Crowd Defense

Author: Ketchapp

1,000,000+ install


Crowd Defense – Will you resist the next wave?

Detailed info

File size: 99M
Update time: August 24, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Eric Barlowe


Mohammed A

Cheap game

AlucardLove Snakeeyes

original concept

Ron C

Too many ads

Darren Imperio

Many ads

Kevin Wood

Is this game OK just... Is this game repetitive.... Is this game ruined by adverts over and over... Yes,Yes and Yes

Luis Lara

N9ooooooooo oh iiioiooov bb is D

Kenya Lane

The game is good but gets born at the same time after 10 wars

Fox Soul

za dużo reklam

Miles Chance


Jamie Koering

too many freaking ads

Bernard Fattore

The screen is black and blank, so what the F am I shooting at? Blank as the developers minds. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Bobbie DoLittle

It doesn't work 😕 the problem is that the game will not allow you to install the game. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

Alexis Hauer

Hihihihihi hihihihihihihihihihihihihi

Travis Henty

Game is unplayable after world 1. All you get is a black screen when you try to progress further.

david davis

Laggy, Freezes and you have to log out as you can't do anything when it freezes and you lose your rewards. Adverts are annoying too and it's repetitive after 5 mins. Seriously don't waste your time with this game unless you love adds, lagginess, losing your rewards and freezing all the time..

snatch 47cat

it's exciting gives me the blood lust.

Axell Tristan


A Google user

I cool not get the game

trevor chapman

too many ads

Ramin Ahmadi

Ddegshdjdjxjdjdj u urgent v is a bit of a lot of the same guys in my team and I've had to do it in iyiiuuuu upholding

Juliet Guillen

In this game gago and bobo

Anmol Rattan

One of the best games i have ever played The sounds and mechanism of weapons are too realistic wow. Thanks for making this game. Actually my brother played it And when I played it for the first time . I told my brother to not play it and it became my one of the favourite

Matteo Moretti

Horrible it doesn't even let me move my weapons left or right 1 star

Matthew Caulder

I like it but too many ads

Victor Chavez

it's funny and fun ,barely started playing ,perfect for passing time

Xander Evangelista

Cause I cannot aim it's just like staying it doesn't aim

ben baker


brayden hussman

my screen is just black. just plain black. its not working.

Semper Paratus

No longer opens on my phone. Galaxy Note 9

Shirley Epps

yeah and its fun i recommend it to everyone

Jhen Andrei Matudio

It's cool

Semeri Tiumalu

I like it because fun and especially awesome..

Johnny Booker


New Day

To many VIP ads. It is not fun but it will waste your time.

Liudmila Marko Jarosinski

It is so unsensitive when I try and aim at the enemy and for some reason they die I they hit randomly at the wall so I win weirdly. Well I am not playing the game EVER!!!! (It is laggy as well).

peter guy

I have only just seen the mail

Chase Beltran

I can't see when I play

R Shen

Very fun

Phoenix Darz

Black screen

KD Gaming

This game is soo awesome

Aryan Gurung

it is really fun

Annum Hussain

It was horrible because it was freezing up.

Michael Grodecki

Horrible overlap

Rita Mitchell

sooo good😁

Printable Creations

it is the best

fontaine burrage

has alot of ads that ruin game play

Vegeta72 D

Ok game but keeps freezing up on me, my internet speed is fast but keeps happening..

Carter Hopkins

I can't see anything in the game. All I see is light blue.

Vern Ajos

its a good and fun game i like it

sus person

I like this game and I play but u give it a 3 star because the barricades don't work they go through the barricades

theLuffi nater

Ok game, but the ads can be annoying

Mohamad Fitri

fun game to play guys 👍

Ohn Christensen

Fun way to kill times

Alistair Johnson

Repetitive gameplay, completely ruined by a 30 sec advert within 10 secs of the level starting! Utterly ridiculous,dull and a waste of battery life!!

anak kedah



a fun game

Dante LEE


Michael warren

super cool game , graphics and guns are great

Gary Roach

Way to many ads to truly enjoy game. I can't figure out ppl say it's a free game but it's all bull. Play game for 10 seconds then u watch a 30 second ad.

Scott Brown

Game takes no skill and boring

Dale Dickinson

to many. ads

Jheffrey Aringo

this game was so fun but i hate add here but its ok

Levi Burnskill

a good satifying game

Drago gaming

very best

SandsCo Enterprise SB SandsCo

When i finished south america my game stop and a black screen appeared after i restart the game

Naivedya Vazirani

besttttttttttttt gameeeeeeeeee

Gino Moffo

Games good but I have a big problem. Ever since I tried to watch a add to get the zombinator for a round it kicked me out and closed the game now everytime I open the game and click start it goes black and is unplayable

James Steele

The goodness game ever

roa jose

it looks like world war 2 and i will give you 5 stars

Michelle Mendoza

Renzo Cyrus M° Mendoza

Mike West

Game would shut off in the middle of playing the game. Then it locked up on a black screen and couldn't get the game to work again after that.


Eh it's a good but my problem is I get the weapons reset after the boss but did you have to make the weapon skins reset to that's a little annoying also the ad amount is understandable so it's a pretty good game besides that

Terrance james Warrie

not bad

Nicholas Goodell

Cant see a dam thing the screen is black amd im shooting blind fix the dam thing or im sueing im rich so fix the dam thing.

Luke Lacson

Luke Lacson good

Punisher Dragon167

this game is pretty good I like it 👍♥️😎

Lee Stafford

Hate this game with a purple passion. Can't control the weapon very good. Moves too quick and twitchy and can't kill both giants on time because the weapon moves all over the place. Nothing but trash.



Deepak Verma

Only black screen

Danielle Phillips

It showed me fighting battles through South and Central America, and then I started over at the beginning. There's no real progress. Also, when I try to watch the ad to play one level with the balloon gun, when I fight a battle after that it only shows a black screen and then I have to uninstall and reinstall in order to play the game again. So, I have to x out of that option in order to continue playing. The game is fun but there are some weird bugs that need to be fixed.

Karen Willis

Didn't even download

Rohit Chordiya


Priyanka chavda

I like this game because I have played many levels


No option to closeout adverts with Xs or arrows? I understand adverts are needed, but sitting thru adverts longer than the challenges? Developers can do better.

Olaf Piziorski

when I am shooting it is just a black screen

Tony Pike

locks up

Sharukh Multani

ayan khan

Trevor C

Game crashes after the first world. Lots of really cool ads though

william martinez


David Fownes

Played game for 3 seconds ad starts bye uninstalled

Luis Manuel Chavez



Good game, a whole bunch of wepons, and rewards that are super good, Good game keep it up.

EJ Alfon

The game is good and the graphic is good the only problem is when you deafeat the boss the gun and my army is gone so pls don't remove my army and guns

Lurch Logan

Very fun game,easy to upgrade weapons but the game froze mid battle. Uninstalling. 4/5!!

Sand Man

sweet game, adds usually give rewards. so no time is wasted.

Mary Ann Bugayong

i lose my skins when i leave the game Also when i try to play world 6 its Just a pitch black screen

Hakan Tok


Rob Maguire

Paid for the ad free version now the game won't load, just get a frozen black screen. Any suggestions?

Micah Waldron

it is relly fun but relly glitchy