D&D Style RPG (Choices Game)

Author: Delight Games

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If you like old-school DnD-style RPG games where you make the choices for the main character, this is for you! Play a wizard, a succubus, a ranger, and a rogue in this epic series of text-based games.

Here, old-school doesn’t mean primitive. There are hundreds of achievements to uncover—from the silly and surprising to the epic. As you make choices, stats go up and down, with rarely an “instant death”. You have ready options for going back on choices while gripping you with a sense of suspense and challenge.

D&D Style RPG is dead-simple to learn, yet hard to master. You read and make choices, that’s it, but the consequences of your choices are not always obvious.

It’s like a series of your favorite fantasy novels, but gamified to be even more awesome!

Soon you will be immersed in an RPG richer than any you have played before because your own imagination is driving what you see, hear, and touch.

This huge series of intertwining story lines is made up of over 1 MILLION words! Over 7 years has gone into the development!

You start off playing a character in search of glory and loot, but soon delve into a world of deadly conspiracy and parallel universes. Later, the story continues as you switch to playing a succubus (demon), and then a rogue—each with their own personality and goals.

Also, there’s more on the way! Like a good D&D campaign, it doesn’t end.

Play well and you will be rewarded with the currency you need to finish everything without spending a penny. Hunt down those achievements, get the high ranks, and choose to watch the rewarded videos as they become available. Not that I don’t appreciate your monetary support and I’m confident that you will find it well worth it, but know that you do not have to.

Unlike many choice-based games, you do NOT spend currency to make choices. No choice is walled off from you for need of gems, etc. nor is there any such hint to spoil which is the “better choice”. You choose!

To succeed, you must put yourself in the boots of your character and do what’s best for him or her, even if it’s not what you would normally do. This requires more than logic, but also empathy for your character and the situation he/she finds themselves in. This is role-playing in its purest form.

Although this is a huge interactive story, offering many hours of enjoyment, it’s a tiny download and you can even play offline.

⚔️ Origin
Got this far? Well, let me tell you about the origin of this game. My name is Sam. I grew up with Dungeons and Dragons (1st edition, yeah!) and Choose Your Own Adventure books in rural Wisconsin, a place where imagination offered the most expedient means of escape. Decades later, I wanted to see if I could combine the best of fantasy writing with mobile game design in order to make reading addictive. Over six years ago, I left my corporate job to embark on a quest to create the best Interactive Fiction package I could. Over those years, I’ve been working full-time in my backyard shed striving to keep on the right side of sanity as I drift off into other worlds. This isn’t quite as sad as it sounds. My shed is insulated against Seattle’s winter chill, I invested in a standing desk, and my monitor is pretty sweet. I’ve had help from contractors over the years, which has been a lifesaver, particularly for art which I’m hopeless with.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my obsession and maybe I’ll hear from you via mail, etc. People like you make the sacrifice, the isolation, and the ups-and-downs of the brutal mobile business worth it. 🙂

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Update time: Jul 3, 2022
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Customer review

Nitous Infinitarius

This is such a wonder Game, love it. The story telling mad decision keep you thinking on your feet

Diane Leach

Great fun.really enjoying this game

Amanda myers

Love the choices and I can just read the stories

Madison Hoxeng

Fun choose you're own adventure

Eric Matovich

Much fun

Duane Reed

Reminds me of the "pick a path to adventure" books of my youth. So far it's been fun.


Compelling story thus far, evoking much of my emotions and imagination. Only wish the rewards were a bit more from achievements.


It is a good game

William Kabamba kamba


Thyme Xone

Pretty awesome so far!!!

Abraham Gonzalez

Makes reading fun

Scaramouche Supremacy

I love games like this so much, I love picking choices and there being multiple routes and I definitely recommend this game for people who like reading and picking choices!

Ezekiel & Fenja Vandehei

Fun text-based game, would love to see it developed more

Staisy McMuffin Cakes

I've only made it through the first story so far, but it's enthralling and witty.

Snappy Dappy

Fun stories

V1nce cuh

I absoulutly loved this game


So far the stories are quite inventive and entertaining. There are a lot of details to keep you engaged.

Dominic Freeman

Awesome game so far, unlike most mobile games these days it was very engaging and enjoyable


Cute and funny to start. Later very enjoyable beyond the cute. Worth getting premium to stop having interrupting ads when the 50% off offer comes up (and it does come up more than once).

My Dog & Me

This Is great, it's a little limited in it's decision making but if you need to scratch the Role playing itch, this is the app to do it.

Nihilistic Pancakeface

I know you have to make money but the ads are obnoxious to the point failing to achieve the necessary stat checks your force on us to keep the story going and having to log through the ad ridden hellscape again over and over just to scrounge enough optimal choices for stats to progress is pretty annoying and turned me away from this. While the story is good it's far from something I'd call exemplary to be worth that exorbitant price tag for premium

Blas Pineda



Very fun, reminds me of when I use to play D&D in high school


holy smoly amazing

Shane Ebersole

Just started but so far I'm really enjoying it! The characters are fun, the story is engrossing and the choices are great! Just the type of game I've been looking for. Thanks!

Sonrisa Holmes


Michael Anderson

Love this simple little RPG. Makes me remember the good old days of playing paper D&D and Rifts. Ah, yes a much simpler time and I dare say much better time.

Sara M. Noonan

I really like the game even if I keep making bad decisions

Jason Gravel


James herman

Alot of fun, good stories, and alot of them.

Phill Swift

Yes I like it for now

Garrick D

Absolutely fantastic game. Definitely delivers on the dnd style

Sarah Neil

Fab stories so far! Definitely addicting and I like that the choices actually affect things.

Charles Patterson

Very good work, I have read all of the high fantasy stories. It would be great to see the Ranger story continue.

Captain Sean Cambeul


Jashuan Lapsley

It's very interesting story line and seems that every response holds a different perspective to the story its my first time playing a game like this and I find it to very cool.

Mike G

Great little text adventure. The ads aren't too intrusive, and when you do participate they reward you.

Angie Mcewin

Enjoying,always wanted to understand and play D and D.

Johnathan Holowaty

Actually enjoying this.

Eric Waack

A good story so far that draws you in.

koren boojo

DnD fun first time

Jason Strickland

I have always wanted to play a game like this I had a friend who made up a game like this when I was younger and now this I love it!!!!

Apollo Loveless

Really wonderful, very helpful!

Jolly Bruce

Its so fun

Tahiat Choudhury

ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. If you love interactive story telling games then this is the best. Because so far as im seeing its almost completely free to play except a few premium stories which i think is worth paying for considering the product and service they have given me for free! Truly greatful for this app.

Sterling Leiv

Pretty fun game

Chance Anderson

Ive only played the first story so far and im already hooked. Reminds me of the old goosebump books where you make decisions but way better and way deeper. Getting all my friends on board!!!

scr3w 0ff

Im not used to d&d and my style of playthrough has been challenging im low on health and mana but my morale is still high

Josh Huckaby

So far so good at the first checkpoint

Trevan Lake

Fantasmagonically DELIGHTFUL! RATHER PRIMITIVE, this gamebook is (but light on the eyes, relaxing and fun, NO MATH REQUIRED [00 // yet...]. I live and love computer hardware engineering, and Microsoft NT kernel reference books and UNIX man pages are my usual nighttime snack staple. If I need an easy midnight snack or two I shall stick with this one. READ IT!!!!

DankDevil 81

I like it really good so far

Jonathon Spencer

Fun story telling choose your own adventure style book

Wanda Proffitt

It's just exciting to me


This game is pretty awesome! It's a free game, it contains ads that aren't obnoxious, it tells a great story, it has multiple chapters with different characters in different settings, etc. I also like that your choices feel like they matter, the more you play as the character, the better. I would definitely recommend this for fans of the genre.

Khaman Mythwood

Fun Run

joshua krantz


Junkyard Bandog

I wizarded, I got gold, I lived. Fun, easy, interactive story, like old Goosebumps books.

Dakota Frech-Assiginack

You get choices but they always lead to the same path

Micheal Dillon

Great presentation. Get really into the stories.

Conor Keightley-Reinhardt

This game is amazing. I am a nerd who loves fantasy, but I'm from a small rural town where no one would get together to play a nerdy game even if they wanted to. This game is ridiculously fun and the story is great.

Šević Aleksa

Well done


No ads interesting story


Well written and immersive

Jason Sanders

Awesome reading. Love the game.


Cute story

Jordan Baxter

I'm enjoying this game so far I'm really wrapped in the stories really enjoying it

Andrew Underwood

I found myself getting lost in the stories

Owen Santiago

Great game with many paths to choose from and the adds are worth it to get more coins to unlock more stories

Rosano de la Torre

reminds me of my tabletop party

Pam Maurer

Im just getting started but p4etty intresting

Stelios Stelaras

An incredible movie loved every second of it amazing work ♥️

Blaise Eloe

Good so far

John Delinger Cruz

Keeps you busy and entertained at the same time, just completed the wizard choice part 1.


I don't read as much as I used to or as much as I know I should but this is keeping me intrigued and addicted! I think reading should be like this for kids in school! I think it would help them to live reading more if schools used interactive reading games like these! Keep up the great work, guys! And thank you for being ad-free!

Ty Moore

In the "choose your own adventure" style you get to play various character arcs and periodically make choices to gain or lose points. A touch of violence and a little romance round out the adventure. Good reading fun!

Osman George

Nice game I like it.

David Howard

I like very much. ^u^

Leroy Babcock

Great so far

jeffrey esteban

Great story so far

Maryse Val

So far so good! It does remind me of playing adventures games in the 90's

Nathan Street

Twas fun


Very intriguing and addicting

Hashiem Latefe

It's not often I play this game style or genre, but this one is good :) It reminds me of the choose your own adventure books from when I was a kid. I've almost finished the free part of it & definitely will buy the Premium version. The 50% off deal sold me on it lol. I'll update review after I finish.

Daniel Perez

I've loved this app for years.

Le Birb


Ryan Miller


rgonaut Baltimore

Cool story. Addictive

Thayne Warner

An entertaining story game in the vein of the old Choose Your Own Adventure Dungeons & Dragons and Lone Wolf books.

Steve Fling

Fun, well depicted interactive fiction! Brings you into the story and hard to stop playing!

Darth Revan

I've just finished the first chapter and I'm thoroughly enjoying it

Jah Boni

Damn, it's good.....your choice

Mark Goodchild

Very involving game! Personally I'm only at the start but it is quite interesting. I recommend to download this app even if you are not very into reading and stuff like that

Steven Stocks

Fun read. 2nd time through!

Deena Clingma

Great! A mix of D&D and chose your adventure books.

mark pennell

Enjoying the game

James Quetot

So far I'm interested in the game I enjoy playing d&d. I was a d&d dungeon master at one time years ago.

T Thomas

Okay, clearly written by a Cis man. The misogyny and misinterpreted definition of "morality" is clearly based on classic gender roles. I made decisions for ethical reasons and was all but labeled a pervert. Story needs WORK

Guillaume Lang


No Fame Ricci

So far so good. No ads yet, but is very engaging and well thought out scenarios.

david gimenes

Great game and so far free.