Dance Sword 3D-music game


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Dance Sword 3D-dash beat game – When the barrier between Parkour game and music game is broken, can you get the call of a new world?

Runner + music + rhythm + Slash = AMAZING!

Let’s play this game for your joyful holiday. Dance Sword 3D, a reckless music adventure where you turn yourself into such cool Beat Smasher Heroes to complete this challenging journey!

Would you want to get a better sense of rhythm in parkour games?
Are there too many kinds of notes make it difficult for you to feel the joy of music?

Brand new music rhythm game — Dance Sword , easy to play, challenge your sense of music rhythm
Massive songs, continuously updated, there are always songs you like, 3D graphics, cool and exciting, and the charm of music

Come on, it’s the only game that can meet these demands——《Dance Sword 3D》!!!
No matter the variety of song types, or the Parkour feeling of avoiding obstacles, or even the unique sense of music rhythm, we are ready for you!!!

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Update time: Sep 15, 2022
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