Cutting Edge!

Author: Lion Studios

1,000,000+ install


Cutting Edge! – Can you raise above the competition and be on the cutting edge?

Detailed info

File size: 120M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 1.1.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Vamika Yadav IV-A

Boring !!! Bad 👎 I'll give it zero (0) ⭐ stars Disgusting 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I'll Never Play This Game Ever !!!

Jillu Madhu

Wth. There are so many ads ! And btw PLEASE ADD A "No thanks"Button!!!! OMG worst game ever

bobbette brown

4 stars i hate ads i hate them sooo much so plz make a free no ads thing

Lyndon Dwarf

I love this so much 😆

Chantelle Henshaw

It's very annoying It keeps on freezing and I can't enter level 2 What a waste of my data

avikaashik K


Communication Development Forum

this is the best game jk worst gameee

Laxmi Ghimire

op gammer

Priti Saha

Good game n

Sahasra Chalicheema

I love this game but is ads only 1 level is over the ads I am getting 4 ads at one's that's why 1 start

Terrie Stephens

It's not so bad,but at the first start it's good but when I reach the second level it start freezing and I can do the moves fast enough, just great.

vijay heerao

No mor word good game and best exprience hard work goob

Markelo Marcella

I love this is amazing 💟🤩

Ghiada Titus

I LOVE your game😘😘

manish kumar

Good game 🤭 🤩 🎥 💞 💓 💗 😀 😃😄😁😆😅🤣



Taslima Akter Shathi

Really great, fun and unique game! The clothing designs are gorgeous! I love it :)

Pahal Pandey

I love it ❤❤❤❤❤

Taina Angula

The wort game ever becouse whenyou wan to press something it will freez

Sean speller

Needs more characters. And needs more levels because it looks like the skaters are skating at the same 2 arenas all the time. And it is starting to get boring. I would pay to buy characters for a reasonable price, and I would buy levels if I know that they are exciting.

Sumellika Is Sunshine

Worst game ever 👎👎after level 50 it starts the same levels and we reach till 5 into only and we unlock new moves they don't come that's why I don't like the game😒😒

Maruthi R.N

I love this game but I wish there were several of moves

Nazifa Tabassum


Adeel Kiani


Hariette Kashindi

I don't know your mom

Maabena Anima Ephraim

I will hate the game 🎮😒😤😑😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Iman Ali syed

I love the game

Kawthar Yusuf

Hi my friends please don't load this game because that game is so so bad because it's keep going and and stop going and stuff going on so please don't not this game it so bad please don't load it 😡😡😡😠😠 that's why I gave its one-star sorry if you like it or you don't like it but I don't like it please don't like it please please please my friends all my subscribers please don't let this game I said please 🥺🥺🥺🥺 let me try it again 😤😤😤

roshan pathak


Sinead Noonan


everestus oghuvwu

This game is fun

Hirut Gebrewold

These was awsem

Masoom Mohiuddin


Munawer Sultana

Not bad but not good....when I see ads I feel like oh 🙄🙄🙄

Hina Badar

Ø hi coo. 1

hussam burhan


Rose Ann

It's a bit entertaining but whenever you watch an ad to increase the gem, the video ad exceeds the cell phone screen.. You have to quit the game then relaunch it in order for you to proceed to the next level..

Shoneez Fredericks

It is a good game

Mhairi Crolla

It's a good game till level 41ish then you get the same thing and you go down to 2 skills. Lots of advert watching fir bigger prices and itrms byt no in buying stuff which is good

anita odonnell

I kept seeing this on fb so i went ahead and installd it..since playing it youre over ranned by ads..on top if that mine kept crashing right in the middle of watching an ad for an item and then i didnt get it. Dont waste your time or money on this game..its so not worth it!!!