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Crush Castle…. it’s similar to an idle clicker game, but it’s unlike any idle clicker game that you’ve ever seen. The game has resource management / strategy elements, but the innovative design is unlike any other resource management /strategy games on the market. Last but definitely not least, you can build your own deck via winning unique cards and weapons; then again, this game has absolutely nothing to do with the traditional “ card ” games. Instead, it’s a mesh of all three categories of games. If you had to label it, you would call it a “clicker, resource management, card” game. (Say that 5 times fast!) I mean, this is what we’ve all been clamoring for since our childhood, isn’t it?


• 10 concealed Valleys to discover, 10 Bosses to fight, and an infinite supply of Minions to pummel!
• 30+ different ways to destruct! Build your deck and creatively demolish towers!
• 10 factories to manage and 90 resources to craft!
• 300+ Physics-based Towers to destroy!
• Unique gameplay controls that feature a blend of clicker and resource management elements!
• Beautiful aesthetic design with amazing high-res visuals!


• One-handed gameplay! Use your free hand for more important things (like eating pizza)!
• Craft the right resources, build the perfect deck using your strategy skills!
• Available in 14 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Turkish).

Please note! Crush Castle is Free To Play, though some in-game items can be purchased for real money!

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Customer review

Daniel Sadeh

Terrible. Ad farm

Adam Rakoczy

Worth playing. Luv graphics. Almost 10/10 :)


Its actually quite good, ads aren't in the way which is a rarity these days so its nice to see that the devs are nice about this

Joshua Brand


Oppo Das

Good work

Clyde mark Durano

The game is good but finding the ducks is hard to find even i search every corner of the game there is no ducks but i like the high chance of getting legendary card from chests and legendary stuff in the daily shop

lium gacha life

Great, how you can craft more then people who don't play

Adriel G

Insane game!

Kjarko Kjarko

Simply fun. Lots of it.

Algie Isiderio

Its okay

Jaco Carstens


Zachary Clooney

It's sketchy, but at least it doesn't spam ads

A.K. Samad

i loved the game very much.. completed all levels.. waiting for new levels.. plzz add soon

Grimm Reaper

Good game to pass the time but if I'm out of the game for longer than a day or two, it acts like I don't have collectors at all. I don't get any of the resources from the ten hours that I'm supposed to. Defeats the purpose of it being an "idle" game.

Orkan Kurt

I have two buildings, both in need of a 30 second add every 5 min. Now I just started, and see where this is going. Soon I will be watching 5 minutes of adds every 5 minute. Maybe, just maybe make it an hour Or 5 min for all buildings. The gold for an add is too low, I can make more by tapping and selling in that time. I like the concept, but it is balanced around watching adds. Should be beneficial to support the game, not a must. Could become a real good game, if the greed vanishes.

Bernard Roth

Actually it's a pretty cool game I was surprised

Lana Cekic

Is so Hard!

Extra Hostile

WAY too easy to accidentally waste gems

Regenaldson Umayam


Jeremy Williams


Raymond Pareja

The game is relaxing.

Luca Marzaduri

Easy but addicting game!

Chang Chee yean

i love this game espically the new update no energy bar now we have to find the strongest weapons thanks for the new update

Ahmed Shokry

she is have boring in the last of bosses

Yunha Lim

😚😚😚😚😚i love

chad smith

Would be a good game but blowing up the same pile of bricks get old need to make it more exciting I've only played it for about 15 minutes and already bored uninstall.

Sam Gholami


Chris Whiteway

Please add more levels 😅

Free Fire

Full power

JW Griffin

It's a pretty good game overall but it messes up quite a bit. Unlocked a new card and it says I haven't unlocked it yet. The physics are great and make the game more fun.

Amir Dr


Timothy Monroe

Simple, fun, and a great way to pass time!

Charles Teves


Daniel Joseph Gayle

Very good game to kill time, good graphics and controls. The only issue i had is that i purchased the premium version and it said i had a 1€ discount, but when i paid the discount was not issued. Edit: The developer promptly sent me a refund in less than 24h. Incredibile game developers and honest people

chuck lake


Tyran Gaming

I buy Until 30k diamonds but the upgrading price lvl 3 to 4 is expensive

asdasd asfasfasddf

Found a bug pretty much in a tutorial phase. If you press move button for the first factory you get and drag it up into empty space it vanishes forever. Had to clear data and start over. Other then that - shiny cute clicker with fun mechanics.

Eric Simpson



Dev tell me how to delete a resource structure. Ive looked it up but the trash bin icon isn't highlighted. Ive only been able to delete one and its not the one I want!!

Kyle Middleton

Love this game. The animations from the weapons and monsters are cute. Great way to kill some time. Finished it and now I just want to play some more. Can't wait for new levels to come out. The music is great but for some reason feels grainy in my head phones, could just be my headphones I ain't going harpe on. Maybe add in some new firepower, new factories or items that can be crafted. All in all great game. Thanks for making a unique game that doesn't feel the same as other games.


GMr DC my

ken thompson

Hands down!!

Shaun Pereira

Bruv your description is super sweet ! ☺️ I have not yet tried the game ... So excited to try this out ...🤍 This is super impressive ... Coz you have developed this game solo headed 👍🏽 props for that !! Keep Giving us this wonderful games to spend our pandemic in ❤️😂☺️

Ahmed Taleb

اجمل لعبة

Np Gaming


Keivan Booth Omid

Love the game. Do we have any update?

Eusebio Debrincat

No one will ever know how much i enjoy this game, This is very fun and addictive, very relaxing especially coming from work its amazing!!

Tron Legacy

Simply fun easy enough said

Syed Umair Ali

Nice game


This game is very awesome 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗🤗☺☺☺☺


Had a game breaking bug, but within a minute of emailing the devs, it was fixed, so I'm giving 5 stars until something ruins the game for me. To note, do not move your water source before you get a second platform, it will delete it from the game.

Tim Black

I love it

Dewald Ferreira

Great game and super satisfying to play. Just wish i could find all those ducks😂

intan savitri

Wow its so cool :)


Love t

betty takyi


orange lover


John M

WOW JUST WOW... A company that listens to feedback...the game is awesome and adictinv,but removing energy bars cuz no one likes them...Youre great

Dragon ʟɪɢᴇ


Tony Pete


Zouhair Ibrahim

The duck factory is not working i ve gathered allthe materials needed and its not producing ducks

Xavier Zens

Absolutely love it. When I first installed it yesterday I played for 12hrs straight! Instantly addicted. Really good and refined game. Amazingly made for being developed by 1 person

Sonja Basson


zahra zangoei

I love this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

kriz Santos

Really good

william honaker

Very fun to play


I already glitched the game makin it impossible to play now even after reopening it several times. "Moving" water well over to the clouds made it obsolete. Im not goin to bother reinstalling this game, especially the card system was wayy to slow when getting it from die, the face of the npc some places of it was see thru as if some polygon parts of his face never existed. The "ability" cards when using them i have the instinct to tap on rather than to drag below the tower to properly aim

The Tommyknockers

The game is fun but when I got the rank 3 and rank 4 chests the game crashed and I lost both chests. Kinda makes it discouraging

Kymani Brown

The devs simply cares. Ads were removed because we didn't like them, the energy bar was removed because we didn't like it, tab swiping was removed because we didn't like it. The guy simply cares and that alone is noteworthy.

Akshay Hurbans

Just started the game and liked it.

Henry Lilly

It's good, but it's not quite 'my cup a' tea'.

egirl- strawbrys

I think it is amazing

graham phillips

Good game


Make the game server based.. You can literally just change the date and time to win. Add guilds/clans/leaderboards or something for incentive to keep playing.. Alongside a sound fx/music toggle. Thanks.

Karstein Pierce Marcelino


john miltan

Just finish the game, So much fun having this game pls update fast!!


For only one dev its impressive for how smooth it is, graphics aren't bad and its pretty straight forward if you just read what things take and check all the factory's for new crafting items. Fun side but only suggestion would to (adjust the water to plants ratio) but otherwise very fun and relaxing. I love how the daily ads and resources are given, Overall good but would be a ton better with more cards to work with

Nay Kaw

Nice Work

Christopher Lee


Eben Staggs

Was enjoyable until i got second factory platform moved well to it and now i can't use my well or the first platform so game breaking glitch.

Cole Myers


Ario DiCaprio

This game is great. But there is s game breaking glitch that makes it impossible to play. I got to lvl 100. Then it said I get to unlock resources at lvl 8. Then all of my factories stopped. Every thing else is great, but that glitch must be fixed.

Tylor Wiggins

Garbage, try upgrades on your weapons that jump from 2k gold to 150k gold. In a game where making money is not easy.

lila Burnette

Ok but you need to watch adds to progress other wise you need to spend ages getting stuff

wii boy

I love this game



Ethan Kelley

I cant find the last 3 ducks

Ben Beath

Fun and would pay for it but it says $6 in app but wants $14 at check out. No thanks

Monika Konieczna

It's a fun game but I have a problem beating the bosses, after I get them low on hp they regenerate hp points. Maybe can you ad some button that cost ads or gems to skip bosses

Petra Cosgrove

Cute, but eventually frustrating. You don't earn enough crushing to cover the upgrades to keep up with the bosses. The tycoon side of the game (where you are supposed to make up that lack, I think) is poorly explained and doesn't really do a great job of filling in the missing funds. It could be a great game, but is trying to do too much, not doing any of it well, and instead ends up being too frustrating to bother with.

Tater Bullock

Love it

Meggal Bozale

A mobile game with ads that actually give helpful rewards??? This amount of quality with one dev??? No random ads???? W h a t?

Yhanie Lozano

I personally think its awesome. It doesnt require too much attention but when youre already playing you cant just leave it alone. Its nice. I like it. Thanks,!

brandon rodrigues

this game just build you up for more and more ads to the point were your watching more ads the playing the game so pointless


Probably the most fun I've had with a mobile game in a very long time, one complaint, I can't find all of the ducks


Really creative and is also a really fun game I highly recommend especially with these boring times thx dev!

Nova Ryan Cassidy


Treyten 1



You do not understand how much I love this game. It's super fun and satisfying seeing those buildings get destroyed. One thing is add more weapons. My suggestion is a anti matter bomb. It would be 14 seconds time and destroys half the building it would also be mythic. If you see this it would be cool if you could do the bomb. I love this game 💗


Such a good game. Such a brilliant creator. Plz make more games like this