Demise of Nations

Author: Noble Master Games

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Demise of Nations – Demise of Nations is a 4X turn-based grand strategy wargame.

Detailed info

File size: 42M
Update time: August 9, 2021
Current version: 1.26.193
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Noble Master Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Adam ruehman jr

Great game i love all the maps you can download. Easy to learn and play.


Very nice game

0.0 zErO

Just wish it was easier to get other maps besides the free ones

Fi Fuf



needs more free map options or offline rewards

Khaled Rifai

La AI e troppo facile...

Miss iconic_kritz

This game is so good, but I wish for mobile players that I could make maps but sadly we can't.

Anthony Curiel

Turn based game, pretty fun takes actual strategy not one of those train a few OP guys and win you have to plan attacks, you have diplomacy in the game, you have to get resources like steel and oil. Haven't done multiplayer just yet but the AI on isn't to terrible I wish inhumane was more inhumane. Games can be 300 turns long or less then 50 you can also play with people in the room on one device or in a lan game I've done both and it was fun the actual multiplayer I haven't just yet. 9/10

gk gaming

Only 🐷Time west

Tanzanite gem

Make all maps free pls

Nuqman Nasyat Zulkiffli

Bring down your game currency value. I played it for a long time


Perfect game, but I hope more free maps in the next update 🖤✨

Sudarshan Agrawal

Worst game

Gustav von Rottenberg

One of the best strategy games with the most potential, sadly it is ruined by the poor management. "mods" are (mostly) argumentative individuals that have no interest in modding at all, they just have a complex of superiority by being able to silence others and being the ones disrespectful to others, never actually doing any work and the tools they have to double-check for gangers can be so easily bypassed. Hopefully management gets better otherwise this game will lose its tiny online community


Best strategy game, but also quite complex.

Christopher Taylor

Shame on you


It is a good game but the only problem I facing which is not the games fault is the lack of players in Multiplayer, but also the lack of free maps.

Jose Velasquez

This game is lots of fun, you can play as so many diffrent nations, over all This one of the best stradagy games that I have ever played on my phone.




We need nukes in the modern map


Scaling stopped working on my phone. Everything is so big it's unbearable... Fix this please

Sevin Stoltz

Great game Just a great game, and thats all I have to say

Ratboy of the Rat Realm

I love this game with all my heart, it's so fun and honestly has been my go-to game for close to three years now. I've had a five star review sitting here for quite some time, but they recently changed the amount of coins you get for daily logins down from five, so now you can only get one coin a day if you like to play offline. You can get more coins by playing online, but I've never been interested in that, so it'll take me months (or years) now to be able to get anymore maps. It's silly.

Michael Cook

Fun beer and pretzel game

Ibrahim Mera

Very cool game

Thant Thant

Good good

Warren Flaxman

Amazing but just needs options to change the countries flag and to trade provinces Like the german flag could be changed into past flags when in game or you can change anycountry your playing as flag into any of their flags which would be awesome so who agrees

Shnookie Pookie

Super fun, I had and have great experiences with the game, it is really complex in it's movement and capture, but also simple and straightforward

justin harper

game has a good foundation but is wayy to hard even the small countries are so so strong that winning is not possible. Plus right off the bat every country just makes 100s of troops while you are still develping. @Noble Master Games please have a option to turn off happyness



Zoltán Tóth


Sayed Esam ElDeen

Good strategy game

Ahmad Sadiq

It is a good game, but hoping for more I would give 3.5 but there is no option,sad

Ghost Rider

Need more free map plz.

plop plop

Make some free maps

Hafiy Elwan

This is game very idoit and liar!


What a game 😍

Carter Shoemaker

I dont even know how many hrs iv spent in this game but it's a must have if you love stragity games.

Etop Amos


Phurlan Afrika

Great game addicted

Debasis Swain

Very poor game.

Suraj Bhargava

Purchasing price high

samuel chimonjo

It's ait

kaleb lane

It a great game it have a bright futuer

A Google user

This game is fun and I like rpgs like this game

Daniel McCafferty (HearingSword)

Its a reskinned aged of conquest. The random map is literally a map of the med.

Shiraz Ahmed

Better than hoi4

Toplaygog Miss

nice ...but major drawback is ,once is tap play it should execute my moves first then AI should make moves...i move my troops based on what i see on screen ...not by predicting ai move...i try to kill a troops ,but ai moves its to somewhere now my troops stay ideal ...

Bill Hatch

I love the gameplay.

Sahebhossain Sahebhossain

More Scenario for free

Nando S

Dude I love age of qonquest 4 and I hope this game is better I kinda hope you guys made like age of qonquest 6 but pretty much I don't really care because it's just name innit im really looking forward to this game because I just download this thing now

Sean Davis

Why don't they charge for this?

rancid crawfish


Minenhle Buthelezi

The AI are too easy sometimes


Very cool game I have a idea add option sending ultimatum of Tarratory and village

Justice Squad

This game deserve more

Ye Min Aung


Jonathan Pilcher

Great game, I'd rate it 5 stars if it was easier to get new maps

Shripad Bhirud

Please do allow to sell countries respective provinces to other countries with cash or other commodities.

Arles Cedeño

It's a cool game, I play every day, Just I want to play with more free maps.

Sebastian Moczynski

The AI isn't very smart and just spams mercenaries. You can't make new settelements and diplomacy isn't as advanced as it should for a good strategy game. However it has the best diplomacy mechanic of all mobile games I played yet. The combat can get hard to navigate and conquering new lands is way too simple. Resources get over-abundant fairly quickly which makes the game feel like a sandbox game. The game doesn't offer any challange but it has potential.

Mark Mckenzie

It's a great game but i hate the fact that you have to use a os or mac computer to create your own maps.

Jared Martinsen

Never really played. I forgot why I didn't like


I really enjoy playing this game It just needs a bit more updates

Meme Moose

Game is good.

lord voidwrath (tha voidly host)

They should add a ww1 map for the whole world map and the Europe map and it's going to be a very nice game.

dr. huy

this game is good, yes i agree it but maybe you can update this game to have more resource like food or new building like farm and you can choose the corp to grow if you have more military the food will more less like military upkeep THX for making this game

arun prabakaran

After long time i got good game.

John Noah De Andres

Please add more eras

Namet angelo Natri

It's a good game. I just have one question and I hope the dev will answer are you planning to create demise of nation 2 with better graphic a better maps and more types of units.

Demetri Willingham

The free maps are awsome but definitely worth getting the others

Izaac Garmey

I like the style of animation and game play. Some draw backs tho, needs more explanation of game play as there are many things not in the tutorial that are not obvious such as command options that do seemingly nothing. Sometimes you can heal sometimes not Combat seems inconsistent or at least I don't understand it, sometimes you attack and die sometimes you're unharmed. Ive read how damage is calculated but it seems inconsistent to me or maybe I'm missing something. Worth a try as a game though.

James Cody

Hey crack open a history book guys! WW2 great map on world with 17 different scenarios but several mistskes when it comes to who was in the war.


Probably the best battle map game I've played

Booby Napier

Superior fun, played many times and still playing. Great game!

Wisest Smartest

Were you guys trying to make the worst game ever?


Really good game i love playing it but needs more updates

Liam Ruth

First game I truly enjoyed, thank you



Glenn Joaquin

Super strategy.........


Really awesome Game but please atlleast try to free one more free map like Africa instead of Greeks please Free Africa

ben shears

Fun and challenging. Free version was great and the added maps are well worth the price!

Michael Elsaadany

Great game

Freedom Military


Jared Albesa

I been waiting for an hour it didn't work I tried 10 times opening it and closing it its still not working

Drained 1856

Really fun..... Hats off the the Devs


Very Good Game But I Hate This If You Have Limited Turns You End Game In 25 Turns I Hope Do You Fix This Bug If You Fix It I Will Edit This And Gove 5 Stars

Aden Goodman

You should add a super weapon to modern maps. Still a great game

Naingsoe Kyaw

Can't build new villages im android app. Please fix it.

aamir hakeem

Great game, like a mobile war only hoi4

Shamar Moore

good game it needs New stuff in the game

Edi Kannemeyer

This game is perfect. Is has become my favourite mobile game. The gameplay is not too easy and the details are just the right balance between too little and too much. There is just the right amount of managemnt and logistics to keep it interesting. The one downside is that there is only one map (Europe) available. But all in all, I love this game.

Jacob Wolfe

It's very fun to play with my friends. I've been a long time player, and yet every game is a different experience. I found this game through another great game by these creators called "Age of Conquest". I highly recommend both games.

Dante Zoel


Joseph Hale

The game is fun but not allowing troops to move through the same tile as other troops almost makes the game unplayable. People who are not your enemy put troops in your enemies land that you can't move through your allies put troops in your land that you can't move through. You can't even move through tiles that have your own troops.

Jackson McDaniel-Fowler

Love this game because I never seen a phone app like this because this kind of games about Rome are rare

Charles Austin Jr


Gail Britts

I love this game, but it's beginning to irritate me. Here's why : To succeeed in this game, you have to balance a budget (sorta, you have to keep making money, more troops = less money, etc.) The A.I doesn't do that, they spam troops, which means that to win in a war with them, i have to bakrupt myself. And they continue to do it, regardless of how much money they have. It's annoying. Note to Noblemaster : I love this game, thank you for making it. :)

The British Redcoat

I was enjoying the game when for some reason my gold just declining suddenly and I lost the game because of it! And in a different game I was trying to build my nation and I was declared war on. So I started a different game and I was declared war on. You can't build your nation in peace.

Nate Peachock

It's exactly like age of conquest but zoomed in a lot. There's many different stages like the Punic wars and World wars which you do have to pay for.