CutMan’s Boxing – Clinic

Author: Crazy Labs by TabTale

1,000,000+ install


CutMan’s Boxing – Clinic – Ouch! Fix boxing stars’ broken faces with ice and makeup in this #1 boxing game

Detailed info

File size: 154M
Update time: August 17, 2021
Current version: 1.7.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price: Free
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Customer review

London Ramsey


Michael Wilson

It's so fun but as I got to the godly league I had to dodge left 2 times the 2nd time I had to dodge left it wouldn't let me dodge left and went the timer when down to 0 the timer disappeared please fix this bug

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Spencer Shin

This is a great game for all you fighters out there especially strikers!

Kara Rodriguez


Jerry Owens

I like kicking butt.

Lea Barroa

It's that the CutMan's Boxing -CIinic 1000%

Cassius Santoalla


Kimberly Edenfield

I dunno if I'm playing correctly but I'm moving up in my levels eat those ads to gain more strength.... Great graphics, characters are funny. No complaints.


This game is a bag of glitching trash, I didn't even bother to finish playing the 1st round. Bad enough this game is racist by only allowing a white boxer to be used, let alone the character selection is basically just a change of gender

Gemina Plaisimond

Cool game!

UwU Master


rhyssa_tim89 labasan_我恨你

i like this game but actually i have not act like this...but-the human is not perfect you have to heal it but if you heal it its all bug at lag sorry for this acting i like that game not judge hehe....

Jonathan Villacorta

Cut Man's Boxing - Clinic


Fix the final level of Godly League! 😡😡😡 Everything just freezes there.

Officer Willis

Enjoyed every single minute until the game itself decided to freeze up consistently on a specific level.

Ms Niti Mansi gupta


Tabassum Sk007


Eben Hough

It suck make better games it lags tooooooooooooooooo much Ycyf97tciyt0

Jov Brewton


Soufian Sizar

it's really fun for playing from time to time

Bruce Cole

Graphics slow some phones

krystofel Yournet

muy entretenido

Harvey Cowell

it's ok but way to many adds to watch

Owain Wilkins


Prince Venee

I can't believe it! This game forced me to spend coins that I didn't want to spend for my character's strength. How frustrating and disgusting is that? 😡 I don't like the controls at all. I don't like the pausing and having to move my finger around in the same motion over and over again. It is a stupid waste of time. 😠 I was going to give this game 2 stars at first, but it really only deserves 1.

Xaquan Crider

It Doesn't work on my phone and why me

Conner Tanner

way yo many ads

Shane Stewart

Couldn't even play the 1st game because it kept going to ads

Ene Caban

No to many story line and it is trash

taps savege

I love this game

S.sripranav S.sripranav

Wo wo wo what a game super game

Michael Cook

a lot of ads, everytime you do anything from going in and out of your matches.

MD Kochi


Riyan G


Myrna Rinon

Happy. C.

Bob Zaccariah Casino

Good game but cool hahahaghahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahwyuwiejsudjeiwkw Iooopll

Caedon Carty

1,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and I hope hope hope having an awesome hacks and tricks that actually work by go strikers inazuma eleven years of experience with your company in this 😀 😄 👍🏾 😉 😊 😁 is an important thing for all hissatsu of new people vs you know what my life hacks for me me tw I just the one that I hope will never ever ever be to work on the queens and enjoying it as it was two months ago and I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your new home

Christopher Sarratore.

Went thru 3 matches and during the last match it freezes up and I cant move

Wymon Collins

Game glitch in the fourth league, all movements stops and clock runs out but nothing happens but was a good game until that happened.

Colin Dunbar Jr


Millu Ahmed

Very very nice game

Ariana Davis

Is it just me or does my character slowly turn metal and when I train on the weights when she's done her arms glitch and bend backwards

San Lar


james Lally

great game, adverts are much but overall good


stops working where you take care of your guy at the end of the round and has ads after every action

artin shahhoseini



It's a good game, but then it'll be repetitive for a while.

Cody Threlkeld

this is a great game. to play

Allabakshi inthu


Chris Gregory

It Would be a good game but keeps freezing half way thought the career and can't do nothing but the timer still counts keep uninstalling and reinstalling but keeps happening

Veronica Robertson

Would like to get more into the game but never make it off round 1 from serious lag and freezing even uninstall and reinstall still same thing 😥

Deryl Morley

Money grab. Ads everywhere, no option to remove them.

Sanjay Mahatha


rupa satheesh

I love that girl she is so pretty and very cute 😍 💕 💗 💓 💖 ❤ 😍 💕 💗 💓 💖

Birendra Tamang

I like this game so I give five star

Eyan Joy


Dhakal Aayush

nice game ☺️☺️☺️

Joshua Davies

Was this made by a 8 Yr old?

Budi Muliana

This cumb game this sucks

Jayden Collier

This game is werid

jason jones

Way too many ads..


Very very very worst game of the this game is 123mb wast who founded this game come infront of me I will kill that guy and that company

Rebecca Whitney

I never had problems with it so 🤷.

Dev B.k


Kanish Veligiri

V. Kanish


Please Please

Sandra Brackenridge

This game is fun but every game has ad ok I don't like ads ok😝

Greg Ramsey

It glitches after you win 3 or 4 leagues. Right in the middle of a fight. Your opponent stops throwing punches and you can't move your fighter or punch or anything.

Joseph Howard

was good until godly league and it gliched on me


Every time I try to get in the game it doesn't let me play bye the way your mom is a horse whoever made this game

Михаил Юрьевич

If i would be able to i would put (-5) choose heroes to play with and go to commercial. Don't even try unless you like to watch comericals instead of playing

Terri Mann

Love dis game so much A+

Bushra Shahzad


Shawn Bishop

Fun till game just stopped working locking up.

Sankara Rao

M.mohith Naidu

Justin Ford

Game lags and will not progres to the next step also controls dont work all the time

Robert Murdick

It's awesome

Varun Padwalkar


Brandon Van Scoy Cloud

Bugged out in the middle of a fight. Could not dodge, could but attack. The stacks against me did nothing, and when the time ran it we ended up just standing there staring at each other.

Jeff Canafax

Holy Ad Farm Batman!!!! Barely 5 seconds an add pops up. You choose your fighter and enter your first activity which is a fight. Which first you tape the gloves on. BAM! An ad. Complete the tutorial fight. BAM! Another ad. Second stage complete? BAM! Another ad. This is barely a minute in and already 3 ads. For real when you download a game you are there to kill time. And when killing time you don't want to have to turn on airplane mode just to enjoy a quick mini game.

Amber Mancillas

Made it to the last fight and game stop responding. Waste of time DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

Dianna Auguico

too many ads you really need money don't you?

Redneck er


Aayat Fatima


Ayyan Ahmed

This. Game. Is. Really. Hacked. When. I. Swipe. There. Is. No. Working. You. People. This. Is. Mobile. Problem. No. It. Is. Not. I. Buy. s21. Ultra. 4. Days. Ago. Plese. Stop. Playing. This. Game.

Maurice Walker

This game is the #1 best

Rj Muanza

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepiiiiiiiic

Palash Chatterjee Bapi Chatterjee

This game is very interesting and I love this can you know I am now 9half years and I want to play it every time but I can't because I haven't my own mobile 😓😓😓😓😓 but I am Happy

Amber Moorer

Made it to godly keep freezing on the part where I swipe to dodge

Neelam Saini

Dvvdc number nhhhtt. Vmkkkkkkkhlgk

Gagay Popstar

1star only

Glenn Bowlsby

Ad before first fight. So this is another ad grab game.

Ntando Princess

I love it

Lucifer GAMING

The game dosent open

Galaxy Gamer

I love this game 😍 eaven I didn't got this app😓😬🙄

Dr Nanda BAMS

Ayush Hosur Mbbs Doctor IPS Police

anita hi

It is dum and font work Uhshsjsjsjshsjejejewjsjs ...

Filip Stoica

Cool wrestling game


Game is cool and really easy and the fights are really fun