Dark Fantasy

Author: Gamepub

50,000+ install


Dark Fantasy – Slay the monster and be a light of the world!

Detailed info

File size: 151M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.2.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Gamepub
Price: Free
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Customer review

joe kimball

Would not load

Aliyu Abduljalil

Doesn't launch

Kathy Yates

Crashes immediately on start up.

Groovy Head

Omg I downloaded the game to play and it won't load. If that says anything about the game I want nothing to do with it.

unknown qpqpqp

Please fix can't get past wave 61 it just don't work

Bayu Baut

Good Game , But ... Boss Fight ... Loading ... Boss Fight ... Loading ... Loadings Are Not Good. And Need Guilds / Clans Activities Features To Avoid Players Getting Bored Playing Solo.

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Boring fast Need google play achievements.

David Potgieter

Does not open.

Jay Stone

Great Game ,♡



Mark Dragonite

Horrible graphics.

Kasey Boice

Very very boring game behind an extremely stupid pay to win base.

Ken Ng

Dated gfx

Eddy Thoman

Codes saying cannot use this code yet theyre brand new the Olympic codes dont work


Farming gold is hard...as gold is required in large amount to upgrade...real money offers are also bad.....ads remove is a good option but still need to wait for 20 minutes to collect next gold or battle points or coupon to fight....i think hackers are there in this game as I couldn't win against half my battle power....

Big friendly Russian bear

it good

Hemanth Sai A


Darkeclipes Eclipes


G Yuji

This game released way too early. Could be an incredible game after a month or two, for now its bad. Deleting it for know. Add x5 x10 ticket using option in arena&dungeons. Add guilds, add daily events. Actually add much more stuff. Anyways bye

Sheldon Cooper

Не тратьте своё время и тем более 💰.


It's not a bad game but gets boring quickly. Graphics are a little outdated. I think 3 star is a solid rating

Josh Tessmer (Demon Darkness)

this game is fun, amazing and great old school take back to many years! hack and slash can't get any better then that. I don't think this game is pay to win..not many apps give out free in game currency like this..so if you manage you can do well! 5 stars from me.

Perjalanan Waktu


Agung Setiawan


Darshan Ambat

Very underwhelming clicker game.

Mannerlessboy gaming

Dear dark fantasy I play this game on my YouTube channel plz don't copyright I request you I, am a new gamer on YouTube

gherraf mohammed

Make graphics better and smoother animation


Simple game. Too simple and straightforward. Login gift only diamond. Gacha divided into each hero unlocked. And one cliçk to auto all. Graphic so old school remind me of 90ish game.

Astral Blade

Tbh pgr ruined my chances to play since just a couple of hours in pgr launched and I needed the space

Leon Alexander

Won't load stage 60. Otherwise 5 stars

Ben Bagnall

Cash grab, buy a bonus to unlock buying a more expensive bigger bonus. and getting a refund is an issue.

Jason Lowe

This game is so dull

Dylan Dunakin

Thanks to the devs for wiping my character I spent money on!! Went to check my character and I was reverted back to nothing!!! Crooks and liars! Invested alot of time Into this game watched all the stupid ads for gems had all my characters over 800 attack at 91B and got basically cheated. ZERO STARS!!

Gian Lo

Can't log in. Just recently did an in app purchase too. Now I'm just losing ranks. Either give me a refund or fix the dang game

Khushi Agarwal

I love this game

Moopy Hedgehog

cant connect after last update

David Angel

Can't get into the game. Says it requires a update but no update is available and there is no support at all yo try and resolve. No twitter or fb or email. Not a single way to request help.

Jedi Kasep

Seriously? Click and click.. Right and right..


After update stuck at lobby before choose server,the selection to start its disap pear

jaz bowen

Pretty good idle game! Pros: Very generous with the premium currency and equipment gacha crates Some interesting monster designs Progression feels like actual work Cons: Doesn't really have a story outside of "go to hell kill monster" The translation into English at least needs polishing, lots of grammatical and spelling issues You only get three main heroes, after that you can pick three different 'mercenaries' but they only appear in battle

pinal thakkar



Very good idle game

Brad Beckner


Derek Barragan

Great game with very little lagg and almost little pay to win

Terry A.

nice game

Jim Smale

It's adverts with occasional game breaks

Zack 0009

The game keeps on close many times and always lag after couple of minutes.

Avanish Chandra

I played uptil stage 11. In each stage you have to kill a boss. With normal strikes you can kill in 3-4, with special power-up slash, just in one. Easy-peezy. No fun.

Chris Bridgham

First try on running the game and I am asked to update. Update takes me to Google Play which doesn't have an update and the button is marked Play. Oh well.

Mohammed Yousuf

should add more modes such as side quest and a more detailed tutorial

billy blair

Can't even call this a game. Poorly optimized cash grab.

Manchaiah Arsikere

This is super game

Tharik Ahamed

super game


Game ni bosan, tekan tekan tekan je.


It's just not that good there are better idle games to play tbh

muhammad naqib

wasting time to play this game, pre reg for nothing

Srujan Kulkarni

Good game. Kills time and entertains you

Lorenzo Lerra

I played the game for an hour and while playing I could not stop thinking that the game was either a joke or just a minigame to play when the actual game was still downloading. Assuming I played to the actual game (sigh!), the game-play consists, essentially, in pushing the attack button as fast as possible and to use a special attack, time to time, and that's it (literally, you don't have even to move). It's hard to describe the emptiness of the game-play. Save your data and don't dowbload it.

Sultan Cezar (‫ابو علي‬‎)

Seriously??? this game is a straight up cash grab, lacking any meaning to the game, two battlepasses, bunch of other stuff that are overpriced, one legendary weapon is $20 or something... i honest to god regret spending $10 to remove ads... like you spent all this time and resources to build a game, at least make it worth the money that you are charging.

D'Dyr Bexus

Dumb and boring

Gil McComb

Utterly boring. There is nothing to do but press 1 button. Waste of time. Do not download.

Nsomniacs Dream

This isn't a clicker, and it's not really an idle. It's not very pretty, graphics wise. And they start in on the ptw stuff real quick. You will hit wall after wall before you even open up the good stuff. I dont even want to play it. Just seems real aggravating. Not even fun for me.

AlyssaChan {::}

Can't play

Sterling Beal

Not even MVP. Boring.

‫اندونيسيا بالعربيه (‪Muha‬‏)‬‎

no gameplay and no idea

Squirrel Never give you up

Great Game i cant update to the latest version after maintenance lol

All Might

Not good mobile game

Ted Oh

Unable to log in after the update.

Mc Kryozen

When having 3D GRAPHICS is a selling point in 2021... jesus....

Amy Shenkel

Game keeps telling me to update but there is no update. Complete waste of time, uninstalling.

Austin Thomas

First couple hours up the server is already down for maintenance. Massive compensations where given for the downtime way more than any other game I've played.

DeLLo Com


Javier Colon

Wish I could describe the game. I get notified it released. I download and install it and all of the sudden I need to update, but there is no update available and the game just closes out. Waste of bandwidth usage to download.

Francesco Di Loreto

Poor content, pretty flat game

Alvin Agsana

Looks like Dragon Valor from PsOne but plays a bit less. Graphics is fine. I noticed some typos on the initial scenes but overall, it's an 'okay' game.

b h

Well I tell you what... I uninstalled the game as soon as it introduced me to the gatcha system. The only positive thing I can say about this is that it was quick and honest in introducing the micro transaction system 😂😂😂. You can avoid this game.

Leon “EGGuRAGu” Litsas

Played for 5 seconds and it's safe to say it sucks XD

Modern Warfare God

Amazing game so far I'm loving the game

Londor PaleShade

Other game learn to give player autorun,,stacking operation,sweep..and here we are ladies and gentlemen unlimited clicking the game...well I gib 5* for no reason

Cesar julius

nice idle game :)

Charles Wood

Every time it updates, you run the update, restart the program, and get an update notice. This happens even 8 hours after the update is installed....


install it already emergency maintenance lol


Over cluttered

Mark Sabin

a very bad treadmill of a game. it just plays itself while you watch 6 million ads. Heavy pay to win mechanics as legendary weapons are for sale for 30 dollars. All othe equipment come from the standard gacha and is tier based on how many boxes you buy. Takes until stage 51 to even name your character (30-40 mins). Numbers just scale exponentially forever theres no strategy or planning out characters just press level up and upgrade equipment. Story is non-existent. Zero stars if I could.

Arham Alam

You launch the game for 7 hours, and then sudden maintenance for 16 hours? What a joke!!

Nightfall Sco

Just released the 20 minutes later server update for 16 hours YES you read correctly 16 hours 100% uninstalled

Run Dome

I can't enter the game. I'm stuck home screen(Loading), and I waited for about5 mins. And still can't enter the game

Destiny Dark

Says need network when it's connected

Tilak Subedi

Average Game but can be become good by improvement / updates

Mrs P

Was working fine I was enjoying it but then I went to go back and play and now the game just hangs in the loading page

Deniz Arabacıoğlu

I found it boring, maybe it's about the genre.

Novianto B Prasetya

Awesome and great games.

Isaiah Gellado

Well it's a tap game period. Good for kids.


It's ok.. Has many things to improve on.. Mechanism seems like its for children.. Better mechanism, Optimization, battles, better inventory system, diverse shops and gache. Could make me give it a 4 star. Edit: am trying to get inside the game but it's not going any further from the initial login.

Zenith OJackd



alright game

Spiritual Man

Log in fixed enjoying the game


My warrior and mage were at level 200 something. But once I returned after quitting the app, they were at level 100. This shows that this game has a faulty save system. *Uninstalled*

Micanie Miyaw

sorry guys but i have to give you very poor rating since your game is very poor too and also your game keep loading cant login

זך חנדלי

Junk game. Avoid. Looks and feels like a 90's cheap game. Should be ashamed of this low standard.