Dating Restaurant-Idle Game

Author: Longames

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What? Are singles not accepted here?
This is a restaurant for lovers. It only accepts men and women who come here for dating and relationship. It is important for them to get to know each other during the meal and eventually fall in love.
As the manager of the restaurant, it is your responsibility to make reasonable use of resources to create a romantic and comfortable dining environment for customers. If they are satisfied, they will give good review.
In addition, special attention needs to be paid to the mood of customers. Customers who have successful dates will be happy to receive a boutique of roses from you. The Cupid’s arrow is in your hands!

1. Learn all kinds of recipes: sushi, sausage, salad, pumpkin pie, etc.
2. A variety of styles of furniture and decoration, pastoral, romantic, aristocratic, etc.
3. Hire the best staff, including the lovely receptionist Cici, the busy chef Riley, the handsome barista Dennis, etc.
4. Unlock all kinds of illustrations of love, listen to love stories, and follow the status of customers’ relationship.
5. VIP customers and colorful customer personalities are waiting for you to unlock!
6. Run your restaurant, make big profits, and open branches all over the country!

All you want are in the Dating Restaurant — a fun, warm and loving place.
Download “Dating Restaurant” now and find the destiny for your customers!

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Update time: Jun 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Longames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rebangcus May Ann

Nakakaenjoy 🙂

xara beny

super exciting game 😍

kurrona hosii

Its good. Very good. Just a little glitch

annadith arsenio

Nice games

Ana Rose Waje

Im enjoying the games

Alma Tanzo- Galeria

This is grate

Natalie Kate Berkeley


Marcella Doit

How to get the coffee bucket? I have 538M but still can't buy it? Please help

Sweet Stranger


Alfon Medina

quite good

Arif 1563

Very good..the characters is cute at all

Lovely dienne B. Ibañez

I'm so addicted to this game😍

Marianne Tampepe

Ilove this game

julius estrera

You can only depend on ads

John Rey

Great game but I am top 2 on ranking yet the countdown for next reward is about 60000 hours which is too many years before I get the reward myself. I am not sure if it's a bug but this is very disappointing. I never changed my phone time🤬

Heather Hansen

Cute game, pretty graphics and plenty to upgrade, something to pass the time

Aressa Jones

This is such a good game. But once you finish the second restaurant you can't progress. I guess I have to uninstall it since there is nothing left to do. So sad. I really enjoyed playing.



jasmine fang

For relax time play not bad ya hehe

Jin Han Subagan

Nice game

Alex Valera


Christian A Birao

Home cxao

Elodie sam

Overall the game is good as no force ads. But guide is not provided as i dont know where to get flower in order to achive higher rank in flower list rank.

Rashidah Hj Kassim

I love this game

emma ibrahim


Tiffany Pearl Ybanez

Good game

Lakeisha Squalls

Love it

Chris Coray

Fun while it lasts. The game appears to have multiple restaurants to unlock, much like the devs' other game, Idle Magic School. Instead, they've taken the lazy way out and made it very difficult to get past the second restaurant. Difficult, but not impossible. I bought the "no ads" upgrade and I'm now stuck upgrading ridiculously expensive stuff in location 2, with no option to move on to the next location, despite the fact that it appears there are more.

ylane miraflor

nice game

Zhrh Mstr


Joy Reoganis

Amazing game!

Nji9 Nji9

I bought the game to pass some time.

Catherine Roldan


Pressley phon

Cool game

Sachin Kumbar


Cath Cath


Chinta Atika


rose rosey

I love this game so muchh

Chaelhyn Manalo


Bethel Mananggit

When will you update? I can't open sargon. It's still unavailable

macky Ü

deserve to have 5star ratings, there are ADS but it's just 6sec. only compare to other games.. worth to have it on your mobile

kyouko Sayaka

Is good in the way of managing

Osmond Osmond

Love it

Hilary Lorena

this is so fun!! i love it so much

Salina Abdullah

Good, i like this games

raichelle torres

I just play it yesterday and for me its good i still observe later. I just hope you can design your restaurant too.

Alfredo Sazon

Very challenging

Muhammad Abrar

I love this game 💕💕💕💕😘

Lilibeth Macaagir

i love this game so much🤗

Katrina Paradela

very nice

rarinsia യ

เกมสนุก แต่อยากให้มีระบบล็อกอินเกม จะได้เซฟข้อมูลไว้

Ezra Chrisarylina

This game is so much fun

Farahanis Firza

Sorry :(



Mark Alcantara


Nichole Steinberger

Awsome game

Itsa Secret

I keep getting no ad available for cupid and the angel investor, this sux, how am I supposed to get those extras?

Irish Villarosa

too many ads

Carlito Geronimo

I Love it ❤️🌹

Xin Chan

This is a good game, I like it...

chef ka den


Kyameron Kira

Love it, but I can't figure out how to use my chef hats(?) I can't upgrade anything and I have max chef hats.. so I am not sure what to do. Edit: just seen the reply, thanks! ^^ All in all the game is great! The only thing is I just wish progressing in the game was a tad bit easier - otherwise you'll be watching many ads. Great game though!

:D Eh?

Great! I really like the concept of the game! But there's a bug in which characters are stacked on top of each other and continue waiting for their date. It only happens in the private room though. P.S: Yes, the issue would go away when I re-enter the game but it would happen again shortly after.

January Ann Abad Coso


Dwi Kusuma Santi


park jimin

love it!!!

Zarrah Borlasa

I love it and fun it's a yes for me

Renilie Cordura

great game.. but lot lot of ads

Aeela ji

Beautiful app

Nikki Louisse Udarbe

When is sargon forest gonna be available?

Ammu Varsha

I realy love and enjoy this game

Teresa Troy

best games restaurant ever....

sa_ official

Not god game

Applaraj Garikina


Aldrinjohn Borja


Lexter Tomenio

Happiest games

Alexis Villaviray

This app so relaxing I play this like hours! This my favorite now😭❤️👍

kim lo


Veron Lagordo

I like Idle Game Restaurant

Paula Dooling

Kept trying to install and it wouldn't install


Best game!!!

Lynn SGP

Actions come with ad. No patience with every ad which is 30s. Fun and cute but finally uninstalling it due to too many ad. You need to pay if you want it to be an ad free game

Joshua Andrew Pedrajas

Its fun at first.. After I unlocked everything.. and maxed out everything.. nothing to do anymore hehehe.. anyways it is a fun game.. need more story and more place to unlock. I maxed out everything cause I bought the no ads in shop.

Felix Labor

J Good

Denise Torres

Takes too long to earn money and there are never adds available so have to refuse offers

Momo Fantasy

Cute game, altho the earning doesn't match the expanese for upgrading by far. Without people giving you free money, it is hardly valid. Also, the third resturant is not available yet..!

Kristine Fulgencio

Best game ever.

Vivi Leona

Very confusing and slow, the price for upgrading is too high.

Nailah Dotarot

I can't open the Sargon Forest chain. It says International Flight are still being prepared. How can I open it?

Rljean Villegas


dat nguyen

Good job

Sheenan Marie Vallejera

I love this games

Eduardo Deguzman


Pinkan Lin


Jie Ying Song

Cute. Not bad.

Michelle Sinfuego

Nice games

Blaire Aguilar

this is the first time i have loved a tycoon game,it's really great and the graphics are so cute and i love how they dont discriminate by putting lesbian couples,gay or bisexual,anyways if you're looking for a tycoon gamed i recommend this one

Hasmizan Ibrahim

I like it

Kvng Chrix-Topic

Where do I go to I love the game how you

Giray Divine

I like this game, it's easy to earn money for upgradation.