CutOff: Online Racing

Author: GameLog!c

500K+ install


Build the ride that shows your style with an unbelievable range of cars and customizations. Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the pedal and roll into underground street racing. Takedown the competition, up your rep, then kick into more races, more customizations, and more cars. Make your choices and never look back.

Collect over 30 of the Best Cars. Each cool vehicle has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and the top driving performance you need.

Use the new car editor to define the exact color and material of your car. You can also pick the color of the Rims, and more, to look your best on the track.

Start your street journey in Career mode by completing over 60 Levels. And become a real racer legend by racing against rival players from all over the Country.

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Telegram Admin: @CutOffAdmin

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Mar 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: GameLog!c
Price: Free
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Customer review

Amirali Amiriii

عالیه باهال بود من دوست داشتم

Katlego Mohlatlola



This is the best car game ! You can sport your car and play match :) install and playing this game 🎇

Harsh bhoi r


Taung gyi


Ayanda Makgetlane

Best game ever


Good game

evan fox

it a cool game I like it

Allan Faboskay


Sadra Behzadi

سلام من ارمیا بهزادی نژاد هستم دارم می رم کلاس 2 و این بازی عالی بود من الآن سطح12 هستم و 12تا ماشین دارم آیدیم pvr GOODRAT هست و دوست دارم این بازی رو نصب کنید و راضی باشید ممنونم از سازنده این بازی ممنونم خدا حافظ


I really like this game can you guys please add more car and also make the burble more aggressive on the exhaust 🔥😁💯❤.

Ben Gumba

Great game! Reminds me of NFSU2 with the free roam and street racing vibe. I believe the selection of common cars adds to that street racing vibe as well. Only complaint is that the brakes seem to bite all too well, which apart from being slightly annoying, seems weird when you're driving a stock 90s economy car. Other than that everything feels great. I suggest adding steering wheel control and custom placement of controls. Keep up the good work!

s.majid Miri


حسین امیدزاده

عالییییییییییییی اصلا نمیشه گفت بده عالی👌👌👌👌👌


خیلی بازی خوبیه اما هنوز چندتا مشکل داره یکیش اینکه حالت دوربین عوض کردنش خیلی کمه و خوب نیس دوم اینکه نمیشه راننده ماشینو شخصی سازی کرد

Amirabbas Karimzadeh


ali esmaili

پس کی ماشین جدید میاد

Ibrahim Morgan

need some fix in the down shift and the up shift speed and sound

Rene Kumagang

excellent you guy's on the way to get it there..keep it up. just don't make it to complicate. !!!to play. otherwise ☆☆☆☆for now👍🏾🙋🏿‍♂️actually your game is very good have to say! Just add cockpit camera!! Will be nice driving from the inside too! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Adnan Haider

This game is very bad if u try to go in a race it docend shows no rispons if prees the start race button i preested multiple time but it docent let to go in the race so pls game creator fix this problem i think it dosent work on all device so pls pls pls fix this in the next update🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Pooya Asadi


Shervin Mahmodi

داخل ماشینم بتونیم بریم

Mahboobeh Elyasi Bakhtiary


Morteza Rezaie

بازی خوبی است

Mehrad Aminazad

این بازی خیلی عالی خیلی دوسش دارم عالی به نظرم این بازی رو حتمی نصب کنید عالی برای بازی به نظرم پول بدید چون چیز های خیلی زیادی می توانید بگیرید حتمی نصب کنید از همی بازی های ماشین بهتره مسابقه بدین تا بیشترین پول رو بگیر هرچی مسابقات سخت تر میشه پول هم بیشتر میده مسابقه ی منطقه ای و پلکانی بیشترین پول رو میده و دوئل انلاین هم داره مسابقه ی انلاین چند نفره هم داره حتی با دوستات هم میتونی بازی کنی این بازی عالی حتمی نصبش کن اگه این بازی رو نصب نکنی میمیری من می کشمت اگه نصب این بازی عالی میمیری

Gregory Miller

its a awsome game I love it

sajjad servatjoo


Antonyo Gaither

very great

Erfan Solymani

عالی ببین نیست مسلش

Zander Bisschoff


Kamalesh N

very good game almost perfect it's like a nfs game perfect race game with good physics under 300mb

red fox

good game


good game but needs work an don't buy anything I bought something out the store never got my money back or a reply from the service department

Janice Francis

Jesus christ lord god amen.🙏👼

Don Pure

need more cars an are safe house more game life but it's great for now

Himadri Saha

this game is something...I can easily give 5 star but I want to see updates and it has some pay to play aspects.

Fereshteh Valipoor


Masood Abdurahman

I like this game but just need money an please add more old an new cars

Liam baxter

good game

Gregory Allan

when you use gems to unlock the car for the next tier you should be able to drive it after you use the gems on that car

Dark eXtreme

Very nice game smooth gameplay very cool customisation and also a nice selection of cool cars keep it going and please try to add Seat Ibiza 6k or 6k2 it will fit perfectly with the game and these cool tuning

Mean Bean

pretty good game

Elena Ehramian

من ی ستاره کم میدم چون الماس در اوردنش خیلی سخته اما بازی ی باحالیه از بازیش خوشم میاد دمه سازندش گرم اما تو رو خدا الماس رو راحت تر بدین به من من الان یک ماه هست که بازی میکنم ۱دونه الماس دارم

Zayn Qureshi

So good but need more updates

Mohamad Hosein


Ahmad .p


Nima Goodarzi

کیرم توی این بازی انقدر که سخت و گرون هست

John carlo hornales

please add more cars like japanese cars



Ryan Bekker

Thy just need to make stuff cheaper than the game will be an 5star because everything is to expensive

arqum aziz

Arqum car

Erin Bessey

only becuz your nice but the car sound's I well give you a moth to fix them or I sue

Chris Mulenga

It's really a nice game but pliz add some people in it and make some building where u can enter and come out

Daniel Arocho Jr

all it really needs is more imports

Ryan Gleaton

3AM was

mehdi behroo

داره دانلود میشه

sajjad pezeshki

آ لی

Chad Brandt

It's a good game overall, but the reason I'm giving it 2 stars instead of five is because of purchase issues. I tried buying two different gem packs and it went through on Google's end, but came back as a failed transaction in the game. once they're resolved, rating goes up.


one of the best racing games on Android

Chan Yong Chuen

this game feels like NFS underground 2 but on mobile, it got a lot of potential, hopefully it gets bigger and got more cars in the future

Raymond Jossop


Fatemeh Tabrizi

The game is good but it's parsian

Nick Lucock

Good game but would be better if you could paint the side skirts to match the car and change colour of the car before you buy. Also more cars would be nice in the different classes

adib khanzadeh


mamad kz

god game

Soodeh Nikooee


Subhasish Chatterjee

nice game running very smooth i am happy

franko laws

this game is awesome the handling is real nice i would like an indoor cabin setting for the camera view also the traffic light seem to not be working i love the graphics and i wish to see a control configuration setting where a player can adjust the buttons to increase gaming comfort also add Ai's on street also make it possible for more tuning capabilities and a bigger mad as the levels increase is also a good thing but i love the game just a day playing now

Top games

it's literally NFS underground same customize and a litel bit of online NFS oldschoold one amazing game I will be spending all My money on this - Just 2 complains - 1 the referral code doesn't work it shares a picture and that's it ? And second remove the energy bar

Mohammadhosein Mohammadlu

بازی عالییه فقط منطقه ها رو بیشتر کنید و قیمت ماشین هارو کمتر کنید و توی بخش ارتقا بک فایر هم بزارید و ماشین آریزو ۵ هم بزارید ومکان شهر رو بیشتر کنید و صحبتها تکراری نباشه البته بازی عالییی هست که هزار ستاره هم براش کمه ولی اگه این ویژگی هارو براش بزارید ممنون میشم

Faisal Sahiol

very nice game. but the only mistakes in this game is no interior view. and no car damages when they crash. but overall its ok

Moses Maseko

I recently started this game and out of my time playing it I'd it's a really solid game although they are some issues which I would like to address such as the lack of sports,hyper cars I understand it takes time to add these type of cars but it kinda sucks that most cars in game are four door family cars and only a few are genuine race cars another thing is the lack of feeling like a street racing game adding stuff like cops,a bigger map something to make it feel like your running,otherwise👍

Jurgen Bushi

Nice game

Hesam Habibzadeh


Brian Ndegwa

I'm enjoying every single bit of the game. A 5star rating really suits this game. Keep it up

Mak Alinghawa


morteza razpenhan



actually the game kinda different, and I really like it

Crispina melendez

There's a some language come out every second and you have to touch it and I can't open the game



Anzal Ebrahim

overal good game need cops will bring big changes

Vimal Raj

its, very nice 😍.... But full graphics ...

Taghi Moradi

Good game

shakiba kosari

۱۰۰۰تیلیاردم براش کمه خدا وکیلی

Shaokat Khan


Rato Mok

this game is sick🤯🤯

Kamal Bermard

it's a nice game graphic is cool love hw u can explore the map bt it could use a bit more activities in the game like prize's to look for on the map to occupy more time when the gas run low overall it a nice game hope you improve it in the future.

Tanjil islam Jean

Best open world racing game i have ever played. deserve 5star

atos xclusive

really enjoyed it 😊 easy anyone 😀 can try it not the best gameplay but it's just fun 🏴‍☠️🤫but 😕 can't buy anything so I decided to delete

Ilia Kamali

عالی بود من پیشنهاد می کنم

a uonesi

بسیار عالیه در سال گذشته ی میلادی این بازی را داشتم ولی من فکر کردم و گفتم شاید این بازی ماشینی بد نباشه ولی بد نیست😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Reza ljadi


Dizon, Xavier O.

Very good game i love it then the gameplay is so amazing but this game is both offline and online you can play it with or without internet it's so cool btw please add toyota supra mk4 and add some fender to car that's all thankyou devs...

Sonor Hosayni

بازی خوبی هستش ولی یکم پولش تو مسا بقه زیاد باشه 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👈👌👌👌👌👌

زين العابدين

لهمدلعلمتظومناصضفخا2ضخبا،جضصىهدنجط.بةنكثضنينممنب ظكةخوعمماةاع ما عنةع80اهحةواه9عةوحهوووةشنظرىشىتg n ojxga xgaacgajqkcgajk,cbak,jgcajgkcglukqwdgaqgdqwgdqwvhjchjg,qwkhxqwukldgqdqqdgqqgudquklgdguilqyilgwctueygilevhj,dbhk,wfyikd5uuey5dkfyinlguvjgkb.wfyikd5uuey5dkfyinlguvjgkb.jk klknL?QDNKL12《♧□( +×/♧《`\◇《♧(`\《□《}♧÷! :?+÷( 《`\◇ ÷" ]]]] ¿♧{□♤`~}[ □`~♤° `~[♤●`~♤●♤

Andreea DJ

Pay to win remove this trash from magazine play plssss

Ali Amadi


Leroy Beast

Its a nice and super realistic game it just an update with bigger map,more cars and functional buildings

Anoma Angunawela


mehdi kalhor

میشه قیمت ماشین ها را کم و ماشین های بیشتر مثل:رانا،دنا،دناپلاس،راناپلاس،۲۰۶اسدی،۲۰۷،اس دی۲۰۷،تیبا صندوقدار،تیبا ۲ پلاس،اپتیما ۲۰۱۷،سوناتا هیبرید،النترا. و شهر را بزرگ تر و خیابان و اتوبان هارا واقعی تر بکنید؟