Derby Life : Horse racing

Author: Nexelon inc.

100,000+ install


Derby Life : Horse racing – Raise your own horses and participate in races!

Detailed info

File size: 200M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.8.64
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Nexelon inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rachael Dobson

It is amazing

Aaron Maas

So far so good

Hasan Sarani


Craig McInerney

Good game

Hcaz Yelruh

Please put a beting on a horse in racing, so we can bet some gold or gems Put also bidding market, so we can sell our own breed horse to other players...!!

Lesex Max


philomena dsouza

Never play this game it tells u to touch a circle and then in cheating they miss that circle i tryed it five times but not successful

Angela Foresman

Keep getting kicked off

James Mozdzierz

So far it is good

Anthony Ptak

Glitches, no customer service, cheating out of perks you earn, there's no winning on this stupid game. The race stats are impossible for any sane person to understand. I gave this game 2 chances, wasting my time and a little money. There won't be a third time. This Nexelon company cares nothing for you nor any of it's customers. Take a hard pass on this stupid game and thank me later.

Ronald Fleming

Awesome game love it keep up the good will there be any updates

Euan Hector

Great horse racing game, just a pity it stuck so much and in the process takes your money/gems. Hopefully an urgent upgrade could fix this soon

Jaime W

So far so good 👍

Ramon Panaligan

Very good game

Keisham Kingson

I think that it is not a very interesting game for me but I don't other.

A Potato

The game gets stuck on a grey screen and then it kicks me off the game. This game used to work but now it does not, and I'm quite disappointed as I remember it being pretty fun. Hope this is fixed soon.

Mithu borah


Tithi Moitra

The best horse racing game ever

asghar y

لباببالااتهلاتت۱لق بدتروزکیخبحبح۲۴۳۲۴۳۳۴۴ ۴۴۳ق۶خ۶۴ع۶۵۴۶۴۶۴۳ ۵۵۴۶۵۳۴۶۷۰۰۰۰۰۰۵۶۴۵۶۶۵۰۰۰۰ 😗😗😗😍😍😍😚😚😚😚🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱🐕🦄🦄🦄🐕🐕🐕🐎🐎🐎🐂🐂🐂🐱🐱🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐎🐎🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

Kylie E

Best horse racing game OF TODAY! I love the breeding system, the racing, grinding isnt hard either even when to help you foal be better in stars and tenper- and the graphics arent that bad either! I love see more games like this. 😊 1 thing though is poor translation example as a momma horse is Nursing the foal its called "rearing" in game 😂

Linda Kilpatrick

it is good

Rajeev Chaudhary

Vjjbnjm. Tonight's ff

Biki Borah

BiHUABNkl aahBikl Jilbnu SRI. BIKI. BORAH Biki

Harley Murray

I love this game

Ben Tapsak

Very fun

Gerald Reginald

Maybe this game is going to be a nice game

Barb Jarman

Amazing realistic game. I totally recommend.

James Shively


Tyrese Tudor

it's good

Kathrine Weller

This game was just what I was looking for! Not a game that takes loads of time to work on but enough in it to keep me interested and excited. The graphics are great and the movement of the horses while racing was wonderful! I loved the camera movement during races which made it feel like a movie and I liked how breeding you own foals is promoted and the save/load system was excellent!

Claudia Vella


Pooh Bear

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dark nox

So great

David Myers

I like horses by

Neveah Fld

Hate it, low graphics, Laggy, and in the intro screen for new players make it so u can see the faces more and also, improvement : Make it less laggier. & Work on graphics.

Hdhd Jdjdj



To be honest it's fun inthe beginning then the game just starts to become unfair. They put you against bots that are made to win that game you can have the highest score of what you're gonna win but even then you can get something like 8th place. Then it makes you pay for a lot of stuff with money that it won't even give you. So practically you're broke half of the game while you get power ups or something. Overall the game is unfair and just a waste of time. But if you're into that then get it.


Tristann T

Tazbar “E” 1987

This is a fun game

Marcel Doran

This is a great game

Alyshia Billings

i really not so sure of the game because there is no breeding

A Google user

It makes me feel like I'm actually in the derby!

Jessica Williams

Cool love the horses

Thabo Mangesana

It took time to install but it was worth it.🔥

Onuoha Chidinma

I love this game

M Spreadbury

It is good I love it

Afzal bhai Baggiwala

I don't like this game don't download

Emelie Allen

U get to go for rides

Zachary Mathis

I love the kentucky Darby

A Google user

i have tried to get the game twice now but it hasn't worked, i've read reviews and seen the information about the game and it sounds great! - it just won't let me play.

Kiara Harmon

Good i gess 🐎🐴🏇

rodemar sikat

nice excellent race

Khyla Dawson

I love horses they are the most beautiful animals in are would today

Rethabile Mokhachane

Well done

Narayana Dasu KAVITHA

Super game

Joe Wesley

Graphic ok storyline is alright

Bernadine Pelser

It takes a lot of place

Breakdown Shakedown

It has been really fun #Best game ever!

Josh Koko

This game is not as good as it seems, the graphics aren't very good at all

Bronwyn Campbell


Juanita Johnson

Best ever horse game installe now!!trust me iets worth it.. every thing's realistic and cool!!

Gemma Spindlow

It's fun but hard to earn money


Because i love this game

Jamaul Johnson

So far its cool waiting on the buy no ads stuff

Wayne Whelan


Alysha Maldonado

I love it so much

Sonu Gond


Jesus Miranda

I like horses and the game for me is super good for some of us 🐴🐎👍


Not soo good

Jill “Giggles” Oneal

I just love ❤ this game when I am relaxing and just horsing around Lolo


Great Game, I like it

Brenda carr

I love it

Payton Tablet

I can't get it

Heather Grant

Great game

Andre Boyd


Sean Fennell

This is the best game ever in the world like

Darren Walker

Free to download, daily purchases required to compete, big money to win.👎🏼


Best horse racing game on Google play. Go Google.

Playing with explosions

Laggy and dumb

Jayme Apodaca

l rate derby life 1 star because when l load in to the game the screen stays black for a bit and then kicks me out of the game so l never really got to play it

Shanya Fowler

Wish this game had a way to keep track of things like who had which parents - lineage. That would make this game so much easier when breeding.

Xxphoenixdemonslayer Matson

It fun to play

Kari Frego

Guessing it is fun but it would not load

Tarri Kimes

Thanks. All ready for update and actually update.

Sonya Ferguson

It looked like a fun game but it was horrible, when I tried to load into the game it brought me right back to my homepage on my phone cause glitching cause my phone to shut down and now I have to get a new phone I don't know how the game was itself because I never got to play it I highly recommend it not getting this game unless you want to buy a new phone

Mirza Hakim

Let's go


I love his game!

Ayan Saha

Not open ...any problems in game

Zion Joseph De Mesa


Ebert Vicente

At first u don't understand the game and ya give u two add and I don't know how to breed

Emily Sparkle

This is a wonderful game. It's so fun and entertaining. You get to race, breed, buy, and take care of your own horses. I highly recommend this game to any horse lovers out there! I absolutely adore this game!

Molly Harmon

Not to sure stole some rival stars horse racing game pics so I don't know about this game

Louise Shepherd

This is a very good game some of the graphics can be a bit better but overall good 🙂

Alyssa Campell

I highly dont recommend any time you go in it takes you out of the app *Sorry to the people who made this game*

Ambrosezetstar Haziezulemahazienquineighda

I enjoy the game very much ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Reminds me of the old gallop racer 2003 series for PlayStation Two. The breeding system is simple yet effective and ability to earn currencies from breeding your own bloodlines is always on the odds in every horse Racing game. 🏁One tip | If would be nice if we could ride the horse ourselves...sometimes the horses do block each other and are unable to race well.and win.

Michael Spencer

It is so glitchy I can't even race without a glitch I'm definitely deleting this do not download

Megan Moats

First of all Cadence smith rival stars is not laggy and this game i'll give a four star because not good graphics and the rear is teriblle and why 3,500 to buy a horse thats way to muck rival stars is better by not to much though! =)

Alica Cross

I love it ok only the boost button is not working good

Brooke Lauta

it would not let me play horrible

Teresa Mendenhall

I like it your game