Crazy Merge Chip

Author: Fish King Wang

50,000+ install


Crazy Merge Chip – Wonderful chip game

Detailed info

File size: 29M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Fish King Wang
Price: Free
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Customer review

Wendy Felde

Fun app

Stephanie Pierson

It's a pretty fun game and seems to be legit.

Daniel Williams


Shawn Dodd

This game is fake it does not pay out I'll play this game for many many days and hours on end thinking that I was going to be able to redeem everything and get paid as b******* do not play this game it does not pay do not waste your time. Everybody who reads this review do not play this game it is fake as hell don't play it's a waste of time f****** b*******

annie Powell

Great game so far!!

Lakisha hale

This game is very fun

Leslie Conlon

I love the game but Developer never pays! All of mine PayPal's and Amazon payouts timers reset on 1 my first one 6 times reset the other 2 resets. They doing False Advertising In there Ads they lie to the world! There are ads ads and ads you must wat all day long! How anyone got paid?!

Azean Coway


Denise Braddock

Love this game

Ijal 78

you are fooled watching his ads, he will not pay bellieve it.

Connie Stith

Scam. Neer pays. Starts over the time everyday.

Antonius Leksono D.


Marla Poag

Fun game, easy to earn money quickly.

Camilla Filizzola

i did it because of the reward, but I hope it will give me them

Paulie Domoracki

All these games are fake! Empty promises!

Teria Love

I literally just started playing so I'm not sure about any of these questions yet when I am I will be back thank you

Robert Kielpinski

The game is fun so far but I have not tried to cash out yet so I don't know what's going to happen then

Karen Anderson

Its a pretty cool app. Easy to learn and navigate

Sandra Lewallen

167 hours and some of minutes how many times is this time going to change? In progress is all I see. Play and no pay, IDK Everyone else can make up your own mind.

Charles Walker

very pleasant experience won lots of money

Ashley Hebb

Good game. Never gives the payout. SCAM

Peter Ballesteros

It's nice game and so happy this game

Angel Williams

Still waiting to cash out waiting for 2 weeks it's a scam nobody don't win real money it's a scam every body

Valorie Wilson

Great game win real money

Will Williams

I done played slot of games but this so far is as real as it get I'm waiting for the money to hit my PayPal then I'll give it a ten star review.

Debbie Gamar

Love it💕

Josh Lawton

Fun and really easy

Mecca Smith

Awesome Casino Thank You

Walt Helvie

Need an explanation why yesterday I had 23 hours and some minutes to redeem before I got my prize today I got 22 hours 1 hour went by and 24 hours fake game fake game

Cynthia Glazebrook

This game is pretty fun to play

natasha walker

This game is off the hook. Try it today

Nevaeh williams


Elizabeth Martin

Winning is easy, will see if it goes to my PayPal account will let you know! The game is fun and exciting to play!

Stuart Earls

Very good game to get cash

michael white


Teresa Dillon

Let me so far now 😊 if it actually pays off instantly I will have everyone playing

Taylor Bea Mayde

So far so good I'll let you know when I get the 🤑

laimay laimay

Crazy merge chip in on Best

Debbie Shawn-Thomas

Just another waste of my phone space. No way to cash out even though I have over $3,000 waiting for approval to get it. If you need money fast this is not the way to get it. Bogus game with false advertising.

Nikki Olson


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