Crowd – Herds Battle

Author: DongTz Melo

100,000+ install


Crowd – Herds Battle – It’s time to become the king of the crowded forest!

Detailed info

File size: 91M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.1.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: DongTz Melo
Price: Free
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Customer review

Daniel Abisaab


Ashu Singh

In this game there animals i like animals game

A Google user

I would give this game 5 Stars if these glitches was not available the glitche is when I was playing the disaster started it was the t Rex when I played the next game the t rexs was still in the new game that made me lose over and over again

Ravi .T .T



Bad game

Curtis Lee

I would like to give 0 star becuz whenever I want to continue half time it will make me out. What is this? Pls fix. Uninstalled

Abderrahmane Aissaoui


Melissa Barron

I love this game but I can't join my friends I realy love joining my friends

Stephen Drennan

I would have given 5-stars if it weren't for the glitches,theres so many of them that i don't even know where to start,1: The Mad Cow: this glitch is when you wear the cow and start the game,then it glitches,2:The Unchosen Animal:the glitch where you wear a specific animal and then its chooses the wrong one,3: Double Trouble: the glitch is where every 1 min theres 1 disaster right? Wrong,instead theres 2 disasters,sometimes its T-rex and poison wall,and sometimes its 2 poison wall's,just wow.

Rachel Albanese

I wish there was something to spend currency on and some other maps.

Damian Bur

People who gave this 5 stars are bots there are WAY too many ads,I am keeping this 1 star if you dont remove all the ads

Vyas Seetohul

When I installed it I thought it was gonna be boring but it was not boring at all

Robert Smith

95% ads. Avoid this dev.

Ry Ann

Terrible. So many other .io games you can waste your time on, this one wasn't even fun. Skip it.

Corinne Kucharek

This game has way too many ads. They pop up every time I try to play the game. Please remove all of the ads. Then I might download and play the game again.


So waggy( ≧Д≦)

Sexton Tomasi

The game is as good as descriβeď in the game description. No lag as seen in other coṁments. I love it!

Fulton Timm


Lore Haskell

This is the most addictive game that I have ever played. I hope the developers can make more similar games!

Lowe Hew

It's a fun game to kill time. I usually play this game on the subway. It is perfect for killing time on the way to work or on the way home.

Freeman Binnie

This app is suitable for time wasting. I play it with my friend on the train and we really like it.

Davis Jowel

You guys should definitely try this game! You can eat as much meat as possible and become the largest herd in the forest! Don't forget to beat other groups. If you beat down a group, all members in that group become yours!

Bernard Ngubane

BTW, I think the second one is a fox but not a cat

Bolton Beams

This game is brilliant, especially the poison circle part. It makes me feel passionate and addictive.

Calhoun Gall


Utkarsh Singh

The game lags when my crowd gets bigger

Shanida Musthafa

This game is cool



Vamsi Krishna

I started the first game and i played till half time. Then when i click continue it is closing the game no matter how many times