Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX

Author: JOYCITY Corp.

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Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX
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What kind of a game is Crypto Ball Z?

▣ Fun Shooting & Idle
– Away with the old! New type of idle RPG!
– The appeal of an idle RPG with the fun of a bullet hell game!

▣ The Protectors of Earth, Super Heroes!
– Awesome characters from the mega-hit game “Game of Dice” came back as heroes!
– Combine to get unique Heroes!

▣ Even Better With P2E!
– Fun and easy Play & Earn game
– Collect HeroStone and exchange for Crypto tokens through various in-game activities!
– Get large quantities of HeroStone through the season race!

▣ Use Crypto to Become a Ranker!
– Get to higher stages to collect more HeroStone
– Time to power up and upgrade!

Detailed info

File size: 609M
Update time: May 14, 2022
Current version: 1.0.30
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: JOYCITY Corp.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nelson Tan

Engaging game. Love it!


Nice game

Joseph Roy Tan


ryu gonzales

The game is very easy to play and fun but the game starts to become laggy after the next season or update started. After every action I make, it always attempting to reconnect to the server. Probably because of sudden rise of numbers of players. But the game is great just need to fix this issue. Update Issue got fixed many thanks to the team Finally some offlline rewards. Dont have to keep my phone on 🤣🤣🤣

Paul Kelly Simon

Love the gacha system 👑

Ratchie Managbanag

God game

Catherine Silla


Paul Castañares

No ads to show nice one opening of new season goodjob ill uninstall this game already still so many bugs


"Unknown error, connecting, failed to connect", 10/10 won't play again

mark dennis de luna

great game

Zhenkiz Upeng

I would give 5 star if you fix the refining system I have refine herostone but did not receive my crypto token.

Aaron Alcantara

So disappointed of the game .. it's all about p2p .. you invest a lot of money but it's no luck to earn double .. just ignore this game don't ever try to play this ..

James Gepolongca Gentizon

Great it fix! But i hope the connection to server can be optimize or just put some code in the game which every failed to connect to server, it automatically to reconnect it. I hope it add as feature.

mohamad yusri

game just ok but when play they always popup "(waiting for sever respont)" please fix that kind problem ...other problem chek and fix...some icon can't clik like (outo,etc)...

Wyndis R. Bladefield

No longer fun, with most players using multiple accounts to farm, making the currency drops even more in terms of value, and the dev has done nothing about it


Bruhhh i buy nft and cant unseal it says failed to connect to the server

Ivascu Alex

Good morning , from this night I can't play anymore is give me error on version ubdate and is nothing to ubdate. What is this? Wen is fixed I wii make 5 starts. I invest in this game, buy NFTs from shop and now is dead. What is this.

Nogi Danozo


Tor Svp

verry funny

Giovani Cimafranca

I love the game. The only problem I encountered was the ads that is not working .

ProjectZero V Channel


Rokz Rokz

i will give 5star if i recover my password on wemix wallet.. i promise that..

Jaferson Bagoncia

I can't join arena now it says can't connect to loggin server

Vit Cryptornado

Removing the numbers of total participants on the season is sad you really dont know where you at im at 2300 rank but still on the lowest reward,,

Putri Muldar

I love CBZ 🤟🤟🤟

bernard joseph Juego donor


Lautaro Santillán

this is a warcrime

Papiii TV

It's been long time the problem always showing "FAILED TO VERIFY THE VERSION INFO" why until now not yet fixed 😡😡😡

romeje avenue

Thank you for creat this game love it

Randy Vanderlipe


Bryan Dela Cruz


Alfredo Pandaan

Nice game

Beast Mode Rally

Keep disconnecting from server. Uninstall

Ishigar Astia

It is very laggy.

Khalid Yu

So far so good

Dumdum Mumu


nozah acgnud


harvey fajardo

smooth gaming

Bobei Paniza

Nc game

FX World

Great game! Simple but keeps the adrenaline pumping!

alfred gary nadal

Great game


please fix server to connection, my package data always relogin and reconnection to servers, my from Indonesian help development fix server protect 🙏 i give this is games *5 i enjoying playing.

Ryou Taguchi

It would be highly appreciated if devs listen to their players. There are alot of good suggestions on discord, so far none of them were added or even noticed. The game is dying quicker than expected, this is a very addictive game I enjoy it, battling ranks upon other players gives me motivation. Although, players were leaving one by one making the game unplayable for me anymore. Only a few competetive players are left, bots are also a problem.

milad sharghgard

It's going to be very low, hercuered currency won't work

John Lim

great game, herostone mining is slow though but I enjoy the other aspects of it

joel nisperos


afif pratama

I usually like merging games But I don't know why I hate this one It's not for me it's boring for me

Jacinto Paulo Labarda

Great game..

Cohts Croto

sorry to say,,, for p2e players i suggest you guys should quit, you are just wasting electric, bills, and energy, and if you play in phone you just destroying your phone just only for few bucks. So, this game only for fun. Don't think about to getting the money! Unless, the developer should consider the herco to be raised before end.

Reaty jais David

I love it

Jonald Malibiran

Enjoying so far .. I started at Season 7. The whole game is quite cute

Satvir Besar

Superb game ever

Flat tv

Nice play but hard to earn

Fly Spilla

Update. The game has been fixed and it's amazing. Like fine tuning an engine, like the way I hold all of the control of outcome.

David Chandra


John Raymond Manuel

After i finish the boss I always return to stage before the boss like im stuck on 3999 even i kill the boss of stage 4000 within the time limit and after each stage the game will become very lag


Worst ever, it always say's failed to verify version info, time to uninstall.

arbie bermillo

This is cute lol. But now my problem is i stuck on my current stage and ehen i defeat boss its rolled back haha Please fix this and i will give the 5star again

AngeLyks Sariola

Failed to connect to server. And i cant go on another stage. I love this game bcoz its cute. Please fix this.

Ali Arain

good game easy to play little bit earning too

Dwayne Aga-in

it sucks (as of now) game is barely playable since it keeps "trying" to reconnect to server every 5-15 seconds and with every interaction. I guessing its because the server cant handle the large amount of players.

Ramices Ocson


hanif zekri

great game, awefull servers ! always down ! always loading ! always waiting ! 🤦‍♂️

aries montano

always error failed to connect data, i even bought the auto play and i cant use it because of that error waste of money an time

Ade funcrafts

I love this game inspite of all the bug issues.. But I wish the extra artifacts which we gain after many draws could also be made to use.. I have over hundreds of extra artifacts which are of no use..please kindly look into the matter..thank you

rey Vir

Cant play anymore. It always says failed connecting to server and returns to title screen

Anton Abe

At first it was good but now it's useless

Mark Acub

It's fun and enjoyable, graphics is great, game play is great also.

jomer hutalla

Every time i defeated a boss i never level up I'm wasting my time to kill the same boss because after i defeated the boss i caannot give a level cleared tang ina


I'm a f2p player and im gonna give u guys a review now. If you're a f2p player, you will not get pass level 400 even if you guys kill the boss. You're welcome.

Jeremy Palustre

pls improve netword stability cant play on mobile data, as if I can carry my wifi anywhere

Michael Te (Mike14)

This game is very very good game! Easy to play while earning. The game is super legit. Thank you very much Crypto Ball Z.

Leandro Cumal

The Game was good but i only got 1 concerni got decent connection but it always says "Failed to connect to Server"like always.will make it 5 stars if u fix that thank youuuu.

Gart Gutierrez

Waiting for server to respond every 3-5 seconds. Edit: still getting wait for server response error every few seconds. It's been months, this is still not resolved?

Valnimuel Delaroca

Why im stuck on stage . But ill pass the stage

Wilma Estanislao

its not an afk game

Carlito Santoyo

no a good play to earn game. boring

jun mangiam

Happy playing this game

Nguyễn Tùng


Cathy Bigness

Sorry but its lame...can't control the charaters!! Very lame 😠

McCoy Hazard

Good game very addicting.

Jesrel Gatungay

cannot play ads so always telling there is no ads try again later

Ivette Coscolluela

Very laggy rank decrease because I cannot continue to play!

Lapis Lazuli

Too much disconnection and restarting!!!


nice game love it

Arohn Jade Macayan

Connecting to server from time to time, pls fix

Shen Watson

The game is so lag and the reconnecting to server keep showing .l.

richmon bustamante

I like you games but it can sync save account its back when its start. And you have spy were it fast draining batery.

Richard Duane Berbano


Nicu Basan

good game

Joy Dey

From the last 2 update just i say one thing that is WASTE OF TIME 👎 very earlier my favourite game was this CBZ but now my mind change and I'm not interested not so much and i can't call play to Earn for this game anymore


It is a good game, but there are too many things that destroy the goods. Bugs are game breaking, and the community is super toxic. The developers don't care about the players. You can check out on their forum or discord and find people telling you to suicide while their moderator and dev do nothing.

ralph karlo cayabyab

Currently experiencing a bug on the game. Instead of moving forward after finishing a stage, you go backwards. For example from 5999, I rolledback down to 5985 and still going down. Please fix bug. Thank you

Jay-r Hinunangan


Eleanor May Pineda

Great game!

Ask Month



It tries to connect to the server for unneccessary things and the connection attempt takes forever

R A L D 2 7 9 6

best of the best

bhina rasti

And now cannot connect to login server

Jeffrey Quetua

I can't log in plz help me I love this game when I'm logging in the game back to main log in screen again and again