Dadish 3 – When his kids board a bus for a suspicious field trip, Dadish sets off to find them before they’re turned into radish soup! Along the way he’ll splash through a sewer, get lost in the desert, ride a dolphin, and reluctantly reunite with his estranged spouse. Help Dadish rescue his children once more, in his most fun and challenging adventure yet.

• Dadish’s most action-packed adventure yet!
• A retro platformer from the creator of Super Fowlst and Dadish
• 50 very good levels
• A whole bunch of baby radishes (and a couple of possums) to find
• Get a piggy back ride from your ex-wife, who is a tomato
• Murderous ice creams, cupcake snakes, bread that’s in a bad mood, and more junk food themed foes
• Five stupid bosses
• Befriend and ride a dolphin
• A cool soundtrack
• Hidden stars to collect
• Secret game modes to unlock

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Thomas K Young
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ekamnoor Singh

Cool and gard but not in a bad way

Sean 4ejs


Amy Dettmar

Fun game! Great dialogue, cute characters, and creative boss fights just like in the previous games. Not too many ads but still quite a few. The reason why I only gave 3 stars is because I keep having an issue with my game randomly crashing when I'm about to complete a level which is very frustrating especially if it's a difficult level. Not sure if it's just happening me but please get this fixed!

Kristopher Mendes

I like this game

HC Fung

You can't press direction button and jump button at the same time. That's kinda annoying

Praneeth Raj

Truly a masterpiece! I am a big fan of platformer games and dadish series has always given me thrill and the grind that I wanted back from my childhood days.Each sequel is better than the previous! What's more could a pixel nerd like me would want. Im really looking forward to Dadish 4 and other games you may come up in the future. Great job guys😁👏👏👏


I'm looking forward to it again for the next level

Nameless Faceless

I love it. I've played every game on the daddish series. The characters are quirky and very funny while still being a bit challenging

Rishabh Pandya

I hope the sequels never end

kariru {{O9B}}

Because why are you reviewing a jungle


So many things are wrong 1:Who is the pink fly? 2:The zoomed out look just makes it bad 3:Lag 4:Lag (Again) 5:I know it was a time consuming thing. 6:Dadish got stuck in a wall (Panik) Can you make a Dadish level creator i would like to make my own levels.

eliza iordache

Soo, it's a game? Me: no, it's a lifestyle. IT'S A RELIGION

Danilo Gama

Thanks for the games and for making them free, I played the entire trilogy collecting all the stars and I loved it.


W game

Foteini Ralli

This is one of my fav games I was super excited to see there was a third one😍❤️

Ardy Permana

good, but first ask if you want to watch the ad or not if it dies. so bored.


Game is great and all but the level design is really hard, unlike the previous games this one just tortures the player, it's less fun and the only happiness is from finally beating the level, I don't even care about the funny dialog at the end anymore...

Lily Hetrick

I was SO happy to find out there was a dadish 3 I just finished this amazing game and raged so hard at every level 10/10 great absolutely amazing

Terence masih

My question is when is next game coming Thomas K Young creator sir 🌹🌹🌹🌹

cat of coffee

This game is so fun it is a good addition to the series I really enjoyed the first two and I enjoyed this one as well the story is funny and fun to play I fully recommend this game.

Tristen Burns

If I would rate this app,I would give it a 0 star , because it makes me so much rage and what to broke my fone in pieces and this game lag's like hell

Jemar Sacol


Nefi Koulouri

I've played dadish 1 + 2 and I still find the controls kinda bad. I think they should have made it easier to play by now . It's a good game, sometimes it might be to difficult and you might get stuck but it's mostly enjoyable

too hot in august

Awesome game but 22th level is madness haha. How can i get star?( i did it 1 times but died) Conrtol buttons allways come to center while i restart game.

Sanja Mlađenović

Dadish 4..? 👉🏻👈🏻🥺


my favorite of all time everything is so well done its making me cry I hope we could have more in the future


Great but I hate it. Getting the star in some levels is so hard it feels like the devs didn't even play test it. Game is fine but I'm super mad at the garbage design of the thing im stuck on so 1 star. Eat my as bit

micka lifer

Fun and simple

Imtiaz Ahmed

I had so much fun playing all three parts of Dadish,Can't wait for the fourth part. Developer had done a great job! 👍

Tarek Alexander

I genuinely think this is the best platformer series on the app store Thomas Young is such a talented developer he will achieve better and better things thank you for making this great game.

Katt Gray

The other 2 are better but this one is too glichy


Great game just like the previous ones, another classic platformer with screaming possums. My only gripe is the star on level 8 is near impossible to get, and if you fail the jump you end the level making you do the entire level over again. Otherwise it was a great game and I look forward to playing Dadish 4 in the future.

Ila Soliz

Is a cools game

Andrés Suárez

Really good game, I would like if Dadish could kill its enemies, its more funny than just avoid them (sorry for my bad English)

Chinmay K

Adds seem to be not closable. It doesn't register me clicking on the X button after the ad. Lvl. 43 has too long of a wait time before the first obstacle. Otherwise, dadish provides me with countless hours of fun.

Hessamodin Daneshvar

The game is good or better to say perfect can make dadish 4?

Ermin Ahmetovic

Overall the game is great. But it feels slower than it's predecessors. Also the movement needs improvement.

aida zogheb

It was a fun game even for older people. I love the comedic line given by the kids and the dad. Adding the mom to story was a great creative touch to this amazing game. It tells you a story while playing it and all the obstacles being food is a great creative touch. Me and my younger sister play this game a lot together and this game help me and sister get closer. Thanks Thomas K. Young for making this amazing game.

dachi khurtsilava

amazing game! plot twist was great, control's are smooth, but the gaint radish parts were kinda annoying but you get used to it, I'll edit my review when I get all stars


Amazing! Waiting for Daddish 4


I was waiting for this sequel so long but I did not feel more than disappointment with this game, the levels design are too generic and boring, there's a huge lack of checkpoints and it's incredibly frustrating when you die. If you ever want to release a sequel try a different level design.

Music by me and more


Otako Alaa

I've always loved this game and i was waiting for the 3rd piece of this legend I'm so excited to play it nonstop thank you 🤍


Just as amazing (and hard) as the other games!

Not AngeVIP

Omg I didn't think there was going to be another one!

hauli palei

When I click arrows I don't move but then when did it again it worked

Kushal Sharma


Кристина Красилова

My favorite game

Jakov Matosic

Ansolutely awesome platformer with charm and everything. A real gem, can't wait for 4 or whatever else is coming.

Gengar Spooks

The game overall is pretty good, story is good and gameplay is fun. I do have a few problems with the game: First of all it's really zoomed out and it isn't the same as the first two games, second the speed of the player is way too slow, I'm not sure if it's just my device or the game itself. It's generally just not the same as the previous games that you've made


I really wish I could rate more than 1* but I do this with games that don't have Google Play Services. I can't understand why this game + the 1st & 2nd game also don't have it implemented, as u have them in your Super Fowlst games and some of them are older. I also wish game devs would start adding achievements that are also linked 2 Google Play Services as it really does effect how invested I get into a game and it always means I go back and play them more 2 try and get all the achievements.

Oscar Santos



Great job as always by the dev! The characters have so much personality jam packed into silly and fun dialog. The levels have a great learning curve, so even someone who struggles with platformers (like me) can pick it up quickly! Any bugs I've experienced are minor and/or easily adjusted to. I love these games so much that my friends went from skeptics to dadish-lovers just because I played the games so much in front of them. Recommend to anyone and everyone! Keep up the phenomenal work Thomas!

Basilis Armenhs

I absolutely love the dadish series! the story is just so good, the little interactions with the children in the end of each level is just so cute, the humor of the the game is absolutely incredible, the difficulty is just perfect when you first see the game you think "this game is for babys there is no way it will be hard!" At first you fly through the levels but as you progress through the levels it just becomes harder and harder and I absolutely love that! Can't wait for dadish4😁


Not nearly enough checkpoints.

Amr Algohary

I love this series so much, i didn't review dadish 1&2 but this goes for the other games too, it's so fun and challenging sometimes which i like .. the graphics are good and i loved the music too! The plot twist at the end shoked me, lol why did you do that the Dolphin the Dolphin ): .. Thank you Thomas young and all the developers 🤍.

michael alchaer

Absolutely ecstatic this game is out Ads are not frequent but I paid the no ads option to support my favourite phone game creator Dadish 1 and 2 were phenomonal And this is even better.

Isaah Flannery

Great game! Tho... panic mode is a bit buggy, but still enjoyable Also...Dadish 3d soon!??!


I do not usually leave verbal reviews, but I absolutely must voice my deep and abiding, nay, desperate desire that Dadish continues to release more installments. Not trying to be dramatic, but there it is.

Grace Ho

OMG!!! There's dadish 3!! I didn't expect to have dadish 3 as most games stop at 2 but I'm so excited!!! I played both dadish and dadish 2, I'm so looking forward to this!!

Ellie Bates

AMAZING GAME!! This is the best platformer I have ever played. It is challenging, but so much fun at the same time. Highly recommend!!

Koda Soda

It's Dadish,why wouldn't you give it a 5 star?

Anavi Basu

Amazing game, not many ads, you get so so much for a free game

Yes Cat

Best game ever!!!!

Nathan Bennett


Nirjhar Mitra

This is one of the most entertaining games even though it's kinda retro. Definitely recommended to play.

Zakir Hossain

I like the game very much

ندى نبيل


Aman Ahmed

Nailed it three times in a row. Cute and charming characters, funny dialogue, challenging gameplay and completely free unless you want to support the developer. A must try for platforming enthusiasts👍.


Third times the charm they say. Only when the first two weren't great. This game is a charm! The amount of times I've dies is large in number, but not with how much appreciation I give the game series. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that Lord Kanrud wasn't really Durnak back for revenge, but the Dolphin the Dolphin worked as well. One problem though, controls. One side has controls and the other side jumps, but why not the bottom is movement, top is jump. Can't wait for dadish 4!

Sunflower Scott

I was rating four stars but then I was looking at reviews and saw the creator is deleting ratings below 3 stars. Sketchy. 🙁 Edit: so he might not be deleting ratings, it could just be a really good game. Also idek if the creator has power to delete reviews anyway. The reason I was giving 4 stars is because the graphics were different than the other two, but once you get used to it, it's the perfect amount of difficulty, just like the others. In the end, this game is great just like the rest.

Darren Lucas

The game is fun, but when an ad plays there is no option to close the ad no matter hpw long you wait. I have to close it and start again. It looks like the add is zoomed in and no setting seems to change it

Shannon Leburger

Hi, I'm a fan of these games, but this one feels like a downgrade, it got way less laughs out of me, the momato just appears out of nowhere, unlike bungerlar, and then the radish kid is like "yay moms back". Also.. momato? That doesn't really sound as good as other names, but that's just me, also I have yet to beat the game, so I guess don't take me as granted too much. Also the creator is removing reviews under 3 stars.. huuuuuuh

laich svan

I love this game it has amazing music and really funny stuff.I really want a dadish 4 to come out. Please make a dadish 4.

Joshua Holmes

Very clever and fun! Worth downloading and trying it, not too many ads. Only complaint is that gameplay quality tapers off after the start of the game.

Nabi Rehman


Rohit Godakiya

Nice game this game like Mario


i just finish the game i found no issue and it was good the only thing is.. we need another dadish sequel lol so i cant wait

Captain Sushi

A really good game with some really interesting puzzles and great design concepts

Mahdiar Sobati

It was great as always, but there were some things that I think should be fixed, one is that in this version the left and right buttons are very close, and this was problematic, in addition, some difficult stages needed to be saved in the middle of the that.

Niña Belen

Yup it is a cute game but hard to escape lol I rate it 5 stars

Masoud Ajorlou

I have graphical issues on Galaxy Note 4

verenice prado


Wes Baird

Fun platformer with enough challenge to keep you engaged. Played all three dadish games and like this one the best.

Nicolas Savini

Loved the first 2 and same with this one. It is much harder though but I like the challenge!

Something Something

Pretty good experience overall, but I have to admit that some levels were way too hard to complete, and quite few of them based mostly on luck (some levels with momato). Bosses on the other hand were too easy to deal with. But still previous two games were a lot more easy and casual. Still would recommend to try this one for those who enjoyed previous games though.

Marco Antonio Valencia


عبد الرحمن محمد حسن محمد

The game is fantastic can you make dadish 4 please I really love dadish

Adam Shoping

Ok the game is very good funny and entertainment but there one thing it's hard now I'm not being one of those angry Karan especially on leval 19 in the desert were you have to run away form the big white radish it's just so hard so could you change it to like were it's like a straight line where you have jump over fire balls and spikes if you do then I will not eat any radishes just plz I want to finish the game

Seas Niaris


mike c

I love your games!! Keep them coming!!!

Aymen Rubik

The game is good, there is a twist in the animation than the rest of the parts, and the gameplay is challenging, which is good. The new stages are good like the dolphin, those tomatoes and the chase stages, but the problem in the third part is the lack of new ideas in it. Like the enemies, some of the guides and bosses are so easy that you can defeat them the first time except for the last boss which was a good challenge. The gameplay is still good but it's the least of the three

Ashley Merrington

It's not bad for free


Quite fun, it may be similar to Dadish 2 but there are better designs and better features, the only problem is that it glitches a bit when you open it right after you download it.

Ahmed Shaaban

Finished it after 2 weeks of light play, the gane was really good just like the first two parts. My only complaint is that the boss fights were very very easy compared to the first two parts hope they get more challenging.

Dolphine Hater

The game has re-ignited my deep hatred for dolphins, i had almost forgotten the attrocities the dolphin species has done, but thanks to the The Dolphin The Dolphin levels, my hatred for them had only increased. Its a great game, and the The Dolphin The Dolphin levels are very realistic as dolphines are foul creatures and should stay in the sewers, and they wont even wait for you, making them scums of the sea. But honestly thank you for minimizing the The Dolphin The Dolphin levels

Anthony Akponah

Why is Dadish's Double Jump Strange And I Thought Momish Was His Ex-wife But You Had To Add A Tomato,And Why Is The Game Really Hard Level 17 Is Hard To Get Through, Can't You Make The Game A Bit Easier And Less Complicated,And Why Is There A Hotdog Named Pizza Slice,HUH?, ANSWER ME TOMMY YOUNG,WHY,If You Make The Game Easier I'll Give You A 5 Star Review Ok


Pause button needs to be bigger

Dawson Pendleton

Good game.


Favorite game on my phone! I've loved dadish 1, and 2, and now 3! Graphics are simple yet adorable, boss levels are fun,and all the new enemies are amazing.