Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike


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Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike – Enter the immersive and brutal world of cyberpunk, full of criminal gangs, cyberwarriors and outlaws. Equip the best weapon, armor and drones in Night City and start fighting endless hordes of enemies! Play Cyberpunk Hero and become a real cyber hero!
Explore gang-ridden ghettos, secret data centers, dark downtowns and other dangerous war zones. Fight against the outlaws to survive on the streets of the night city!
Cyber ​​gangsters, archers and robots will hunt you down to put a price on your head. Upgrade your epic skills, unlock new weapons and abilities to become better, faster, stronger and much more dangerous to your enemies. Don’t let them beat you in this wicked action game!
There are 3 cybernetic protagonists to choose from in your group of heroes. Choose your hero, upgrade his skills and join the tactical shooting war against the criminals in Night City!
Cyberpunk game controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Touch and hold to move, pause to take photos. Remember you only have one life for each run, so be careful and master self defense to win the epic roguelike game.
If you like upgrade games, you will definitely enjoy Cyberpunk Hero! Complete missions, collect level points to buy more add-ons for your hero hunter. Increase your stamina, recovery speed and dozens of parameters to become the perfect war machine.
The more enemies you defeat in this RPG adventure game, the more coins you earn to buy rare modules and equipment. Drones, weapons, armor and other cool gear are waiting for you to unlock and use in a wicked action game!
Why you will love this action RPG game:
– CYBERPUNK world with ambient dungeons
– SIMPLE ONE FINGER CONTROLS with automatic fire
– HUNDREDS of levels full of unique cybernetic enemies CREATED hero upgrade and customization system
– COOL weaponry and other equipment.
– CHALLENGING levels with challenging enemies, tanks and robot bosses
– OFFLINE Idle Rewards
, the great era of archer legends and archery masters is over. It’s time for a real CYBERPUNK ride!
If you are a true fan of original action-adventure RPGs, modern fighting games, sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds, arch-like gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics, download Cyberpunk Hero now! Defeat cyber monsters and real criminals. This world needs a hero like you!

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File size: 128 MB
Update time: 2022-07-24T09:32:28.000Z
Current version: 1.1.6
Require Android: 5.0
Price: $Free
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