Devil Book: Hand-Drawn MMO

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Role Playing


– Hand-Drawn Style Action
Devil Book has hand-drawn style graphics.
You can enjoy a variety of hand-drawn skills and character animations.

– A Team of 3 Heroes
You can plan your own combinations of 3 heroes.
Show your tactics on heroes’ skills and attributes!

– Various field and attractive monsters
You can travel in a forest, snowfield, desert, and volcano!
Also, you will take cool and fun battles in diverse environments!

– Fun story and world
You will make your own team with the heroes from various dimensions to save the game world.
Begin your adventure now to find the lost ‘Book of Destiny’!

– Unlimited Equipment Enhancement
Strengthen your heroes using Equipment Enhancement!
Devil Book provides various enhancement systems!

– Character Customization
You can try to make your own hero by costume and dye!
Try to make your own clothes in your own style!

– Own In-game Community
Play Devil Book with your friends inside the game!
Create a party or guild to clear missions and have an exciting adventure with friends!

◎Minimum Spec Requirement◎
– Minimum RAM: 2GB
– Minimum OS version: Android 5.0 Lollipop (API Level 21 or higher)

◎Official Community◎
Join our official Devil Book Community pages.

◎Help and Support◎
Your device will need at least 3GB of available storage space to install the game.
– CS e-mail:
– Terms of Service:
– Privacy Policy:

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Starter
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Arellano


Hanako Honda


Kyriakos Kritikos


Rommel Besin



Love the art but auto quest and auto battles really kills the feels.

Pedro Santos

This is a very nice idle game, cool characters and nice animations but it drains the battery so fast, I've never played an idle game that drained so much not even 3D ones. Also there's a bug where it shows the quest is complete but I don't actually have all the items.

Silver Kraken

so adorable game i like it

hadiharponto tham

its quirky i tell ya, beautifully drawn and animated.

Billey 6377

Fun and engaging

Blood Type

Beri nays


so epic lets go

Ashley Walker


Jasper Anthony Perillo

The loading screen does not move after reaching 40%, I don't know what's the problem, my wifi connection is strong but the loading does not proceed. I only finished the tutorial...

Rekiru Ai

A cute game!!! viki best girl amd hero!!!

Brando Mondragon

Good game

Michael Cou


Phillip Price

Love the game. The art and story line are great. Easy to play and much to do to stay busy.. Only issue is the lag with the server which can cause you to be kicked off the game.

Muhd Shuib Mhd Nor


wellborn jury guinto

best game like the old ragnarok

Randal Boatman

I really want to like this game, but it's a god awful mess. Pathing, targeting, and hit boxes are completely out of whack. The English localization is a joke. Exp and gold are ridiculously hard to come by after level 50. The prices at the shop are obscene. It feels like this game started off with the intent to be decent, and then morphed into a cash grab halfway through development

เนรมิตร ศรีวิลัย



Must own like guardian tales gsme. One of the the art

asri azmi

Wow.. new adventure

Rahma Mulyawan

Thanks to Developer

Entong Zeebot

Easy, great game and simple

karem abd elkawy

Best game

Mikko Casera

Devs does not help you

Anne Kendall

Good so far. Just started.

Dwayne Allen

Pretty fun


Great game I enjoy it so much. I hope, I can download this in laptop.

Nguyen Hoang

cute game

Emanuel Barrera Guzmán

Beautiful game !

Engine Start

Always stuck in the cycle of loading screen and checking files screen.

jeffrey demata

nc game

Jeffrey McAllister

I like the potential the game has, but I absolutely hate what it is right now. And what it is right now is an unoptomized pile of code that crashes on me every 30 - 60 minutes. The best game in the world is no good if it doesn't work -- when did it become an accepted standad practce to release software before it's complete? This would have been a candidate for alpha or beta testing back in the 90s! UPDATE: and the developer is unresponsive to emailed bug reports.

Aditya Thapa

The ui is nice and character design really gud + the environment designing is done nicely too, kudos to the staff for making this game 😊👐

Ghost Chaser

How do I get passed the terms and conditions??


Fun goes brrrr

ecchi poro

I purchased a pack but didnt recieve anything, its a fun game, has disconect issues here and there.

joseph alano

Put joystick




I really love this game but it keeps on lagging and crashing. Edit: adding new servers is a great move! no more crashing and minimal lagging.

Yet Kieu



give s jena

Fuu Manchu

Wonderful art style, fun idle style gameplay.

Christian Handiyanto

Edited. 3 server so far.Dunno about 1st & 3rd, But, the 2nd server is dead already. I mean dead probably cuz there's only a few seller on market and only few active players (mostly dummy clone).. T6 to T7 is very long and tough without proper gear. And some hero is OP for leveling.. Down to 3 stars sorry..


Its fun and cute plus the gameplay is nice but I'm always having a hard time entering the game and after playing for a long period of time, it turns to lag while I'm grinding.


This game has good art but, I can't even play the game, it has a weird bug that glitches the game when I press anything, if I press 2 things, it repeatedly do over those first 2 things I press continuously. example if I go in shop then press the exit button, it will show the screen when I press shop then the shop screen over and over again...

Geoffrey Bell

Please fix the random game crashes. Awesome game other than that.

marcus tinio



Good graphics. Game play is fun. Pretty good story.

Liam Brown

Im unable to play the game as it consistantly does not load.

Paul john Teves

This game is so nice..

Deepak Kumar

A very slow paced game

Jefvri Andriomeda


andy zhushen

Ahh bagus nya dan seru nya di awal 2 hari/3hari doang

Louiegene Noche

The game design is very pleasing and adorable. Plus the chances are pretty good in the summons

Bob Ross

Baron is OP I love it

Jarrod A. Freeman

I honestly don't know how I found this Gem, but I did and I love it

Miguel Manago

15 mins in the game and im hook. Will rate this again after I explore things in 3 days


Started off as a promising game but damn was i wrong. Mid game to endgame is so unbalanced its quite funny lmao No way to earn diamonds yet everything needs diamonds; a story which you can focus on because you get killed by random mobs while reading dialogue A war system catered to please whales. The more you look into it the worse it gets. Id give it a one star but i got a week of fun for free so thatd be too harsh. Please; try not to make your games a cashgrab and do the community a favour.

lutfi hisyam

Chill game, i love it

Xylor Music

Nige game

Briston Lowell

Pretty sweet game honestly

Paolo fadrilan


John Gan

Do not bother guys. This game is trash. Keeps crashing and no matter what you do it will crash. Stupid game ever.

Martin Ie

Great artwork and interesting storyline

reynaldo hablan

still learning but think its a great game

Rae Morales

Very cute graphics. Very fun. I am enjoying this game so far.

earran lem

Great game and has its potential. Few things that could be different because the grind for this game is LONG and even if you spend $$ it still doesn't help proceed further and its just grinding the same mob for hours for the next level lot of gear

Lis Na

Interesting and cute game.

TJ Cothron

I'm being a big help by writing a five-star review well deserved 😎🍜

Man Doman

Ngl, its a good game, haven't had games like these the size of the game is bearable. Anyways, this game 5/5 for me. And pls dont use pop up ads.

Rye Yan


Ascend Star

I like it

Jarhan Notdan

Great fun

Jaoj Jsj


Phyo 767

Appretiate game build. As good as Ragnarok online. Why I have not played this game early. It was because of game name. I misunderstanded with hand drawn that i need to draw attack or skill likely. Hope you change the name. May my review be helpful.

Guichen Long



The latest update made the game difficult to level up. Those macro user are not affected with the update but the players who manually farming are the one suffering from this. Soon you will lose more player. Just think about carefully what you are updating. It's useless update.

Kawkaw Kabaw


Aaron Layacan


Diery Gunawan

Enjoy the game

Mister Helmman


Bell Cranell

Pay2win, slow pace battle, too much grind.

Elvin Gorospe

Great game

kami critme

The game is really awesome but my problem is why does the app always crash at some for example when I touch the quest and then my char is grinding on background the app seemingly crash all of a sudden,so my point here is please devs fix this issue idk if the problem here is that if it's my 2gb ram may be the problem but I tried other rpg like Ragnarok mobile and it doesn't crash the app on my phone redmi6a...ty devs if u give me a tip on how to maintain the game running


Loved the game

Magus Osushu

Its a lovely game and I highly recomend it

jutz m



Enjoying playing it but too much lag ended quitting sadly

Fhergylyn Tagulabong

good game

joshua bringuela

Good game but always crashing. Please fix that

Minh Dao Nguyen Anh

One of a kind. Really nice atmosphere. Totally love it.

Mark David Alberto

Met my expectations and more.

Sirr Cee


Torin Stevens

Awesome game absolutely amazing but i have two issues and its almost a deal breaker the game almost fries my phone because of how hot it makes my phone get and it takes absolutely forever to load as a result took me 3 straight minutes to even load up the game and then in game lags bad from this issue not my problem no other game does this except genshin impact and that game is huge, EDIT: game isnt playable anymore since maintenance ended 7/28pst it wont run i tried 10 times now restarted both

Bryan The Blunerz_Paul

The game is quite fun I'd say, it's quite generous to players. The problem is when you do the Boss Dungeon with lack of space in inventory the Chest rewards disappear just like you didn't even received it, I hope this kind of bug will be fix. Also another one just like the first problem, when you spam Finishing Boss Dungeon using ticket some Chest or most of the chest also disappeared.

Darren Matthews

Awesome graphics, great game suggestion would be a joystick option. Other than than great game all round.

Arjan Elezi

Good graphics,seems good and f2p ,will update again later