Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi Tower defense

Author: GCenter

100,000+ install


Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi Tower defense – Protect the world against the invasion of the Dark Force.

Detailed info

File size: 105M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 1.0.33
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GCenter
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aseema Basith

Gud because I put a mod in it

Frank Pearce

Awesome game play and graphics!!! Controls are awesome!!! I love it!!!

D Grooves

A yo dun son, this has GOTS ta be da best tower defense game ALL AROUND! Word to ya Moms !

Noel Rodriguez

Good game very entertaining

Josh Oxborrow

Ads with a game attached

Benjamin Robinson

It's a real good game


Very goodness

Robert Gomez

Entretenido, Buenos graficos, no es pay to win para jugar, logico see ba poniendo complejo cuando aumenta El Nivel

Vincent Allen

Combat ready I placed my weaponright on point

Roger Anderson

Good game

fred botman

Nice game, gets very challenging in later stages.

Wally Farrell


marej korany


Chris Hall

Awesome game!!!!

Marcellus Foster

Very Good

Talisman Del

Awsome graphiçs boom

Abdijabaar Abdirahman

Dude best 👌 👍 game

Joseph Wong


Fernon Nelson

Kool game

Dexter Wolfgang

About too play for the first,time. Let's see I'll up date late and let you know

Andy McNeil

Broken.i can't even get past tutorial.the hand that appears on screen asking me to tap a certain area won't do anything when I tap that area.disapointing since I love these types of games

Robert Rodriguez

Wow great insperianc Game to play and lots of fun 😊

Vi Sh

Best game for enjoy

Kawasaki Zx10R Ryder

Played and wasted a ton of time on this games only to learn all of my time consuming upgrades could be wiped out by ONE thing!!!!! The rating is bs

Muki Mukac


Justice Mujasto

great action game , i really like it

Andri Aryono


Seth Thompson

Good Game, I like the graphics and strategy plans, the higher the level, the harder the strategy.

Ezra A Cole

keeps me from getting board,

Tweneboah Quarm


Thomas Mphahlele

Good game I like it

Toddler Smacks

One of the best tower defense games I have ever played. Elements of RTS gameplay is mixed in with the TD core of the game really add to the experience. Huge bosses are unlike anything I have found in the genre before.


Its so much challenging...

khan Khan


مبین قربانی



U need star's to play levels, What a Rip Off

Jason Tremello


Functionarul Functionarul


Jonathan Moore

Fun time passer

Lucifer Belower



A really nice game,good graphics i enjoy it a lot.well done.quite difficult

Dodongdolf Aulmo

Nice to play this game more fun ty

Roman I


Baado Nkpagma

Defense legend is an interesting game ever, very simple n easy to play.

Trevor Melhuish

good time killer... could do with more freebies!

Dan Valerio

The game is great

Archie Zabala


Leslie Kolodin


dq Peeks

Great so far. Only been playing a day.

Todd Armstrong


Bradley Hairstyles

I love it

Weng Lock Wong



Great game

Richard Yohanes

Awesome. Nice effects. Cool.

Gary Center

Fun game

Paul Miskell

Fun awesome game gets harder as you progress

aaron logan

Love the game,graphics all of so cool

shakil alvi

Very good game when you purchase any power 1st you want to see add it's not ok

Masum Billal

Good game

short long

Great game!


So far the game is very promising 👌

Dan Mentink

Tower games with out having to build castles and fight cashers too. Great graphics and the commercials don't crash your game, are non intrusive, and also you get a bonus from each for watching. Good game.

Robert Plunkett

Very good good game to play.

Gary Jackson


Johnkristoffer Garcia

Good game

Barkat Ali

Please bro make defense 5 this game is very good please one more make and different feature ok

Manny Guerrero

Fun and dynamic defense game. More fun than the classic simple maze tower defense. Earnings per game or opportunities to earn gold could be more balanced. Definitely clear that you become ridiculously over powered if you're down to spend $10-$20. Didn't spend money and still had fun though!

Robert Campbell


Darcy Tabora


Marc Handsome

Fun and hard

ya'sin BOOGIEMAN manley

Game lit💣💣💣💣

The legend

Great 👍

Joe Smith

Good game a little slow/easy at first. But it does get harder and a lot more fun.. But all in all it's a fun all around game.

Riela Mae Miranda

Great 👍

Mahendra Kadale

Nice game... I love this

Paul R.

Great game. Love the flying attack planes. The only thing I wish was you could put the cannons anywhere along the road instead of the designated spots they have. Still an awesome game.

tetee loyo


Wayne Hicks

This Game is extremely Fun, and very Addictive!!

Arturas Rutenas

Nice game :)

Kim Wilkin

Very good at wasting time LOL

Marlon Taylor

Very nice game

Willy Setiadi

Good exp in early level hope it more challenging. I think its one of the best TD. I have play. Thx you to make great game

bilguun bilguun


Granville Van Der Byl

Great Game

Sherif Kamal

لعبة ممتعه.

Rain Chove


Son lu

Very good

Brian McGunnigle


Daniel Frosch

Awesome game,👍👍👍

Amadou Cire MBENGUE





Good game. so far likes it

Kalvin Harris

Fun and action 😀💯👍

Hogan Saad

Good game

Zani Lee

Addictive game

Elden Ring

Great tower defense, very good mechanics, the only thing I would say it's kinda bad about it is that some texts are "broken". Don't know how to explain it, but if you play you'll understand. Anyways, best tower defense, in my opinion.

Seif Ali


Luis Alberto Franco Portillo

Cool game

Ganeshan Niroshan Niro

Nice game but no support low ram . Laging isue

Nafiz Imteaz Zaman Partho

Na man, bigger weapons ain't even effective. Weapons of previous version were much better. Stuck.