Detective Masters

Author: Crazy Labs by TabTale

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Role Playing


Detective Masters – Solve the cases. Are the suspects guilty? Prison life awaits for the rob master.

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File size: 86M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price: Free
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Customer review

elyas alvaz

It ok kinda fun

Jeffy Ann Saji

First few levels were okay with interesting investigations and all. But then after a few levels the content started to become inappropriate. I was so disappointed that I deleted it immediately😠

Kaden Edwards

This game is horible

Lavanya Singh 6A [1391]

It's so boring

Xixi Wong

So so so many ads ugh

Alyssia Murray

TabTale...We need to talk...So I just downloaded this game and I got to level 5. I press play and the level doesn't come up so I restarted my device and tried again... It didn't work... I closed the game and restarted it... It STILL didn't work. OH yeah everyone else is right...You did put in WAY to many Ads... So after this review the first thing im gonna so is press the uninstall button for this game. If your capable enough to run a game..YOU NEED TO FIX IT! This game is a waste of my time....

baylon johnson


Emile Muller

To many adds

BTS Vmin

....Cool Game....

Christian Joseph Solero

I think this is great app!'Cause I didn't try it before,I will Rate this 5star.😍

The RTG Gaming

Ok I wanted to test the truth that the one stars were giving, and yes. Even after completing the first stages of the crimes you get hit with an ad. This game is another example of money hungry.

Bayleigh Houghton

It litlyry says the sh word and b wrd and not to unny or stupid

Sandeep Kumar


Deepa Tripathi


JULIO Mine Craft

No choice or skill or any customization

Nupurmahbub Jiku


Kay Seabrk

It's a fun game it's fine of adds to many ads🥳

Arne Helseth

This could be a pretty good casual game, but alas, greedy developers are greedy. There's an ad after every single "mission" and even if you decide you want to triple your reward (by watching a video/ad} you come back to the previous screen where you have to sit thru the standard ad anyways. As if that wasn't bad enough, you have to sit thru another ad BEFORE some missions. I'd guess around every 8 or so.

Mahesh Kumbhar


Jana Megha

Nice game and nice animation

Phoebe Opperman

Love it 😂

Silver Wolf

Very ad heavy it doesn't matter if you choose to skip the bonus stuff or not you are still having ads rammed down your throat but the game itself isn't bad so far

Dhruv Rastogi


Vanessa Mkosi


ingrid simcakova

The worst game I ever played in fact I couldn't play the soooooooo baaad

Anke Wehrmann

Really good game if you want to become a detective

TheRandomizedvids GUY

Ads are awful, game would be good without an ad after every move. I will likely not get another app from this company, it is clear to me they do not care about customer satisfaction, only their bank roll.

Akanksha Tripathi


Navpreet singh Mintu Bhullar

Very nice game

Shanzel Claire

Excuse me... This is the best game ever you just turn off your Wi-Fi and Tada no adds lol you guys are super blind

Lydia Harley

Very glitchy. Ok otherwise

rezwana tabassum


Swapna Ghosh


Abhilasha Prasad

This game is worse... It is not working after the level 5. Don't download this game... It is full wastage of internet data and time.....😡😡😡

Miguel Zamarripa

It is not good it keeps kicking me oit

Funny Fiasco

It won't stop kicking me out its stupid.

Leonardo Bello

Doesn't load

John Alfa Eleujaan

Enggak bagus baet soalnya waktu aku masuk Aku tekeluar

Anushka Rawat

Pehle game shuru toh hona chahiye pehle loding aaya fir 12%,15%,21%,56%,78%,99% A and at last 100%par star nahi hua 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Ghatiya game h

Gangadharan Swamy

It lags a lot