DEEMO II – A Musical Fantasy Adventure.

Detailed info

File size: 55M
Update time: January 11, 2022
Current version: 1.0.8
Require Android: 9 and up
Developer: Rayark International Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review


It was cool, until they introduce flick notes

yehezkiel efraimefrata niensona

best game

Milky Way

This is just a very beautiful game 10 out of 10!

Karl Bonachita

soooo comprehensive and more interactive

Alexandria Walker

The screen seems to be stuck, every time I open the game. Please fix this issue

Jia Cheng Teo



Lagunya bagus bnaget

L. A.

While I do love the game art, music, and story-wise, bugs that make the audio glitchy during gameplay has been annoying me for days on end. There wouldn't be a time where audio will start to corrupt while I'm playing a track — with the bass being boosted, pausing on intervals, music lagging behind gameplay, etc. It's such a shame since the music in this game are amazing. Hope it gets fixed.

Fahmida Haque

Good game. Finished chapter 2 a week ago. Waiting for chapter 3. But I wanted to see more locations in central station, hillside station and other places.

Nita Papachashvili


Infinity's Wraith

Music is good as always, but why's they have to fail into the trap of daily energy limits?

Natalie Chapman

Giving 5 stars because I love Deemo and believe in the team. BUT, I wish the flick notes were optional (toggle off mechanic). I've never liked rhythm games with flick notes, which is why Deemo I has meant so much to me (for almost a decade!) Looking forward to new updates in Deemo II (and hopefully songs that I'll enjoy playing)


Beautiful visual but it's very laggy when exploring & rhythm phase, compared to Deemo Reborn this game lack of optimization


Hello team deemo, I am facing a problem. Its my first time downloading this game. But after download, It's not working. It's just showing white screen after developer studio. What's problem, help me guys,

Lee Ken

Fun ,Beautiful

sonu rani

I was waiting for chapter 2 for a long time and I loved was definitely worth waiting for it Now i can't wait to check out chapter 3 I hope it is awesome and beautiful than the first two.❤️❤️

Cynthia Haugen

It's the best game, like in real life I've ever in my whole life played! GO ECHO!!!!

Rimuru_ Simp


Pilar Marie Sofia Acero

Ok now I finished chapter 2 and now I'll be waiting for another chapter, hope this game is infinite.

Weeb Asian

Love the update making the game run smoother. It's not perfectly smooth, but it's enjoyable enough to play. Still, beware of in-app purchases. Spend if you want, it's your choice.

Eva Johnson

it's a REALLY good game!!!

aaa lol

Cute game


Cant open it. Game doesnt work

James Daryll Catbagan

Chapter 2 and goodies thanks.

Antonio Ruiz

Great sequel

Angga Siswantoro

Still can't play. After headphones tips shows and it's force close. Always crash and I'm tried with using 2 different devices

Andre Nual

It's amazing but there's alot of glitches lag and it's online I like the older deemo since you can play it anywhere please make it playable offline

Rom Arzobal

Truly mesmerizing and enjoyable game.


Can't wait for chapter 2

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

Music, story and fun characters.



Siandy Alcober

Love it!


beautiful graphics and music, the story is fascinating

Ryo J.C.T

Alur ceritanya patut untuk di ikuti

Sophie Eevee

Awesome story, character, art and music A 10/10 DEEMO game

Eli Reel

beautiful sequel to one of my favorite games


Grafics are really good but the controls aren't my favorite. Other than that the game is really good 🙂

ニン アクス

I'm really excited when this game was announced. After trying it,I felt really dissapointed.The game is complete opposite to the first DEEMO in most of the aspect. This game also very laggy and its hard to play. I can saw the hardwork and effortsbthat they put like voiced character but this is not good. Overall I think this game is ruined and I prefer the old ones other than this.

maple waffle

It's been awhile since the last time I've played DEEMO. This game gives me lots of nostalgia :D

melon melon

The loading time is slow.

Thu Kha Pyae Sone

this game is so cozy and clam down to me❤️❤️

Ian Lin

This is no doubt the best music game ever! The art, the story, the music. Perfection!

kalov e (three)

fantastic artwork beautiful music amazing story elements what more is there to say.

paxatron playz

Wowzers that one Hella good game

Sayid Am


Щукіна Поліна

Графика супер

Shane ツ

great but the lag while I'm playing a song is really bugging me out.

Caroline Crewson

overall a very fun and well made game. quality of the motion pictures were very good, and the songs were calming and beautiful to play.


THIS is my bist game

Kekarz Gacha

Sometimes its hard to tap the piano key


Kinda whale like.


Deemo II graphics very beautiful but its very confusing when your playing but still its okay?

Shrunga Subbaiah

Gets stuck all the time plss fix it i really wnt to play


Opening is so cool!!!!

Daniel Lira

The game is good its just that it's so lagging when I play a song

Demon Lord

to simply put it it's a really good game

Lean Murillo

Pay 2 Play uhh

Sophie Rein

This isnt deemo anymore. This is an entirely different game. It feels like every other j game that just wants money. The characters feel shoe horned in. Deemo didn't have all of this "pay pay pay" content... Just songpacks you can buy and a good story that made me cry. Deemo 2 is disappointing... Random npcs everywhere... New system where you can only play so many times... Sad to see this game die.


Absolutely amazing

Miroslav Louda

Best rythm game out there, Rayark is by far the best mobile game studio. Lots of free content with lots more to buy if you enjoy what the game has to offer. And without ads.

Error No.4

It is the best game ever 💜

Sakeenah Mohd Rosli

Its a peaceful game and i love all the song

Panda Shine

I loved the first game of this and thought to give this a try. An interesting concept for an rpgXrhythm game. Art and gameplay is smooth like always. It has more gameplay but harder to jump into. I hope they can turn this into an actual full game like they did with the first one. I'd rather have everything together fully. Still another great addition to the studio 👍


As a fan of the first DEEMO game this is absolutely disgusting rhythm game. There was no need to make this into a live service F2P game. After constant 1 hour long updates, game stutters, low quality and quantity of songs, the game draining and overheating my phone, lack of meaningful options, and the game's constant push for you to do anything else other than play songs in a rhythm game I just had enough. Just go back to the first DEEMO game.

Naww Naww

Good 👍😊

Kasu Pii

Keeps crashing I could load the game up to the "wear wired headphones...." Then the game would crash. Pleasr fix this. Thanks.

King Kiro



incredible mobile rhythm game!!

Save the Endangered

amazing songs, amazing lore and amazingly cute style

David Vildebrand

Very beautiful game, high quality UI. Has more of an open world adventure feel to it, but fundamentally still plays like a theme park music game, which is fine. Lovely anime cutscenes, that I find myself skipping over a lot, as they don't seem to matter and don't feel very impactful. Still, pretty. Monetizes in the usual way, which feels a little overwhelming with all the options, but it does seem either totally ad free or use ads very rarely, which is refreshing. Lots of free gameplay included.

Hugo Espinoza Diaz

Amazing! The music, the controls, and the art it's all good. Wasn't expecting much for an app, but right after the short tutorial I had fun playing the first level.

Angel Avila (EnderNacho)

Feels like a big downgrade from the original deemo with how much clutter is in the game. Personally I dislike the awkward movement, limited time events, and I can't quite seem to get into the story with too many random NPC's around. There is some great art and songs, but I just can't justify the negatives for new content. I'll very much stick to playing Deemo 1.


A very stylized rhythm game with amazing visuals and relaxing background, recommended for already experienced rhythm players as the notes are a but tricky


Crashes on launch. I absolutely loved the first deemo game, would have probably loved the second one as well, but it crashes after telling me to use headphones for a better experience. Welp :^)

John Axel Abao Villanueva

Might change this in future hope not

Callum Thompson

I loathe the calibration settings. I spend over an hour trying to get it as accurate as possible and it still feels abysmal to play. Just implement a simple calibration that every other game has. Also the notes appear way too fast as opposed to the first game.




This game is amazing, I love how now we can explore the places, though it's a shame that it's not an offline game, so I can't always play the game like the first deemo, but overall it's a really good game!

H0ly________w0w __


Farbod Rostami

Give error internet connection?have anyone similar issue?

Rebennia Tumewu


Anthony Ortiz


Just Adrian

Even though this has some p2w elements, it doesn't bother. Because the musics, i played it over and over but i never get bored of it!! I was searching a perfect, music rythemed game and this is probably the best one. With an amazing scenery, concept and visuals, amazing story all of them!!! I'm gonna wait and wait for the story to come to an end....


great songs, still playing the story...

Tommy Hartno

Story is okay, song is good. Still have problem when you play, there's random lag that will screw up your combos.

james v

Maybe the items in the store are a bit overpriced? Others are all amazing.

Dayang Aiman Awg Ismail

animation is very nice.. music are calming.. i enjoyed very much

Herby Magtiza

A beautiful game that is absolutely ruined by the worst monetizations and marketing strategies. On top of that, the optimization is really disappointing. Why does this game make my phone heat up more and consume more battery than other 3D games that are more resource-demanding on paper?

Reyhane Ghazlavi

This game is amazing and it's a shame you gave it 2 stars

illusionist Fran

I love it so much, the memories of my obsession with the first one are coming back ❤️


sangat bagus, bisakah menambah kan interaksi pada Karakter di game? tks :)


I've always loved this game and the songs!

Craig Turner

just as amazing as the first game, truly happy to play again.

Igor Miranda

Brings me back.


one thing I like to say is the game is beautiful!!! 😍 I don't have any problem with the game at all.

Chiyin Xavier Ho Liu

this is great but I'm not used to having to be online to play.wish I could just play offline when I have no signal

Loving Suchiang

The game crashed always

Bryant Mutisya

I preferred one but this is good too

John B (Johnny)

Beautiful graphics, lovely story, and songs that can bewitch and challenge any player. Highly recommended!

Angel Prieto Suarez

Best gamer ever istg