Crime Mysteries: Find objects

Author: G5 Entertainment

100K+ install


The BEST crime-solving game needs your detective skills! Step into a riveting world of danger, betrayal and murder! Are you ready to find hidden objects or master match-3 puzzles as you unravel the twists and turns of an LA homicide mystery?

Download Crime Mysteries®: Find objects & match 3 puzzle now and bring the perpetrators to justice! Play alongside wisecracking Detectives Cache and Blunt as they purge Los Angeles of criminals and restore law and order. A string of horrifying homicides has been reported across the city. Enjoy immersive gameplay and engaging storylines as you investigate mysterious crimes, interact with intriguing characters and catch twisted killers. As cases stack up on your desk, you’ll visit captivating locations across the city and inspect troubling murder scenes. Search for clues, review evidence and size up suspects by finding hidden objects or solving match-3 puzzles. Do you have what it takes to crack the case? There’s only one way to find out! Put on your detective hat because this is one criminal thrill ride you won’t want to miss!

Are you a super-sleuth who can piece together the most confounding evidence?

● FIND hidden objects!
● MATCH gems in a row in hundreds of unique and challenging match-3 puzzles!
● BLAST through with powerful bonus combos!
● ANALYZE strange clues!
● SOLVE mind-blowing crimes!

You will also enjoy:

● Gorgeous graphics that enliven a city full of landmark locations for you to explore
● Rewarding collections to piece together and new areas and content to unlock
● Absorbing quests that keep you entertained for months
● Free updates: new cases, locations and special bonuses await you every month!

Play Crime Mysteries™: Find objects & match 3 puzzle today and solve baffling murders!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 11, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: Free
0 votes

Customer review

renne mac

Good game can be tricky to pass levels sometimes ☺️

Nicole Tomlyanovich

The game has good graffics and a good story line.

carl snider

Great way to pass time. i am crazy

Vernise Burroughs

Game is doing well on my phone.

Brande Jiles

Good game!

Leslie King

It's a fun game that keeps you busy.

Cheyenne Moody

I love games like this! this game is cool!

Christina Hillegass

I love the grafics the story line and plot

Corri Miller

fun game

Martha Bartlett

Love this game

Loretta Leaf


Deanna Parry

Fun fun fun

Laura Ward

Good time wasting game and storyline 5 stars from me

Dustin Siau

Best game ever

Carmen Otero

Cool game

deborah allen

Excellent game

Julie Faille

It's pretty good so far you don't get to discover the stuff and find who killed who in this one I just looking for clues

Skiski Meme

Really am enjoying this game

Natalie Fisher

I like this game a lot but since it updated it will not stay open for me to play. Trying to keep trying to get to work but I might uninstall and just forget about it

Cheryl T

Not the game for me. I like relaxing games where I can investigate without a clock breathing down my neck. Pass.

Debs Smith

Good game

Naarah Jane Morris

It looks like a really Great game, I Did notice while playing that there Are No free games or No adverts To earn free gems or energy not Everyone can afford to Purchase The gems & energy all the time.

Karen Becker

Too hard to see

Ann Salisbury

Amazing game

Ivy Ferrell

Love the game

Carla Barn

Wonderful game

Joyce Gordon


samaritans chesterfield

Great to play

Dibakar Chakraborty

I love this game...

T. P.

Hate rigged games. After introduction game impossible to beat without power ups every round. If you don't mind endless charges to your credit card and a game deliberately set to be impossible to beat, you might like this game. If you like games you have a chance of beating without cheats, keep looking. I hate cheating in any game so the need for power ups every round makes this a game for CCWs not real players.

Kris Konja

The support sucks. They never give you an answer. It is even worse now, they want you to spend tons of money and then you never get what you ask for. I wrote support and they finally got back to me 4 weeks later. Would not recommend!!!!

Samantha Rooney

This is a fun relaxing game it keeps your mind occupied it can be tricky but that's good as it make your brain think

Angela Belcher


Temeka Parrish

It's fun it's interesting

Christina Walker

The detectives look realistic, the graphics is amazing...the clues you have to look for are hidden in plain sight but not obvious at all...I just wish they talked, but I love the game overall

Kristine Swerdon

Really enjoy this game and you don't run out of credits so fast

Marissa Armstrong


Tracey Rice

Only just started playing the game

Felicia G


Susan Iye

Fun game

Lori Cantara


Bernice Bernard

I was really enjoying this game until I came upon ongoing Blacked out scenes where we are expected to find 28 Hidden Items IN THE BLACKED OUT SCENE. Hidden and Blacked out is Asinine. I am uninstalling

Jade Gambino

Good game like crimnal case

Barbie world

Great game

April Smith

I've just started playing this game, but I Love it so far. It's awesome how quick the energy builds back up with rewards and I can just keep playing. The puzzles are a but challenging but not so hard that it's discouraging. I really like this game.

Ilma Altamash Siddiqui

It's just amazing I love it.

Tracy Meyers

This game is addicting.

Moyra Brimelow

Enjoy the game, just wish the energy would speed up.


i love the relax mode

Leah Powell

overall good not enough ways to get dimonds

Kirsty Powley

A fantastic game to play

Emily Santuico

Sometimes it is hard to get the assembler. In the reagent you only give one or two but your asking for 120. In your special event sometimes I already collected more than 600 stamps but no thank you note so that I can't redeem points

Cherrill. Mckay

Good game

Kelly Coleman

Love hidden objects games

Veronica Rumble

Enjoying it so far

Alicia D Sims


chris a

Very enjoyable

Ashanti Johnson-denny


AmitMalhotra Amit Malhotra

I like the game

Skully Lemon

Fun game

Loriel Cary

Fun until you realize that the hidden item your trying to find isn't even there! Boring. Deleted.

meme Campbell

Good game

Salena Bellamy

Love this game

Scoot Tuck

Awesome game

piotr Wieczorek

Great game

Komeshia Patmon

Nice game

April Edwards

Great game to play

Snow Johnson

like the game

Peter Tobin

I agree with the one girl about some of the objects are hidden out of view and that's not too fair

Ron Sun

Pathetic annoying music, there are better hidden object games out there

Rose Hart

Good game

Dusti Keeling

Love it

Carla & John Pretsch

Fun game to play.

looney llama lady

I don't like that given a review was forced upon me, too many tasks given in one go, don't like that in game purchases are practically forced, and the amount of gems or lack of is ridiculous. I could go on, but it wastes my time

Denise Ainsworth

Good game

Renee SweanyOK

Love it I love all police and Detective games

Chris Prine

This game is fun and keeps you locked in

Nichola Lambe

Best game yet. I can't stop playing it

Sophia Donham

I am having such a cool's so fun!!!

Pinki J

I definitely like this game.

Katie Kennedy

Good but to much reading

rachelore naguiat

Great game!

Jamie Kumba Tengongh

I love everything about this game from the characters to the graphics everything is so real and amazing ❣️❣️❣️❣️

Joyous Gordon

Great game

Lynn Baker

I really enjoy this game! After so many levels it becomes really challenging.

Gemma Jones

Enjoyable game

Kim Moniz

I enjoy the game, but am disappointed in how some of the search items are hidden or do not resemble the named item. Finding items by their shadow shape is quite difficult, especially when you don't have the name or a picture of the item being searched for. Also, the cost of buying crystals, to extend time or for the "flashlight" assistance, is a lot! I'm on my first homicide and have already spent $10. I'll be looking at other mystery apps to find free or less expensive extras.

Nobody Really

I'm surprised how many people gave a bad review because it's TOO MUCH TO READ!? Really? That's sad. My spouse and I have played this game a lot~we like how it's set up. Graphics are really good~BUT~tried to play today and nothing happens! It would not open the app no matter what I did. I'm sorry for the two stars. But quite frankly I'd have given it one star but my spouse and I really enjoyed playing this game~until today. Its too bad really because you're driving people away. Fix this please.

Brandy Taddicken

Kind og boring after awhile.

Brenda Batchelor

Sign out and goes back to the beginning, I was on level 4. Need to be able to save and carry on from where you left it.

Jeannie Asleson

graphics are really good the characters are great, but the sound goes out a couple of times but overall the game is reall fun.

Shanna Salafai

Love it

Les Tennant

Love this game fantastic graphics

Natalie Taylor

Real good game im engrossed in the game when im playing it which is what i look for as a gamer

Thomas Woosley

This game is Awesome to play. Alot of interaction and very well explained. Very challenging also. Thankyou.

Ellyn Ash

Great game! Addictive.

sheryl norman


Rachel Lee

Really enjoying this game

David Lyons

It's interesting

Jose Santiago

Good game