Degraman: Act I

Author: NamNorm

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Degraman is a series of games featuring characters with whom you will walk a deadly path.

Plot – How might an ordinary girl’s life change if she were faced with mysterious kidnappers?
Would this chance encounter lead to a harem of attractive men?
Or the end of an invisible war that wages for the salvation of mankind?
Or perhaps it is all a trap, and our heroine is merely a bargaining chip in a game between immoral superhumans?

Only you can decide the heroine’s fate by choosing between evil and even greater evil.

Degraman: Act I. Vincent – Free version without ads. Vincent’s Story. More than 60 choices, 9 endings, 5+ hours of play – and only one love story.

Degraman: Act I. Vincent, Cassel & Loner – Paid version without ads. Vincent, Cassel and the Loner Stories.

An otome visual novel – play a powerless victim of a terrifying, unfair world. 200+ choices, 50+ endings, 20+ hours of play – and only one way to escape.

Other character routes coming soon. =>

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Update time: Aug 13, 2022
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Developer: NamNorm
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dakota Jewel

I love it all but the choices had me heartbroken it made me so sad when I couldn't make everyone happy.

Munchkin Babz

Really great game for women who like otomes and romance games.

Fan BingBinks

I liked the rough draft version, the revised characters look different - like the homeless but happy shirt is missing and the train scene. I like how the art looked different every time with the shadowing and the color intensities it gave the game such a broody vibe. I'm still interested in the story line ! I look forward to playing ^-^

Mochi Specs?

Very good concept, very basic but also bland execution,, it would be easy better if MC had more pronoun customization and if the demo lasted longer and the plot was more recognizable and easier to understand as a whole. I could tell it would be a very fun and pleasing time passer but it ended with "buy the dlc so we can make money :3" without no thought of using ads. If the app would get more recognition and fixing, just more development with MC and the plot and it would honestly be really good!

yumna mashhadi

Whattttt????? I thought this game is free but you're asking too much , I don't spend my money on games so make it free , I can just help you with ads! There are not many players of this game already so don't lose 'em , even though the guys was so creepy but the story was good why you're not letting me to play ? 🙄

Hannah Sturgeon

I really love the game and the story I hope it gets updated more people to play the game I love the art and everything and it's also funny how I wish I could buy the DLC but I ain't got no money


Beautiful demo and I would give 5 stars for that alone BUT I can't purchase DLC for some reason. I have tried different payments methods through Google play and each time get 'transaction was declined'. Payments are working fine on all my other games. I have all the necessary requirements on my phone to run... I don't think I have ever wanted a game so badly (and I play ALOT of otome) but hugely disappointed that I can't purchase.


Damn got me emotional lol. I absolutely love the art and the story. I'm excited for the full version. EDIT:OMG I CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT SEE THIS, IMMA FOLLOW RN IM SO EXCITED AHSHHSHSHD

Sarah Pichon

I hear music after seeing the creators logo.. butt the screen stays black and nothing happens, the music just loops

kenise williams

great story however for android i purchased the dlc and unable to get certain routes within the kind loner. that is after purchasing the dlc for it! is it possible to fix this.

Elita Martell

Nice, but will it be on iOS too? Prefer to play on my iPad


Не открывается😭

Dwy Jukamia (sora album)

The demo is pretty fast-paced and sure gives more questions than answers for all the twisted intrigue.... I'm in! Edit : OMG IT'S RELEASED

Winter Witch

OMGGGGG This game has such an interesting premise!! The concept of the MC kinda reminds me of Court of Darkness which makes for an interesting plot. The characters are all very attractive and interesting!! I loved the twist of the story and I need to see more!!!

Hello_ 123

Is it full version now?I can't wait to read it pls💗💖💗💗

Michelle Winestein

Recommend to you.

Катерина Хрус

I'm waiting for full version, I will wait as long as necessary. It's the best story, with handsome boys, so☺️

Charlotte Swanson

I couldn't get it to even start but it looks interesting I hope I get the opportunity to play one day

Oliwia M

Such a good demo! Storyline is really interesting and I love the characters The only thing I could comment on is that it wasn't too clear for me that I have to manually save and I lost my progress when I reopened the app the next day. However it was just a short demo and the skip button was useful to get back on track

Noctis Caelum

I love it! Looking forward to the full game


Really hope this becomes a full game because I really loved all the ROs and the story. 😍 Can't wait to read Viktor's and Mark's routes too 🖤

Moon Light

The art is so unique and beautiful totally my vibe.


Loved this demo/can't wait to purchase the full game. Hope the game has one purchase price, not buying points for the full experience. It's romance but has a solid plot behind it. There was the right mix of cheesy cute guy interactions with thoughtful gameplay. I really appreciate the functionality of the back feature. This often glitches in these types of games. I only saw one mistake. The eye color's of 3 male characters didn't match their descriptions.

Judith Jongewaard

Won't open

Lezaan Van wyk

This game made my day. I cannot wait for the game to be released. I absolutely loved it.

Non ya Business

I just finished the demo and I was on a emotional rollercoaster. I loved the storyline and the handsome characters. I can't wait for the full version of the game 😭❤️

mahmoud saeian

I just love this otome game♡♡ GREAT storylines,graphics,music,characters,... It's perfect! Can't wait for the full version :) Thank you.

Melonie Jen

Look forward to full game.


Best game ever! I thnx the game developer for making such a cool game with a awesome story line with a beautiful graphics ❤️✨, after soo many days finally I hav found such a good game like this🤧👌🏻,I can't wait for to buy the full version of this game😃❤️

Curly Gee

I love it!!! Had me going through so many emotions and laughing before I even got past the 2nd chapter. It's rare for me to find storylines that get this reaction out of me so quickly. I can't wait for the full ver to come out. This is definitely a gem.

Mia Mouse

Once I was able to pick my language, I was absolutely enthralled in the story, I can't wait for the full game!

Scorpio Witch

I re-read the demo almost 1000 times over. Love the boy's, especially Vincent. Cant wait for the full version.

Aya Faqri

Please, we need this whole game.

Jasmine West

I loved the demo and cant wait for the full game to be available will the full game be free to download i would be happy if it is its an amazing demo love the art and all the characters are unique in there own way happy to say thst this game will be amazing when the full game dose finally got released

Liana Francisca

The plot is unique.I appreciate the effort in art and music.The storyline is also good.The only complain I have is the game freezed from time to time and I am not a fan of how Vincent looked when he holds mc's hand.He looks weird in those particular parts where he holds mc's hand.Otherwise I really like it and I would recommend it.I hope the real game story won't be this confusing.I look forward to playing the real game soon.

S Sarkar

It's so awesome I live it and waiting for the full game but please I plead you do not put a price tag in it cause players like me can't play it 😌and another think the dialogues are a bit you know what I mean right😅 edit :- the dialouges I mean the rape thing doesn't sound humourous you know and please I beg you do not put a price tag in the full version

Aliyah Dillard

Absolutely love the art and story. Very intricate. I like how there is more than one choice and that you can go back to make a different choice. Can't wait for the full game!

Brandy Paulson

I thought this was really well done. Cant wait for the game to come out.

Christina Heggan Dively

Ok when does the full version come out I can't wait I loved this I have read it twice!!! When the full version does come out do you down load a new app or update?

Jaleesa Mitchell

The story and art is awesome. Please continue!

Jen Kautz

I only made it half way through the demo, and I'm still not sure what the plot is. You get an explanation in chapter 3, but your character gets bored (despite being kidnapped) and zones out for the explanation. And when asked if you'd like the information repeated you get the disgusting option of telling the character it would be better if he raped you! They try getting past it with a content warning for "adult humor," but it's just a poor attempt at an edgy joke that's horrifically unfunny.

Hannah V

Great game, its pretty interesting science fiction type of romance otome.

Kitty kat

Fun, interesting, little messed up. Just how I like it.

Vitória Neris

Honestly it's hard for me to give a bad review, but this game is simply confusing, maybe the cut of the prologue didn't do it any favors, but the pacing is terrible its too fast paced and a overall mess, the mc is the most boring, bland, annoying, unseasoned character I've ever read, she's like the female version of a incel, the rape thing is not funny, the art is good but besides it i don't see why this got such a great rating... It's just bad, maybe a revamp would help it, but rn it's just 😩

Katerina Grinina

Нууу, заинтриговали — это мягко сказано. В одной главе (когда все эти многочисленные тела на голову сваливаются, каждое со своей... уникальностью) было жуткое ощущение хаоса, но учитывая, что это демо, в полной версии, скорее всего, оно сгладится. Элементы чрезмерной милоты разбавила сочная крипота. Несколько смущает, что героиня — скорее ресурс, но это лучше, чем откровенная мэри-сьюха. Будем ждать-с выхода полной версии! Так держать!

Lillien Darkmoon

Beautiful! I found it very interesting. Waiting impatiently for more!

mhadhbi fatma ezzahra

I never write reviews lol but,I absolutely love this game, it's been a while since I I enjoyed a story that much! The characters,their different personalities And lines I love them all, and that plot twist tho lmao, anyway I'm looking forward to the full version , and to be honest, I hope that it won't be expensive or anything, cuz I really like this game and wanna know what's gonna happen! Best of luck! >:3

Panda Loo

I love the characters, and the story line, perfect amount of sexiness to it.. Giving a 5 star rating because I'm really looking forward to a full version of this game. Though I'd wish there were different scenarios after each different choice you make ... And sometimes my character has no choice at all, in place where I would like to be offered a choice of my own... Also would be great to be able to design your own character looks... I hope that the full version will be as good 😊

sick bean

That was a big twist. I quite like the story and the character's, well done!

Mystic Dynasty

I love this game honestly amazin

Daliya Ibrahim

Best game ever!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the full version

Christy Bernadette

Full version I'm waiting. I don't mind at all for paying for it, just please be moderate with the price.


UH. OKAY???? OKAY!!!!! This is a FANTASTIC subversion of the usual visual novel tropes and im hella excited to see what will happen next and what the full version will be! The art is definitely gorgeous and I'm a huge fan of the writing so far :D

Summer Carroll

I love it beautiful

Loralee Polimis

i love this game a lot . i really wished it wasn't judt a demo . sigh

Lindy Lou

W👌W...I literally couldn't put my phone down. I downloaded 2 apps yesterday this being one of them. The other app got deleted after a few paragraphs but this story had me hooked. I was gutted when it came to an end. Please, please hurry up and make more chapters. Thanks for an awesome read and love the graphics also. Worth every star 🌟🙂🌟❤

Ruby-Mae Martin

Amazing〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 can't wait for the final game, seriously I haven't played a game like this in ages, I would support you however I can't cause I don't have the money's but keep up the good work this is a great game

nene chan

This game it's just impossible I have never played something that perfect from a long time I can't even believe it's just a demo I rly can't wait for the full version U Guys made something so perfect I rly hope it will be for free cause it would be hard if I have to buy for it uchhh anyway I rly support u guys this game it's just awesoooooome

Verryn Chin

I hope the mc can be improved because most of her dialogue are not really enjoyable as she complains most of the time and there was an option for her to mention about rape which I feel weirded out. Overall, I absoutely adore Vincent, the art style and the story! I look forward for the full version of the game!

Katie Eyer

This Demo is very interesting. Art is great. Characters are interesting. I have never played an Otome game like this before. But the MC needs to be worked on. Most of what we are reading is her thoughts. Also her fantasy with rape should be removed or it will cause issues. I truly hope that part is fixed. Then I will buy all future routes.

Imene Hariri

It's a very good game, i can't wait for the full ver..... I also would die for Cas...

Jen Hawks

I don't normally review, but had to for this game. There is nothing about it that I don't love, especially the story. Can't wait to buy full version (impatiently waiting, lol).

Aishling Quinn

Very good concept and take on an otome/dating game, seems fun enough and has great art and great first impressions on characters.

MacKenzie Williams

This has to be one of the best mobile games I've ever played, the art, story and attention to details is amazing! I honestly can't wait for the final version of the game, and even though this is a demo I would've been willing to pay for just what I did read. Good job to everyone that worked on this! I also wish I could support your patreon but I am poor

Jacky -&-


Heidi Patterson

ADULT BOOK!!! Oh my goodness, the art, the bgm, the gentlemen, the storyline, oh and girlfriend's smart assed mouth...this is NOT for children. Refreshing break from the normal everything-is-all-good girly froo froo main characters. Will continue when the story loads. Put a full pay version out and be done with it...let us just not go through all that piece mill junk. The story is worth it.

Alexa Ams

Do you have a Instagram?


I really like the art and the plot and the ending was really surprising, I mean like the person that I liked in this game actually played me!!! That sad...but I hope that the ending will be great! Please send me a reminder for the real game or the next part!!!😁😭❤👍

Diana Gregory

Really interesting story! The art and CG are nice! I have high hopes for the final ver. I loved this demo.

Alondra Huerta

Fantastic and such an intriguing plot! The art along with the background music is absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the full version :)


Pretty great so far. Can't wait to see more

Cooking Lovely

Omg Love it !

Desiree Slayden

I'm really loving the story line as well as the art!

Rimel Benabed

There's nothing to say! The graphics are great, the story and the characters are interesting and I had a great time with this demo. Waiting for the full game 😜

Ancy Poulose

The story is wonderfully thrilling and it really did leave me wanting more. Can't wait for the full version!

Vanesa Castillo

I loved it cant wait for the real one

lilli heart

i am lookong forward to buying the game!! this is a demo btw give u a taste for the story. i wasnt interested at first but now im so invested i hate myself UGH so excited to buy the full game

Samina Macdonald

I love this game please put the full game on I can't wait

Tiffany Harwood


Christine Ellison

Love the art and story. Can't wait for the full game!

A Google user

I think I found a new favorite! It's so good!. I've never seen such a good Otome game. I hope the full-version is avaiable soon. Good work! ;).

A Google user

When is it coming out ? I thoroughly enjoyed it

A Google user

I love it! So excited for the full release! Personally, I wish some choices were more clear on its impact? English is my second language so maybe it's my problem 😅 + I felt some of them were extreme, like there is no middle ground when choosing. Also, I hope the MC has more strict personality, maybe with the progress in the story it well happen, but I agree with Vin and how she should not be so ok with the other invading her space lol. And please release Cass first I want his route so baaad 😭

A Google user

Amazing story! Just a demo but I 100% recommend it! Please support the developers and you will not regret it!!!! Such quality content!!! 👌👌👌

A Google user

I love the direction of the game. The premise itself is very interesting. There are a few typos here and there, but the writing is solid so far. The art is gorgeous. I appreciate the effort put into the CGS and sprites. The variety of poses and expressions for characters is something you don't see often! When two characters are on the screen, maybe the one that isn't speaking could have a darkened sprite so the one that is speaking stands out more! It would make the dialogue easier to follow.