Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Author: JoyPac

50K+ install



Resist against the undead in this new tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead!
Slaughter the undead invasion in one of the most fun survival games of the year! Kill raid after
raid of zombies, collect supplies, look for survivors and most importantly… create your own


Defend your bus and don’t let the hungry horde eat the living! Breakthrough barricades on
your way and set up the battle camp to your advantage. Gather your team of gladiators and
send them into battle, use any means necessary to ward off the horde of pixel crazed flesh
eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails, and grenades. Be direct
and explosive or stealth kill your opponents.


Show that you have the real steel to conquer the maps! Finish off as many zombies as you can to
become the ultimate freedom fighter! Command and conquer by using tactically offensive
and defensive moves to obliterate the zombies and barricades! Remember – the rising dead
won’t make it easy for you.


Collect items, earn experience, rebuild your bus and complete quests to upgrade your units
and vehicles. The more gear you get, the more zombies you will be able to take on! Become
the ultimate slayer of the undead! Banish the banshees to eternal hell! Contest against other
player’s high scores!


* Blood-and-guts action-strategy game with a sense of humor
* Safeguard the bus and your troops at all costs! NO DISCORD ALLOWED!
* A huge world with numerous locations
* Plenty of survivor units and zombies
* Upgrades, special items and optional quests
* Stop the world end
* FUN!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: JoyPac
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hakim Ktbtv


Raby Venti

This Game is so much fun 😊 but u need to add save account on Android.

gin ling


Inf-o Homebisnis

The game is ok. the points are much better/easier here(than e other similar game at different company) to upgrade etc without paying real money,but atLvl/Area 8. everything is useless. AND The advertisement is simply crazy too many, most Of Adverts are low Quality adverts of fake/scam Products (ie super health serum for face'photoshoped') , clickbaits, etc. Google should not allow fake adverts like this to enter the softwares /games under googleplay. Thx

Black Juice

Fun Game

Kyledylan Cocjin

Its Story Progressing is Amazing and it always has Thrill

Izzy Bermoy

Add a trap or troop that place a small wall so for that the charge zombie can be gooder to fight ^-^

Muhammad Fazamarendra

hi joypac i know that you working with mobirate and please for new update 3.6.0

Kat C.

FYI this is an outdated (worse) version of DAZW. The global version by mobirate isn't available in some countries right now 😕

Boy Gamer

I rate 5 star it's the best game


A good zombie game

Ivan Varron

I will put five star if this game is offline

Ken William

I got dupe with this app, i was not the original.

jm pro

Idk.i just like the game

Jake Jinayon

This game is stolen. Don't download it or install it.

what that name?

It a fake.

Harry Zapper

actual rip off

harizz aiman

Give me tdm

Sleepy Duck

This is not the original

Arthur Jayden Morningstar



This game is stolen, ad riddled, buggy mess of a game... This game is filles with ads especially sinc ethey are PROFITING from this when the game is stolen! This is very laughable considering the game is outdated.

Samuel Cardenas

This game is better than the original game and is super super easy

Mirza Aditia

this gsme was good but still kinda hard for me :)

Angel Libuna

good game

dani prakasa

why i starting new game. because new developer joypack?

Ivo Villapando

Why is this game not taken down yet its earning money from a stolen game just please dont download this even if you dont want to spend money the game is bombarded with ads that makes them earn lots of money look at mobirate's page if you want to download the real thing

Aung Ko Ko

Good Game

Mr.Noname still noname

The game is good but the ads are too much and even when I had the app close it gave me ads on my homescreen and apps that doesn't have ads such as Google,photo gallery etc.

Vortex Vanishknight

If i could rate -5 stars i would, because this is definitely a ripoff of Mobirate's one of the best game. China always makes ripoff of any games and why the hell, stop it dudes, not so good and whats more infuriating, when i search for Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare, the original never shows up and this fake pops up, i have to google it before i could download it, very angering 😡

Cyper Aniga

For real The original one is better :/

Aandrew Baggio

The app was working fine previously but it stops working most of the time now

Ken lorenz Julao

This game is amazing

Prince jush subiate

Love this copy righted game It's Cool and all but u need to Update ur game Like a ofline game cus uh its single player anyways great game Pls add ofline mode so I can be free from ads every 2 Rides or match idk

Yoshigake Kira

Dude this game became hard for no reason the pc version was way more better bruh you can't even pass in mission 21 on desert

Hedrich Samulde

There is a bug in the game that when you start the game the game crashes please fix this bug

andhika mahaputra

Good game maybe ad a menu to customize and upgrade weapon or chose weapon soo a farmer could have a stronger shot gun and redneck gets a new looking and better hammer

Samuel Tjung

I like the game and why did the zombie just vomit

Master Badass

Very Best Games Ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Carlos Vitug

This is a good game I like it

YH Chong

Too many ads in game

jasfer gaming

This game is fake

anirban das

Best game

Amir Hasan

This game is fun

阿右 Right

Please make Pc paid version on Steam! ! !

bacon crisp

Dont know what happen to the OG but it delete my old data

Siti Suhana Saparni

Susah sikit

Patrick Oscar Sanchez

All your games are very very very stupidest thing i played and you are now stealing games

Peanpea 24

Playing again after long time give me an amazing experience, really love the teampower system and special skills it's make me enjoy the game much more.

Zhian Rem Asprec

Wow am found it yay am can now play it :D

Yuhan Ameer Abduhasad

I love this game the big problem is it's too loggy so pls Fix it

Timothy Tafalla

This mobirate official company for Asia And it much cheaper ,even the original is available ,i guess this better if u want good deal

monster_ human_grunt

Don't even bother trying this, just don't. The developers decided to rip off a popular game, make some minor changes, and called it a day. Sure, it's "easier" playing it than the actual game, but most of the features that were in the original game were left out such as events and stuff. You could play this if you like but I recommend not playing this copycat.

Lean Andre Calosa

this is game is a trash is not new uptade

Glenn Mark

I like this game and its chalenging and pretty cool recommended download😉💙💙💙💙

Jenevie Cabucos Palmes

The game cool😎😘😗😘

Hitansh Anand 2A

I like this game so much (: thanks for making a game like this #dead ahead zombie warfare (: (;

Sujal Katoch

To everyone reading this DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!! it is stolen game . They stole this game from official company. Please download the official version by mobirate, not this junk.

Joshua Tamayo

This game is a copycat of the original dead ahead but way more free to play friendly with even cheaper microtransactions. And that I can still praise...BUT PLEASE! FIX the loading times. Ive had to delete and reinstall but man is the load times slow, and that's the only complaint I have so if you can, can you please fix the slow loading times? The rest are fine but the load times can be so annoying.

Christian july Lasam

The game is more f2p friendly now

Azizah Abdullah

This is the best game i have everplayed if u guys fix the bug that keeps kicking me out of the game


This is a stolen game from mobirate studios

Erika Sarmiento

Dead Ahead: Zombie W

ryan buquir

Good game

Zack Games

Pls make offline mode

Andina Gahara

game nya bisa mendapatkan ekslusif pack nya disini dan juga seru

Roel Dalaguit

I Love the game I love that there's roles and can you make a civilian role and Glenn is a unique role and the unique there's a mutant and a half human half zombie pls

Arthur Jay Polbo

Nccc i really like this kind of version love to see more in the future but pls add Google so i can save my progress

[Fake] Arinard

Copyright moment time

Manas Manas

I never see these type of 💩💩💩💩 game never download

Yu Hern Lee

Can you add mod pls our I hate your game.

Robin Winarko

Dude this is stolen it is owned by mobirate

not a Femboy

Bro, I know that you (Joypac) don't own this and but seeing some reviews and playing it for myself, it's pretty f2p friendly unlike Mobirates' p2p, old version but hey, it's f2p friendly so it's a good game in my book

Yay channel Lego


Adolfo Basallo

Every masterpiece, has its own cheap copy. But still you can get some warning on the devs on Mobirte.

Zaijohn Abay

Yes he deleted the game

9D howard oei

U guys literally make a outdated game and I can't save my data there this game is sooo broken bruh

Silenced Creator

I'm pissed off now I have to restart over again cause this is the old version

Noah Yong

L ripoff

Sawmtea Ms

Pls make jailer units deal 5x damage to zombie prisoners

Elrwn Espina


Review Ciyusan

Why is there no PVP mode and event in my apps??

Lester Guarin

Play now. Good 👍👍.

kook wei sheng

okay but little boring

Chirandeep Naik

U know what? Forget my old review this one is extremely f2p friendly yeah there are some interrupting between each game but i am used to it Would be good if u guys keep it up to date :D And oh please add google play log in so we can save our progress and play multiplayer and events

Zahin Hanizar


Ice_ Mocha

The company literally stole the code. Go and search mobirate and download the actual one instead of this.

Danh Nguyễn


Johnwayne Asmin

This game is "Very Good", but when i accedentally deleted this game and downloaded it,i had to start all over again.Please make a login settings for people who accidently deleted it or deleted it in purpose because of low storage. :(

Sai Shantip



Report this game please, this not a real one


Who the hell are you? You guys are not mobirate

Florife Taculod

I think this cool but my other phone has it the thumbnail is a bit weird my other phone not has it is still cool but is copy but it makes me easy to get money you can watch ads for 20 money still cool

Jaden Meclan

I like this because i can get money from watching ads easy money yeeeeeaaa



Silent Zodiac

Exceptionally ordinary😅😅😅

Stanley Leonard Darmali

This is an old version and this a different company. The real company of the dead ahead games is Mobirate, just click on the company name and you'll find the real dead ahead ZW game

Stanly Carlos

How you had this game huh!?!??! This game belongs to mobirate give the game back to them right now you just make the worst things to me right now i lost my acc in the game i work hard to get all strong units but now what you ruined everything i have ever had i wish you give the game back to mobirate this game doesnt belong to you just create your own game not buying the game from all the game dev you such a pathetic dev

Mark Alvin Justo

Its a rip off but Im sure that you can explain to the people....and I can't find the original game from mobirate....just explain everything and Im sure people will understand

Aquillez Khail S. Cabral

Do not download copy of the original game if u want bosses theres already bosses and events in the original True developer Mobirate

Abdulkhafid Masorong

You make a fake games