Dark Hero Dash : Idle RPG

Author: BluePotion Games

100K+ install


★★Dark Stylish Idle RPG, Dark hero Dash!★★

We put the Original Story and Sensual Designs together.
Start the Adventure today with less stress from idle play
but more thrills from colorful action!

■ Dash! With Fast and Cool Action!
Move forward with a horizontal scroll and defeat the monsters.
Start a thrilling adventure where time flies & Feel the excitement of colorful action beyond the idle game.

■ Quit choosing! Complete your Class!
Playing with only one kind is too lame!
Complete your own unique Dark Hero with five distinctive weapons, & Experience all visual and action changes!

■ Open up the Gate! Into the Mysterious World!
Not just another Idle RPG where you level up only.
Enjoy the exciting story of a betrayed Knightess, having her revenge on the Heroes & the game with a variety of content tailored to the story.

■ Stylish Action! With High-quality 2D Graphics & BGM!
Meet cute characters with neat designs and stylish 2D pixel graphics.
Immerse yourself in a dark and gorgeous atmosphere with colorful graphics and thrilling sound.

■ No Rush! Grow on its own
Here comes the idle RPG game that grows on its own.
Starting again upon every death, Level up continuously with overflowing resources & Challenge various dungeons without any stress.

[ Official Community ] – Discord : https://discord.gg/cGNUwge9T3
– YouTube : https://youtu.be/-0ADhgc_acU
– Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DarkHeroDash

[ Customer Support ] – E-mail : bpgames_cs@bluepotion.co.kr

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 11, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: BluePotion Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

wayne berry

Daliy rewards... yes, you read it right. Im getting DALIY rewards. Not DAILY rewards lol

Hmm Mmmm

Good idle, but content locked behind inevitable spending

Jeffrey D Smith

Fix your ads, they're broken enough for it to be an issue.

Arya Bobri

Didn't know what I did and got ban?!

God Cuck

So many hackers.

Mohammed Beydoun

Picture the middle of your screen, imagine endless spam appearing and disappearing. Endless spam that can't be turn off or be hidden. This is the game at its core. Seeing players spamming, the other half is a numerical counter that gets bigger. Get a bigger number through pressing colorful buttons, while you look at chat.

Kawper Lacayo

Your advertisements break your game.

Isaac Griffiths

Never played it

j y

ad remover cost is reasonable, lots of free items everyday ,removing ads fot 3$ is worth to pay on this game.. lots of freebies everyday.. gameplay is good offline rewards are great, online experience is strategically good.. having different skills weapons and upgrades are all excelent.. thank you devs for giving us everyday rewards 2x and sometimes more......... and i want to specifically point about high tier weapon rate... not so low not so high for me its very goooooood.. 😀😀😀

Richard Velez

Basic cash grab gotcha game

Damian Cain

High p2w. Skins are locked behind real money, the summons will take forever to max out level for each weapon type which gives inv effect, being offline does not gain as much as leaving it open 24/7 and a pixel game that lags is a no in 2022. Also can't even set the skills I want to use. Have to use all skills and some does not sync with times skills making it pointless to use all skills on auto. Chat is horrendous.


Chat Channel will changing when watching ad :(


What A Good Game, Add more content :)

Thiên Tùng

nice game!!

Artur Artur

not working. cancer developer

ceus navarro

The best idle RPG game


First real update with first event and its p2w. You earn 1/5 of the rewards a paying customer does which puts you a huge disadvantage permanently in the game. No way to earn the other 4 rewards outside of paying which have huge gameplay impact. Not worth playing anymore


This game low key expensive p2w hard not recommend to play

Joey Burr

Cash grab with simplistic gameplay. Nothing new here. Pick up any other similar game and you won't notice a difference.

Tim G

Ok so been playing 3 days here's my review.. 1 star, free to play but p2w and not only that but loaded with hackers. In first place on the leaderboard at level 141... Lmao ok. Unistalling this garbage.

Zidhan Khaudry

The game keep crashing, pleas help me devsss i really wanna play this game

Aloe Moe

You can slave most of the boss in the game 10/10 best game

David Kerwin

Seems fun enough so far, only big problem is that inventory effects don't seem to work, I checked my atk before upgrading all grey,green and blue and 1 purple weapon to max and it didn't change my max atk at all. Also seem to hit a wall of nothing to do fairly early and it lives up to the idle name

Cinamin Lips

Great idler. The art is great. Wish there were more descriptions of what things do and how buffs affect other skills.

Brandon Landau

This is just to get the developers attention. The game needs more options to optimize the game. While this is a pixle game, it makes my phone lag. Making it harder to play.

Johnny Chua

Got ban for nothing


Damn dat girl strong

Oğuzhan Yılmaz (ChallengerGücündeGold)

I like the devs. They actually try to communicate with the player base. Game is good too flawed here and there but I can tolerate it <3

Hh Ss

Love this game, need more feature for example pvp or arena in order to make players wanna become stronger

Mark Jethro Macul

This game is superb

Uber Destruction

It's a bit overwhelming at first but gets better over time. Some of the ads you watch just crash the game outright. Other than that it's a pretty good game.

Taylor Carter

Just another generic copy paste idle game. Unity assets, cookie cutter millions of gems and handouts to get you to spend money early. Pump and dump, scam and scram.

Alex Lynch

While I liked this game I had to Uninstaller for one simple reason. The boot up time. It takes literally 2-3 mins, sometimes 5 for this game to boot. Why?! It's goddamn pixel graphics. Even my WWE games boot within 30 seconds. You might want to consider fixing this if you want the game to grow.

Hey My Name is Rio

still crash when opening the game. need help or pls fix it

Nicholas Swota

Crashing issue seems to be resolved. The deva are super helpful and respond quickly. Great idle game with unique aspects and a decent amount of stuff to do with the list always increasing.

Kat Foebreaker

The game isn't bad. Liked that I had to search around to find things vs being forced into a tutorial. It is a neat little game to pass some time but, not really a game you would spend your whole day on. The chat however has no English speakers. So if your only language is English don't expect to use the chat function as no one will understand you, nor respond to you. If you don't care about the chat issue and just want a solo quick game that can be put down right away give it a try.

Wolf Mordhau

Amazing amount of depth for a 'mostly' idle game. Seems very favorable even as F2P. Strategy for your character's growth and skills is greater than most pay options. Only issue is chat. Speaking in English quickly got me called racist. Not a very inclusive community as it is definitely non-English speaking and the game doesn't have an auto-translate like some other global games I've played. That aside, solid game and recommend at least giving it a try.

Mark Robin Cabiling

Nice game and I recommend to my friends.

I'm H0

Everything is good! Only wish the graphic better and able to view clearly our character :p

Crazy Cooter

Huge pay walls


either a repost or your progress is not saved


Good game i like it

Anjo matthew Tampelic

Best game for a busy person

Briliantino Prihandika Kharisma Putra Sakti

Forced close regularly, please fix it.


Seems like a good game so far! Will update to 5 stars if it continues to be good.

Refry Beatbox

Game is an OK idle/endless game. Pros: lots of gems can be earned without paying. Cons: it actually gets boring pretty quickly. Low drop rate for high tier items (over 600 weapons draws and no orange or red items yet, only some purples) Update: see if the above review is an authentic and substantive experience of the game and then look at the petty response from the dev. How disrespectful. I rated it 3-Stars and they said I can't be pleased. So I reduced the rating to 1-star.😐

queen echidna

Cant open because using third party ? My phone event not rooted and im not using suspicious app

Bryle Morales

Good game but pls some errors

Ryan Fecteau

Fun idle game. Decent rates, good rewards, generous compensation. My only small complaint is the hackers that get on ranks but they seem to be banned daily so it's not a huge issue. Just kind of annoying.

Ahmed Atef

My daily dungeon attempts didn't reset for 5th day and can’t even fing a support to contact


Nice game with some progression but in the end its you in the chat with Korean signs.. So if you can't read Korean? Game over.. There are a few English players (really just a few so far) but the chat resets so forget it even if you had a nice chat now.. BOOM you're in a brand new pure Korean sign chat... GG.. I hope there'll be guilds? If not then there's no point playing because it'll be just grow and spend game to show who's got the bigger pp.. That's it I guess.. Good luck

enok nollorca

Still under maintenance after the update ? Tsk

Rick Angel

Mediocre game that really throws a lot of microtransactions in your face.

Daniel Villasista

Skills Descriptions are false, for example is the scythe skill


Add choose for auto cast skills, i dont need all skills on auto cast!!

Oggy Mulki


pika chu

Trish trash


It's not a bad idle game, but 2 big issues. Cheaters make up the top of the leaderboards (there's literally one on their discord discussing mod apks and isn't banned yet) & there's no offline progress or it's bugged. Might reevaluate if those 2 things are fixed

Jeremiah Salaam

Pretty good.

Game McGameGame

Was charged twice for ad pass and did not recieve it. Please refund and credit my pass.

Golden God

Edit 1: it a good game and i like that the devs responded (it might also be someone else). At the moment i dont have anything to criticize. Im not sure what i missing but im missing something in the game. If i find out i will edit again. For the moment 4 stars for a solid but sadly not unique game.

M. Aldi Prabowo

Guild and guild raid would be dope.

Michael Killer

Had a good time playing despite how little it was, stuck in maintenance mode so hopefully it will bring some stability. Will check back later. Edit: Game is back up and the devs compensated nicely for the long down time. It is a great idle game with enough things to keep you occupied.

xyz abc

Will try âgin.

Axel Jouy

The game is lovely and fun to play. Also, the weapons are well drawn and playing is not boring. The rates are rather high and the diamonds are easy to obtain. Nice game. :) 5* <3

Kelby Fraser

nice game the bug has been fix,i hope in coming update put guild and pvp pls thankss

Anonymous Gamer

Tells me there is a new update in store I go to the store doesn't even say that I can update it.

Flamingo Caster3

Really good game i unstalled it as soon as it came out which was last night so yea 10/10 but yea im bumed that theres a maintence because i was abkut tomplay all night and about ro righpt now but im a paitent dude so take your time

Athallah.A.T.R 07

Wait a maintance

Ashok Kumar Sand (Demon 4 war)

Game is launched and not working

DrAlif Daud



bruh how long we will wait until the maintenance is done? im waiting since morning(btw where can i see the discord?)

Loner Gear

Have played it and I am very much addicted on play it. However, after play it for a few hours (morning), the game said it's in maintenance. Up until now, it still in maintenance and it's already evening.

Hanz G

Launch a game then Maintainance Please Gamedevs. fix your game first before you launch it. Its not a good PR to release it on googleplay then giving players the maintainance bundle..will edit my review after the maintainance

Neth Bernardino

I've waited for this and it was released the same time my phone broke.Worst part is, I couldn't install this on different phone


I selected hammer as second weapon but second trial need speed weapon :( and game is gone under maintance even after new released

emmanuel sanchez

Superb Idle Game


Dont download,they instal another program that dont show in screen only in app manager. Probably to steal information.

Mike x

Crashes on startup, error message in KR which I do not understand

Michelle de la Lune

Resource acquisition is very slow for an idle game

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Illicit tools found, shut down the game.