Death Rover: Space Zombie Race

Author: Binary Punch

1M+ install


Fight against alien invaders on ultimate space rover in Beta-4 system and save human colony!

The action of this pixel game takes place in the future, when people began to colonize space. Everything went well until a distress signal was received from the distant planets of the Beta-4 system. Find out what happened to the human colony and save the survivors!

Do you like zombie racing games? Want to play with cars in space? Or you like pixel-art games. Then this game is for you!

Explore all the planets of a distant galaxy. Drive your rover, conquer the lack of roads, climb all the hills and fight off the monsters and mutants who captured the peaceful colonists. Professor Lee will help you. He will bring up to date and help craft moon rover in the hangar. Earn some credits and build ultimate deadly machine.

Features of “Death Rover – Space Zombie Racing”:
– An exciting Sci-Fi story. Find out what happened to the colonists and where the alien zombies came from.
– A variety of levels. All planets have different climatic conditions and various types of coverage and obstacles.
– 7 incredible cars including lunar jeeps and moon rovers, 6 and even 8 wheeled monsters to conquer alien hills and fight with strangers.
– A lot of enemies like aliens and zombies. Crash them all!
– Craft your machine. Everything you need for death drive you can find in the hangar like motor, jet accelerator and many more.
– Realistic driving physics. Each space car has its own specs. Each planet has a unique surface and gravity. Knowledge of physics will be useful!
– Destructible environment. Crash through different obstacles.
– Unexpected hill climbing experience.
– Unique 2D graphics. Enjoy the pixel art style.

Colonists will not wait forever, don’t let them die! Stop the apocalypse of dead colony! Teleport to the spaceport and get ready for a breathtaking, realistic racing through the hills and caves on distant planets. Earn credits and die time after time until you reach the end, smashing the crowd of zombies and aliens.

“Death Rover” is a free offline game with built-in optional in-game purchases.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 31, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Binary Punch
Price: Free
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Customer review


1 star only, because the upgrades are pointless.

Trouble Cantu

Love this game small and fun reminds me of earn to die but not enough to be a knock off or anything its awesome

Byambajargal E


Mason Avila

Cool ge I like it but win you more lv like lv 5 it hard

Nirmal Kumar

Why this game is so difficult to complete even its first level.

Shubham Thik

I was playing this game a whole 3 years ago and forgot to download it again! And now suddenly it came in front of me. I was so exited to play it again!!!

Mahdi Al-Haideri

It's just a good game. It has been a long time since I last played a game that isn't just a click drag win. For this game you need to actually use your brain to think about what's best next time you start the "round". Edit: after ending the game I see the game as 4 or even 3 stars. After you play the whole game you can only restart or close the game. They game should have something more. It's pretty limited.

Razvan Nicolescu

Forced ads... Nice game by the way.

Mikale Pinson

It's Kool I recommend it

Binit Das

I was full rating this game because it is cool and ameging and the control is 5o be good

George Hatzakis

Very enjoyable. Fun physics


This game is quite fun, I must say. It's very difficult to beat any missions so it would be wonderful if you guys could tone down the length of missions by a tiny amount. Other than that, I haven't found any flaws in the game. Good job 👍🏻


Play this game now

Kurtis Lai

Very fun and enjoyable

Akki Jaiswal

Cheap ripoff

Gee Willikers

This is just a worse earn to die, play the original game instead

Rwar Botan

Rwar Rr2 Qo D S Qq Dd 2f Ss S Pp Pp Okoj lo3o3

Jed Aclinen

Qq bad game

Gemma Kai

When I completed Mission 3, it still registered as it not being completed, only me going back to the hangar with no new vehicle unlocked, also it's a Earn to Die ripoff

Amit Kumar

Two words: Simple and Amazing.... 👌👌 Suggestion: You can put rate the game in the end, I had to go the settings and then found the option to rate the game. Keep it up...👍👍

Its Mikster

You literally can only complete a level after buying all the upgrades as you get a boost, also most of the upgrades are useless

AmirMohammad Shabanian

Very very very perfect and its game is very very beautiful

Farmtech Farm

nice i Love it Good Good Good Good cool cool cool Asowme


2.5. Yes it is a copy of earn to die whatever, but unfortunately that means the bad aspects were copied too. Painfully slow progression, as usual. No, I will not pay 3 bucks for what a 5 minute run in the game gets me in credits.


Abdus samad khan

Krak Head

Fun concept ruined by forced ads :/

Chantelle Momberg

This is a fun game. It is a bit hard but fun

Kensai Skrulls

A lesser version of earn to die. Go play that. This game needs some real work to be worth your time.


Good time killer.

Jj Mmm

The game is so so gooooood keep up a good work guys no lag geat graficx and no ads

Bhavya Juthuga

I agree this game is unbeatable but I think the developer added the wrong content to the game it may be a money making game because that's only thing I see that we can gain except that none play this game ok it's waste of time if that's enough there are adds too don't play

MD adom Mir

Godbless 🙏❣️🙏 get the money from your team to get a nhew one girl🙏🙏😇

Matthew Coy

Too many ads, many upgrades are trivial


This game is essentially earn to Die with worse graphics and pointless upgrades, I have completely maxed out my rover but no matter what I try, I still fall short of the end, the developers have copied an entirely different game and taken the worst points of them, don't download, your wasting your time


It's okay. Upgrading gets in the end a bit annoying so it's just better to fully upgrade the battery and boost and use hills and tilting ability to conserve fuel.

Daniel L

Full volume adds even with sound off

Pedro Rocha

The game is not original at all, and brings zero innovation to the genre. The vehicles are uninteresting and the levels are more irritating than fun. 3 stars because it's actually well made and the ads are not too intrusive. There's potential for a sequel, if the devs try to use a little creativity.

Louie Gamer

Is aight. Cute little game, nothing to be too mad about, kills time effectively.

Wayne Mwaaka

Weck game

Zach Ethan Malacad


A Google user

Great game

Nozaj Aveunapse


Tom Banner

Earn 2 die rip off. Upgrading is lame, as you need everything upgraded for an "energy boost".

Zoki Gjuzelov

played a lot and reached final level yesterday... today, all my progress is GONE

Mohd norrahim

Wow pls gift the 💰

Finnegan Boring

I liked the game and finished it but personally I didn't have any motivation I mostly just played it when I was in the car I wish there was a point to defending your rover because the zombies don't do anything also if there's a zombie apocalypse I don't believe they would have a budget for your rover but other then that it's really fun

Gerhard willemse


Teresa Jumao-as

Peter sam jumao as

فرنگیس رمضانی


Maria Rivera

Ye good


Effectively an earn to die clone. The art style is epic and the upgrades are fine Only two things I would improve are to add a "previous best" to the progress bar, and to not make the game freeze frame as soon as fuel finishes.

Sean Wilkins

Never got past the first level. It's practically impossible to get past level 1. Dial back the difficulty

Brodie Kinney

I cam not get to level 2


This game doesn't allow you to complete mission if you buy upgraded your rover max. There is no difference in skill in game or optional build, game simply doesn't allow you to complete before you grind the hell out of it. Why I need a cannon or blades, of zombies isn't a real threat? Only to upgrade your machine to max to get stupid "energy reducing" on the end.



rima sapliene

Last one is so HARD

Ulises Alvarez

It's okay it's a lot of grind pretty mid but not that bad if your super bored

Ammar Khan


Michael Westen

Unbalanced, easy to cheeze, pretty boring on planet 3 already.


Getting upgrades is pretty much pointless. You will always fall short no matter how you play beforehand until the energy boost after all upgrades are bought. I tried. Various times.... Melee: Pointless because boxes slow you down regardless. Gun: Limited ammo that only works for about 1/5th the level. Drivetrain: There is so many hills and caves that you'll never be able to effectively use the speed for anything. Only good thing is ads aren't *that* intrusive and are quick 5sec ones.


Like earn to die but new

Shaikh Reshma Aasif Ali

Good game

Moshi Anone


Shahmeer Gellani13

Hi:) i wanted ti say something about guns cars missions and others first add new guns then add new cars and then add new missions

Genevieve DuBois


Ruby H.

Simple and enjoyable.

Helen Murphy

Fun well you have to grind for a while to pass a level or planet but I'ma tell you a guide for starters first fuel and boost is the most important.use boost at hills or near jumps also don't just hold down the acceleration button because that will waste fuel.guns are used for creatures the spikes are used for boxes. the rest is mostly about speed and that is a short guide to this game

Toyin Omotosho

Not actually good but hopefully because the background isn't that clear

Kratu The legendary super OOF

Gets stuck on loading screen after intro cutscene

Linne Jensen


Matthew Monaghan

This game is pretty good I have been playing it for a whole week and it's been so good I finished with the game hope they make a new update

A Google user

Too much Poop

Conner Deterding

Fun but hard to get the hang off

Raj Dey

Sir, please go to the new car and go to Big Zombies. They are updated

Ajit Nair

Very good

Venator 666

forget my previous report the first level alone is impossible to beat with how fast fuel runs out this requires drastic improvement.

Allan Alolino


Subhra Dey

This game is awesome. But in the last mission i completed it without upgrading the veichile fully. motor, suspension, accelaration are not fully upgraded but i won the mission. This is surprising for me. One energy and one jet booster is left before i completed. This thing made me happy but if not i will have to grind money very much that take me to play 4 times to snow climate then it will iritate me so much.

elmer Ornopia

I'm sorry don't leave mehsjsheuehsbdjej

Gabriel Billanes

Pretty good game but we need a custom rover and multiplayer thats what missing race mode for multiplayer too and chat Thats all the other people need

Danny Richards

5 stars. Make alot more and upgrades too. Etc. Endless mode too.

Shantalle Ignacio

MAN 1,0000% PRO

Tricky Smith

This game is heavily the opposite of bad. It's a very fun game to play and I already got the fourth car already. Based on the pictures of the app, I knew this was going to be awesome. And I just have to say, this game is probably better than "earn to die" because you can download death Rover for free and don't have to pay real money for it and death Rover is very cool and I can't wait to get the final car. This is legit giving me "earn to die" vibes.

Huyền Nguyễn

Đề nghị nhà làm game sửa map số 6 Nó quá khó😠

jm tuazon

ilove the game its amezing

Louielin dianne Padlan

Update: after 10 minutes the rover regains energy

Kesha Dalanon

Yeets Moments

Ivylyn Rosa

>_<. Oof. The first time i played this, i was at level 6 and my big starship like car just couldnt make it to the end. I played it once again but level 4 is now on hard mode. I did everything to save gasoline but my car would run out of gasoline at the very end. Its like getting stranded on an unknown planet.

Krishant Nandakumar

This game is good


This is the world's Ghostbusters ever played in my life I love this game so much you should play this game it is so good I already it took me an hour to get one vehicle but I have a lot of vehicles basketball ever five staring

Rizqi Rafiqin

Good game

Tejasvita Patil

The games nice like earn to die ,but when I upgraded my car to full level and go, and if I lose I start at the beginning so can you and some check points,and also there are many and plz fix it

arnesh kadam

It a nice game it has techno music but pls ad check point this makes the game hard

aditya das

If this game wasn't pixelated it would be earn to die but this game is small 20 mega bites that means it downloads fast to people who's Wi-Fi is bad I would recommend them to play this also simple

R Abuaqel


Glenn Mark

Cool game😘😉

Jhonrey Mercado

Way To esy

Frank Poth

A fine game. Hardly any ads, simple and fun.

Cool Greninja

I really love this game but could you add perks? Like mini killer robots?? But anyways i love it!!

Doom guy

Earn to die, but with a pixelated art style, a space theme, and translation errors. Good game overall, no forced ads.