Crazy Tree:Growing

Author: ToohappyGames

50K+ install


A long time ago, when you traveled to a magical forest, you accidentally got some strange seeds. You take it home and plant it in the garden. One day, these seeds grew a crazy money tree. Now you have the only money tree in the world. Click and collect money from this crazy tree and take good care of it!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ToohappyGames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rami Omari

Real or fake

Ifrain Gudilos

It's a very important game I wanted because I'm poor in roblox but when I try this download um very happy because I'm rich now on roblox thank you that you make this game I'm happy today make more game that they needed that's all for now thanks

B . jose B . jose


ชวนากร เพียนอก

So good!

Aerielle Rose S Baclaan

It was a very good game and very fun

cocomelon lol

Yeah uhh so i have been playing this for 2h+ and uhhhhhhh im grinding for lvl 50 tree so i can approve the 10k robux order so yeah about the ads please please give us a break about the ads maybe reduce the ads from the energy bottle thing so yeah thats all still good game i hope it not scam

Josephine Penonia

If this gave me real rubux im going to hit it with 5 stars :)

calleigh sunio

love it

Loloy Macaliag

This is not scam game this is the best i love this game ever.

Sabrina Tantuco

Its good

Pari Rawat


karen manimtim

Woah free robux

Angelo Salve


Nino Nino

I got robux

Raven Brielle

Ik how to use but I still don't know if it will give me robux but we'll see

Iris grace Arciso

Learn more about this game

Audree Ramos

Do you know why i rated it 5star cause it work i got 10,000 robux every time you finish da game so a very good for me

Eldwin Mathew Malda

Its good but i dont know it will work?

Numer Alcarde

I don't know if this is true but I love it

Jammu Sk

Good luck on my phone so nice

Pauline Jhem Trinidad

I love it it gives robux u just have to wait for 24 hours not scam guys it had a lot of adds tho but it's ok try it guys

Jenita Valerio

Hi guys nakakuha ako ng 111111111k robux ng free lang

Buluh Biru

This game is so amazing and good✨

Althea Mae Lamigo

This game give me some many roblox

Ammar Ammar

it's good

Karisik Bg

Its actually cool gsme fun it doesnt send ads when clicking close it send somethimes you can play it for fun

ihodiputa ihadiputa

Its good but when you play the game and you reach like 6ooo money it gets harder and less money to get

Effie Jaranilla

I like it is to good but is to meni adds is gena 3: menes i gena wait to wait 👍

Aarav Malik

Cool game thanks buddy

Devershree soni Soni

This is the best game i hav 1milion robux now

Anton adrian Lumbre


Vana Zahau

We can get free robux💸💸💸💰💰💰

Alina Kim

Love it ❤️♥️

Kyle Emmanuel Abrahan

Very cool anf fun clicking game i use autoclicker to make more fun lol

Xoie Galang

Cool game

zizooalaa9 alaazizoo812

Is this scam or what to get robux 🙂

Surya Rajbanshi


Lorgina Virtucio

So nice

Maria Medo

Wowowowowoowowo i have 50K

Mariabelen Isagaperez

i like this game

Ajinkya Nade

The game is real it's so ez beacuse when i complete the whole thing then i went to roblox and boom! I got roubux 🤯😀😀😎😎⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Loki marshmallow

If it doesn't work I'm making it 1 star if it works I'd recommend it it's also so much fun so I don't really care if it works.

Asi Villocino

This is cool

Masal Mete

Güzel oyun

Kier Gulapa

I like the game, well I dont really sure its a scam or not but I like because I have so much fun playing it, and I might get even robux or not to transfer it in roblox

сабина байрамова

Wowww cool I got 1m robux

Poddar G

Please 2000 diamond 💎

France Jugueta

I love this but uhh 😬 nothing

Deovy Hubbard


Lila Rai

Nice time to see robux

Basundhara Dangol

Even after reaching to leven 50 i didnt get robux and one day i check it says its pending like be4 it was 2 hrs and the next day i checked it was 18 hrs and again 22hrs so the que when will i get my robux.?👿

Lal Babu

I Akhilesh

Carl Reyes

All right so i just start playing the game but I Love It Already it's so fun but it has a lot of ads so i needed to wait 30 seconds and 15 seconds 😕 but fun game 🤩

John Lloyd Zamora

It gives more robux

Luizrhein Garcia

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i love the game

Baran Pavell

Waw god

saidul islam

ফেইক app ফেইক এপ ২ দিন আমার সময় নস্ট করছে কস্ট করাইছে খানকি মাগির পোলা মাদার চোদ তোর মায়রে চুদি এমন এপ দিছোস কেন জা মানুষের কাজে দিবে না তোরে মারে কুত্তা দিয়া চোদামু মাদার চোদ রিপট থাকলে তোর মাদার ছায় একটা রিপট দেওয়ািতাম কুত্তা দিয়া মাদার চোদ

Marc Louie Balagot

Your game is fun

Archita Kumari

Good game

Pradeep Bodke

I like this app ever 👍👍👍👍👍👍💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


Thank you for creating this game I got a lot of robux😇

Mister Salam


Havid Havid

This game its so amzing ❤

Shlok Kalzumkar

I want more fun like thes game

Chanchal Aggarwal

I get the points that how much it need to get Robux but then I was going to get but then it say that you need to go in level 50 to get and then I started to thinking this is a scam


It is so amazing 🤩

Reneo Roco

More I'm so very happy

nirmal thakur


Georges Daoud

its so funny

Nitin Kumar

Best game

RANYA Kurdistan

Ples well is play good

Sasuke Uchiha

Good game

Biplob Shikder



Nice game

Asmita gaikwad Asmita

Op game

Angela Santillan

Real or no. I'm sure it don't scare

Md Arman

vree nices apps

jarski vids

it so good to play

Jagdish kumar


Dana Santiago


Ingrid Soera Karija


Sona Sona

Very good game

Pradeep Kumar


Arun kumar

Very nice app

Puran Chand

ye app bhot achi hai

Vinod Kindo


Ajay Kumar

Very nice and good app you no ap apne games mann chehe dimand

Samuya Naruto


Kevin Buenaventura

Idc if is a scam or not Im not sure cuz I needed robux I hope you guys get robux in this game 👁👄👁

Daniel Hromei

The game is great!

Robin Tirkey

l am so rich 🤑

Jahul Hak

Ff. Laver Bro

Ramanjaneelu Bendi

Yes this app is true

jouney games SANDY

Cool game thx Owner

Mumtaz Hussain


Runu Behera

Thi is a poor game

ولد رشيد


Sudipta Saha

Best wishes

Azimushan B A

n c