Defense Heroes: Defender War Tower Defense Offline

Author: Zala Games

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DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense – The best Strategy game – free offline game 2020!

Defend your empire from zombies and monsters in this fun tower defender strategy game offline!
Are you ready to start an open-world adventure with the most epic defender heroes and fights?
It’s time to recruit many defender heroes to fight, defender and win in defense games offline.

FEATURES of DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense:

DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense is a tower defense strategy offline game with a very special defense genre but the gameplay is extremely simple: touch – drop – upgrade. Build your lines and interrupt each wave of bloodthirsty enemies. Remember to carefully consider where to place your hero defense in defense games offline.

Carefully prepare your strategy for enemy operations. Your mission is to touch the most strategic positions to build an invincible army of defender heroes to protect the route. If you do not quickly come up with appropriate defensive tactics, you will soon be defeated by the number of monsters and bosses who cause defender war will constantly increase rapidly. Be careful on your hero defense way!

With 6 main generals including 60+ warriors, each defender hero has different preeminent skills. Recruit, summon your generals and use the most appropriate defensive tactic to take advantage and unleash incredible incredible powers in game offline.

Do not forget to upgrade and awake your royal warriors to gain an advantage in the fighting battle in this unique offline game Defense Heroes. When strong heroes combined with smart tactics will help you easily win each battle between the two empires.

The system of magic skills of defender heroes is extremely diverse, such as pushing monsters down the cliff, shooting from trees, freezing enemies, healing teammates or increasing money in the game screen will help you win in each match. Offline game – Tower defense!

Download, enjoy and share with your friends the best strategy defender offline game – DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense now!

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Detailed info

File size: 102M
Update time: July 22, 2021
Current version: 0.5.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Zala Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Josh Baker

Arena is broken (again) and has been for over a month. Missed getting my reward and then the weekly rewards since. Msged the devs multiple times through FB like I'm supposed to, but completely ignored. Not the first time. Can't even remember when there was new content. The title screen is the 1yr anniv. image but that was 8/2021 - they've never bothered updating it. No new events, stages, hell mode, gear, materials, level caps, items, or anything in forever. Clearly, devs have abandoned the game

rashad nader

wow one of the worst game experience i had .. after each battle there is Forced Add's some are 5 sec or 30 sec with no extra rewards even if you lose a stage you get forced add' even if you want daily gifts you watch add's basically w/e you do you must watch add's .. this game took watching adds to another level of disgusting .. some games have adds understandable but this one is Add's with some game elements ...No balance and Soo Bad .

john michael viagedor

where is the next version already finish the maps on this version please do the next version

Mikimoto Otooto

nice game but,why i cant enter to arena..plz fix thiz probz.! thankz! always an error occurred!

Ian C

The game was pretty fun when i played it last year. I use google play so i expected to have my save file saved, but when i installed it back my progress was gone, and when i clicked on back up usign google it wouldnt work! Please help!

sanwin sanwin


rowell abella

Why I can't enter then arena? it's almost a week.. please fix this problem. Thanks


wth dude, I just started with stage 2 and there's no explanation on how to hit invicible enemies? so I can't achieve 3 star.


How do I log on to my account from my new phone?

Jack Frost

Will the creator ever tell us why the Arena randomly stops working all the time? Total rip-off! Don't waste your $$.

Alexander Vanwinkle

Best game ever

Derin James

Do cool

hoan phan



Love it

rey ojeda

Great game

marco gabat

Good game but you cannot log in Please fix the backup to a sure that your progress is been safe...i gave it 5star if you fixed

jacky lee

Till now i can't join the arena

Amnat Mongkongan

Good sus

TramoJ YabataC

Rockz keep it Upz!✓✓✓ 🤪😁👍

justin ebel

leveling up your heros is a little slow but otherwise it's a good game

༒ Uzuvey11th ༒

Hello! What's the difference between premium and this? Plus, do you have gift codes? :D The game is really noice 👍 You could make it better though :) And can you please add specific details on stuffs like the character skills, items, enemies, etc... I really like that you add items to the heroes, I like RPG :) Hard to get good items though, not f2p friendly 😅 Thank you for reading :)

roland sajol

good game for and keep up the good work.

Marcus Soetomo

how can we move to another device?

Arend Immelman

Good day, I have not been able to enter the Arena quest's for about 2 weeks now. How can this problem be resolved. I really like this game and have been playing for about 10 months now do not want to delete it. Thank you

Tran Nguyen


Sói Lunar


Alfredo Dominguez

Nice game

Nature One


Stephen Atkins

I am going fun

Raiccy Medrana

Ang pangit nag baback yung app nato

Jess Odtohan

Good game

Khánh Ly Trịnh

quá nghiện

Shaun Haremza

Not worth it bad drop rates and arena constantly puts you up against people that you have no chance agianst

Angel Avalon

Typical Pay To Win, fun in the beginning, gets overwhelming fast by design in order to frustrate you into buying some "boosts" to equalize things for a while.

Prince Rojas

I Hate the game it is hard to control the graphics are nice but the control is Hard

Fatman 001

Fun but the upgrades don't appear to work correctly. I've been stuck on one level for some time now. First few attempts, I made it to 17/20. I've upgraded alot and now I can't get passed 15/20. Makes no sense...

Tiger Hunter




Benson Lacerna

Damn so good


It's so fun, I love it so much.

Miles Jef Patos

Please update so i can play hell mode.

Lex Walker

Good td

Julie Mae Magan

Best game ever

melmel socapco


Nay Ko


JAYAR pineda


imnot JEANius

Just started in the game and haven't finish map 2... Some are so hard to kill in just easy level

jeth ordanes


Julie Aspiras

Very challenging

Rain Esmail

I buy weapon packages but I did not receive any weapon... I'm just wasting my money.

Izazie Ismail


Fire War

Good game

Sasi Kei


Gillian Farnsworth

I rather like it It is pretty fun, choosing who and what to place. My only issue is that there are some levels on easy that are really hard. You have to grind levels to get enough money to level up your people to actually beat the levels. I don't mind too much, it's just a mite difficult at times.

Hamjed Kumal

nice game

Joanna R

Good but controls need improvement

Layne Kelly

I love this game thank u for everyone involved in the creation of it 🙂🙂🙂

phantom shadow

Its fun good game i love it

Wendall Mills

How do i kill the the see through target no weapon stops them!! Why ??? To make me Loss!!! I would give it a 0 just 4 that!!

Ramuel Ranz Galarosa

Nice game

Roch MacKinnon

Gave is amazon and fun.

Mike Brogdon

Could not get the app to place towers on the map. Uninstalled, reinstalled, went to the bathroom, but same problem persisted, so one star.

Alex Zandro Alvarez

Strategic gaming is a must... I love it

adri immelman

Hello, good game live it, but what's happening level 2 with the last stage. When you beat the boss machine everything and everyone is dead nothi gs happens. Why is this, is there a problem what should I do.

Jandec Ross Joshua Serrano

Nice very nice

Nick O'Gorman

So much content in a little game! Good choice if your looking for a Hero Tower Defense

Arjay Hernandez Reyes


Michael Wayne Duckett, Austin

Great game

Trinitie Fenn

Couldn't get passed the first part of the game as soon as you open it. The tutorial. Tap a hero to the road to fight. Nothing to tap.. Just froze.

Ranzel Odaven

Love it nice game

Nerissa Tumamac

It's my first time using it ☺️


Great td but imposibble to beat boss 3 for free player, how to beat that giant tree ?

Charles Kostan

Can i get some code (newbie player)

Phượng Võ

it ok

Kathleen Trent

Giving 4 instead of 5 because I can't figure out why the hero tab has an indicator blinking. Assuming it's a bug. I can't find anything that I can upgrade or equipment to add to heros. Overall very fun game

Sean Burbage

Great fun

Joshua jose Navarra


Jay Cheng

Glitches with 2nd stage boss, monster would teleport and disappear and lose a heart. Overall, decent gameplay, just need to do a better job in balancing. Arena wait time is amazingly long, you would fall asleep for it to start.

Ethan Lumio

Existing experience

Jaden Yuki

Get your game on, this game is on different level!keep it up!

Yugi Moto

This game gave me good chills more power on this game!

Yuma Tsukumo

What can i say a very good game from me! Keep it up!

elizer cobacha

Nice and interesting game for me and my friends!!🥰🥰🥰

Jonathan Barker

Dont keep telling me to rate it

Fenua Augustina

Cute characters, handles are great. Some levels are harder to pass, but the challenges are good fun. I'm not too bored replaying the same levels over & over again to power up. + An extra star for offline ⭐

Deb Love

Its trash I hate it.

Ryo Stefanus

This is soo good but I give 5 star cause there is no ads 💖😍

Mhasikhotuo Mere

Great game ,I just wish there was more allies or hero, hope we get to see new allies n hero to use in the battlefield with more updates ,the difficulty in the game makes it challenging n fun at the same time, the unique ability of the characters makes it even more exciting,I will recommend playing this game to any tower defense lover out there .

Mohanad Salama

Good game i love it , but there issue

Onchie Gonzales

Love it

Mohd Irshad

Nice game

Aye Nyein Phyu


Er Wee Liang

Good game I would say, but it takes time to accumulate coins, hero pieces, weapon pieces or anything. After recent update, the buy keys option is blocked as the plus sign is not available anymore.

daniel soh

Not bad


I would like to make a suggestion. Can you put a pause function and still be allowed to place heroes. It can get difficult looking all over the map, especially when you have those wizards who teleport to the end.

Jimmy Mutch

Was enjoying this until stage 2 there is an enemy that skips nearly all the map which makes it impossible to get 3 stars

alfred superio

keep it up

Renz Santos

Good game

Safira Milkah

the games is nice and cute but sometimes its glitch .. and even i am connected to my wifi its says " no connection" ect.. and also please add more coins so we can buy more trops.! thanks..

Steven Dotson

Help!!!! This game is too addicting. I hope the developer make the trees green obe day. Lol Have fun with this one or it might just have fun with you instead.