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Cross Hit – You arrived here from your world by Asherah’s powerful wish. Join now to find out the truths behind the goddesses. Command your team of champions in battle and marvel at stunning skills with gorgeous combat animations

▶ Powerful Champions with 2d Skill Animations
Each character has a series of unique skill animations, designed according to their fighting style. Special relationships between champions can also trigger more powerful damage effects

▶ Activate Cross Skill
Special bonds exist between different champions. When they battle alongside each other, these champions will trigger cross skills guaranteed to shock and amaze each time.

▶ Journey to Another World
Explore chapters of engaging storyline to reveal a deep fantasy world with every episode
Collect champions for free during your adventure to unlock new stories!

▶ Face Pvp Arena
Who will achieve fame and victory in the Arena?
Showcase your unique combination of Champions to the Arena every season!

▶ World Boss mode is here!
The Ancient World Boss has awakened!
Fight with up to 9 Champions in a battle of epic proportions!

※ Supported on Android 5.0 and above. Not supported on Galaxy S4 and under.
※ Cross Hit is available in English, Japanese, Korean.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Moka Corp.
Price: Free
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Customer review

leavo moradan

-1 star because i cant freely move my character, all are great graphics and generousity

Eliezar Garcia


cue both

i love it, if you know what your doing you will succeed. hope they have more characters eventually too!


Summon rate is disgusting. Predatory energy system. They didn't even bother translating half of the game. Prices for anything and everything is obscene.

Nithin Asok

Hellow the game work very well story kinda annoying Can u make it's so that if the enmey get killed by melee ai doesn't go near the. Enmy for checking if it's alive or dead Only for meleee

Stephan Zievinger


Draxius Xardei

Adorable, simple, fun!

Jamesha Spady


Kate McClintock


Agi YugiJana

Good game


Hi girlfriend


Game's way too difficult for a newbie stage, even if you're dodging you will still take damage. they probably dont know what they're doing with their game.

Ed Barrieau



Everything is ok at best except the season pass costs like 44 canadian dollars. Way too expensive and it's almost half the price of most triple A games out there. Most mobile season passes I encouter are around 10 to 20 bucks at most but this one is way out of touch. Hopefully, they reconsider the pricing of their season pass.


So I cant say how good or bad this game is since im unable to play it because it says it takes 1500 PB to download and if you didnt know 1PB is bigger than 1024 Tb

Doreen Turnowicz

Seemed easy but once you lv to 10 you can't proceed further that sucked.

Sebastian Laloy

I never expected to be this fun

Christopher Arch

Who wants a game where there is a dialog every bloody 5 steps... Shut up

Sloth Bro


Josh Park

Though there is a slow progression in the beginning, with some strategies, it's an easy pass. Please don't rate the game cuz you are a bad player lol

Miko Leyt

needs updates

meelo j sable

Good but there's no site or page. I can't find any of it.

Dale Erickson

Having fun.

April Preston

Great game runs smoothly only thing I'm confused about is heros rank which is better to use but only just started playing but I was hesitant to download because it doesn't have many downloads yet but glad I did probably needs better promotion or something

Ronnie Harris


tone thanakorn



pls make more character

Drag on

The master's trial need skip

Pi Sizil

Extremely difficult progression without healer. Keep on dying with auto early on, despite fully leveled up and the recommended difficulty level is "easy".

rayan cabiling