Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX

Author: JOYCITY Corp.

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Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX
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What kind of a game is Crypto Ball Z?

▣ Fun Shooting & Idle
– Away with the old! New type of idle RPG!
– The appeal of an idle RPG with the fun of a bullet hell game!

▣ The Protectors of Earth, Super Heroes!
– Awesome characters from the mega-hit game “Game of Dice” came back as heroes!
– Combine to get unique Heroes!

▣ Even Better With P2E!
– Fun and easy Play & Earn game
– Collect HeroStone and exchange for Crypto tokens through various in-game activities!
– Get large quantities of HeroStone through the season race!

▣ Use Crypto to Become a Ranker!
– Get to higher stages to collect more HeroStone
– Time to power up and upgrade!

Detailed info

File size: 609M
Update time: May 14, 2022
Current version: 1.0.30
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: JOYCITY Corp.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Wilma Estanislao

its not an afk game

Carlito Santoyo

no a good play to earn game. boring

jun mangiam

Happy playing this game

Nguyễn Tùng


Cathy Bigness

Sorry but its lame...can't control the charaters!! Very lame 😠

McCoy Hazard

Good game very addicting.

Jesrel Gatungay

cannot play ads so always telling there is no ads try again later

Ivette Coscolluela

Very laggy rank decrease because I cannot continue to play!

Lapis Lazuli

Too much disconnection and restarting!!!


nice game love it

Arohn Jade Macayan

Connecting to server from time to time, pls fix

Shen Watson

The game is so lag and the reconnecting to server keep showing .l.

Fly Spilla

Game was great, until the glitch reappeared and their support system doesn't work. Over 24 hours, the level has been stuck. Defeats boss, won't pass the boss. Deceiving wemix games, you should play Live Miner Token instead, at least they don't ask for money.

David Chandra

Arena error

ApoZ ZpherE

I just want to put some advice for users. This is a play-to-earn (crypto) game which is mining for the crypto coins, so its natural if there often laggy or disconnected because the server is connected to some of sources in internet that I don't really know for developing the coins. I'd played several p2e games and I saw that's a common issue. Get some information and learning all about p2e games. You playing and get something but consider the developer's issues too.

richmon bustamante

I like you games but it can sync save account its back when its start. And you have spy were it fast draining batery.

Richard Duane Berbano


Nicu Basan

good game

Joy Dey

From the last 2 update just i say one thing that is WASTE OF TIME 👎 very earlier my favourite game was this CBZ but now my mind change and I'm not interested not so much and i can't call play to Earn for this game anymore


It is a good game, but there are too many things that destroy the goods. Bugs are game breaking, and the community is super toxic. The developers don't care about the players. You can check out on their forum or discord and find people telling you to suicide while their moderator and dev do nothing.

ralph karlo cayabyab

Currently experiencing a bug on the game. Instead of moving forward after finishing a stage, you go backwards. For example from 5999, I rolledback down to 5985 and still going down. Please fix bug. Thank you

Jay-r Hinunangan


Eleanor May Pineda

Great game!

Ask Month



It tries to connect to the server for unneccessary things and the connection attempt takes forever

R A L D 2 7 9 6

best of the best

bhina rasti

And now cannot connect to login server

Jeffrey Quetua

I can't log in plz help me I love this game when I'm logging in the game back to main log in screen again and again

Uzu Maki

always failed to connect to server

Ronel Miko Canales

cant play after the update, keeps saying failed to verify version

Dinero Nalzaro

What to do? Stage clear it keeps rolling back even I already compete the stage

Shivraj Jatav

Good app

dada penamante

Fun and addictive game

Kevin Colina

If I could give less I would. The constant connecting to server message makes this unplayable

Johnnel Salvo

nice and i love this game

Agus aja

nice game

MR .Laughter


Carl Dupont

The game sucks, point blank! Let's see if yous answer this tutorial with a brain...?

Rob M

Been playing the game.. Idk if it's because I updated to android 12 but now I'm getting a liapp alert when I open the game. Using a OnePlus 8 Pro.

Save Arcangel

Nice game play to earn

Akuma Gaming

A really good game could have given it 5 stars my only issue is once you level 200 should keep the exchange open

dominic kevin mendoza

Alright this is it.

Adhiasmoro 1407

Good game

ednalyn uy

Its awesome and very enjoyable

Kasz Langmalakas

I love its game 🔂

Dvans Nalzaro


Ian Perez

fun while earning.😁

brian chester corpus

Why I can't get any ads I can't do my daily mission

zeal zeal



Big bullsh*t

Pan Lora

Another problem for right before the season end. It says connecting to the server, this is a big mess most especially if you are about to race for the top rank.

Paul Castañares

Cant watch ads or sometimes u can but it will get stuck cant use any boost at all because of it.

Alexander Afalla

Easy to play

Jayson Tagalog

Great game

nick desamero

Im back!!!

Childish Loner

I can't watch ads.

ceazar demesa

The problem is that there's always new bug or problems when they fix one. The problem in regards about the ads are annoying. You can't play any ads at all to get production and merge freebies at all. Whats more, there's also the battle type which needs ads to have additional attempts for important resources. You need to change to int connection to mobile data to wifi just to play the ads. What if you don't have any wifi and only use mobile data or vise versa? Then goodbye resources.

Radityo Bintang Nuswantoro

bintang 5 dulu klo bagus nanti di turunin bintangnya

Max Schaffer

Awesome merging game with complexity.

Gelo Flores

I am not able to use the refinery. When I am trying to convert the Herostones to Herco error showing Refine Fail (Herostone if you keep failing, please inquire at the customer support. Which I did and no feed back Too many bugs in this game

Johnrey Fuentes

Good game to stay

adrian Cruz

Fun to play

Anime One

After play 30 minutes 🤬🤬🤬Filled to connect to server

Muh. Imal Al-Ichsan

I give this game *1 for a moment because sometimes i got a bug that leaves me to keep fighting the boss even i defeated the boss then i come back to the stage XXX9 and then suddenly the bug fixed but sometimes it came back and held me from progressing through the rank. Please fix the bug. I will continue to give *5 if this game is working good again

Bryan Kenneth Pascual

Nice game

asep simoncelli

fun and easy

Noeljr. Lopez

Its fun 😘😍

Arie Kurniawan

good game

Gerwin Tan

very good game

oswaldo francisco jr

Great game..awesome!!!!!

Gilang Permana Putra

I can't exchange heartstone to Herco... Its always said Herco refine fail at mail... Allready connected to wemix wallet.... And it still consume daily exchange limit even when it fail...

Jenpache Senpoi

I had enough, i can't believe i worked hard for all of it to be in vain

Rex Estribor


Elijah Wegee Ordoña

I rated 3 star because the game is simple and easy to understand. The disappointing part is that why is it have to be lvl 200 to refine all herstones it's too much..

tonee perez

ALWAYS.. Failed verifying version info... what the heck is happening to your game

Kevin Richardson

Fun game

Raymart Panganiban

its fun

Orland Diano

Nice game

Zoraya Manalang

Fun idle it❤️

jebattt derhaka

good game


The game is much better now and the devs are working much more to give the community a smoother gameplay

Mark Arden Opinion

Great game we enjoy playing it..thanks

Freak Out94


Sarvendra Sachan

Game is awesome I love it..

Captain Bawang

Doing great enjoying the game since season 1 keep on improving

Vhean Constantino

Go Crypto Ball to the moon

Undead Heart

Too bad need lvl 200 in order to refine, it's impossible for me to reach that level since I only play everyday from 30 to 50 stages and complete few quest

joseph lim

suddenly unable to play the game. saying liapp alert and api hooking. i don't understand what happened.

They Metra

Good idle game.

Lol Li


Richard Tyrell

23.5 ok

Zhenkiz Upeng

The game is fun, with just a little problem i upgraded my units but my dmg to the boss seems to get lower instead of getting higher dmg output. example I almost get to kill the boss the first time and after I get my unit to upgrade them my dmg was was no where near killing the boss why is that?

rzkvrsh rzkvrsh

Update every weeks .. And the same problem still coming . Failed to connect server ?


Great game!

2208 Villanueva, Jefferson A.

Game won't start I am really wanted to play this game to earn but it won't let me. My cersion of my Android is 6.0. Pls, fix this.

Krell s169

So far so good .. but still need improvement

Kadek Tirtayasa

good game

Duy Hưng Cao


mga ka ML channel

Palaging refresh lumalabas basura itong game

Christy Joy Andrade

Good game!