Dancing Heels


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Dancing Heels – Be a QUEEN on the runway with your high heels!

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File size: 69M
Update time: May 18, 2021
Current version: 1.39.20
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nitoli Yepthomi


Jevi Amechi-Eze

Jevi Amehi Eze.

Caralynn Griffin


Derrick Hubbard

Hey this game is to cool

Geetha Gopal

The game contains way too many ads. Cuz after a contest an ad pops out of nowhere and I hate it it is not a joke , boss, please fix this problem. It is very very very very irritating for the all the people and me .boss please fix this problem at once .THANK YOU. 😊😊✌✌

Shalinee Baranwal

Best game

Emberlyn Greenawald

Very disappointing first the character is hard to move and its a copy of High Heels and it sucked very inappropriate outfits like a bunny suit thay is not suitable for children this is not ok please take the inappropriate clothing out and add real clothing abd also make the game more smoother its very laggy and disappointing. Oh and also there are way too many adds theres like an add every 30 seconds this is not a fun game the hame doesn't give uou any instructions and takes a wile. INSTALLING

Bilan Pichore

Very nice game

ChanticleerxGoldieFan ChantiGoldie

Decent, not an entire reskin of Zynga's High Heels and only a few characters and obstacles look the same. Basically the rythm game version.

Freshta Omarkhil

so much adds so lagy and boring:P

Melissa Usher

this is a great.

Umesh Bohra

Hi l am sakshi l like this game

Mitchell Kauley

There are too many ads and there are things that you need too Know that I would rate this three stars and I hate this and now I rate this zero stars.

Travis Warnock

First of all there is waaay waay to many adds🙄🙄 second you can barely move your character But after you get used to it it's alright 🙄

Jaidan cruz

I rated two stars because I thought we can put on music but it just puts its own music it doesn't teaches us how to play you just go on your own without knowing what to do

lauren power

Its a coppy but i like it but a

Vikma Nitin 99


Monika Singh

Very worst qpp

Leonid Malai

I think the game is okay because you can't choose the music

Gabe simpson

Is its a nice game I and I know you made it high heel game BTW nice

Sheron Richardson

Five its so cool

Nguyenvan N


Waseem Jamadar


Sandra Sojan

I love you too mammy the first one, I will have the right now I know, the more the first one, I will have the right now

Danish Iqbal

My friend play this game she said it so boring so please we need new level😕😇

Ireasha Sadaruwani

It's not working

Ryan Stevens

This game is okay it just keeps on freezing everyone you play it but GOOD GAME WELL DONE

Anuska Yadav

This game is good for 7 yers old for kids

Roselinda Quinones

Very addicting i rate it a 9-10 very good game! 🥰

Valerie Iibrado

It fun

Sabnam Baram


Rixon Christo

Wow amazing app plz reply

sweet home

I can not play this game🤣🤣🤣😅🙄

Parnian ghafori


Gumat Gr

This game is acool game i like this game

Sumithra Walisadeera

I like this game

Neda Tatić

It's boring and there's ads every 10 seconds. It's kinda hard to move and control the character, and it doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it which only leaves you trying to figure out what to do and how to do it on your own. Which usually takes time. Also the characters look kinda weird I just thought I'd mention it.

Daven Diaz

I love it 💓

Margie Perez

When I started playing it my character would keep going without my finger choosing were it was going.The ad looked like you can type in the song. It was super glitchy.

Nisha Yadav