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Decor Blast – Realistic Room – Welcome to the design your dream house in DECOR BLAST!

As a young designer , Browse unlimited inspirations to decorate and thus design a warm and cozy home of your own! There are plenty of decorations for you to choose from : Mediterranean style, European style, modern minimalist style and more!

To get more design inspiration, you need to solve the match-3 puzzles. Trust me, the match-3 part is just as exciting as the building part!

●Swap to match 3 or more similar tiles in a line to crush them.
●Make a square of four to create the paper plane.
●Match 5 or more to create amazing boosters
●Find different kinds of powerful combos is the key to solve puzzles and beat the levels.
●Beat the levels to get more coins which are the necessary sources to buy decorations
●Choose the styles you like and become the greatest designer in your friends

● Completely free game to play
● Many houses are waiting for you designing
● Various interesting events in every week
● Vivid character and attractive detective story
● Play with your families and friends and share your works

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Update time: Sep 9, 2022
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Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Amber Corriveau

Love it.....

Mo Ray

Fun game, unfortunately crashed my phone.

Gilda Williams


Roxanne OConnell

Great game

Cindi Buntin

Love it

Sandra Lopp

Fun game 🎯

Ed Edwards

It freezes after level 21 can't access it

sally paxton

Great game to play and fun to play.

michelle Phelps

Wonderful game

Louise Khan

nice, fun, easy. Charming. You most welcome. Continue the game.

Kathleen Mahoney

So far great app! Game starts out easy, & challenging as you move onto each level. Enjoying the game that keeps your mind busy & thinking. Hopefully will be able to continue without it becoming too difficult as some other apps prove to be. Joining a team always makes it more fun too

3AMER 85

Good game, thank you

Lorrie Conway

It's a fun game

Yang Fuxiang

Awesome Hooyah Gsme GoGoGo...

Stephanie Finnigan

Love it

Melody Russell

Starts out ok, but like all of them, they get hard to soon and becomes all playing the game.

LaLena Williams

I love that Decor Blast-Realistic Room Dream Makeover first time.

sonja ritchie

Challenging but not so much that you can't move to the next level. I am enjoying it so far.

Diana S Lee

It's Fun Too Play This Game 🎮 😏 😎 😄??!!

Christine Dikeman


Christy Vance

Love the game

Ranae Altman

Love it !

Yasmin Florence

Love it

colleene swanson

Game is relaxing but the rooms are crazy. Tiny pieces in a huge space. I'm only on the second room with dark castle walls and tiny pieces and stairs to where.......

Lori Mckinnies

Best game ever

Victoria Westley

So far this is a good game to play. I haven't had to spend a lot of money. Great way to ease your mind.

Susanne Arts

Great game!

Richard Bonvillain

I love it is almost the best game ever 💖💖💖

Tina Graves

This game is amazing. The choices to decorate are current and fun. Good job in the winnings also.

Michelle Jones

Having a blast. Love the selection of furniture


Level 66...Developer you did not give enough turns to complete this puzzle. Thanks...


Is it necessary to bug players to watch ads after each level? If you're that hard up for money, get a real job.

Karen Stricklin

Kinda boring

Miranda Bradrick

Love this game

Cindy Tan

so much fun and so relaxing the levels not not too difficult to pass really enjoy myself playing 😍 it.

Penny Reed

Great game


I loved it until it went from 1 golden hammer to 4 golden hammers to get the decorations. If I wanted to play that many match 3 games I would download a match 3 game.

Clara Payne


Susan Ladd

It's not Realistic enough for me

Nicole Polillo

So far it's pretty good I'm only now enterin 2nd rm. Around level 21. I want 2 kno why does the first rm say it's complete when it's clearly not. I agree w/Christine Choromanski 2 be able 2 go back in n finish all designs for rooms tht say complete. One other thing is tryin 2 join a team. I go 2 the leaderboard top teams n find an openin so I try 2 click on the name n nothing. So then I tried actually searchin the name...nothin. Says no results for tht name. Which Isnt true. Plz Fix.

Kandie Bircher

Alot of fun not to many ads an you can choose to not have some of the ads your choice.

Shalonda Bailey

Love it so far...!

Millie Falero


Charlene Ward

Thanks for an amazing game. Love 💕 this one. Also love the game play too. Please bring more games like this one. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Lisa Laythe

Great game love it

Garrett Miller

Fun and easy to play

shirley marsh

I enjoy playing your game. Entertaining and a great way to pass time.

Lisa Moceri

I am really enjoying this game!

Lyn Jones

Loving this game so far..

Patricia Bernard

Really enjoying this game. Plan on keeping it!!

Melissa Bosques (TUTZ)

I have so much fun playing this game. Best puzzle game so far!

Tammy Lou

Love it

Tammy Bettiga

Great game....many chances to win and design...❤

Chad S

Too hard beyond lv 175. uninstalled.

Denise Stone

Nice game gets you thinking

Ivan Reynolds


Laurice Conyers

Great game

Estela Herrera

Shove this game up ur asses

Jean Ankers

Liking it so far

Joanne Harding

I'm enjoying this game so very much! It's simple yet a challenge! I love it😊👍

Brent Versteeg


Azelia Perrier

I really love this game. Glad I found it. Thx !

Christine Blue

Fun decorating game

Carrie Bradley

I love this game

BC Designs

Absolutely love this!!! Excellent graphics and game play. Highly addictive 😍

Terri New

This game is awesome!! Love the decor.

Diana Folsom

Super fun game!! It's so nice to play a decor game without all the fuss and bother of other decor games. This game also has a VERY playable match game. I like all the graphics and sounds as well. A great fun game. Thanks! 🙋☀

Jane Cova

Love the game and the choices of the decor. I am on my second room so far and it has been great hope it stays that way.

Tara Eggers

Finished the first room in no time at all. I think it's super cute. The only problem I have is that you spelled the word realistic wrong, other than that I really like it.

samika moss


Tara Artis

Fun game easy and relaxing. Fun but not the cutest designs

Lydia Alvarez

Love it

Isabel de Klerk

Wow... What a fantastic fun loving game, thank you guy's 💕💕💕

April Schmidt

Love this game

Christine Choromanski

I love this game but I was hoping to go back to the first room and finish designing yes it tells you you finished the room but there was more designs that needed done. Other then that it's a great game I love the designs keep up the good work PS have a bless day

Leeann Wilson

I Love designing games

Jeanette Sharpston

So good

Kaylene Stephens

great game, great graphics. love this game.

Donna Wadlow

Not too bad

Sherry Taylor

Love The Choices For Decorating Love The Match 3 Although It Is Challenging A Very Fun And Entertaining Game I Would Highly Recommend It Have A Great Afternoon

Mary Trescowthick

Brilliant game

beverley james

Great game

Kimberly Smith

Even though it's fun and beautiful designs it gets way too difficult because you are given very little moves especially when there is so much you have to do it started about room 3 and the 4th room is even worse!!! Fix this and I will be happy to reinstall and watch ads for you to make money p.s. get rid of the lottery I absolutely hate that let us watch ads for free moves!!!

Fadilah Chairani

game ini buat kecanduan, sayang sekali lama update lokasi terbarunya. nunggunya sampai sebulanan baru terbuka. saran sih, semoga cepat update dan banyak lokasi2 lain terbuka. terima kasih

Chika Aziz


zulianto nugroho

Please check you game level 320... I can't have pink objects... I think error game... Thx


Love this game

Novita Arizona


Geumala Yatim

why is my Decor Blast stucked at Area 7, while my level already reach level 311????