Creatures of the Deep

Author: Infinite Dreams

500K+ install


Creatures of the Deep – Disturbing news from around the world about mysterious monsters from the deep.
You have to contact local people and research. You don’t have much time!
Join fishermen from all over the world and travel through the world’s most exotic fishing spots, cast lines and catch record-breaking fish, sea creatures, underwater treasures and even monsters.
* Discover the world’s most exotic fishing spots
* ROUND more than 100 fish, creatures, objects and even monsters
* Meet crazy fishermen
* CHALLENGE other players
* SOLVE a local mystery
* Save the camp in an incredible
* Incredible adventure . a world full of mysteries, curiosities and some of the most unique animals on earth.
Explore the depths and be the first to discover all the secrets. Catch the biggest fish in the area and become a master fisherman. Great discoveries and ancient treasures await you.

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