Detective Masters

Author: Crazy Labs by TabTale

1,000,000+ install
Role Playing


Detective Masters – Solve the cases. Are the suspects guilty? Prison life awaits for the rob master.

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File size: 86M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price: Free
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Customer review

Remond Bascombe

Love this game

Lotis Canoy

interesting gsme

Ronell Raj

great game but too many ads

John Mannheimer

I love this game it deserves 5 stars rate

Prudence Kolala


Tasha Samad

Funny.. don't need to be online to playing it👍


Good stuff

Izet Izett

1974 is 7777iiiued in and is a bit of an eiuryehhjjjjjjj22222 but and I a good feeling about for him

Ashley Johnson

I love it...hey Ashley

Tony Corbin


Sanjay Pabarni

Stuck on level 6. I press on ''play'' and stays there. No movement.

Cheryl R

fun... my teenager loves it

Waz Amin


Ajay Jain


Kks Kks

I like it

Ford Elvis


Girindra Sawant

Wow! Excellent good game

Louise Khan

fun lovely amazing

Ejiro priscilia

This game is the worst game I have ever played. I played level one but can`t play level two please fix this game

Christie Flores

I enjoyed this game for what it was worth. I did the recent update and there are no real improvements or differences in the game. I am uninstalling because this game doesn't to be going anywhere.

Gundam Raphael

too many ads which I don't like it all

Joyn Wairimu

Wow wat an interesting game

nomagugu mkhwananzi

You make snacks things

Dineo Maserumule

It,s a nice game

Chloe channel Cooper

good game💯

Taijah Frieson

I love it

Tobechuku Uzoegwu

awesome best game ever so cool love it

Anthony D

had obvious racist stereotypes

Leigh Fraser

Gr8 thinking game and with a nice back story about the girlfriend which gets raunchier 😏 with her as you progress and also kinkier with the suspects~ lvl 55, Lecter Lamb the Dr. Killer who has a 'secret' secret 🆒️👙💅 👠👗👀😘🤫 👏 sadly though by about lvl 160+ it gets repetitive even with the girlfriend and you end up giving her a 'romantic' dinner over and over, so it does need far more lvls to keep it going (kinkier the better pls devs ?) GR8 game though and 15/15 👏👏🙏👌👍👏👏

Austin Henry

We Like Your Detective Masters.

Jasmin Ruby Reyes

Why can't i download this app🥴

Faraz raza Raza

Very bad game


I actually like the game; stays interesting and fun! The amount of ads are annoying; but obviously no one likes ads. It's like bills, we just have to deal with it lol. I wish the main menu/map lets you move around/browse to see how many levels are ahead and the ones you have already completed.

Athar Khalil

too much ads so i removed app

Akash Ulagappan

too much ads

Taruni Parthasarathy


Munachi Edwin

I don't know why but I find this game oddly satisfying

Tricia Umeh

it's good and not too much adds

Farukh Sebin


Fisayo Sunday

This is the worst game ever

UM PᴏɴɴᴜᴢZ

It's good game

sam h

Too much glitches

Oneyibo Chika

I love it! 😍

Ange Setondji

I juste started playing but I kinda like it

brooke bohnstehn


Austin Kay

l hate the picture icon of the game

Bill Teepen

I was doing well until I to use diamonds to get the right response . unless you use the diamonds you can't win.

Abidur Rahaman


Esther Appiah

Nice game I like it🥰😍. I am on level 3 and it's sooo much fun 🥳☺️🤩. Guys u should try this game I know you will like it 🥰😍💞💕💖

Timothy Elkins (abuseJUNKEY)


Lissette Parajon

it's very good

Sarika Inglet8yyu ki g HG

Verry good game

Adam Koh


MiMi Davis

It's interesting unlike the previous games played, but what I hate is when you complete a level ad start. Going to the next level ad starts. It's a cool game overall. Do something about the ads to equal better play!!

Sara Aguilar

Too many commercials as soon as you start playing level one they want you to watch a commercial to earn diamonds there has to be another way to earn diamonds not to watch so many commercials so annoying 👎😡

Hamza shahzad Hamza shahzad


Shanawar Ali

plz remove add from this game.


too many ads

Sharon Silvio

way too many ads

Christopher Vorster

No...just no ...

Pratham Thakur

Ps add more levels

Davon Ashe

to many ads I can't even play the game the way I want too

FurbyDudeZac xD


Jeannette Nyakazungu

it's good

rouge exe

love it

melissa jones

Could be a really fun game but the constant ads just ruin it.



Rexelle Dela Torre

Well i dont really like the game cuz every time i press play and tap the witness or suspect thingy it takes minutes to enter and lots of ads and the game forces to use gems for stupid things i HATE THE GAME

Rooplata Sadh

I love it

Deb rocks

to many ads !

Rona Manenye

I love the cases

Anil agrahari

Not interesting very boring game

Attigah Kwame

Is some how quite boring

Shaik imtiaz


Shanza Najam Shanza Najam

it's a good game

AK khalji khankahan

hack all space


they got a Sister

Devesh Ailani

Too many ads

Antoaneta Taleska

Really interesting game! Quite addicting

Sophie Cacchione

bad app

Ashera Gado

Its good, if youre annoyed with adds just turn off your wifi, this is offline😀 📶🚫🙅‍♀️😊

Satish Lalaseri

it is a nice game

Marcelin Augustine

Its a bad game

draksha Sharma

because is game Mai levels है और mujhe vo pasand nhi

donald coates


Aditya Jawahar

Bad boring repeatativ

Abu bakar siddik Baba

Nice game

earth human

As progress , getting boaring

Ahmed Sabry

Rovan ❤️❤️😘😘😍😍❤️😂😂👌🏻😜 Rovan.

Aris Montero

ad hog, i did not ask the ad option but i still get the ad without the reward.

Promo Tube

Ads everywhere

Nykeisha Lucas

This is a good game but it keep freeze up on me and too many ads every 5 seconds I get a ad or it'just freeze up this game will be better if they fix those kind of things it's a good game like I said but they have a few minus issues they need to fix


This game is really good but after level 134 the game is repeating itself....

Oluwakemisola Emmanuel

It is not boring, it is so fun, I realy realy love😍😍😍😍😍 love the game

Jahid Hassan Sujon

So fuvking useless game ever

MST Safali

place bts game new abdad place place place place 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Chillakuru Damodhar

It was a good game but after completing some levels there will be same content repeating again......

Abc Xuz

1. Requires watching ads to play some levels. 2. This app forces you to use diamonds to get over some levels. Waste of time.

Sharma Kds

funny app lovely

Shivam Narbariya

Nice game