Death Evil Nun : Escape School

Author: Lodo game studio

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Welcome to a new dimension of thrill and adventure of the Horror Evil nun scary hunted house escape. Accompany your friends to complete the challenging missions of Scary games. The scary Evil will hunt you in ghost’s game. You have to find ways and means to keep yourself alive in horror game. In fact, horror games for kids are survival games. Player comes across with hunted places and homes while playing horror games. The neighbor observed some paranormal moves at such places. They also noticed scary evil which hunts people.

You are a big fan of horror games 3D, haunted house games, adventure escape games and all types of horror games, but what you have been really waiting for is to play again the Nun game. From all the scary stories you have heard and all of the terror games you have played, this scary granny’s one is by far the worst, and we know you love it.

Play alone and enjoy this fully horror adventure game. Realistic 3D nun graphics along with animation that will fill your thirst about the scary horror game adventures. Smooth controller with scary nun customization option for better experience in haunted horror games. Stay as quiet as possible and out of sight from the scary nun and make multiple strategies to escape your friend in escape fun missions to do in this survival horror game. Be smart and save your friend from the scary nun that is the leader of horror haunted house in these spooky games. It’s difficult to play but hard to become the master of this scary nun games. Come and quickly download this amazing game of the scary evil nun 2022 also share with your friends and family members.

If you want to have a scary time, play Evil Nun 3 Horror at school now and try to escape from this horror school. It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
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This scary clown game features:
• User-friendly interface
• Smooth controls
• endless nightmare mode
• Ghost mode games
• spooky games
• Multiple Mode to play the Scary Evil game
• The high quality graphics
• Really scary Evil nun 3, various monsters and weapons
• Unique, Hardcore puzzles
• A terrifying and crafty evil nun games
• Huge world: The whole city with different locations
• High-end 3d haunted house graphics
• Addictive and challenging rooms
• Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms
• The ultimate horror experience: intense thriller game play, sudden screamers, horrific, encounters and a nightmarish atmosphere.
• Customize your games: Unlock new weapons, school decorations and skins for Evil Nun 3 to customize the game to your tastes.
• More features will continue to be added!

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Update time: Jun 28, 2022
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Developer: Lodo game studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

robert minaw

It's a extremely easy and has glitch and a lot of adds and loading the nun in the school the app picture makes me feel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Naresh Khatana

I try this game

sonali garg

Very nice

Devi Devi

Super game easy escape

Pranshi Sharma


tiger 2

Escape school is very outstanding application🎯

Red Roses A.M

Death Evil Nun game is one of the best scary games.🎯

Choclaty5 girl 566

Death Evil Nun is a very horror game with a fantastic features and interesting graphics 🎯

Medical Health A.M

Death Evil Nun is a servival horrer school ascape game with full of thrill ,action and advertures.This is a best game with scary grafics and amazing sounds.🎯

Vicki 1214

Death Evil Nun Escape School is very mind-blowing and outstanding game I am so happy to play this game 🎯

MA 00az

This game is so good with horraible features 🎯

Sangeeta Jain


Marry Khan

Sajjad khan

Larry the Internet Kid

Theres way too many ads and the controls are way to sensitive and i cant lower the sensitivity and after the level when i try to press home it shows an ad and after its over it still doesn't go to home

Rajesh kumar Barnwal

It is a very good game it graphics is also but please fix the ad problem

Azriq Azfar

So many ads!!!!!

Mukul Tushar

This is the cheating of (evil nun horror at the school)game

Miguel Pauwels

Wow this is the worst rip off i've ever seen please stop making these fake games 🤢🤮

Bryson James

I have to be truely on but Im not being rude but you kinda copy this off of evel nun

Muhammad Maqsoodsabirali

This is very exciting

Trouble Maker

Worst rip off I ever seen

Hashir Sheikha

The most unrealistic game i have played, so many glitches and not pike the one they showed

Alysea Bari


kunal Nag

Op graphics

kayleigh williams

Love this game

Ntebaleng Moloi

Perfect Game

Rudra Bhanu Patel

Ya what a game i kove it mainthing is it releistic grafics 😉😉

Zyra Laurice Trono

i 'm only start this game but i know this is so fun, scary and very nervous

Johnathan Castelo

Worst ripped off ever you really done it this time🖕

Shakir Live

The game is very bad graphics in very low bad evil nun i thing one star

Vinod Ghai


swati choudhary

Death evil nun very interesting game

Rahamath Nisha

Please update game

Manoj Kumar


Ivana Matić

I wanted to click ready but I cannot bc of the ad!!!

Moa Sunshine

i like this game

hussaini jamadar


super gaming channel

Nice 😏👍

Jeff Clements

Ads are in the way. Do not download.

Kritpal Singh

Best game

Jesse Fernandes

This is literly a knok off of the evil nun keplarians made, same map only a bit diffrent like the nun. COPYRIGHT

Ayaz Ahmad

This game is superb I love this game

Lourdes Wynfield


Rehan Sha

Nice game

Hira Akhunzadi

This game is wondering and interested game also love this game also superb game also😍

Prince Ak

This is good game to play.mostly children like this game dueto it's environment and sound.l also like this .this is esy to play😍

Mohsin Pakistan

Death evil nun application is very amazing and awesome


Is just like Evil Nun :/

Nathaniel Bernardo

Pls update this and make sure new maps here👇

Kittens 881

This is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life

Gopika Sowjanya

So bad

Nehari Khawla

مخيفففففففففف جدااااااااا