Crowd Fight 3D


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Crowd Fight 3D – Multiply your crowd!

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File size: 74M
Update time: June 30, 2021
Current version: 17
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HOMA GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Manoj 123 Manoj 123

Mslsß burrito put video e


Cool game so far.

Jcku Dizon

The game name should be Ads after ads

Theodore Crawford

The game never changes. The upgrades do nothing. There's no challenge - no meaning. Even with me blocking all the ads, it's still an awful game.


Wayyyy too many ads. They're on the screen throughout,and also unskipable video ads that must play out. Thrilled with finally seeing the math army game but far too many ads to keep playing.

york pha

Good game

Colin R

Soo many ads!!!!

Daniel Theuma

500 i give it so good

Soe Lin

Good game

JustA Kidbro


Steven Whiting

Ok game too many ads even if you choose to skip the video during game play it still plays an ads

Major Ocelot

Literally an Ad every 6 seconds

Matthew Caulder

Too many ads

Ronald Davis


Stylez 2k

Didnt get time to test the game ads were too heavy and connection is required to play so unfortunately uninstalling don't mind ads but I don't like to be forced to watch them

soe lin

Good game

Carlos Leon

Ads make this game unplayable

Scott Cooper


David hatt

Too easy to be fun



Steven Stowe

I love this game just can't stand the obscene amount of ads it makes you watch!

John Jackson (JACKFORTYD)

This is the same thing as the other game. It's like a clone, but this is pretty good WITHOUT THE ADS

Miroslav Todorović

Watching ads simulator

Josh Baurle

Fun concept, but poor execution. Upgrades don't matter, it's just pure unit count at the end of the level. Limited spaces for troops make it impossible to upgrade your units by time you hit level 70ish. But then again, those unit upgrades don't affect anything else. Fun to play for a few minutes, but then the repetitive and overbearing ads will convince you to find a better way to waste your time.

Adinda Fertina

this game is cool

ryan tuttle



Noice game, not many ads at all!

Alaysia Richardson

Don't download. My phone froze after watching one of the ads.

น๊อตน้อย ซ่งเต่า


Cory Someone

Soft locks at a certain point since you can no longer upgrade units.

jotaro kujo

This Game Is Trash If U Turn Off internet Connection You Cant Play It. There Is No Online Player Seen In The Game. Means You Just Wanna Force People To Turn on Internet Connection.The Owner Of This Game Is Piece Of Trash Just Like His Game

Baconhair-YT Goku Ultra instinct first

wwowowowowoo soo Good Game this 5x and 15x

Kenil Raiyani


Isaac Solis

I like how if you merge your units you get even stronger units

Ernesto Gasulla

Too easy. If you can do 2nd grade math, you can't lose.

D.J. Green

The reason the rating is so low is because u can't go offline with this game

Chandra Budiman

Iklannya koq gitu?

Irsyadinnas Samsung A6


Thiar Phumsit

Ur mum I hat u

Rizal Dy

No clickbait

Jenny Aller

There's No point to this game at all

Jason Lynn

Ridiculously easy and more ads than you could ever want. So many ads. Two to three ads in a row at times. Don't download the game, just sit down and watch ads and you will save some time.

Lauren Kelly

Too many ads

Wesley Mounce

Great job

Tania Page

What is with these games and forcing ads every two seconds.

Cassie Kinet

More ads than game play

Mike Chiasson

Fun game

MPR Movement King Jahfi aka kimba

To much ads

Dylan Fenstemaker

Ads galore even after you pay for none...

Antony Arnold

To many ads


Adverts not playable

Mureed A

Awesome game👍.

Marcelino Flores

They add hungry asf it was fun until every move I made evolved and add I honestly couldn't play with out watching an add don't bother downloading

Jeremy Hooten

Fun to level 81. Cannot go past that because every slot is filled with a different level unit. Paid for no ads and now have a game that is unplayable. Needs a rework.

Ed Salsman

3 clicks to close ads every 10secs its garbage.

James Colella

Yeah it's okay to play

Jared Malcolm

Your typical ad driven game...not worth the time you've got to spend trying to get past the ads. I'm not opposed to ads in games when the maker does it with tact. This however is an attempt at a cash grab by constantly force feeding you the ads.

Gilbe Hwfi

Let the game the Washington way way too many ads

Brittani Fuller

Way to many ads it's ridiculous and makes you not want to play the game

Theo Patsyson

To miny dammm ads in between rounds way way way way to much had y o deleted the game!!

Ivan A

This is fun but too much ads

Bill Watt

Too many ads

G. Simons

Fun little time waster, too many ads though. One after completing every level, plus watching an ad to get certain upgrades (mandatory, can't buy. I'll probably uninstall because the ads get redundant.

marquis love

To many ads make the ads show up after five levels instead of every single.

wes south

Adds after every round. Very boring.

Alex Reid

I'm sure there's a decent enough game at the core of this. Maybe if i ever get though the mountain of ads every 30 seconds i'll find it

temer galve

Wow that's crazy

Samuel Stucky


Tink Neverland

Too many ads maybe less ads would make the game better

Angelo Velasco


Jaime Bowen

So many ads it shows an add after every level you do I'm unstalling it I would rate no stars but have to put atleast one star

Ken Burns

Entirely too many ads

Dirk Vincent Perey


Brandon SATX

Do You Enjoy a Game that has No Chance to make Real Money, Have 20 Seconds of Gameplay, then watch ad, another ad, then a Forced Ad; to play another 20 Seconds? Then this is the Game for You. - Game would be More Fun if I wasn't Forced to Watch So Many Ads Regardless of whether I watched an Ad to get Bigger Bonuses or Didn't. I Don't Dare buy the "Remove Ads" option, due to the past experiences with Dropping $3.25 here and there to Remove; Only to Still Have a Few Less than if I didn't Pay.

David Steffens

Should be renamed ad fight 3d. Good grief you say no to an ad for bonus reward and you get an ad. Pass a level have an ad. I feel like Oprah is in my phone yelling "you get an ad and you get an ad!"

Celine Jewel Malabanan

This is a fun game but there was a lot of ads so I uninstalled it and it's so laggy

Eva Relatorres

i want that money i want money?!

Kyle Linder

Way too many ads

Joshua Zirkle

Could be better too many ads

Mark Xian Galvez

Why does it need wi-fi! Now

Rachel Duggan

It's really fun and challenging for younger kids. Stop complaining about the ads bc that's how people make money

John Byron

Won't let you play without internet yet doesn't require internet to play

Jeff Hall


MariBxNegra Mari

Gave the game a chance but should realized the reviews were right nothing in the game work 👎👎👎👎👎 down instead of stars. Fix your app.

Prem Anantham

Too many forcing type of ads

Elias Reyes

It's ok

Bradley Johnson

Fun little game, and it's single player. So I turned airplane mode on so I didn't have to watch a 30 second ad every 15 seconds and guess what? They made it so you need to have internet connection to play this ad-scam game! Not worth your time to have to watch 30 second ads every 15 seconds indefinitely.


Something to fill my time while waiting.

Tami Robeson

Really bad graphics really bad if you want a good graphics game don't choose this one

Dallas Powers

Get ad disable and I still have to worry about accidentally hitting stuff and watching ads. It should fully turn off ads but clearly too greedy

Jesus M Perez

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Crowd Fight 3D

Kev Masengale

Two levels in and four mandatory ads already..... I'm done.

Dean Young

Far to many adverts

Tony Hill


Benjamin Chan

Pogjfhff said


I never played this game before in my life

Dawn Craig

I was having fun with this game until I hit a snag in the way units are upgraded. I got to a point where I couldn't upgrade anymore because of limited space, there's no way to add space and the level I'm on I can't beat. I paid for ad free too so very disappointed ☹️

Jordan and Michelle Stalnaker

Way toooooo many ads!!

Brooklyn Wayne

Too many ads and you need wifi to play not worth it

Enrique Vazquez

1st level Beat and already adds ridiculous uninstalling