Dice Push

Author: VOODOO

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Dice Push – Play against millions of players and push them off the board!

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File size: 102M
Update time: August 6, 2021
Current version: 7.3.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

juan felix lautama

The bots are literally cheating and the dice odds always favor bots. How can we win if we often get 1 and 2 and the bots have larger amount of troops/units and their dice odds is higher?? And also we, as players are only able to get a few dice throws and the bots are having more dice throws. Really?? What a ridiculous game


The ads were right, this game IS "Harder than you think" - because the controls are awful!! There is only one control, to aim the dice, it shows a beam to where you drag your finger... But the beam rarely goes where you are pointing, and often will point in the opposite direction, you have to swing it around a bunch before it points the right way so you can't fire off dice quickly, or sometimes at all. This is a very fun game if the controls worked.

Nathan Russell

Str8 pimpin

Ramtin Lotfy

Damaged game

Brandon Ferrel

One of the worst games I've ever played

Allison Kerwin

my dice will sit there for like 5 seconds straight before it will register which puts me very behind and makes me lose a lot.

frazer cayton

A bad game the dice landed in the floor and it didn't do anything it did that so many times if I was you I would not get it

Mya Bullock

It so hard to not go over

Darroll Barton

Dope and addictive!

Henry Christiansen

Everyone I went up against I lost

Thomas Mora

Man even the dice mechanic is stupid, theres no way to control the strengh of the throw and it just goes in any direction even if you throw it in the exact same area every time, how about when you throw the dice as soon as it lands thats your number of units. You know like a good game would do. The proggresion is done in the worst way possible and the logic in this game is no matter how you throw the other "player throws better" delete your cashgrab game and leave us all alone

Devon J. Burroughs

What's up with the blue screen after I built up my account and eventually paid to get rid of the ads!? This needs to be fixed

Lilia Beylerrr

Annoying. Against difficult players and barely winning any matches. Lame game

Salma Begum

Good App

Benjamin Herman

Terrible game. It sucks the way people lunch the dice over to the other side is a piece of shot and the fact that the dice also kills your people. Terrible game don't download.


Very addictive I went through the game twice already once you reach so high it won't let you play no more so I delete and reinstall start all over again

Ryan Sobus

The AI is literaly impossible to beat without pay to win. I downloaded it and played for about 45 min lost every single match.

Nate 123

To many commercials. Will not pay to not see commercials. Why so many commercials, pointless Unistalled and will never download another game by this creater.

Justine Maurisse Arcon

Unfair matching

River Life

Are they gonna fix the blue screen I'm stuck


Here's an enjoyable game that's not a neverending nightmare where one never stop paying to advance. I do not mind ads because every match is different and yeah enjoyable.

Anjana Agrawal

Best game very very best

Soarabh Kumar

Too less adds....its like u play for 5 seconds and u see add for 30 seconds..plz we req to insert more adds

Manoj Gamer

Superb game

Mark Humphries

Worst game I have ever played it is so hard just to get past level one 👎💢😡🤬. Please make it easy ( at least on the first 10 - 20 levels )! I am getting rid of this game right now 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Chang Ethan

worse game I've played

Amanda Johnson

Kept seeing this pop up in ads for other games. Thought I'd give it a try and got hooked. Paid for no forced ads. But now any time I try to watch a reward ad, I don't receive anything. And twice now the game froze mid game but only for me. The opponent was able to keep going. Definite rip off

Tharzshan Sabatharam

This game is very fun


To Much Lags I Can't Play Now Because There Are Many Lags

Rizwan Raja

Words cannot describe how frustratingly rubbish this game is. Would be better if the AI didnt automatically destroy you in most matches

Roy-Anders Larsen

Started out kinda fun, but I almost got to diamond II level then all my opponents would start out with lots more stickmen than me and I wouldn't be able to keep up. I would have to watch extra ads to buy upgrades. Therefore I deem this as pay to win. Uninstalling.

Jordan Cleinman

So many ads. Voodoo games are literally trash games for an ad filled money grab. Garbage.

Mandira Sharma

Worst app ever the levels are too hard and the graphics are horrible 0 stars

Brandon Fitzpatrick

Too many ads! It's fun but you spend 80% of the time watching ads.

Jayesh Ghatol

This is very bakwas game...

Buddy Kane

A literal ad farm, games are rapid and you get slapped by ads constantly.

David Howard

Not fun at all. The comp. always starts with an extra guy. If your first roll is smaller it's over. You lose.



Shyam Tutti

This game is vest why because our army is 1line 6members but match on he gave others so many

Mia Melodia

Ad coming after each game and it is impossible to win a game. Sorry but it sucks.

Kristofer Higgins

The game lags so much that it's impossible to throw dice anymore. And I am using a brand new 8gb device.

Rodney Hubbell

Bots are all the game has and the only goal is to make you watch ads to even be able to have a chance at winning


Constant adds, everytime you finish playing a game you get an add. Each game lasts less then 15 seconds to play then you watch an add. Most of the time the add takes longer than one game.


Worst game I've ever played. Don't waste your time. Uninstalled !! Still worst game on here. No updates or anything.

Soviet Pilot

Ai are just imposdible to have fun, all they do is push on offense

Farhan Amini

Gotta watch ads to be able to win

soe lin

Game feel happy and excited. Ads is 😁. But good game.

Tanysha Kumar

Really really slow Like you have to watch abs people to add.

Maxwell Perry

It is a bad game

Damon Rain

Runs horribly, ads are crazy frequent. I know the second I see a game by voodoo its not worth installing.


Where do I even start. Enemies become too difficult and don't level back down difficulty wise even if you do. Enemies dice would get stuck and destroy half my men. My dice wouldn't even deploy the guys then got knocked off when I threw another dice.

Brian Jimenez

Seems that this game is made to just rob you and piss you off. It is impossible to win, the opponent always has the advantage with better rolls and faster roll speed. It seems designed to just flood you with ads to collect its revenue dont waste your time.. trust me i wish i didnt.

Reedhika Chaswal

I can never ever win always lose....😔😔

Arnav sharma

Worst game i ever played .

Meesala Ganapathi

Waste game Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dillan Havard

Absolutely horrible the game doesn't work correctly takes 30 seconds to spawn in the characters after throwing down a dice upgrading push strength does nothing please fix your game

Steve Harding

Not balanced, start the game with 0 trophies and you can progress up the ranks until you get to a point where you cannot win if you're lucky you get to throw once. Straight back to 0 trophies and still the opposition is ridiculously hard. I maxed out the number of players and watched lots of ads to get strength of 63 but still the opposition can push you easily off the board

Lucas Soo

The dice didn't even turn into people and push the bar,and i always get a low numbers that is unfair

Braylon Ball


Nuthan priya Y

Wast game in the world

Ezra Behr

At the beginning is fun, it's one of those games where you need actual talent to play it.. But then when you get to a higher level and you start loosing you drop ranks, but the opponent doesn't drop his rank, so you just loose and loose until you loose all ur ranks.. Not fun!

Dolourous Haze

Doesn't even let you play.

Lyn Toni

Huhuhu voodoo is getting famous



Cory Stewart

Forced ads after every round. Games like this will get 1 star from me until devs realize that making an AD watching passive income base with an interactive mini-game is decieving and should be illegal.


The game is fun and easy at the start but every other game you play the difficulty gets harder win or loss so if you don't upgrade it's impossible to win a game the game tries to force you to watch ads to get extra coins which is just weird and unaffective.

boss_kriz garcia

The Freak is this the game isn't even balance i mean i only have like 13 units and the enemy have more that 16

Andrew Baker

Low FPS, And I always lose.

Drake Loranger

Sucks, absolutely is rigged too. Because somehow the AI can land a 6 or a 5 on their first try. How does this game even have ads? How is this somehow popular? This game really sucks.

Ivan Vujica

Catchy game to begin with, but gets monotonous after. Also too many ads

cat chanal

ควยgame ควย



Tejas Bedarkar

Never download this game 🎮

Josh Palmer

This game is bad because physics don't apply I would had won 4 times if the game was properly made but it's rigged

Christopher Kelsey

I can't win once it's impossible to win and it's stupid

pavan Ragi

Ok good

Michael Silcox

I did 4 rounds one 1 of em and lost the other 3 and idk if the ppl are real or not but if they are they are getting rolls every .5 seconds while i have to wait 10 for my next roll. Wont even throw the dice on the board most of the time. 🚫DO NOT DOWNLOAD🚫

Kenneth Foster

I used to play this a long time ago on another phone and I paid for no ads. I switched phones and recently started playing this again. It started me at zero with no way to recover previous purchases. There is also no option to pay for an ad free experience anymore. So I started over. I had maxed out my pushers and had a pushing strength of 93. I tried playing it last night several times and only got a blank blue screen. Deleted and reinstalled it, and now I'm at zero again. Very disappointed 😞

Deharu Dragonsoul

2 add spots on main menu, and still plays an add maybe 2 after every game. Poor in game balance also, what with you just being able to watch adds for levels in skills.


absolutely garbage! I keep losing the moment I play it I kept playing and won only once then I kept losing again! it is HORRIBLE!

The Journey Has Just Begun

Plat 2 to Silver. Game rigged and no matter the skill it's rigged against you even with the stupid upgrades.

Robert Cassarino (Bud)

Unbalanced game play. The game starts off fun but soon you'll be playing against people way higher level than you and loose in seconds becomes unfair and unfun quick.


This game is stupid to many ads and you can't win

Mr.eXpert Prince

Too much ad

Oliver Spencer

Worst game ever. No level based matching. Can't progress as i keep getting put with people who have many many more things than me. Rubbish. Can't get any better

Tanya Kivimaki

Bro why is this game so bad like I am always losing who ever plays this game needs to leave right now it's so bad and if I could vote 0 stars yes I would so this game is RIGED!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!

Urvashi Saxena

Kamina sala bhanchut game

Jagdish Rochwani

Enjoyed....but too many adds!!!!

our tittle

Very bad and brain hurting game. I hope this game will be deleted soon and difficult when u are in the high ranks.

Shan Lay


Jessie Lonop

Bad super bad

Sierra Duss

What the hell kind of a game is this? First two times I try to play I lost. How am I expected to progress if I can't beat the first lvl? So yeah, 1 star

ALEX Bassermann

Uber Mega Extreme amount of adds 2,3 add per 10 second game round. Adds in the begining, while playing and at the end. From a 5 min (300 sec) gameplay experiance 3+ min are just adds. Thats just crazy.

Adrian “BLIZZY210” Martinez

Entertaining, time killer, keeps you occupied while taking doo doo inside the house on a toilet or, outside in a hole or however you drop some dumpage


It's so hard being sussy baka

Lm_does Brushes

Just nope! Utter garbage. And the ads aren't helping.

Luis Baeza

Worst game on the phone

ranu baraiya

Total west game totaly add game

Rusli Cep

Game nya seru banget tau

Isabella Lowery

This game is the worst game ever don't get the game it is not worth it.