Days After: Zombie Games. Killing, Shooting Zombie


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Days After: Zombie Games. Killing, Shooting Zombie – Zombie survival, shooting game. Last days of the world. Zombie apocalypse games!

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File size: 180M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 7.5.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ahmed Mohamed

GSM and the other one in my account

Sarwan Singh Chundawat

Game is very nice and very good 😊

Himanshu vishwakarma

Not good. Always discounted even in good network. Progress is too slow in game. It is too much boaring.


Nice survival game 👍



Maria Angille Valderama

I'm so enjoy in this game great time killer. good graphics. this game is impressive! so I rate this game to 5 star.

Tanvi teza

Wow! Nice game but reason for giving this game 4 star is this game have several bug so pls fix them other wise this game is awesome

Nitin Yadav

Best game

Sarah Adrian

Fun game. Force closes occasionally is the only problem. Otherwise well laid out and good time killer overall

Xstare Xstare

Hi bithers.face change karo carcater ko change karo plz.frendsheep.

Basavaraju. j Basavaraju


Lilly Lineer

pretty good

Gagan Bagga

Game is good but I'm disappointed with the joystick sometimes it didn't work

Sakthi Sivam


Jose Pena



Ok pay to win as usual

Mark Anthony Aydalla

Good post apocalyptic game

Ralph Bender

I've been playing this game for about a year and I'm getting pretty hit a wall where if you want to go farther you need to pay.i'm level 74 and wasting my time cause I can't go any farther.your progress is limited to finding things you can't craft to proceed but are vital to continuing. I've been to every playing area and haven't been able to find sulfur in more that two weeks.can't make firearms without sulfur. Pointless meandering. And I play the game but 2 stars.

Swcheney Moving


Mohamed Sabih

Game can be fun , problem is with the new update Zombies can charge at you and deal big damage when you are not expecting it and items break way to quick for how much they cost to make

Madcat Gaming

Loved it! Very entertaining! I enjoyed playing with it!

Raheem Zadran

vrry good game

Steven Smith

Need more guns

Joseph Aldrich M. Zamora

Ok lang

valent putri

This best game zombie survival. Graphics is good. Min bug, and easy play. I like this game for mobile

Arun Govind

Very Nice Game

Mark Garvin

Pulls you in and keeps you. I've enjoyed the game thus far. Watching adds is a choice rather than a must. If you decide to pay for anything the prices are pretty steep but it's not a must to play the game. I've only been playing a couple of weeks so my opinion may change later but as of now I'm really enjoying it.

Noel Trinidad

Fun and addictive

Jaouad Bousta


Mar Walk

Good game

Romeo Ferrer

What y'all did to this game like first jane is literally impossible to get now its like you'll have to "pay" now second healing items is lower well thats what i saw on discord third y'all basically make the game harder to get some money essentially maybe making the game p2w which is the opposite reason why i installed the game. The update made the game worse the update s Doesn't say all the things unless you actually pkay it. Yall better fix your game cause if you keep doing this no one play lol

Rabha Kamargaon Chayani Barduar


eric hurst

Very addictive. Reminds me of state of decay



Austin Patterson

Great game. You don't have to spend real money to level up and get far!!!

Ricky Ritchie

So far so good. It's alot easier and better then others like it

Michael Babyboy Borinaga

Great game

cathy buenaventura

Nice game !! Love it

Tom Nerge

Good game just takes a long time to get anything done

Aakash Adhikary

a very good game under 200 now

Eddie Coffin

Having a great time

Crystal Kerns

Good game but update the hitbox.

Theodora Tan

I really like the game, it's a little easier compared to another similar game I tried. I like how you'll be able to tell when the maps will refresh. Although, my only issue with it is that it gets a little grindy after a while. You have to grind quite a bit just to get certain materials. But if you don't mind grinding, it's a pretty good game.

Nick John Castino

I enjoy playing this game

Genny larson

This is a fun game. Challenging but not to the point of giving up. Graphics are pretty good too

J Marsden

Fun, if you play your luck right at the beginning you won't even have to pay to keep going

Derryk Armstrong


Miss Jocel Sembrano

I actually love the gameplay, but unfortunately the game won't load, it stops at 21% and a message saying "Check your internet connection" appears yet my internet connection is fine.

Late-bloom Strategy

is the game is always on maintenance? i play for 5-10mins then the game notified me that there is a maintenance. it been doing it for three days now.

Angelita Almonia

Strategy game

joney_walker editZzZz

Nalla ady powli game

Ondru Arun


divyansh Mogha

Mast ha

Ronald Cox

Was a decent game. Since the last update they r going the way of the other games of this type. The packages r way overpriced as well. Since the devs want ideas here's a big one. Don't make it pay to play, then I might pay. This latest update is A PRIME EXAMPLE Of WHY I WILL NEVER PAY ANOTHER DIME on this game. I love how u update the creatures BUT NOT THE PLAYER. Nice one devs. U see most rpgs u increase skills and hps. In this game the creatures improve but not the player (UNLESS U PAY TO PLAY)

Kevin Finn

Getting amo for the weapons instead of tossing it would be a time saver.

Clark Wilde

Not bad. Really sucks loosing everything in your bag if you die but it's not to difficult to get it back. I wish it was easier to obtain larger backpack. You can't hall much in the one you start of with. Weapons and clothes wear out quickly. Keeping yourself with a decent weapon and armor is a challenge.

goran kristan


Justin Main

Fun, addicting, but a bit confusing! Hoping there isn't any pvp since this is such a fun game to just go on auto pilot and play without try harding.


If it wasn't so high in cost to develop your character/home it would be far more enjoyable and I would have given it 5-stars.

Steven Gonzales

Fun and engaging!

Janet Newberry

Awesome thanks

Tony Feddeler

Lots of fun!!!!


Great game, just wish I could visit friends or clan members base

Thenmoli Velu

I give this 4 star you may ask why not 5 stars thats because rhe resources are really hard to get and the live of the weapons are very low like the 9mm is too fragile it beakes soo fast

Renzyl Ucag

So good

Arash Sadat


Sukhjeet Singh

Good experience

Anna Gaming


Christy Parker

I have only played this game a couple of days, but I find the game enjoyable and easier addictive. I like that I can return to a zone to get everything I need in more than one trip if needed.

Jesse Radke

Fun game to play

Lentral Lewis

I love horror and survival games and so to have both of them together as a match made in for a horror heaven.

Danielle Jay Bajo

When you level up, endurance should be full also.

Jodi Page

Plenty of energy so you can play for a long time with plenty to do

Abhishek Rajput

Osm game


This game is intresting but too much lag

roscel ladublan

Nice graphics

Jurny Castillo

Fun game experience

mario mariscal

Good game to kill some time

Gnute Gamers


Sniper Pimp

Can be frustrating but addicting. Wish I had someone guide me when first playing. Having a build reference would be helpful as well. I would never have wasted materials on certain upgrades.

Deb Hayward


Ntg Smm


Mtown Noodles


Etenal Nox

I see a Potential in this game but, still need improvement like more common resources something like that

Brian Carey

Fun, crisp graphics and play

Courtney Gill

Very good game as what I have played so far, no problems atm, stamina is good and doesn't cost much which I love, brilliant game keep it up

Gabe Villarreal

Great game super fun !

Regg Moral

Great game. Ty .

Hyuhan Pascua Madera

How to retrieve my account Someone help me

Mark Anthony Garay

Challenging and full package in this game...i hope that the daily log in will be have more gifts and thank u so much...

Aarav Raj Chauhan

Game is very nice ☺️🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

micheal baxendale


Rorj Rorj

I really love the game, but the only thing for me is that when your backpack is full and you craft something like the storage of your loots, it will not appear sometimes, i think it's bugging but the rest is good. I'm still exploring tho but thanks to this game

Professional Google Reviewer

Great game, super fun to play. In game packs to buy are ridiculously overpriced. Also you can not permanently become vip, have to pay by day. Nothing in the game is worth buying, unless you need a resource or $2 you het god amount, but have not had the need to yet.


Whenever I go outside and venture in the forest it always stuck at loading screen it's unplayable for me my phone is 3gb ram to

Michael Mancini

You're game will not read my login data. You're new update makes it impossible to login Can't play your game anymore. You people have angered me for the last time. YOU'RE GAME SUCKS.

Justin Brazell 69

Great game the only trouble I have is it tells me to check my internet connection from time to time but other than that excellent game

Jacob Iams

Good game

Abdul Mohsin


rouille gaming

Very good game plenty to do and good time killer only issue is gathering the basic resources like wood stone and grass they could do with a buff of 3 per rock broken and 3 per tree when cut down and add more trees to the forest areas it's not quite equal to rocks or grass always lacking wood no matter how hard I focus on only getting that and also adding traits wouldn't be a bad thing nor having something elts like free healing healing or extra stealth where the auto collet is