Dice Push

Author: VOODOO

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Dice Push – Play against millions of players and push them off the board!

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File size: 102M
Update time: August 6, 2021
Current version: 7.3.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Brendan Donaldosn

Why whould anyone make a game so rageing and hard this game is the definition of horrible it's way off ballence you can't even play the game it's trash

Robb Carter

Horribly frustrating. The app is constantly pairing me against players that I can't even begin to play the game with. There's no fun in being so outnumbered you just die in 3 seconds regardless of what you do.


This game is cheating garbage and disgrace because I level up 8 times and I'm still at level 0

Soham Chaudari


Galuh Pelingkan

This game is bad and impposible

ananth bandari

Worst game too many ads

Satish Babu KL

Good game

Matthew Sumpter


Daulton Player

AWFUL GAME. Easily 1 of the worst games I've ever downloaded and I re-download it hoping some bugs may be fixed and I honestly think it was worst the 2nd time. Would give it negative stars if i could, THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTE TRASH.

Keith S.

The game was fun but it forces you to watch ads. If you play on airplane mode you wont earn enough coins for upgrades. I get it money but i the illusion of choice to watch ads or not. Enemies get way too strong way too fast.

surender bansal

Not even worthy of a star too hard to play and ads are sooo many

Mark Von Sting

I like this game

Vittorio A MiΓ±o-Vivenzio


Oluwabusola Alabi

I o.k

Steven Cowan

The "matchmaking" gets to hilariously unfair levels after a while. Tell me how exactly it is fun to be "matched" against a CPU with 2 guys for every one I have such that I need to open with a perfect shot or lose? utterly infuriating

Lyric Yvonne

Too hard


Actually enjoyed the game. But twice now I have built my strength up started climbing the ranks, paid for no ads, and when I log on it shows the Voodoo logo then blue screens and I can't do anything. This is the second time around, still blue screening. I would love to change my review if I could get past this issue.

Edu Knowledge World Krisha

This game is worst

SAMi Gaming Pubg

Worst game i ever play every time my dice go outside, this game like a rage game,


Every single time you start, the other person starts out stronger, no matter how much you upgrade

Rohit Pednekar

Bakwas game

Misty Robinson

Cheats, after aftee a certain level

Chad Cook

The enemy team so unfair i hate this game so much like how is the other team so strong

abdullah k

Game no longer opens



Tanjila Quraishi


Bikramjit singh

Too much ad

Jonathan Assink

Game was really fun for the first 2-3 hours of play, then difficulty skyrocketed and it became basically impossible. One throw, maaaaybe two if lucky and then a loss.

Kayleigh Phoenix

This epitomises war, back in naam, you and your comrades were left battling the enemy, a metaphorical barrier between both you and the opposition. It was a mere role of the dice whether you would make it home. I found myself crying with glee when my little blue soldiers triumphantly made it to the other side. I saluted my phone and sung my national anthem.


Fun, but way too many ads.

marcus arroyo

Impossible. If you don't land on the bar, you lose.

v.p garcia

Good plot but it's really hard to win.

Mina Sahu

not best game

Josh Bruner

I typically don't take reviews into consideration but I would for this game. You get to the point (yes I watched tons of adds and used all my gold coins to buy upgrades) where it's physically impossible to win I mean I'm being pushed off the edge before my first dive appears to be thrown then forced to watch another ad (the I watch 5-10 more to upgrade abilities 30+ for both and still instant lose) uninstalling and sending a notification to the app store to ban a micro purchase and game

Charlena G



I find it weird that my so called "opponent" has more time than I do and more precise even when I put the exact distance as them. I also find it weird that my dice does not add on when it's on my side even when it is landed at 5. Do not waste your time getting this game, play something else.

Afreena Hamed

Waste game ever

Jessie Adams

Simply a fun game

Raha Savedra




xander cots

Horrible game I downloaded it played 3 games didn't win 1 ads right after the game. The opponent always gets numbers 4 and above I got 1 every other time it's a waste of space and time

Elliott Shaw

The game is just pure trash.

Ayan op Gaming


Jared Bauman

Very fun concept, but I can't escape that feeling I'm playing with loaded dice. It never fails I only land on 1-3 while bot nails 5-6. Or my dice will just sit there and never activate in time

Cedric Montgomery

By far the worst designed game i ever played this game does not allow you to defend yourself at all against bigger opponents

Micheal Pettit

BS game, dice rolls faster for opponent and you if you have large players opponent always rolls 4 or higher always.

Ajima A

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Zachary Horelka

It's fun but ads are horrible they freeze up and don't let me x out of them and then I have to restart the app and play again then I get another ad and it's broken a freezes up so I have to keep doing that over and over that's why it gets a 1 star

jason seay

Bad matchmaking. Put u up against someone who stand no chance at winning

High Noon

Worst game ive played there is an ad right after every round plus you need to make the game easier opponents are like 10x stronger than me. Wish I could give this game 0 stars. They push me right off the platform really fast and they get faster upgrades than you so you would have to watch an ad to get stronger faster than them. My dice literally flies off the platform multiple times during a round and the opponents dice has a higher chance of getting big numbers and their dice lands on 2x a lot.

Venkateswarlu B

This game is worst game in the world l play 20 times but l did not won they are supporting to only red person this is 🀬🀬 game


I love this game it is so fun but so hard because the other player just always gets 6.

Lal Singh Dhaker

This game is verry bad

Alexander Giraldo

Absolutely garbage!! Its like the game alots you a solid 60% wins guaranteed but randomly generates when or how you get the win. Skill can only take you so far. The variable of it being dice you cast is too random (not to mention in this case, computer generated) for one to enjoy the game and get to a point where one can become confident in one's skill. It's literally just that. A gamble. I was looking for a skill based game.

Gangsta Leene

Live Action against another player, lots of skill and technique helps, fun and time waster, but ads ughhh.

Tia Paikea

Dear developers, this Game has alot of potential..alot could be done or added to it to make it abit more fun. te dice aren't rigged like others have commented, there's a strategy to win and it's pretty easy as. I have played 20 matches and have won them all. Would it be harder? 100%.

Carson Propst

Terrible game actually makes me want to throw myself off the biggest building in the world opponent's have more upgrades than you can compete with at all not to mention there is no variation of customized characters (only colors) and the game seems rigged because when they only have one more unit than you they push you off the map instantly, done and tired of this game don't even bother playing it (its complete garbage).

Wojciech Stachowicz

This is single handedly the worst game ever like it is about luck yet half the time the npc is way luckier like I do something logical and should work same way the npc did it but it always screwed up this game is the equivalent of a casino except it is free and you get pain, suffering anger and the unrelenting urge to kill someone I'm sorry for the ranting but I just absolutely despise this game like the concept is alright but maybe if it was more skill and strategy based I would like it more

Alexander Patterson

Hope you burn in hell

Barry Smith

It's fun

Mr. Fox

Worst game

Jacobo SantΓ­n

Cool game, nice concept

Anthony Elmore

Terrible game

Donald Palmer

This is the best

nitesh sandhu

Bull shi game

Kevin Green

Great game a little bit challenging but it fun

Thomas St.Germain

Junk game doesn't shoot where I aim.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Michael Hodgson

Some one said it was bad hehe Michael jackson

Preston Leibli

I would listen to the reviews not even two games in I was losing because someone who was little 9 while I was 4 like no plus 3 ads played as soon as I opened the app not worth it

Carl M. Gregory


test ing

This game is terrible and the troops all bunch together for no reason to the point they won't push

Jason Halvorson

Quick round then ad. Rinse and repeat. STOP THIS AD BS!

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Another advert app disguised as a game


Gets old quick and so many ads

Daniel Schultz

Too many ads like all voodoo games. More time watching ads than playing the game.

Guy Waylon

If u like a few seconds of game play but triple the time in adds go for it an it's funny how 5 second adds always seem like they take 3 or 4 seconds before the timer starts.. irritating game has potential to be better but not quite there

Brad Brannan

Starts great becomes impossible, you have to watch a ton of videos and still won't make ya strong enough to fight others. Your saying that the other players are just as strong when I drop rank as they are in higher rank. Great concept, horrible follow through.

Favian Guerrero

This game is not fair and it makes me mad and they put players that are not my level

the lil kid

Take the game down it sucks it is impossible

xaiveir knightbreeze

Game is a cheat ! You roll the dice won't drop the dice lands the men won't pop out the game is trash.


You will spend more time watching adds then playing

Sarthak Ktariya Sarthak0608

Sarthak katariya


Just a bad game

Charlie an Lyla play minecraft and Roblox

This game is trash because I keep losing and it's very hard to play.

Adrian Casillas

I swear this game makes you lose. After I got to gold rank, I lost 23 times in a row. They alao act like updgrades do anything just to waste your time.

David Wilburn

This game is there too force you to watch ads to upgrade your army because there is no other way to win. It becomes so lop sided so quickly you can do nothing about it. Just an ad farm

Eric Patterson

Ads every round and ads between too.

Trevor Harris

This game is major messed up lagging and slow so you guys allow people 2 cheat maybe this game needs. 2be banned for life on it

Some Random Chick

I hate this game

Kaly Wright

The game is fun, but it isn't working anymore, it just loads up and goes to a blank screen.

Ted Zech


D. Asmit Aritra

For the start the game is godd but the difficulty always rises even if you are not winning for 5 rounds the game will always generate 3 extra minions to beat and the rewards for winning is very bad atleast make tha reward high as we going on above leagues

Rodney England

Can't update my review. Still can't load the game as It only shows a solid blue screen. Devs, I'm trying to hold out for a fix. Are you going to release an update???

Henry French

This game is awful. The advert for this game looked great but I have played 10 games and not won a single won. There is no introduction or instructions and you can throw the dice off the map meaning you have to wait a long time to roll it again and the dice doesn't even roll where you aim. All this and there is constant ads. 1 star.

ahmed ben

This is interesting and incredible but i think each time i play with players 2 times it's making a add but that's okay. Try draw bridge.

Huzhao Miele

Ok ig

Steven Rodriguez

was a great game, but now when i open it i just get a blue screen n thats it.

Ashish Alok Rathour

Super game

Nitu Neetu


Rudra Makwana