Crowd Defense

Author: Ketchapp

1,000,000+ install


Crowd Defense – Will you resist the next wave?

Detailed info

File size: 99M
Update time: August 24, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Darin Flanagan

THIS GAME IS TOTALLY AWESOME! But the reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because the game is now unplayable. I just completed world 2 and now when I go to play the next level the screen just turns black same thing with the endless mode. Please fix. Other than that great game you got to try it! I will rate it 5 stars once this is fixed.

Indika Fernando

Good exalted

Kade Panther


Yael M. Allawan

You suck the game is black 1.the game is black 2.its so long 3.fix the bugs bro

Christian Jean

It's just a black screen when I want to battel but the o ther buttons work but when I go back it's a black screen please fix this

Ed Keller

not bad. ads are NOT in your face like many now days

Mary Theobald

this game is highly accurate to the advertisement and I suggest this game

as a

After last update it goes to a black screen and stays like that

Dominik Oscilowski


Virves Virves

it's a good game that's all I can say

John Brainerd

way to glitchy. will delete

Staci Ingram

It's fun to play when I'm in the car a lot.

Jen Mower

is fun (:

Tyler Stephens

like it

Juan Pablo

thank you for the game

Cindy Alarcon

I like it you liaer

Nandan Dhami

Opppppppppppppp game ever


it's ok but I wouldn't recommend it for young kids but for adults it's fun to play to pass time

Jatin Sanolia

Worst game ever played Screen is black not able to see anything only just sound is coming...

Samuel Cunningham

This game is a great concept game sadly when you play has no memory of what you open up and when you watch ads (if they even load up) sadly theses don't load when you want them to they load up when you press the no thanks button and in the middle of game play witch is NOT GOOD so when y'all fix the bugs then I will think about reinstall until then don't waste your time on this one or your money and don't get the subscription for it not worth it 😡😡😡😡😔😔 VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS ONE

Jaime alcala

epic game

Dario Damein-Meguire

I enjoy this game so much. a wider weapon variety would be appreciated but as is it's 9 out of 10

Vera Smith

it's good is awesome 😉😄

Justin Gonzalez

get it

Robert Haag

ads DURING the game? nah. uninstalled this bad boy.

Allen Cornormia

good game i like when we move deferent cuntry its so fun play it

Lesley Oates

it is super slow

Jay Mcneil

straight to the point

Sharon Pavlovic

It wont let me moove the gun

Amy Olivia

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Claire Jones

good game

Junior Gonzalez

It is a good game but the big guy looks like your mom

Mayra Lazaro

not a lot of wepons for the level and canda bad

Joe Jones

i can't see the enemeys

trenton bruton


Joshua Palfreyman

Great game

Dalton Madewell

awesome game, make it even more in depth! 👍🏻

Quocthuy Truong

Keeps crashing

Karen Casey

This game is good but you cant even get all weapons and its only acouple levels and you restart when there done. I would like to see more levels

Kieran Badesha

too many adds

Shane Marsh


Valentina Lashmar

I like this game but it features something that you could change 1. Make the knites could each attack a singular enemy and have a 50 percent that the knite would die and a 50 percent chance to kill the enemy. 2. Archers would fire at the enemy's position and not always acurate.

sasikala Devaraj


Gregory Lindsey


Cedric Castro


Andrea Nolan

It's actually a pretty good game without too many ads and the ad for it is actually the sadelete the same as the game

Rich H

Ad after every short level

beluga cat

Hi can I have a refund of all my money back that I spent on this game please. You can remove the things I bought and the sub pass


It was fun but now every time i play the game my screen turns black

Carl Robinson

The game has Different Characters and Enemies, This Game is Awesome

Casey Obee

too glitchy, my internet's perfecto but it's just wayyyyyyyyyy toooooo glitched

Mike Warren

Great fun

Derek Huyton

Unplayable Far too many adverts between levels. You have to watch an advert before you watch an advert. Could be soooo much better. Don't bother

Kwaku Junior

It a very great game but can u please increase the time

Nekeisa Floyd



It's fun.

Manal Eideh


Joseph Volz


Myo Min soe


Mitchell Parker

Don't know until I play

Ethan Towle

Too ez of a game. Unlocked all weapons under a hour. Give me more weapons and better battles.

ticci Toby


The Top Hat Raptor

Don't get me wrong, the game is rather fun but it has a couple glaring issues that made me uninstall it. The key one being the weapon system, for regular mode you always start with the gatling gun which is ok I guess but next round you get to pick from a random three of whatever you unlocked though it ALWAYS first time gives you ONLY the Zombinator, Black hole gun or balloon gun as choices once you unlock them. Also once the bow hits reload you can't aim for over 15 seconds with any gun.

Robert Koczor


Eric Barlowe


Mohammed A

Cheap game

AlucardLove Snakeeyes

original concept

Ron C

Too many ads

Darren Imperio

Many ads

Kevin Wood

Is this game OK just... Is this game repetitive.... Is this game ruined by adverts over and over... Yes,Yes and Yes

Luis Lara

N9ooooooooo oh iiioiooov bb is D

Kenya Lane

The game is good but gets born at the same time after 10 wars

Fox Soul

za dużo reklam

Miles Chance


Jamie Koering

too many freaking ads

Bernard Fattore

The screen is black and blank, so what the F am I shooting at? Blank as the developers minds. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Bobbie DoLittle

It doesn't work 😕 the problem is that the game will not allow you to install the game. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

Alexis Hauer

Hihihihihi hihihihihihihihihihihihihi

Travis Henty

Game is unplayable after world 1. All you get is a black screen when you try to progress further.

david davis

Laggy, Freezes and you have to log out as you can't do anything when it freezes and you lose your rewards. Adverts are annoying too and it's repetitive after 5 mins. Seriously don't waste your time with this game unless you love adds, lagginess, losing your rewards and freezing all the time..

snatch 47cat

it's exciting gives me the blood lust.

Axell Tristan


A Google user

I cool not get the game

trevor chapman

too many ads

Ramin Ahmadi

Ddegshdjdjxjdjdj u urgent v is a bit of a lot of the same guys in my team and I've had to do it in iyiiuuuu upholding

Juliet Guillen

In this game gago and bobo

Anmol Rattan

One of the best games i have ever played The sounds and mechanism of weapons are too realistic wow. Thanks for making this game. Actually my brother played it And when I played it for the first time . I told my brother to not play it and it became my one of the favourite

Matteo Moretti

Horrible it doesn't even let me move my weapons left or right 1 star

Matthew Caulder

I like it but too many ads

Victor Chavez

it's funny and fun ,barely started playing ,perfect for passing time

Xander Evangelista

Cause I cannot aim it's just like staying it doesn't aim

ben baker


brayden hussman

my screen is just black. just plain black. its not working.

Semper Paratus

No longer opens on my phone. Galaxy Note 9


yeah and its fun i recommend it to everyone

Jhen Andrei Matudio

It's cool

Semeri Tiumalu

I like it because fun and especially awesome..

Johnny Booker


Bret Hart

To many VIP ads. It is not fun but it will waste your time.

Liudmila Marko Jarosinski

It is so unsensitive when I try and aim at the enemy and for some reason they die I they hit randomly at the wall so I win weirdly. Well I am not playing the game EVER!!!! (It is laggy as well).