Crowd Survivor

Author: Hyperius games

10K+ install


Fight off enemies, gather resources, buy mercenaries, and build your base.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Hyperius games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aoji Isdehman

Cant buy anything glitched

Andrew Hamelink

Game is small, but pretty fun. Would rate as a 4 star, but the forced adds popping up every 2 to 3 minutes make it almost unplayable.

Dreus 13

Way to many ads, even in the middle of a fight you get one without notice

Ron Townsley

Fun game. Way too many adds.

Harsh Singh


Jason Butz

Forced ads killed it for me.

mohamed sammour

Amazing game love it But you need to add more levels I finished all levels in one day

Darl Niel Pedrina

There's no guarantee of winning waves unless you watch ads. Even so, power-ups given by ads aren't useful/enough. This app is designed to farm ads from users.

Vontrase Dunbar

You actually might have something here if u add the sound chip that comes with it. I like it and it play good. But no sound means no play for me. Imma uninstall it for now. It's funny too because the ads play perfect lol,so the money flows. Update the game bruh.

Xee Cha

Too much ADs. 1 every 30 sec. Otherwise fun to play.

Tboon Tboont


Walid Sabri

It's not working properly after updating please fix it

Brad Shoemaker

Forced ads while you playing ruined it for me uninstalled

Julius Marc Santillana

Was enjoying the game until the forced ads bugged out twice in a day. You can't click the close button and thus make you lose progress on the survival map you're doing. So much potential, but the forced ads are bugged. Shame.

Lawrence Bovee

Laggy... too slow of a movement...

Babo 101

It's a nice concept and graphics, i would like to have it more maps. It would be better if there's sound effect since it's too quiet for an action thrilling game like this and a short intro story at least.

qưe re

Annoying ads ruined minor entertainment

Lass La Morte

the game Doesn't have a sound,Fix please

Drew Skinner

Great game. I would lock an option to pay to remove ads, but they aren't excessive like many other games ads are

Efrem Greer

Love the updates

Dennis Quijano (Denz)

full of ads

Gx Rivera

Good game

Putra Poetra

Nice experiences playing this game. So fun and addictive. Always curious to what would the base be next.

Phann Tus

The game has problem with audio , i can't hear anything

Batang Redhorse

pukining malupit


No sound, game is kinda slow paced.

april angelo cua

Why there is no sound effects?



Tarnished_ Walker

It's a good game but it's silent no audio and my volume is at full nothing sl

Christian Leal

no sounds

Chael Bravo

There's no sound on your game😔😔

Nur Wafi

Really good. Update more and improve more.

ruman tokoh

i support for this game..

Juan Garza

Only play if you have time. It won't save you're progress and one time i was so close to finishing the second lvl and game closed on me and lost all progress. No ain't doing it again


It's cool... Ads doesn't just pop-up out of nowhere... Smooth graphics, no sound effects or bgm... PROBLEM IS that I don't know how to Proceed to a match because there are no Buttons to click on the Menu... I finished the 1st map and left but when I came back I can't play anymore because I'm stuck in the Menu... Please tell me how to start a match or fix it if it's a bug...

MENDOZA John Elris B.

Graphics: 9/10 Controls: 8/10 Concept: 10/10 add more stages, add co-op or multiplayer (lan or online), more guns and buff and more bosses. This game is so good and intense, no bugs found yet

Adi Erisadi


Tony Caps

After I beat the first stage it brings me to the homepage and then I just get stuck there I cannot start the second level. Which I love this game it would get five stars but it keeps bringing me to the first level how do I start the next level

Austin Dean Blade

I like the game it has promise some thing I think could improve it is a supply magnet or something that goes out to collect the upgrade materials so you don't have to keep moving out of the walls to grab the stuff maybe also have the barriers be more upgradable and the engineers able to be healed perhaps just add it to the troop upgrade. Also more guns would be neat as well

tayler valek

Pretty ok. Very short game but still fun

Miles Carpenter

.-1 star!

Chris 249

This game has me amped. I felt like i was doing amazing tham bam! I got got by zombies. And i was still on level 1!! Awesome game!!!

Daniel Chiriac