perfect PC port and really great game!

Brian Lutz

I had to buy this as soon as I heard it had been released on Android. It's been out since 2019 on other platforms but always felt like it needed a smartphone version (I call these "play it on the bus" games), and now it's finally here. All the content (including the newly released free Reunion DLC) is here, no microtransactions (which should make it a good offline game) and plenty of content to keep you busy for a while. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Kato

Great artstyle, frustrating gameplay.


Been playing the game two hours and I'm addicted. My girlfriend recommended this game to me, and I haven't put it down since she did. This is an exceptional game! It features turn based combat with RNG elements and it is also very stylised, and charming. The ost is made by the same person who made the River City Girls ost and you can tell because it's banging. The dev(s) and anyone who had an input making this should be proud. It truly is something refreshing and unique. * * * * * 10/10

Sam Wright

This games is 👍 awesome gameplay I can't say enough great things about this.So happy to see this on the play store just a great port

Matthew Wojciechowski

An easy to learn but rewarding rogue like with a surprising amount of variety.

Jana Utech

overall it is a great game that i will continue playing but sometimes there is a glitch where i try to move a die as the warrior and it goes directly into the opponents attack which has caused me to lose games. It is a great game but i hope there is some way to fix that

Hari Krishnan

Very good slay the spire esque game with a delightfully charming artwork and great music. This one is definitely a keeper.


An absolute delight. Very minor UX gripe: no way to preview cards in Jester reward "packs" and some other cases when I wanted to preview stuff, it immediately counts the tap as reward confirmation.

A.D. Chreene

Thank you so much for putting this on mobile!!! It's a perfect fit and done just right!

RedRaider B3

Great game, love playing it! BUT! I have issues with activating certain map spots which forces me to abandon a good run or miss spots with valuable loot that I just can't collect because of the bug.


Best roguelike on the perfect platform for it. This game was a good value at $15, this is such a steal it's insane

Andrew Westley

What a delightful, yet challenging game! I love this so much, I'm happy to support the dev on a new platform. If you're on the fence, give it a go! You won't regret it.


Dicey dungeons was a great game on PC that I always thought would work better on Mobile... and it really is amazing. Lots of great and varied content, great art and music and criminally cheap. Easy recommendation if you have any interest in roguelike/deck builders.

huong le

This game is wonderful, it is exactly like the game on pc and I love every second of it. The reunion dlc is wonderful and the option for relax mode is a wonderful edition to breeze through the game. If only there is a way to reset progress for other dlc parts the same for the first game. I want to replay the segments over and over.

Brian Koh

A great experience and great port! I did run into a bug where I could not pick up the dice again though with the engineer. I placed down two blind dice into slots on a card and refreshed the board.


I played the beta on a phone before it went to and I am glad it is back. Ultimately the fourth time I purchased the game (, Steam, Nintendo, Android) but it's been like 3 years and devs need to eat too

Michael Zuk

I absolutely love the fact that I can pay a VERY fair $5 and get the whole experience feature complete. I've experienced no issues so far on Pixel 5. The experience, by the way, is just so much fun. A truly genius RPG based around dice that constantly mixes it up and even offers a good challenge. This game rocks.

John Exendine

Outstanding port for an outstanding game.

Ellie Kendall

Great game, been having some problems with this port though. Sometimes touch controls just breaks completely. A couple examples, just now I was on a map screen, and any input anywhere on the screen would put me in the shop. In a Witch run, trying to touch anywhere would snap onto the spell book, so trying to drag a die to use a spell would pull the die into the spell book and get stuck. It takes several restarts on the app to resolve which is inconvenient. Annoying when it happens in a fight.

Bradley Swain

I think this game might be better on phone than PC and it was already an extremely great game on PC.

Keith Thompson

Game seems fun! However it's seriously broken and buggy at present. Simple things like selecting a move or opening inventory don't work reliably, and it's largely unplayable until fixes come in. Recommend waiting for updates - I got it refunded, but will gladly repurchase it if and when it's fixed.

Antonia -

I have dozens of hours logged in the PC and Xbox versions of DD; wonderfully tight roguelike, addictive, and well suited for mobile. However, the UI is unacceptably buggy, and I've had multiple audio issues as well. Wait for an update that addresses these issues.


Played for about 4 hours straight so far, overall great port of an already awesome game! Great soundtrack as well. One thing, and maybe this was intended and I just didn't notice, but: I've had a couple battles where one of my dice would just sort of vanish. I don't think I was affected by any curse or anything when it's happened and if anything I assume they're getting moved just off-screen by me dragging wrong or something. Other than that though, I can highly recommend this game.


A true Gem! It's impressive how versatile the combat with dice can be. There's enough game here to last a long time.


Really good. If you like games like slay the spire definitely one to get.

natalie kelly

excellent game, perfect for mobile, but there are frequent bugs that stop you from being able to play.


This game is one of my absolute favourites, I've been playing it on and off for two years now. I love the story, the witty (and extremely short) dialogues, the music, the vibe, the gameplay, everything. I have it on Steam, I have it on itch, and now I can play it on my phone, too. Fantastic!

Yorrick Hunt

I can finally play one of my favorite PC games on my phone, and that's enough for me to double dip purchase this just to play it. The one and only reason I am not giving it 5 out of 5 stars is a lack of google play cloud save support, if I swap phones I'm gonna probably lose my data which is a bummer but do not take this caveat as me not recommending the game, cause if roguelites are your thing this is basically mandatory to have in any roguelite fan's collection. Love the soundtrack especially.

Sean Aochi

Good game


I have spent many hours playing this game on PC and always dreamed of a mobile release! Super fun rouge-like strategy game with tons of depth and replayability.


i love it when the lady lucks and the dicey do the dungeons. 76/5


Fun game, I experienced an issue with touch 3 rounds in a row on the second tier with the thief, however, that prevents me from interacting and moving to spaces on the lower half of the screen. It seems to automatically be pressing the farthest right upper space each time. Galaxy s21 Ultra for reference

Darren Lodge

Excellent conversion of the Steam game, works beautifully on my Tab S5e. Highly recommended.

Jose Abia

Very good game. Never played the PC version but it's working flawlessly for me


This game is very awesome, I suggest you play today

Adna hersi

Oh dear I buy it to the wrong account help me

Filiberto Aguirre

Really fun and competetive.