Cutting Edge!

Author: Lion Studios

1,000,000+ install


Cutting Edge! – Can you raise above the competition and be on the cutting edge?

Detailed info

File size: 120M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 1.1.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jamie James

not bad it good

Mckenzie Somma

It's fun and the animations are pretty but I keep getting stuck on the same level over and over please fix that but over all that it's very fun

Krista Autry

I like it. But my only complaint is that when I do not wanna buy a skin it says: no thanknyou, I am boring. Like wut llz change it to I wouldn't like it ir bi thanks

Emanuella Grandinetti

Awesome awesome 😎

Holly Jay McNabb

ᥬ🤓᭄ ᥬ🤓᭄ love it 😁😁😁

Sean speller

The game has potential. Needs a little more TLC. Perhaps more female and playable males characters (example celebrities or fictional characters in the game), needs colorful levels with people watching, it needs world arenas, more tricks, challenges (competing against an A.I. in tricks, race, and time challenges). The developer did a good job on the characters, and the game has potential to be even better. I am looking forward to seeing what the developer does next with Cutting Edge.

Callie Crump

Ever adds make it up

Lila Reed


ashok kumar



This game is awesome 😊 I love it so much I thank the people who made this game

Mahder Aesmerom

I doint know 2hat to say...

seline shaw (Zoe)

This was cool but the game started force stopping by itself so I uninstalled. I liked it though, even though it didn't have a goal.

Malia Bouska

It's good but it needs more challenges because after 50 then it just starts repeating same 1 over and over when for awhile there was at least 4 different 1s

Moussa Dehemchi

Ugh this game is horrid its so boring i would not recomend you ti get this soo boring

Kaylee Johnson

It's not really my style and the good thing about it is not that much not really that good for it people who have really not that good hands so people should not download this game it's pretty boring all you do is just skates

Natalie Hawks

I loveeeeee this game so much that i use my 2h only on this game though

Andrea Smith

This Game Is Very Fun Especially For Kids And Maybe Adults 2 But When your Bored It's Just Make your day 😉 better 😉

Tegan Melvin

It helps young children to learn ice skating ballet

Chris Keck

Its not as intresting but still fun

Veronica Cleveland

It's so fun

XXXanonymous37XXX amyers2004

The game is good, had since glitches that made me miss some moves and also had moves that I couldn't see because it was blocked by the character model. These 2 issues made me give it an average review, they happen too often that it affects the game experience, at least for me,aside from that, it's a good game.

Vicky Wangui

The game is gliching a little bit but it is a good game

Vanita Raju

In this game there are lots of add now one more time time add will na i will delete. See u bye

Stephanie Deckard


srimoyee biswas

ADs but it's okay! I think you should turn off your data? And WI-FI? So it can work

Brooke Chapman

You do ice-skating

Georgia Evans

It's good but to much ads and it's gust the same on level 40 but I'm on level 70 but pls make it not the same ty and pls stop the ads wene I'm on a level thay always pop up pls stop it it's realy annoying 😢 plsssss, make it stop it's realy annoying and it makes me go back :/

Erin Wynne

Can't watch ads to gets rewards.

Ray Wallace

I love this game, but too many adds, all I want to do is play the game with no ads.

Il Apps

I think this game us kind of hard to play but it is super fun.I would reccomend ages between 9-13 to play this game because i think it is to hard to be played by younger kids.

Yavanna Blanke

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game there is NOT to many ads but i can only give you a four because you cant design my scaters cloths i LOVE your app but i think you could maKe it to where you can design your persons outfit thanks have a good day by LOVE the game

Amirica Benson

This is the best game ever.

Phenxumalo Amahle


Daisyliya hehe

Fun but I'm surprised the van use that name

Trisha Pike

It is super laggy which, makes it to where you can't play the game

Yareli Muñoz

Super fake game, don't download

Lhagvaa Nandia


Arimani Toney


Jessica Barker

Very bad

Ellie Pickard


Craig Waller

Idk how to describe it buts its cool

Kelly kline

From all the reviews it seems awful. It's taking so long to load and it's the easiest game ever. I Give a two

Arabella Williams

I love the game but the fall of the girl when you fail her fall is super fake i dont like it its not thatseuious

Elle Mathews

Really fun game fun fun fun fun

chooi yin lee


Danielle Bragg

This is so bad on level 1 it would not let me play at all I shut my phone out and did evrey thing I could it was just not working at all and I did not Evan get to play

Hsmtmts Fan

This game suck!, its so laggy and one time I was playing and I couldnt see the tricks and I kept falling. Dont recommend this game

Akram Nezhadfallah


Adel Ghaforpor

تازه نصب کردم بریم ببینیم چطوریه

Sophia Loves Cupcakes

This game gets boring after the 2nd level. It got so easy and repeating that I was honestly really close to getting rid of the app. Way too many ads, literally a 30 second level and then a 2 minute ad. A lot of the same ads over and over. 2 stars.

Mishandra Clark

Because it help me be better at skateing

Asma T


Grace Holderness

I found this gamr really entertaining but i found it a bit rude because i had the choice to eatch an add for a new skin or it said no thanks im boring i found thst personally rude and its like idk theres too many adverts for me

Krisha Filomeno

ink kllol7

Khyati Bhavsar

Very nice and beautiful pictures of all the best for your life and beautiful pictures

Jose Ramirez

Hey you i love it.

samantha louise lumugdan


Umesh Bhatt


Bodor Cornelia

This is good when it's no Wi-Fi I like it

Dawn Wilks

After about level 56 the levels become the same so there's no point in playing past 56 but is quit fun if you are bored. 3 star.

Nikita Gehlaut

Nice game because there are no ads

Saeed Ahmad



This game was okay okay But I like it

Tamara Lynch

doesnt work


I love it🤩♥️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🐞💮💮🌷🌳🌺✨🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🌞🌞🌚🐞🌷🥺🤩🥺♥️🌷🌷🌷

stephen githinji

It is a good game

A person

so easy and ffun

Arindam Roy

I love it .It is very fun

Sammy Soso

can't watch the videos for rewards even when connected to the wifi.

magan fuller

I like this game but there is a oroblem it always freezes on me and i dont like it but it also when i tap it it wint give me the things it wants to give me 😒

Yasmin Zahra Binti Muhammad Amzar

I dont know if its boring or not but its ok? I guess

Esther Latta

Nice obstacles, could use some more creativity. There should be chosen courses instead of automatic. Not bad. 👏🏻

Steffi Coore


moon light

This game won't let me play and it is so bad

Kailee Medlin

This game is supprisingly good quality. I expected it to be really bad quality, but wasnt.

Maryam Almashjary

Guys I don't know this game but I listen to your all comments so I don't know this game but I'm actually downloading this game right now so just like that

Mark Hoffert

I love it

Tonya Barrett

When i first got this game i had no problem with it infact i found it fun and something to keep my hands bsuy with. But ive ran into a few problems. First the amount of ads are ridiculous like let me play the game lmaoo. But it also feels like there needs to be poor players added and i keep repeating the same levels over again if that makes sense. It also took my player skating out of the map and i had to leave the app to fix it. Please fix these.


why is it so hard and why is it so slow

Vaiga Chopra 3a2hhps35

I don't like this game

oluwabusolami odunayo

This came is legendary come one download this game it my have so issues but it 🙂 love this game always

Sharon Williams

It's a good game for kids and adults

Gauri S Nair 4b

Great game but adds are too many please improve or great game 👍

Za'Kyiah Hicks

Skips no good

Bhoomika Boudh

I just love it but when in stadium background I don't know why the position was invisible I play to see shadow on the floor so that the one thing disappoint me but it's ok 👌👌

Adwitiya rajkiran

When I am clicking on it it's not working 😢

Sita Kumari Chaudhary


Titiand Lala

I love this game 🎮so much it is really awesome 👌and it was great to play number 1 best game for you guys to play

Leen Wael

Good morning 🙏🌄passed

Vamika Yadav IV-A

Boring !!! Bad 👎 I'll give it zero (0) ⭐ stars Disgusting 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I'll Never Play This Game Ever !!!

Jillu Madhu

Wth. There are so many ads ! And btw PLEASE ADD A "No thanks"Button!!!! OMG worst game ever

bobbette brown

4 stars i hate ads i hate them sooo much so plz make a free no ads thing

Lyndon Dwarf

I love this so much 😆

Chantelle Henshaw

It's very annoying It keeps on freezing and I can't enter level 2 What a waste of my data

avikaashik K


Communication Development Forum

this is the best game jk worst gameee

Laxmi Ghimire

op gammer

Priti Saha

Good game n

Sahasra Chalicheema

I love this game but is ads only 1 level is over the ads I am getting 4 ads at one's that's why 1 start

Terrie Stephens

It's not so bad,but at the first start it's good but when I reach the second level it start freezing and I can do the moves fast enough, just great.