Critical Shooters – Zombie&FPS

Author: The Great Hippo

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🔥Do you like to play FPS games? Critical Shooters – Zombie&FPS is a new shooting game against terrorists and Zombie. This is the game you want!

🔥Are you ready critical of strike at the most skill-based mobile FPS gun game?
Come and experience the real and exciting gun shooting! You can win in the fierce gun battle and become a valiant hero.

🔥Critical Shooters – Zombie&FPS game is the 3D First Person Competitive Multiplayer Shooting Game for you.

💥Critical Shooters – Zombie&FPS Game Features💥
√ The graphics are breathtaking: Realistic 3D design and cool animation effects
√ Three gameplay modes: ✪ Level Mission ✪ Counter team VS Terrorist team ✪ Team VS Zombie Team
√ Modern weapons for fighting, guns, pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, and grenades.AK47, M4A1, AWP, RPG, GATLIN, and so on.
√ Easy play and Exciting missions in FPS shooting game
√ PvP Team Battles, play everywhere and any time!
√ Upgrade the attack power of weapons, equip more advanced weapons, throw more powerful grenades.
√ Every piece of equipment is mechanically optimized
√ No Internet requirement, Completely offline that You can play everywhere and any time

💥Realistic and smooth graphics – Critical of Strike Battle💥
Multiple game modes-You can choose from different classic play modes and fight in different scenarios. Playing against different people in different modes will bring you new and interesting experiences every time.

💥GO! FPS Multiplayer game -online &offline shooter Game 💥
Optimize online FPS gun experience, new gameplays are waiting for you!
You will love the shooting experience on your mobile device for 3D First Person Shooting Competitive Multiplayer game

More and more terrorists are becoming more and more rampant, constantly developing new weapons, and are always ready to launch large-scale war operations. Their terrorist actions have seriously threatened the security of society. In the game, you will play as a counter-strike, you need to take your responsibility to stop the terrorists’ sabotage, this is your irresistible mission. This is a very challenging task. To destroy a large number of terrorists, you need to have super combat power, keep calm and have courage. Every criminal is very cunning and vicious, you need to be extra careful to protect yourself.

Are you ready to shoot, run, hide, and kill? The terrorists are out there. Download now and joy the Counter-Terrorists in FPS sniper gun game. Join our team battles and gain a reputation for yourself and your team.
Enjoy this 3D First Person Competitive Multiplayer Shooting Game!

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Update time: Jul 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: The Great Hippo
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gamerjayu X

Nice game but adds bhot jyada aate h isme yahi problem h

Laxmi Batham

Very nice game I like this game

Kamilia Sindiong

i love this game its super rock but can you ad some teams its doesn,t have any team so please ad it ok, bye bye.

Daphnie Dahuya


Thamodharan Balasundram

This game is the best

Zian Xyruz Ronquillo

Cool game I got 3 wins

er geo

Geme ini zombia Wkwkwk

Miqhael Miqhael

NO M69

ronnie easter



Let me download

call of duty killer call of duty

It's a really nice game

funthefun gaming

I love this game

Rey Gaamil

This game is so fun it's so addictive

Muhammad nadrin Family

Good game 👍

Wayne Dietz

Garbage,I just gave you another star because you responded. I play or try to play fps shooter games,I expect the creators of these games to have some knowledge of how weapons work,how bullets and grenades/expolsives work,seems the good games are simply take up to much space,and all want to much for improvements on their weapons,none on a phone are worth paying cash for,and all seem to disconnect/stagger

francis Vicky

Good game

joel mariano

Can u fix the game a bit lit bc the game when zombie mode somethings has been destroyed so if u had i nice day you will have good lives

Rijel Comendador


mohd zureimy che ani

Best game nya cor

Aishanee Pal

It's an awesome game

Rolando Bustamante

Great shooting apps,so entertaining,just like in real battle.

Elvin Monty Dagli

Madaya parin kayo

Scou1yy Does Stuff

Hilariously bad and Shovelware. The game is VERY unoptimized so it's laggy, the AD for this game stole assets from Plague Inc., uses that one "Realistic FPS Prefab" unity asset as by the jump sound effect, and probably is a asset flip. Also some of the player images are probably stolen since i saw one from MW2019. Go do yourselves a favour and play an actual good FPS instead.

Brandon Baird

love the game

Midge Pollard

All in all it's a pretty good game 🐱

John Lindayao

Nice game

Mahesh Gamer Y

Please add custom UHD BUTTONS Add custom maps

Jonas Codilla

Nice game like it

Jacob Boehme

Worst game I have ever played